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    Combiner Model: Kahgarak

    The Kahgarak are the elites of the Visorak army. The Kahgarak shown here serve as lieutenants to Roodaka and Sidorak, leaders of the horde, although they come in about six different colors and many different sizes. But their colors don’t reflect certain jobs. They often lead smaller Kahgarak units on hunts, as well as serving as guards for the Coliseum and other important sites. Kahgarak spinners can cloak an opponent into the Zone of Darkness. While the target can survive in the dark field, they cannot see or hear anything beyond it, nor are they able to communicate with anyone outside it. Anything it hits with the spinner in this mode is sucked into the darkness; the only way to escape is if a Kahgarak opens another portal to let you out, or if it opens one for something else and you follow it out. This power also means that the Kahgarak can open a portal to the dimension of darkness to release the Zivon and send it back there; the Kahgarak is the only creature that can summon or banish the Zivon. To an outsider, it appears as if the Kahgarak’s enemy has simply been swallowed by the shadows and disappeared. Kahgarak are also fitted with projectile launchers for sieges.

    Associated Sets
    8743 Boggarak (2005)
    8747 Suukorak (2005)

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