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Saturday, September 5, 2015
Luke Skywalker Teaser Image
Our reviews of the Star Wars Buildable Figures continues! Today, BZPower Reporter Xccj takes a close look at 75110 Luke Skywalker, one of the cheaper of the models. Is the Force strong with this set, or should it be sent back to the moisture farm? Read on or watch the video review to find out! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

Friday, September 4, 2015
Today is Force Friday, the day when Disney officially reveals a whole slew of new Star Wars merchandise and entices you to buy it all sight unseen. BZPower wants you to make informed decisions though, so we're going to be reviewing all six of the new LEGO Star Wars buildable figures. Kicking things off is 75108 Clone Commander Cody, a popular character from the prequel era. How well does this set capture the look of the clone? What are the new pieces like? Should you buy it? Check out our review and accompanying video to find out! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

Hot Bionicle News September/October Digital Magazine Released on
With the Star Wars embargo over, the LEGO Club website has been updated with digital editions of the new LEGO Club Magazine for September. Check out features on LEGO Bionicle and the LEGO Star Wars buildable figures as well as a new comics for LEGO Ninjago, LEGO City, and LEGO Super Heroes in the Red Brick edition. Enjoy comics, stories, coloring pages, and activities for the younger crowd in the Green Brick (Jr.) edition. Or enjoy LEGO Friends and LEGO Elves features (including a test to find out your elven name) in the Yellow Brick edition. Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News Ideas Review Deadline Ending Soon
LEGO CEE Team Member Tim Courtney recently made a new post on the LEGO Ideas blog reminding people that the deadline for being considered in the second 2015 review is next Monday, September 7th. Now's the time to support projects you've hesitated on or get the word out about your own project! There's eight ideas currently in line to be reviewed, which you can see here. Will there be a ninth in the next few days? Your votes count! Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News LEGO Bionicle Episode 14 "Beware Their Tails" Released
[Source: Tuuli] has been updated with the fourteenth 90-second story episode for this year, titled "Beware Their Tails". The Toa escape their confinement beneath the great arena only to find themselves in a graveyard where the evil Skull Scorpios are on the prowl. Can they defeat the Scorpios and find the tomb of Ekimu the Mask Maker? Or will they lose their masks and become the graveyard's newest tenants? Follow the link above to watch the episode and find out! Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News LEGO Bionicle: Mask of Creation Game Receives Major Update
Today a major update to the mobile game LEGO Bionicle: Mask of Creation has been released, featuring content based on the summer sets. It introduces Skull Warriors that specialize in either melee or ranged attacks as enemies and four new levels with Skull Slicer, Skull Scorpio, Skull Basher, and Skull Grinder as bosses. Also included is the ability to play as Ekimu the Mask Maker and a new orb system that helps replenish your character's abilties. If you have this game on one of your devices, keep on the lookout for this update, and after you've tried it out feel free to share your thoughts in the Talkback topic! Talk Back in our Forums


The time for the Force to awaken is upon us, and along with the Star Wars Episode VII sets comes some constraction builds of memorable characters from the previous movies. Today we take a look at Jango Fett, DNA-donor for his better-known clone Boba Fett and heavy-hitting antagonist for Attack of the Clones. He's blue, he's dangerous, and he's ready to be posed in many action sequences against the Jedi. Check out the video and text review to see if he deserves a spot in your purchases as The Force Awakens hype grows. Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

Thursday, September 3, 2015
Hot Bionicle News LEGO Marvel's Avengers Release Date Revealed
It looks like the next LEGO videogame based on Disney's Marvel properties has been delayed to next year. GameStop has recently updated their listings for LEGO Marvel's Avengers to show it as releasing on January 26th, 2016. It had originally been slated for winter of this year. On the plus side, if you preorder from GameStop you'll get a free Silver Centurion Iron Man LEGO Minifigure! Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News Star Wars: The Force Awakens Sets Officially Revealed
LEGO has been sending out Twitter blasts all morning with official images of the sets that tie in to the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Rather than link to them all individually, I'll just send you over to FBTB, where they've compiled them all along with text from the official press releases. There's a good variety from small to large sets, some familiar, but many brand new. I don't know which ones I'll be picking up, but I'm definitely excited for the movie this December! Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News LEGO Ninjago Characters Page Receives Major Update
Up until today, the LEGO Ninjago site's summer update hadn't entirely reached the characters page, with only four new bios and four updated bios listed. As of today, visiting the page now shows 24 characters from the summer sets, including sixteen different ghost characters! Many of the lower-ranking ghosts are more or less identical, which will probably be a relief to many minifigure collectors' wallets, but they all still get unique and quirky bios of their very own. Follow the link above to visit the page and begin reading! Talk Back in our Forums

Wednesday, September 2, 2015
Hot Bionicle News First Danish Astronaut Goes to Space
As you can see on NASA's website, earlier this morning Soyuz TMA-18M launched from Kazakhstan with ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen, Russian cosmonaut and commander Sergei Volkov, and Kazakh cosmonaut Aidyn Aimbetov. This marks the first time that a Dane has been to space - this is important because Denmark is the country where LEGO was created. As collectSpace reports Mogensen is bringing some LEGO minifigures with him to compliment the other LEGO pieces already on the International Space Station intended for educational outreach programs. It's great to see LEGO working with these agencies to further scientific exploration, but what I really want to know is where I can get my hands on a minifig that's been to space! Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News LEGO Reports 18% Global Sales Growth in H1 2015
[Source: LEGO]
LEGO is continuing its streak of financial success as it reports an 18% growth in revenue in the first half of 2015 compared to the first half of 2014. Operating profit saw an increase of 27% compared to the first half of 2014. The report says: "Lines such as LEGO City, LEGO Creator, LEGO Technic, and LEGO Star Wars continue to deliver very strong global results. LEGO NINJAGO, which has become an evergreen LEGO theme, also performed strongly, while new launches such as LEGO Elves and LEGO Jurassic World products were received very positively by children all over the world." No mention of BIONICLE unfortunately but this is still undoubtedly good news for LEGO. You can check out the entire report here. Talk Back in our Forums

Tuesday, September 1, 2015
BZPower Take Part in Twitch Tuesday
Seven days have passed since we last booted up our Twitch channel to stream some LEGO gameplay. We'll be online again tonight starting around 7:30PM Eastern. What will you be playing, you ask? That's up to you to decide by voting in this poll. The game with the most votes gets played. Last week it was The LEGO Movie game, but who knows this time around. If you want to know exactly when we go live tonight, make sure you subscribe to us on Twitch and follow us on Twitter. See you there! Talk Back in our Forums

BZPower Join BZPower, Win Free LEGO
Today we're kicking off a new raffle for new members of the site. If you've joined in the past thirty days, or join in the coming couple of months, you're eligible to enter our Minecraft Fall 2015 New Member Raffle. We're giving away a copy of 21102 Minecraft: The Forest, which has been retired and is no longer readily available. One lucky new member will get to take it home! If you're not a member of BZPower yet, what are you waiting for? Talk Back in our Forums

BZPower Make Your CCBS Creations Look Retro
One of the great things about the Character and Creature Building System (CCBS) is that it's very modular and allows LEGO set designers to come up with new shapes for shells that are completely compatible with the already-existing bones. Just look at the ragged ones released in the summer skull sets. BZPower Member CeziuM was not satisfied with the current selection though, and so he decided to create his own torso shell, in the style of the 2001 Toa Mata torso. The design immediately evokes the look and feel of the classic Toa, and I can see it fitting perfectly in a MOC of Tahu or Lewa. What's more, you can even buy the shell on Shapeways and get your own custom piece to use in your creations. Go check it out! Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News Month of Stone Begins on LEGO Bionicle Facebook Page
With a new month comes a new elemental theme on the LEGO Bionicle Facebook page! September turns out to be the Month of Stone. If August's Month of Fire was any indication, we can probably expect to see plenty of stone-themed MOCs and artwork by LEGO designers shared to the page over the course of the month. The page has already gotten things rolling with an incredibly detailed new painting by Matt Betteker focusing on Pohatu, Master of Stone! Follow the link above to check it out! Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News LEGO Minifigures Series 14 Released
LEGO Minifigures Series 14 is out now, this time with a monster theme featuring anything from ghosts, monsters, mad scientists, huge mosquitos, zombie cheerleaders and snake men. I can spot a couple of highly interesting pieces that should make a few of these worth your money. You can get one of them for USD 3.99 / EUR 2.99 / GBP 2.49. Talk Back in our Forums

Monday, August 31, 2015
Hey BZPower, it's time for another set review! What are we reviewing today? Well it's 21303 WALL-E from the LEGO Ideas theme! This set was scheduled to be released on September 1st, but as we recently reported, it's been delayed at official LEGO channels. But what we really care about here is the set. Will you scrub it away like M-O with a foreign contaminant or will you travel through space just to be with this set? (Hint: it's the second one.) Well, now that I spoiled that, you should read on to find out why! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

Hot Bionicle News LEGO WALL-E Delayed at LBR
The next LEGO Ideas set, 21303 WALL-E is supposed to be released tomorrow, September 1st. Recently there have been some rumors, however, that the set was going to be delayed. Over on the official LEGO Twitter account these have been partially confirmed, as it seems the set will not be available tomorrow at LEGO Brand Retail Stores or LEGO Shop@Home. It will still be available at other retailers though, presumably Toys 'R' Us, Amazon, Walmart, and the like. The reason for the delay is unknown - it's been speculated that it might be due to a quality issue, but if that's the case, I would have expected the set to be delayed everywhere. We'll have to wait and see. Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News LEGO Bionicle Episode 13 "Fallen Heroes" Premieres on Facebook
The LEGO Bionicle Facebook page has released Episode 13 of the Bionicle web series. Trapped underground, the Toa reflect on what brought them this far. I know some fans might be frustrated that a web series as short as this is already indulging in a "clip show" episode, but it's interesting to hear how the Toa feel about their journey so far. Hopefully it won't be long until this episode is added to and YouTube. In the meantime, follow the link above to watch the webisode! Talk Back in our Forums

Sunday, August 30, 2015
Hot Bionicle News Mix it Up with LEGO Mixels Costumes
Know a kid who loves LEGO Mixels? LEGO has their Halloween costumes covered! Costumes of Vulk of the Infernites and Slumbo of the Frosticons have been spotted on the Kohls website, in sizes 4–6, 7–8, and 10–12. For the younger kids, Party City has a Zorch costume in toddler sizes. No LEGO costumes for grown-ups, unfortunately, but maybe that's something the AFOL community will just have to get creative with!

UPDATE: It turns out has a whole range of Mixels costumes and accessories including the aforementioned costumes as well as goggles, masks, and a treat bag. Follow the link above to go take a look! Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News Sixteen Reasons to Pick up LEGO Dimensions
TT Games is at PAX Prime this weekend, and they've brought LEGO Dimensions to the show for people to play. Game Informer is at the event, and have put together 16 Little Reasons You'll Want Watch These Lego World's [sic] Collide. There's not too much to it, but it's a nice look at a few of the awesome features coming in the game, from some of the crazy mashups to hints at the overall story. LEGO Dimensions is coming on September 27th, so it's less than a month away! Have you preordered your copy yet? Talk Back in our Forums

Market News Second Bionicle Book Up for Pre-Order
Following the release of the first new Bionicle book, Island of the Lost Masks, the second installment has been announced. Revenge of the Skull Spiders comes out on December 29 and is available for pre-order. With an ominous title like that, we can only hope our heroes have what it takes to keep Okoto safe. Talk Back in our Forums

Saturday, August 29, 2015
It's set review time again here on BZPower! Today we're taking a look at one of the summer Star Wars sets, namely 75092 Naboo Starfighter, from Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Does this set fare on the Darth Maul side of the cool meter or the Jar Jar Binks side of the 'please no more!' gauge? There's only one way to find out - so read on! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

Friday, August 28, 2015
Hot Bionicle News New LEGO Minifigures Stickers on Facebook
I suppose it's not too crazy to assume that you've probably got a Facebook account, in which case it's probably not too crazy to assume that you are familar with Facebook's stickers either. If so, then good, because LEGO's released a new sticker set for everyone to use for free on Facebook, containing minifigures from Batman, Mr. Gold to even a few I don't recall seeing exactly like that before. If you've been wishing to spread some LEGO love to your Facebook chats now is your chance. Talk Back in our Forums

Thursday, August 27, 2015
Hot Bionicle News An Interview with WALL-E's Designer
Angus MacLane holds the interesting distinction of being the animator at Pixar (now writer and director) who was one of the creative forces behind WALL-E's design for the film and the AFOL who created the LEGO Ideas WALL-E project that is now an official LEGO set. Sara Moore from the Ideas team recently posted an interview with Angus talking about the creation and evolution of the model as well as his experience working with LEGO in getting it made into an actual set. While I think it might be cheating a little to be the person at Disney who had to approve the model, it's still a great read and worth checking out! Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News Scooby Doo Goes for a Ride
A new video was recently posted on the LEGO YouTube channel for all you Scooby Doo and stop motion fans. LEGO Scooby-Doo - Ghoul On Wheels - Stop Motion Mini Movie features Scoob and the gang as well as the creepy haunted lighthouse. Will they be able to catch the ghost of the lighthouse keeper in time? Will there be horrible puns? You'll just have to watch to find out! Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News LEGO Dimensions Packs' Release Dates Finalized
The LEGO Dimensions game is only a month away, and with that comes plenty of add-on packs to enhance the gaming experience. The LEGO Dimensions facebook page just released an image of Level, Team and Fun Packs that will accommodate and follow the game's initial release (along with a link to a larger image). These packs allow you to play as these characters all throughout the game, and even unlock some special features special for them. The releases are staggered by a few months, so good luck saving up for your favorites. Talk Back in our Forums

BZPower Bionicle Book Blog Giveaway
[Source: Jedi Master J.]
We already reported on the release of the first Bionicle chapter book, Island of the Lost Masks. But Jedi Master J. has gone a step further and is hosting a giveaway in his blog to celebrate the release of the chapter book! He'll be giving away four copies, which can be either physical or a Kindle copy, and all you have to do to enter is comment on his blog entry that you're interested to join in. But you better hurry; his deadline is August 28th, 2015 at 11:00 PM EST. And make sure to thank Jedi Master J. for hosting this awesome giveaway! Talk Back in our Forums

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
Hot Bionicle News How Sustainable Should LEGO Become?
There's been some press recently about LEGO looking into sustainable alternatives for ABS in the future. This has some people worried that the quality of our beloved bricks might decrease. Well it just so happens that LEGO cares about what you think, and have asked some LEGO Ambassadors to gather feedback from our communities. Head over to LEGO Materials Sustainability in General Discussion and answer the couple of questions there before noon on Sunday, August 30th to get your voice heard by the people within LEGO who are driving the decisions of tomorrow. What are you waiting for, go answer! Talk Back in our Forums


Market News New LEGO Justice League Movie Out with Minifig
The latest LEGO Justice League movie, Attack of the Legion of Doom, is out now on DVD and Blu-Ray. Just like past LEGO DC Comics movies, this comes with an exclusive minifig: The Trickster, a character previously not seen in the brick! See for yourself on Amazon, and watch a clip here. Just like in CW's The Flash, Mark Hamill personifies the Trickster, and credits also include Troy Baker returning as Batman. Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News LEGO Bionicle and Elves Chapter Books Released
Yesterday was the release of Island of Lost Masks by Ryder Windham and Quest for the Keys by Stacia Deutsch, the first chapter books for the rebooted LEGO Bionicle storyline and the LEGO Elves storyline, respectively. An official discussion topic for Island of Lost Masks has been created over in the Bionicle Discussion forum. If you've read the book, head over there to share your thoughts - just be sure to tag your spoilers! Talk Back in our Forums

Tuesday, August 25, 2015
BZPower A Friendly Beetle
When Bionicle: The Legend Reborn and the sets to go along with it were released some were disappointed that Mata Nui's companion Click wasn't made in set form. There have been a lot of MOCs of Click since then but I think that Tribute to A Scarabax by Sergei Rahkmaninoff is among the best that I've seen. The use of System components is blended well with the constraction pieces, making for a cohesive overall look. I love the gem piece that he uses for the eyes too. What's more though, is that Click also happens to be the name of a BZPower Member (and an excellent builder himself), who is going away for a while, and this was Sergei's farewell present to him. It's a great creation with a great story, and definitely one worth checking out! Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News LEGO Worlds Update 2 is Live
A new post in the LEGO Worlds blog on Steam has let us know that Update 2 is now live for everyone to play! TT Games' Chris Rose goes through all the changes they've made, including underwater, discoveries, the map, virtual floor, and more. They've also fixed a whole list of bugs, which are documented in the post too. If you took a break from the game for whatever reason, now might be a great time to download the update and check it out again! Talk Back in our Forums

BZPower Twitch Tuesday Today
Another week has flown by and it's Tuesday again. That means we get to go play LEGO games on our Twitch channel! Just like last week, the game we play is up to you, so make your voice heard. The stream should start around 7:30 PM Eastern time, and we're hoping to have fewer technical issues than last time. Make sure you subscribe to our channel and follow us on Twitter to get notified exactly when we kick things off! Talk Back in our Forums

Monday, August 24, 2015
BZPower July Flickr Contest Results
The dust has settled, and of the around two-dozen entries to the July Flickr Contest, hosted on BZPower's Flickr Group, the winner has been decided. Congratulations to Djokson, whose entry, The Mordagogg, stole the show. You can check out his topic in BBC to get an up-close and personal look at the beast. In particular I'm a fan of the eyes and face, with the Kraata on the tail and the front claws being close runners up. Make sure you go look at the full results and check out the other finalists, all of whom had some fantastic entries. A big thanks to everyone who entered, and another congrats to Djokson - that thing is going to give me nightmares! Talk Back in our Forums

Hot Bionicle News Indominus rex Breaks Free
Hot on the heels of the Rivendell project, another model at LEGO Ideas has reached ten thousand votes of support! This times it's Indominus rex by senteosan and if that name sounds familiar it's because his Bricksauria: Tyrannosaurus rex and Jurassic Park projects have each achieved 10,000 votes in the past. The I. rex build is very similar to the T. rex model, with the obvious differences being the color scheme, the front arms, and the spikes along its back. It's a great-looking model, scientific sensibilities aside, with some interesting techniques used to achieve the organic shape. Now we'll just have to see how it fares at the next LEGO Ideas review! Talk Back in our Forums

Sunday, August 23, 2015
Hot Bionicle News LEGO Ideas Imladris Hits 10k
This is probably the most over-the-top LEGO Ideas project to have achieved ten thousand votes of support. The Hobbit - Rivendell by fishingtwister is an amazing model of the Last Homely House from Peter Jackson's Hobbit movies, featuring ten different buildings and bridges to attach them as well as nineteen minifigures. According to the description, the mountain is not part of the model, which is a relief, because there's no way LEGO would ever make that into a set. Still though, it's one of the largest models to reach its goal in Ideas, and while I'd love to see it in person, I think the chances of us seeing it on store shelves are pretty low. Talk Back in our Forums

Saturday, August 22, 2015
Welcome back to another BZPower set review. This time around we're looking at this year's batch of Infernites Mixels: 41530 Meltus, 41531 Flamzer, and 41532 Burnard. Will these guys light a spark under you until you rush to the store and buy them? Or will their candle burn out long before the legend ever did? Read and watch our review to find out! Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

Hot Bionicle News LEGO Bionicle Facebook Page Shares Tahu Artwork
LEGO designers create some incredible Bionicle-inspired art, and the official LEGO Bionicle Facebook page continues to grace us with that art! Their latest post was a Tahu illustration in the style of the new webisodes, drawn by BZPower's own Corvin (Vezok's Friend), who works for the LEGO Group as a LEGO City designer. They also invite artists from the fan community to share their own Bionicle-inspired artwork to the page. Follow the link above to check out this new artwork, share your own artwork, and possibly get inspired for your next Bionicle masterpiece! Talk Back in our Forums

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