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    Archive for March 2013
    Sunday, March 31, 2013
    BZPower The BZPowercast Goes North
    March is somehow almost done, but at least that means it's time for spring! It also means it's time for a new episode of the Powercast! If you're not subscribed via RSS or iTunes, you can download it right here. See below for a summary:
    We're back with Episode 45 of the BZPowercast for your listening pleasure. Things kick off with a Staff Interview of Forum Leader Makaru. Then Windrider comes back for this month's member-driven How-To BZP. After that Gatanui discusses the Legends of Chima TV series and how it compares with previous LEGO productions. Hahli Husky and Janus then close things out with a new dramatic reading of a Bionicle comic. It's a long one, so I hope your ears are ready!
    Talk Back in our Forums

    Saturday, March 30, 2013
    Hot Bionicle News Utah Gets Its First LEGO Store
    [Source: Click]
    Coming this fall, Utah will get its first ever LEGO store, to be located in the city of Murray. The store itself will be placed between a Macy's and a Crate & Barrel in the Fashion Place Mall, and will have a total area of 30,000 square feet. A LEGO spokesperson confirmed the location, but declined to provide any more details. You can read more in the Salt Lake Tribune. Talk Back in our Forums

    Friday, March 29, 2013
    Hot Bionicle News Legends of Chima Songs Released
    [Source: Gatanui]
    It looks like LEGO's Legends of Chima website has been updated recently with some new music. You can head on over and check out Day of Glory, Horizon, and Unleash the Power, all by the band Finley. While the musical style is different, the concept seems very reminiscent of what Bionicle and Cryoshell did back in the day, and the nostalgia is very much appreciated. It's interesting to see that the same marketing ideas still work, years later. Talk Back in our Forums

    Thursday, March 28, 2013
    Hot Bionicle News Lego Robot Crafts And Fires Paper Airplanes
    [Source: Takua Dragonstar7, Dual Matrix]
    It's good that this robot does something fun; think of all the robots out there that never do! If NXTs want to take over the world they'll have to work hard and they'll need a way to relax. The machine is more than six thousand parts and nearly six feet in length, click here to see it in action. Talk Back in our Forums

    Wednesday, March 27, 2013
    Hot Bionicle News LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester Opens
    [Source: Takua Dragonstar7]
    The newest LEGOLAND Discovery Center opened today in Westchester, accompanied by a million-plus brick miniland of Manhattan Island's landmarks for its grand opening. This is the first LEGOLAND Discovery Center in the Northeast, which, until today, was the only major region of the country without a LEGOLAND park or Discovery Center. There are centers in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and Kansas City, as well as several more worldwide, including three in Europe, one in Tokyo, and one in Toronto. Talk Back in our Forums

    Hot Bionicle News Become a Part of The LEGO Movie
    [Source: LEGO]
    LEGO and Warner Bros recently started a contest that could get your creation in the upcoming LEGO Movie (in theaters February 2014). You can check out the full press release here or head over to ReBrick where the contest is being hosted. Long story short, you have until May 6 to make a 15-30 second stop-motion movie of a minifig taking something apart and making something cool to help save the day. If you're a budding LEGO movie maker - check this out and your work may end up on the silver screen! Talk Back in our Forums

    Tuesday, March 26, 2013
    Hot Bionicle News New LEGO Ninjago Game for iOS Devices
    [Source: Vastus11]
    A new LEGO Ninjago game was released for iOS mobile devices last week: LEGO Ninjago - The Final Battle. From the description, players can choose from five playable characters--Lloyd, Jay, Cole, Zane, or Kai--and battle enemies in a sidescrolling platformer-style adventure. Click here to visit the iTunes App Store page, where you can view a small image-gallery and download the game! Talk Back in our Forums
    • More Cascade Photos Update: In addition to Nukaya's fantastic photos, Deevee has uploaded an additional three pages worth to this Flickr gallery, where he showcases the best of both the people and creations of Cascade! There's plenty of new content here, so check it out! From Deevee
    Monday, March 25, 2013
    [Source: Nukaya]
    Since I was the reporter on duty for Bricks Cascade a couple weeks ago, it falls to me to put together a writeup of the event. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to take a good look at each theme, so my article would feel oddly biased toward the Bionicle table, with a nod here and there to the art section and train/town guys. Instead, I'm going to let Nukaya's photography speak for itself in this fantastic flickr photoset. I'll leave a short commentary in the read more/talkback section. Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

    Sunday, March 24, 2013
    Kai Fire Mech Teaser Image
    Garmadon has sent his evil scout out to find the ninjas, but the Stone Warrior has found more than he can handle when he comes across Kai in his new Fire Mech. Wielding an elemental fire sword, Kai is ready to beat down the armies of darkness. This is the smallest of the 2013 Ninjago sets, only priced at $9.99 USD, but is it worth it? Read BZPower Reporter xccj's review and see for yourself.
    NOTE: Due to some issues we're currently having with the story page, you can view the full review in the Talkback Thread. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

    Saturday, March 23, 2013
    Hot Bionicle News Star Trek Into Brickness
    [Source: Dual Matrix]
    Trekkies everywhere are ecstatic about the upcoming release of Star Trek Into Darkness. I, in fact, feel like I'm going to explode with happiness every time a see the trailers. Now, Antonio Toscano has doubled my excitement by creating a LEGO stop-motion animation version of the first trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness, which he has aptly titled "Star Trek Into Brickness". You can see this masterpiece by clicking on over to the story at Talk Back in our Forums

    Friday, March 22, 2013
    Hot Bionicle News Templar Studios Releases More MNOLG Storyboards
    [Source: Templar Studios]
    It's been a while, but our friends over at Templar Studios have managed to unearth another nostalgic artifact from the Mata Nui Online Game (MNOLG). This one is a set of storyboard artwork from Le-Koro, where the action really began ramping up in the game. Upon entering the village, we were greeted by an ominous silence, a tension that released as airborne battles and a showdown between Lewa and Onua. Later, the village was full of happy Tohunga and the lighthearted music characteristic of Le-Koran lore. All the artwork behind this chapter of the adventure is available on Templar Studios' blog. Thanks for sharing with us! Talk Back in our Forums

    Thursday, March 21, 2013
    BZPower Bionicle and OTC Fortnightly Flash Fiction Contest Winners
    Another two cycles have come and gone, and it's once again time to honor the winners of the Bionicle and Off-Topic Culture FFFCs. This time around, it's "Hunter's Game", by The Tolerable Automaton for the Bionicle category (Theme: Surrender or Run) and "Exit Number 117", by Eyru Beiber for OTC (Theme: Branching Out). Both stories certainly deserve the win, and they both deserve a read as well, so follow the links and take a look! And while you're at it, consider entering the current Bionicle FFFC, Theme: A Canister Ashore. Talk Back in our Forums

    Wednesday, March 20, 2013
    BZPower Send Your MOCs To BrickFair New England
    Bricks Cascade 2013 is in the books, and next up is a brand new event in the Northeast - BrickFair New England. We want you and your MOCs there to support BZPower. You can find out more details about how to send stuff in in this blog entry. There's about a month and a half until we all gather in Manchester, New Hampshire, so get building! Talk Back in our Forums

    Hot Bionicle News Chima Section at LEGOLAND FL
    [Source: Fox News, Across the Web]
    It appears I wrote my editorial a week too early, since I seem to have missed out on yet another addition to the Chima lineup. LEGOLAND Florida will soon receive a Legends of Chima themed area containing a water ride, a Speedorz arena attraction, a 4D movie, and walkabout characters from the theme. This will be the first section of a LEGOLAND Park to be based off of a specific theme, as opposed to more generic themes like City, Adventurers/Indiana Jones, and Pirates. Cartoon Network is the presenting partner of this park section, and will have a large part in the Chima section as well, advertising some of their other programs like Adventure Time. Talk Back in our Forums

    Tuesday, March 19, 2013
    Hot Bionicle News Lego CIty: Undercover Hits Store Shelves
    [Source: Kohaku]
    TT Fusion, a division of TT Games, has just released Lego City: Undercover for the Wii U. The player assumes the identity of undercover Lego cop Chase McCain and explores the open world of Lego City, while trying to nab the (fiendish) Rex Fury. LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins for the Nintendo 3DS will be out in Europe on April 26, which is five days after the previously announced North American launch date of April 21st. For more information check out the official site here. Talk Back in our Forums

    Monday, March 18, 2013
    Today we get to take the wraps off a project that's been in the works since earlier this year. BZPower is proud to announce that we are expanding the site to include a LEGO Users Group, or LUG. BioniLUG is a group for people who enjoy building creations and then displaying them at events and conventions, or who just like to go to those conventions to interact with other members and fans. You can read more about it in this topic and ask any questions you might have in the Talkback. I'm looking forward to this new aspect of our community and hope you all are as well. Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

    Hot Bionicle News Bionicle Moderator for Skyrim
    [Source: BZPower members]
    The coolest Bionicle game we've seen in years isn't even official, but the size and ambition of the project blows every other game out of the water. A small team of Russian modders have been working for over a year on converting Skyrim characters, items, locations, powers, dialogue, and quests into Bionicle. With their apologies, they say that the story and locations will be limited to the quest for the Mask of Light arc, and that they "absolutely will never make Bara Magna and giant robots." They've put up a call for help on their Moddb page for everything from 3D modeling to GUI design, so if you want to see this project pull through, go ahead and contact them! You can see in-game clips and follow the team's progress on their blog here. With the attention it's been gaining, I doubt the project will die before release, but it couldn't help to spread the word. Talk Back in our Forums

    Sunday, March 17, 2013
    Oh right, we focus on constraction sets here - I guess we should review some. It's very convenient then that I happen to have a review for 44001 Pyrox for you all. How does this little baddie stack up as part as the 2013 lineup? Let's find out!
    NOTE: Due to some issues we're currently having with the story page, you can view the full review in the Talkback Thread. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

    Saturday, March 16, 2013
    Hot Bionicle News Joplin Lego Club
    [Source: Dual Matrix]
    No, not a magazine, but a physical club at the Joplin Public Library. The new program, which allows kids to play with an enormous collection of LEGO bricks once a month, has drawn as many as 70 participants. Sadly, perhaps maddeningly, it has included Mega Bloks in the provided bricks. Back on a happy note, Joplin's program isn't isolated. Pittsburg Public Library has recently started its own LEGO building sessions. You can read more about this awesome occurrence right over here. Talk Back in our Forums

    Friday, March 15, 2013
    BZPower Help Out How-To
    [Source: Windrider]
    BZPower Forum Leader Windirder has put out a call for questions. If there's something you want to know about on BZPower - questions about policy, how to do something, or why the spinnies go the direction they do - send Ryan a message. He's a pretty cool guy, and we both will appreciate your assistance! Talk Back in our Forums

    Thursday, March 14, 2013
    Hot Bionicle News LEGO Leica M9-P Hermes Replica
    [Source: Dual Matrix]
    If you're a photography buff, you may have heard of the M9-P "Hermes Edition" camera model by Leica. It costs around $50,000, so odds are you will never own it (even if you are a photography buff). So, as consolation, why not construct a LEGO replica of it? That's what LEGO master builder Chris McVeigh did, and it is certainly something to behold. Click here for an article and to check out some photos of this photogenic LEGO creation. You'll also find a link to step-by-step PDF instructions of the model if you're interested in building it yourself! Talk Back in our Forums

    BZPower Cross-examine a Canadian (Staffer, that is)
    We will soon be recording the next episode of the BZPowercast, and that means another Staff Interview. For this month, you can direct your queries to BZPower Forum Leader Makaru. Drop him a line and ask him why he's so tall, how much he enjoyed being a Blog Leader, or what it's like to ride a moose around the frozen plains of Canada. The more questions the merrier, so don't hold back! Talk Back in our Forums

    Wednesday, March 13, 2013
    [Source: LewaLew]
    Oh, hey Pohatu. Poor guy, you don't see much action. Of course, Onua has it even tougher--there's not even a Reference Team anymore. I suppose that's just another thing to tease him about next time he brags about his March Madness bracket. Anyhow, your triumphant return comes as I, BZPower Reporter LewaLew, present my concerns over the risks taken by LEGO with the videogames and TV series LEGO has made based on Legends of Chima. Unfortunately, due to the fact that news stories are unviewable right now, you're going to have to go to my blog, The BaseBlog, in order to read. Once the news stories are viewable again, you will be able to read this as you normally would. The entry's comments will be locked--to comment, post in the talkback. I will provide a link in my blog when the talkback is posted by Hapori Tohu. Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

    Hot Bionicle News Lego Now World's Most-Valuable Toy Manufacturer
    Lego's been growing unbelievably for years now, with sales of $4.04 billion in 2012. The company's estimated value has just climbed to $14.6 billion, topping Mattel Inc's $14.4 billion. This article explains some of the recent history of company and also delves into the shares of Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen's three children, all of whom seem to be billionaires thanks to the brick. Talk Back in our Forums

    Tuesday, March 12, 2013
    Hot Bionicle News Introducing the Toa Mata Band
    [Source: Thoron]
    What happens when you combine some classic (gear-containing) Bionicle sets, an Arduino, a MIDI synthesizer, and some instruments? One of the most unique musical ensembles I've ever seen, that's for sure. Engadget reports that Guiseppe Acito, an Italian sound designer and producer, has combined all these things to create the Toa Mata Band, a new project featuring Tahu, Gali, Lewa, and Takanuva playing drum pads, xylophones, synthesizers, and more. You can check out his blog (in Italian) here for additional pictures and details. It's good to see we're not the only ones still playing with our Bionicle sets! Talk Back in our Forums

    Hot Bionicle News Grumpy Cat in LEGO
    [Source: Ochre Jelly]
    It's certainly not the first time we've featured Ochre Jelly's work on the front page, but his creations have been the most culturally relevant and enjoyable to look at, so here's his latest work: Tard the Grumpy Cat built in brick! Whether or not you've gotten tired of seeing this cat all over the internet, this incarnation is definitely worth another look. Talk Back in our Forums

    Monday, March 11, 2013
    Today we take a look at the smallest boxed Hobbit set, 79000 Riddles for the Ring. Despite it's diminutive size, it portrays probably one of the most pivotal scenes in the movie. So does that make it worth tossing into your shopping cart and bringing it home? You'll have to read on to find out!
    NOTE: Due to some issues we're currently having with the story page, you can view the full review in the Talkback Thread. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

    Sunday, March 10, 2013
    [Source: Nuju Metru]
    Time for another set review! Sharing some insight on the Chima line, BZPower Forum Assistant Nuju Metru takes a look at 70002 Lennox' Lion Attack. What goes into this ferocious ATV set, and is it worth your while to pick it up? Why don't you read on to find out?
    NOTE: Due to some issues we're currently having with the story page, you can view the full review in the Talkback Thread. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

    Saturday, March 9, 2013
    Hot Bionicle News New Hero Factory Film for 2014
    Looks like Hero Factory will be coming back in 2014! Christian Faber made a blog post letting us know that he and his company (Advance) are working with Ghost on a 22 minute Hero Factory film for next year. We don't know any other details, but with the track record of those two groups, it's sure to be something worth watching! And of course it means the current constraction line isn't going anywhere just yet, which is also good news. Talk Back in our Forums

    Hot Bionicle News New Hero Factory "Webisode"
    [Source: Toa Zaz, Tomdroidser]
    LEGO has recently updated the Hero Factory website with a new "Webisode". The video covers the "Brain Attack" story, and features all of the summer heroes and villains. It also includes some shots of a mysterious villain, so head on over here and watch it! Talk Back in our Forums

    Friday, March 8, 2013
    Hot Bionicle News The Ring Goes to Cuusoo
    [Source: Nuju Metru]
    LEGO already makes Lord of the Rings sets, but some people aren't quite satisfied with the choices that have been made so far. Our very own Nuju Metru is one such individual, and so has started two projects on LEGO Cuusoo to correct this grievous error. Go check out his projects for Minas Tirith and Edoras, both of which are very well done and have some stupendous details. If they're the kind of things you'd be interested in buying, consider voting for them and spreading the word. Talk Back in our Forums

    Thursday, March 7, 2013
    Hot Bionicle News Incredible LEGO Hogwarts Recreation by Alice Finch
    We've had LEGO Harry Potter sets in the past and with those have come many, many variations on the model of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. In terms of detail and sheer scale, however, they all pale in comparison to the incredible recreation of Hogwarts by LEGO builder Alice Finch. The model, which is currently on display at the 2013 Emerald City Comicon, contains over 400,000 bricks and took over a year to construct. In addition, it features 250+ minifigures reenacting key scenes throughout the complex. Click here to read a full article on this amazing piece of LEGO artistry, as well as to view pictures and a brief video documentary. It's well worth a look! Talk Back in our Forums

    Wednesday, March 6, 2013
    Hot Bionicle News New LEGO Store coming to Alberta
    [Source: Toa Kovolta]
    Looks like Canadian fans in Edmonton have some great news. Southgate Centre recently announced that a LEGO Brand Retail store will be opening there this summer. At 3800 square-feet, it'll be no little thing either. if you live in the area, get your wallets ready! Talk Back in our Forums

    Tuesday, March 5, 2013
    Hot Bionicle News New LEGO App Available
    [Source: Vastus11]
    It looks like a new LEGO game has been added to their mobile lineup. LEGO City Spotlight Robbery is now available for Android and iOS. For the low, low price of free, there's no reason why you shouldn't pick it up if you have a device that can run it! Talk Back in our Forums

    Monday, March 4, 2013
    Hot Bionicle News Landrover Cuusoo Project Hits Mark
    [Source: Infrared]
    Looks like another LEGO Cuusoo project has hit ten thousand votes. BZPower member Infrared reports that the Landrover Defender 110 submission has reached the necessary milestone. It's going into the review phase shortly and we should hear either way in a couple months. The truck is a pretty awesome model that you should definitely check out! Talk Back in our Forums

    Sunday, March 3, 2013
    Spider Cycle Teaser Image
    Spider-Man is facing off against his arch nemesis Venom, and this time he has the help of his cool new Spider-Cycle and Nick Fury in a flying car. If that's not an interesting premise for a set, then I don't know what is. But the real question is: How good of a set is it? BZPower Reporter xccj reviews this set to see if this is one you should web sling to the store to get.
    NOTE: Due to some issues we're currently having with the story page, you can view the full review in the Talkback Thread. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

    BZPower RPG Contest 27 Begins
    If you're a fan of telling stories and collaboration, you need to head over to the Bionicle RPG forum to check out RPG Contest 27. You can come up with your own premise and story set in the Bionicle universe and then if you win, everyone gets a chance to play! Check out the topic for all the rules. You have until Sunday, March 24th to enter, so that's three weeks from today and plenty of time. I look forward to seeing your entries! Talk Back in our Forums

    Saturday, March 2, 2013
    BZPower BZPower Upgrades
    We will be upgrading several components of the site today, including, but not limited to, the blogs, gallery, store, and main forums themselves. During this time, only the front page will be available. We anticipate the downtime to last most of this afternoon so we can make sure everything is installed properly and is working as expected. We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to being back again soon! Talk Back in our Forums

    Hot Bionicle News LEGO Boxes Get Smaller
    [Source: Gatanui]
    Personally, I'm so familiar with the size of a LEGO box that one glance under a Christmas tree will tell me which box I MUST open first. But now, LEGO is changing the size of its boxes quite a bit. LEGO claims the reason for this decrease in size is the positive impact on the environment it will have, as well as reducing the amount of cardboard. This also means more LEGO sets can fit on a store shelf, which is good news for all of us. Talk Back in our Forums
    • Forum Upgrades Complete The forum upgrades have been completed successfully. If you see any issues please open a ticket in the Tracker. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.
    Friday, March 1, 2013
    [Source: Bfahome]
    Legends of Chima is one of LEGO's biggest themes this year and today we're bringing you a related review. Blog Assistant Bfahome has taken a look at 70000 Razcal's Glider and will be sharing his thoughts on it with you all. Should this set fly into your hearts and shopping carts or is it more likely to go too close to the sun and crash and burn? Read on to find out!
    NOTE: Due to some issues we're currently having with the story page, you can view the full review in the Talkback Thread. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Talk Back in our Forums  Read Full Story

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