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    Combiner Model: Zivon

    The Zivon is a mysterious creature; no one knows where he comes from, what his history is, what his species is, or even his real name. The Zivon lives in a dimension of perpetual darkness, which can be tapped into only by the power of the Kahgarak. When called forth, the Zivon is a fearsome colossus, towering some 35 feet over his Visorak allies. Even the hordes would prefer not to see Zivon, as he considers the spider creatures a food source and has been known to devour a significant portion of the horde as a victory celebration. The Zivon’s mandibles, claws, stinger, and massive strength make him a destructive foe. It is also capable of shooting webs from each of its six legs. Rhotuka fired from various parts of Zivon's body have different effects: the one in his head temporarily blinds, the one in his right claw (the brown one) deafens, the one in his left claw mutes, the one in his body robs a target's sense of touch. Zivon can spit venom; however, his stinger (apparently) does not have any venom inside.

    Associated Sets
    8742 Vohtarak (2005)
    8743 Boggarak (2005)
    8744 Oohnorak (2005)
    8745 Roporak (2005)
    8746 Keelerak (2005)
    8747 Suukorak (2005)

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