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Highest Reputation Content

#827545 Rahkshi: The 42 [Complete Customized Set]

Posted by jimmybob83 on Jan 06 2015 - 06:13 PM


A customized complete collection.




Full Gallery (High Res):














Let's just say that this required a lot of spray paint, time, cutting, and hot gluing. And thank heavens for Bricklink. 

I always wanted to do this, but until recently I saw the issue of unique spines as being an insurmountable hurdle. Then I was inspired when I stumbled across an image of a MOC using the spine design that I appropriated for my Molecular Disruption model, and became inspired to take it to the next level. 


Stay tuned for equally cool and ambitious projects! 


EDIT: I thought anyone on this website would be clued in, but for those of you who are not: I did not pick these color schemes or superpowers. They were predetermined long, long ago, in order to describe why we had to buy a buttload of different Kraata. Check the Rahkshi page on any of the wikis. I'm very much aware some of the color schemes are poo but, I'm powerless to change things. 

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#710223 Tahnok

Posted by Djokson on Jul 29 2014 - 08:27 AM

You wake one, and you wake them all.




14776160315_8178b892e3_m_d.jpg  14796014383_c942a57c43_m_d.jpg  14776160745_cbf5fcbdf8_m_d.jpg   




The Bohrok are by far my favorite Bionicle sets, and Tahnok gets the title of favorite set, because that's the one I got back in 2002. Hyped up bu the now very likely return of the line and some of the other reinterpretations of classic characters that have popped up recently, I was inspired to take a shot at rebuilding one.


Their faces always confused me though, never was quite sure how I was supposed to read their facial features. They're usually described as being insectoid in nature though, a swarm, so I took some liberties and made my interpretation slightly buglike.


The Va was more of an afterthought, an accessory to the Tahnok. It was built really quickly and not much effort went into it but I'm still pleased with the result.


Well that's it for my ranting. Thanks for taking a look!


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#757537 Legacy

Posted by Funcle K. on Oct 13 2014 - 08:52 AM



Initial impressions of the 2015 Toa had me thinking they were at least twice the size of the Toa Mata. Obviously that isn't true, but

since Lewa 2015 looks more like a Mayan Statue or jungle protector than Lewa I thought it would be funny to see him reprimanding

his former self for romping around the jungle and uprooting plants. This was a pretty quick drawing, I wanted to do something sketchy

that was more relaxing than taxing. (I also had to keep it secret from my daughter since I do plan on surprising her with some Toa for

her birthday so she no longer needs to put her mitts on mine!) I missed coloring one of the leaves, but it's water off my back now!

Progress Images


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#712005 Project MNOG 3D

Posted by specsowl on Jul 31 2014 - 10:51 PM



Hello BZP! MNOG III: Destinies (aka MNOG3D) is now available to download the Pre-Alpha!


Follow the link here to download the ZIP 

PC: https://dl.dropboxus...reAlpha_WIN.zip

MAC: https://dl.dropboxus...reAlpha_MAC.zip

LINUX: https://dl.dropboxus...Alpha_Linux.zip

  • Tons of villagers to talk with
  • Classic Music
  • Beautiful visuals (still being worked on)
  • Exploration of Ga-Koro like never before!

Here are a few screens of things to look forward to!
Old Progress:
Hey guys. I have a feeling some BZPower-ers have seen this on youtube. However, I made this 3D scene of Po-Koro a while ago and was thinking about getting back into it. Anyways let me know what you think!

Show your support!







Q: What IS MNOG3D?
A: It is an entirely new 3D explorer game that takes place on Mata-Nui after the Rahkshi attacks and before the move to Metru-Nui. It is styled to look and feel similar to Templar Studio's Mata-Nui Online Games
Q: Does it have a story?
A: Yes. It is an original story but I cannot disclose any more at this time.
Q: What software do I use?
A: For modeling I use Maya, for texturing a combination of Substance Designer and Photoshop, and for rendering either the game engine or just for presentation, Marmoset 2.
Q:What engine will this run on?
A: It will run on the Unity Engine. Not the best looking engine but able to run on mobile devices like Android and IOS as well as in a computer browser so that EVERYONE can play this version of MNOG anywhere they want.
Q: How hard is this to do?
A: Depends. The modeling to me is fairly easy. Well really it all is. It just takes a lot of time. Many beginners try and jump in without the boring planning (and I am frequently guilty of this). You also have to be VERY patient and not give up.
Q:What is the end goal?
A: The end goal is to essentially have an explorable Mata-Nui in 3D available to play on your Android and IOS device as well as in your own browser. It won't be MNOG or MNOG II but something fan made, though as true to the story as one can get. I'm not revealing much more information though.

Current Staff:
specsowl (Ryle)
     Tattorack (Kuki)
     doodleloot (Kodi)

     Vorred (Vorred)
     JDJackson (Jakon)
     Thau Nvua (Thau)


     Shadow Destroyer



"In times of peace, the people seem to forget their Unity, they forget their Duties, and now, more than ever, they forget their Destiny. Perhaps it is up to you to remind them of what they once were, and what they will become." --Turaga Vakama, MNOG3: Destinies
Follow us on twitter @MNOG3D!

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#782000 Wairuha Master of Wisdom

Posted by Aanchir on Nov 17 2014 - 02:33 PM



(Images link to Flickr)

I was lucky enough to get some of the new BIONICLE sets from The LEGO Group to review for New Elementary. I've mostly finished writing the reviews for the three Toa sets I received, and they will be posted to the site in the weeks to come. In the meantime, I thought I'd share something I created from their parts a couple days ago.

A few weeks ago my brother Lyichir and I created this concept. I loved the way it looked on LEGO Digital Designer, but when I went to build it in real life I was less than successful. The shoulder joints did not have enough friction to support the weapons I designed for it, which caused them to dangle and collide with the gears of the feet. The neck also turned out to be too long, given that the new Mask of Jungle has a smaller chin than I had anticipated.

My brother and I spent some time trying to polish that model up, but in the end we ended up starting over from scratch. That allowed us to not only use a greater percentage of the parts at our disposal, but also create a model that is much better at supporting its own weight and the weight of its weapons.

This model stands 35 modules tall (about the same height as the original Toa Kaita), uses 190 pieces, and includes gear functions for its arms and legs. The weapons are inspired by those of the original Toa Kaita Wairuha from 2001.

This model is an entry in the November 2014 BZPower Flickr Contest! Voting begins on Thursday, November 20, so if you like this model, please show your support!
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#870148 Master of Jungle

Posted by Zeta: Toa of Slush on Feb 17 2015 - 02:42 AM

Hey all you crazy cats. It's been a while since I arted Bonkles. So here's this.




Eeeeey. 2015 is hecka pretty.



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#757456 Bionicle 2015 Animation Wallpapers

Posted by Vezok's Friend on Oct 13 2014 - 04:49 AM

1920x1080 Wallpapers of the 2015 Toa in the new animation style. I've been toying with the idea of making Bionicle wallpapers for each element for quite a while and after LEGO was kind enough to upload the presentation slides of the NYCC panel on social media, it finally happened =)









Hope you enjoy and that these help pass the time until January 2015 a bit!



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#756180 No more Giant Robots

Posted by fishers64 on Oct 11 2014 - 06:50 PM








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#747051 Bionicle Style Guide

Posted by Torsti on Sep 29 2014 - 04:05 PM

 Hello everybody.


 Thought I'd share this little thing I got when I was interning at the Bionicle design office in Billund in 2007. I was there for three months as a industrial design intern and helped with the 2009 Glatorian line. I actually designed Tarix. On my last day they wanted to give me something as a parting gift, so one of the guys took me down to this storage room and found this thing and gave it to me.


 Included in the guide is the sixty page guide it self, including two cd's with digital info (never played). A bag with Bionicle parts to make a Turahk figure (never opened) plus the instructions. A videotape with a short intro about Bionicle (never played). A small synopsis booklet, around 15 pages telling the story of the Bionicle warriors and legend. And then there is a folded A2 poster with a map of the Bionicle world with a big Bionicle logo on the backside. 


 I have included some photos...The first picture is the box it comes in. Picture two is the really nice outer case. Three is the outer case open. Pic four is the stuff that comes in the guide. Pic five is the Turahk figure bag and instructions. Number six is the video cassette. Pic seven is the small synopsis booklet. Eight is the folded poster and nine is the same poster unfolded.


 I found this thing again in my storage room last week and started looking around the net for more info on it, but found almost nothing. Only a few pictures of a beat up copy of the style guide folder it self with the pages but no cd's.

 But what I did find was this forum and judging by the looks of it, you guys really like Bionicle :) I can upload some more pictures if you want a closer look. Just tell me what you want to see. I don't think I want to sell this thing, but if you have any idea on worth, then I'm all ears. It's in super mint condition.

 Cheers and have a nice day.







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#731257 BIONICLE Confirmed for 2015

Posted by Hapori Tohu on Sep 08 2014 - 08:01 AM

When LEGO started building its websites for next year, they didn't consider me and my masterful skills of educated URL guessing. This picture is already on the servers of LEGO.com and will be a thumbnail on the LEGO.com Products section linking to BIONICLE.com when it returns. At this point I think we can state without a doubt that BIONICLE is indeed returning next year. What does that golden mask represent, though? Let the speculation begin! Of course, I'll keep you updated if I happen to find more images like this.

View the full article
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#771149 karzahni

Posted by .:Dandezille:. on Nov 03 2014 - 01:53 AM

i've always wanted to build this guy. he has a custom Olisi and cape, has waist articulation, as well as my first ever double knee joint on an moc
and the olisi up close
what do you think?
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#657286 WANTED: Who changed my member title without telling me?

Posted by Black Six on Mar 22 2014 - 10:59 AM

Your title has been removed. We will do our best to make sure you do not get a custom member title in the future for any reason to avoid such a situation from happening again.
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#854810 THEORY: Plausible connection between Bionicle G1 and G2!

Posted by Lyichir on Feb 01 2015 - 08:05 PM

Okay, I've got this totally crazy theory about how the classic Bionicle and the new one are linked.

Bionicle G1, as we know, was a multi-year toyline made by Lego. It had an original story beginning with elemental heroes battling the evil Makuta in order to save their island home.

Bionicle G2 might seem at first to have a completely different story. But in fact, it's ALSO based on a toyline made by Lego! Additionally, it's ALSO about elemental heroes (who even have the same names!) fighting an evil entity, also named Makuta, to save an island! Some of the details are different (mask powers, the name of the guardian entity the heroes hope to revive, the specific foes Makuta enlists to fight the Toa), but the core storyline is clearly very similar.

Now this might sound insane, but bear with me. What if the new storyline is a REBOOT of the classic storyline, which carries over elements of the original to tell a new story for a new generation? That would perfectly explain the shared elements of the two storylines, while also accounting for the differences between them!

There are some definite clues that this theory might be correct. For instance, at the Bionicle 2015 reveal at New York Comic Con, the Lego representatives at hand stated early on that the new story was a reboot, without any qualifying statements attached that might suggest an alternative meaning of the term. Greg Farshtey, the writer of the original Bionicle story, also claimed that the new line was a reboot of the original story. While neither of these hints are definitive (after all, it's not unheard of for writers and creative professionals to lie to the faces of their most fervent fans), when combined with the similarities and differences in the two storylines it seems to be a plausible theory.

But this is all speculation. What do YOU think of the possibility of a "reboot" of the classic storyline? Feel free to share your thoughts along with evidence you might have noticed yourselves!

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#703743 Tamaru - Jungle Defender

Posted by Makaru on Jul 15 2014 - 10:53 PM


[Flickr Gallery]

Le-Koro Matoran Tamaru. After the Toa defeated the Bohrok, All the inhabitants of Mata Nui joined in a wondrous celebration. To commemorate the event, The Matoran rebuilt themselves from frail, helpless Tohunga into strong and capable warriors.
One Matoran, Tamaru, took a risk and rebuilt herself into a sleeker form than her Le-Matoran brothers. Since then, many other Matoran rallied behind her courage and sought to discover who they were, outside of the expectations of their village code.

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#845883 Wildlife of Okoto

Posted by Nescent on Jan 24 2015 - 11:16 AM

The mythical island of Okoto is complete with every variety of environments. There are volcanoes, glacial mountains, deep waters, swampy jungles, hot deserts, murky underground caves - but what dwells within the island's wilderness? Presenting...

Wildlife of Okoto

Rahi combiners and alternates for the 2015 Winter Bionicle sets.

As always, click the photos for a much higher resolution.

Region of Stone

The great barren desert spreads across the northwestern part of Okoto. The most dangerous phenomenon in the desert is sandstorms that blow across the wasteland.



The Dikapi are two-legged Rahi found in the Region of Stone. They are friendly, docile creatures, and they wander the deserts in flocks, bringing a certain pleasant charm that is appreciated by all Stone villagers.
Build Dikapi with 70779: Protector of Stone!


Oko Kani

The Oko Kani is a large Rahi found in the rocky Region of Stone. It blends in with the environment with both color and shape, making it an effective hunter. In the wild, Oko Kani are hostile, dangerous creatures that live in packs. However, some have been captured when they were young, and domesticated to be kept as pets. Domesticated Oko Kani are friendly, playful, and loyal to their owners.
Build Oko Kani with 70779: Protector of Stone and 70781: Protector of Earth!
Instructions for the Oko-Kani.


Okoto Mukau

The Okoto Mukau is a bovine Rahi most commonly found in the Region of Stone. It spends most of its time grazing, and emits a signature deep moaning noise periodically.
Build Okoto Mukau with 70785: Pohatu-Master of Stone, and 70786: Gali-Master of Water!
Instructions for the Okoto Mukau.


Electric Hawk

Electric Hawks are massive, electrically-charged bird-like Rahi. They stalk the deserts, walking on two feet, and they attack by flinging their tail and zapping foes with their electric wings.
Build Electric Hawk with 70779: Protector of Stone and 70778: Protector of Jungle!
Instructions or the Electric Hawk.

Region of Fire

Several mighty volcanoes are nested in the fiery Region of Fire.


Lava Ussal

The Lava Ussal is a small, passive toad-like crab that lives in the lava pits within the Region of Fire. They are not predators of any sort, and spend most of their time lounging around near the villages, emitting their signature rumbling purr.
Build Lava Ussal with 70783: Protector of Fire!
Instructions for the Lava Ussal.


Magma Fox

The Magma Foxes of the Region of Fire are one of Okoto's friendliest Rahi. In the wild, they are seen as playful, approachable, kind, and gentle creatures. However, unlike the Region of Stone's Oko Kani, Magma Foxes cannot be domesticated - even when captured as a baby. They tend to be erratic, and difficult to keep in a home.
Build Magma Fox with 70783: Protector of Fire and 70782: Protector of Ice!
Instructions for the Magma Fox.



The fiercest, most dangerous, and most cunning Rahi on Okoto is the Komodo. They live in the Region of Fire's most hostile areas, often in groups of two or three. They vary in size, but even the smallest Komodos can cripple a villager. They are a similar species to the Oko Maga, however the Komodo are far more dangerous, and significantly larger in size.
Build Komodo with Pohatu, Onua, Tahu, Protector of Stone, Protector of Earth, and Protector of Fire!
Instructions for the Komodo.


Magma Entity

The Magma Entities of the Region of Fire are rarely seen on the surface. They are made of pure lava, and are found swimming in the Region's lava pools. They are hostile, but tend to ignore others unless approached. Their only method of attacking involves spraying lava at their opponent.
Build Magma Entity with 70783: Protector of Fire and 70787: Tahu-Master of Fire!


Magma Strider

Magma Striders are found in small numbers along the outskirts of the Region of Fire. They are medium-sized, slow, passive Rahi which tend to migrate throughout the Region's outskirts, avoiding conflict and sticking together.
Build Magma Strider with 70783: Protector of Fire and 70787: Tahu-Master of Fire!


Baby Phoenix

The Baby Phoenix is born from the lava within the Region of Fire's volcanos. Unlike the larger Phoenix, which is solitary and passive, the Baby Phoenix is often seen flying around the volcanos, leaving a trail of fire in its wake.
Build Baby Phoenix with 70783: Protector of Fire and 70787: Tahu-Master of Fire!
Instructions for the Baby Phoenix.



The mighty Phoenix nests high up in the Region of Fire's volcanos. It emerges as a baby from the lava itself, and is composed almost entirely of fire. Although it is revered among the Fire villagers, and considered a majestic beast, the Phoenix is an extremely dangerous and solitary Rahi.
Build Phoenix with 70783: Protector of Fire, 70787: Tahu-Master of Fire, and 70784: Lewa-Master of Jungle!
Instructions for the Phoenix.

Region of Earth

The western part of Okoto is rich with obsidian fields. It is a black, glasslike and nightmarish place full of treacherous ravines, crevices and deep rifts.


Oko Raga

The Oko Raga is a small hostile Rahi with immense upper-body strength. It lives underground, in the caves around the Region of Earth. Oko Raga are periodically encountered in the region, and are a formidable foe to any villager.
Build Oko Raga with 70781: Protector of Earth!
Instructions for the Oko Raga.


Oko Maga

The Oko Maga is one of the larger Rahi on Okoto. It lives underground, and it is unknown how many are in existence. Only three have been sighted, and every encounter has resulted in death or severe injury. Its natural armor seems to resemble rock, and its claws are used to mangle its prey.
Build Oko Maga with 70785: Pohatu-Master of Stone and 70789: Onua-Master of Earth!
Instructions for the Oko Maga.


Crystal Spineback

The Crystal Spineback is a hunched humanoid Rahi with thick rocky skin, and spikes along its skull and shoulders for protection. The heavy beast is often seen digging and exploring, and is slow in nature. They are powerful, but friendly creatures.
Build Crystal Spineback with 70783: Protector of Fire and 70781: Protector of Earth!

Region of Ice

Glaciers and tundra permanently freeze the northern part of Okoto. Great snowstorms blow across the region flashfreezing everything.


Ice Bear

The Ice Bear is a small, passive Rahi native to the Region of Ice. They dwell in small numbers, keeping to the caves for shelter. Most Ice Bears are seen in the northern glaciers of Okoto.
Build Ice Bear with 70782: Protector of Ice!


Ice Bat

Ice Bats congregate in the glacial caves in the Region of Ice, clinging to the ceiling, disguised as icicles. They are nocturnal creatures, dormant through the day but swarming through the night. They do not take kindly to intruders, and will attack anything that enters their cave.
Build Ice Bat with 70782: Protector of Ice and 70780: Protector of Water!



Boar inhabit the caves and forests in the Region of Ice. Due to their thick skin, heavy weight, and powerful tusks, the beasts are extremely threatening to villagers and other Rahi. They are known to charge at their opponents, swinging their tusks wildly and smashing everything in their path.
Build Boar with 70782: Protector of Ice and 70781: Protector of Earth!
Instructions for the Boar.



The Region of Ice is home of the Tarranis, one of the deadliest Rahi on Okoto. They occupy large, communal nests immediately beneath the icy ground, swooping to the surface to prey on any living thing that wanders by.
Build Tarrantis with 70782: Protector of Ice and 70788: Kopaka-Master of Ice!

Region of Water

The Region of Water is composed of lakes and thundering rivers that form large deltas as well as strings of fertile islands along the eastern coast of Okoto.



Little is known about the Sirens, but they are believed to be intelligent. They live together in large numbers, making homes on the ocean floor around Okoto. Many of them carry weapons, such as spears and tridents. They are small creatures, roughly the size of a child, however they always travel in groups, and are extremely hostile.
Build Siren with 70780: Protector of Water!


Bottom Feeder

Bottom Feeders are bioluminescent creatures common in the Region of Water. They are slightly large, yet completely harmless, and spend their lives sweeping scraps from the ocean floor.
Build Bottom Feeder with 70780: Protector of Water and 70778: Protector of Jungle!
Instructions for the Bottom Feeder.



The mighty Tarakava is a large aquatic creature with enormous flippers, strong arms, and graceful fins along its back. It is hostile towards villagers and most Rahi, but due to its size, it keeps to deep waters and is rarely seen near the surface.
Build Tarakava with 70780: Protector of Water and 70786 Gali-Master of Water!
Instructions for the Tarakava.

Region of Jungle

Okoto's jungles are dangerous places full of gigantic trees and savage wildlife. The jungles hold the most ancient of the Protector Ruins, now overgrown and forgotten.



The Parik are tall, bird-like Rahi. They have long, slender legs and necks, and bushy blue wings folded at their sides. Most Parik are found along the border of the Region of Water, and they are also extremely common in the Region of Jungle. They will ignore others most of the time, but if provoked they are extremely fast runners, and will claw their way out of a fight.
Build Parik with 70786 Gali-Master of Water!


Purple Happik

The plump Purple Happik seems to exist for one simple reason: to bring a smile to every villager's mask after a long day of labor. Their color is a reflection of their attitude, and there is nothing more charming than a flock of Happiks dancing in the wild. They are often found in the Region of Jungle; however, they constantly migrate, so for the most part they are seen all throughout the island.
Build Purple Happik with 70789: Onua-Master of Earth!


Orange Kuckoo Bird

Kuckoo Birds are extremely fast runners, and the most common breed is orange with green. They are independent Rahi, however the medium-sized birds occasionally gather together for stampedes through the Region of Jungle.
Build Orange Kuckoo Bird with 70778: Protector of Jungle!



The large Chameleon is a signature Rahi in the Region of Jungle. Although they are huge in size, Chameleons are rarely seen due to their ability to blend in with their surroundings. The reptiles are revered among the Jungle villagers, and are an intriguing Rahi to all who encounter them.
Build Chameleon with 70778: Protector of Jungle, 70787: Tahu-Master of Fire, and 70784: Lewa-Master of Jungle!
Instructions for the Chameleon.
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#702795 Toa Lewa

Posted by DeeVee on Jul 14 2014 - 01:03 AM

lewa01.jpg_thumb.jpg | lewa02.jpg_thumb.jpg | lewa03.jpg_thumb.jpg | lewa04.jpg_thumb.jpg
So this goes along with the Onua MOC I made a few months ago. I'm slowly working my way through all the Toa, and this is Lewa!
One of my goals with these is to give them forms that represent their elements a bit more. Onua had that industrial-punk, mole vibe, and I've tried to give Lewa a spritely, trickstery, agile, flighty look to represent a lot of traditional characterizations of air elementals in fiction. He's a young, jovial, agile guy with big hands for swinging through forests and jungles.
This one was far more challenging than Onua, as Lewa uses as a main colour basic LEGO green, which, as we all know, has been absent in constraciton sets for a very long time. This made his colour-scheme much harder, so I had to improvise with black and grey. Think of the black as a cloth wrap covering parts of his limbs.
The slight hunch is due to the MNOLG. In his first appearance, Lewa comes out of the shadows and his head moves sideways and forward almost unnaturally. This image of Lewa has always stuck with me, and it really seems to fit the more lemur-y or monkey-ish vibe parts of the MOC were going for, and was really the key to the whole MOC.
That is a makoki stone piece around his neck in the picture with the golden miru. And the infected mask is indeed painted, I did that probably a good 12 years ago now (wow).
So, uh, hey.
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#638993 Wyldstyle Cosplay

Posted by Nukaya on Feb 10 2014 - 03:27 AM

I made a Wyldstyle cosplay for The LEGO Movie! Wyldstyle is super awesome, and who wouldn't want to be her?
For the hoodie I bought a giant men's hoodie and chopped it and reassembled it to fit me and also added the pink lining to the hood. To make the design, I sketched out the pattern and traced it onto contact paper. I then gave it a layer of white paint to help the colours appear brighter, and then added the pink and blue. I have some in progress shots on my phone that I'll upload later that show some of how I made it.
The wig is just a plain black wig that I added coloured extensions to. The ponytail was really difficult to create with a wig, I discovered, but I used a LEGO rubberband to keep it together because oops, who needs to own real hair bands? It will need a bit of work for future use, especially given that these photos are after I was wearing it for several hours, so it just all went *poof* and became a hot mess.
I am planning to make the pants and shoes at a later date, because oops, didn't have time and we were slightly snowed in. Definitely planning on taking this to some LEGO and comic conventions!
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#762275 Battle for the Gold Mask Competition!

Posted by Tufi Piyufi on Oct 19 2014 - 09:16 PM


Bionicle's back! Well, it's not "on-the-shelves" back yet, perhaps. There's still a couple months to look over all that gorgeous concept art and watch some masks get made and read up on just who these heroes are. You've got your sleepy hulkster, your warrior-joker, your speedster trying to outrun the dark...

You've got almost everything, but for one element: you don't have your villain yet. And what do we do when there's a gap to be filled? We build!

Your latest mission, bestowed by none other than LEGO, is to build a villain. Build them mean, build them wicked, and build them like you've never built before: this party doesn't stop at the edge of BZPower. Judges will select the semi-finalists and finalists from BZPower and the five other sites in the contest (RusBionicle, ReBrick, Eurobricks, Le Club Bionifigs, and Pockyland), and the top entry from each site will be in the running for a 14k gold Bionicle mask!

Make sure to read the official contest rules carefully. Some rules may look familiar, but don't make any costly assumptions. If you have any questions at all, be sure to ask.

You've got until December 1 to enter the contest. Get to it!



Multi-Site LEGO® Bionicle® Battle for the Gold Mask Competition - OFFICIAL RULES


To celebrate the coming relaunch of LEGO® Bionicle®, The LEGO Group is teaming up with BZPower, RusBionicle, Bionifigs, Pockyland, EuroBricks and our own LEGO ReBrick to conduct an epic building competition where the winner from each site will go head-to-head for the grand prize of a 14k gold Bionicle mask! We invite you to build the baddest villain you can imagine! The winner on each site will win a set of the 6 new Bionicle heroes, signed by the designer. 2nd prize on each site will be 3 sets and 3rd prize will be one set.

The competition will begin October 20, 2014, 12 p.m. CEST and ends December 1, 2014, 12 p.m. CET. If you’re not sure what time zone you’re in, here’s a time zone converter.

How to enter
To enter, you have to create a villain using a minimum of 75% LEGO® Constraction/Technic bricks and no more than 25% System bricks. You submit photos of your villain to the site where you wish to enter. It is allowed to submit your creation to multiple sites. It is also allowed to submit multiple entries. You may build in LDD, but we will only accept rendered versions of the LDD files.

You must be a member of the site on which you enter and you must sign up according to the individual terms and conditions of that site.

Entries cannot be revised or altered once submitted, so give us your very best photography right from the start.

How to win
Anyone can submit multiple entries to the challenge, but only one (1) entry per person will be considered when the final winners are selected.

Each site will have 5 semi-finalists. These semi-finalists will be chosen from all entries by a jury of judges, including one representative from each community. These semi-finalist judges are:
  • Sara Moore, LEGO ReBrick.com
  • Alexander (VBBN), EuroBricks
  • Eddy (Exo 6), Le Club Bionifigs
  • Rack, Pockyland
  • tahu_nuva, RusBionicle
  • Black Six, BZPower
All semi-finalists will be sent for judging by the LEGO jury, which will chose first, second and third place winners for each site. . The LEGO Group reserves the right to add additional submissions of their choosing from each site. Then, from among the first place winners on each site, the LEGO jury will choose the overall winner. The jury will consist of Lead Designer for Bionicle Cerim Manovi, Assistant Marketing Manager Kari Vinther Nielsen and Junior Designer Nicolaas Vás.

The winning entries will be judged by the jury upon:
  • Overall coolness and creativity
  • Inspired originality
  • Uniqueness
  • Creative use of parts
We want you to make your villain as amazing as possible. However, you need to consider the following when creating your villain:
  • Villains containing or depicting contemporary military vehicles or weapons will not be eligible for the competition
  • Villains containing defamatory or degrading elements will not be eligible for the competition
  • Copies of/or in other ways infringements relating to any existing third party property or any other intellectual property right will not be eligible for the competition
  • Use of any toy parts not produced by the LEGO Group will result in your villain being disqualified
  • Entry villains should show your creation only, and should not show recognizable features of any person or any commercial product other than LEGO Products
  • Entries that are obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit, pornographic, lewd, derogatory, inappropriate, or otherwise not in good taste, as determined by the LEGO Group in their sole discretion, will not be eligible for the competition
  • You can enter something you’ve published elsewhere before the start of the contest, but we encourage you to build a new MOC worthy of a gold mask
  • Entries must not contain LEGO elements which have been modified from their original form (this includes painted elements)
  • Your entry must be least 75% Constraction/Technic and a maximum of 25% System elements
  • Any cheating or harassment of other participates will result in disqualification from the competition
  • Entries must be made by the user submitting the entry
The judging will begin December 1, 2014 and the winners will be announced on each site before December 25, and the overall grand prizewinner of the gold mask will be announced by January 12, 2015. The odds of winning will depend on the skill and talent of the entrant, and on the number of eligible contest entries received during each contest period.

The winners on each site and the overall winner will be contacted directly by The LEGO Group and TLG will provide the prizes for all sites.

The original, long-form rules which reside on LEGO ReBrick are the official rules and will supersede all other versions of the rules found on any of the participating sites.

Prize Details
Prizes will be awarded as follows:

On each site:
1st prize – 6 new Bionicle heroes, signed by the designer
2nd prize – 3 selected Bionicle heroes
3rd prize – 1 selected Bionicle hero

The overall winner, chosen from among the 6 winners. will receive a unique 14 karat gold Bionicle mask, only available through this competition. 

Who May Participate
The Competition is international and open to entrants worldwide, except as noted below, who are 13 years of age or older at the time their Entry is submitted. The Challenge is not open to residents of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Myanmar/Burma, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Syria, any other U.S. sanctioned country and where prohibited or restricted by law. The Competition is not open to residents of the Canadian province of Quebec.

Employees, officers, and directors of the LEGO Group of Companies, and their affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies, and immediate family members and/or those living in the same household, are not eligible to participate.
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#876195 Okoto Dragon

Posted by Little Taggy on Feb 23 2015 - 03:45 PM

To celebrate the return of Bionicle LEGO Russia arranged an event for children to build a moc, and the winner of a moc contest could take it home. As an invited Bionicle expert, my time wasn't as much limited as the children's, so during the last day of this event (which is today) I built this chinese dragon in a couple of hours. It's made of the protectors' pieces only. The guys from LEGO were nice enough to let me take it home. :)


New pictures:
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#723823 Toa Tahu

Posted by DeeVee on Aug 23 2014 - 06:20 PM

The goal with Tahu was for him to be a little more mannered looking than Lewa. Tahu is fire, he's destructive, powerful, lithe, ancient, but also contained and wise. His anger and self-control were a pivotal part of the original character, so I wanted a design that mimicked the idea of a containment suit. The idea here is that his power is contained, channeled through the sword and palms. He always struck me as stern, a powerful leader with anger and power just under the surface, but instead of rage, his wisdom allows him (generally) to channel his power appropriately.
I probably haven't mentioned that these revamps are more sketch-MOCs, quick builds instead of super serious models.So while unfortunately, the parts on the abdomen only come in grey or black, and the parts holding those only come in grey, I'm not terribly bothered by the colour inconsistency. I had to work grey into the colour scheme, so think of it as the mechanical detail underlying the entire character.
I know a bunch of you won't like the bohrok feet elbows; I don't care.
More photos: Flickr for all three
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