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Simply Complicated


Hey There

Posted by Ziko , in BZP, Life Mar 18 2014 · 252 views

Hi folks,

Kind of weird looking at stuff here. It's pretty fun, though.

Incidentally, some follow up on my last entry--senior year went pretty quickly (crazy fast in retrospect). I'm in my second semester of college now, and I recently filled out the paperwork to declare my major as Computer Science.

Nothing eventful going on outside of school, really. Mostly TV (keeping up most closely with Person of Interest and Castle), and not as much reading as I would like. There was also some Pokémon back there somewhere, and I'd like to get the last Professor Layton game soon.

Anything going on with you?


So, School?

Posted by Ziko , in Life Aug 26 2012 · 209 views

It's starting to sink in that I'll be going back to school tomorrow. Not really a pleasant feeling, but it's my last year here and that's pretty cool.

I'm looking forward to Programming more than anything else (they got a teacher for it, finally), but there are some other classes that I'm interested in, as well. There's also a chance that I'll get an early release, but that's a long shot; my school doesn't like letting people go like that.

The thought of college after this year of school is also really weird, but exciting. Still have some time before that happens, though

boring entry end


Hee, hee, hee.

Posted by Ziko , in Etc. Jul 26 2012 · 253 views

Hee, hee, hee. Well, have fun on your adventure. I'll hang around here and collect the test data.

(It was great to be out of town for a day and come back to this.
also enjoy the informative stat board)


England, Downtime, School, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Posted by Ziko , in BZP, Life Dec 04 2011 · 110 views

I know there's a lot-sorry. Jump around to something remotely interesting, I guess? =P
Since I haven't been keeping this blog very well (and that will probably continue), so I'm going to make a list of some of the stuff that's happened during the past months.

General Life
  • Went to England for ten days (best vacation ever). Maybe I'll make a separate entry about the trip.
    • Three days of this were in London, which was awesome.
    • The rest we went to various placing (Southwold and Bourton-on-the-Water were probably my favorite) with my mom's friend.
  • Improved PHP skills (this is actually school-related, but it was too fun for me to categorize it as such)
  • Got my driver's licence.
  • Have officially had our dog for one year. =D
  • Began putting up Christmas decorations. The tree looks pretty sad now, because it's only about half (if that) done.
  • Took Health class over the summer so I could have a more enjoyable class during the year.
  • Went to England for ten days (best vacation ever).
  • Ignored my summer assignments for a while and did them at the last minute
  • Started my Junior year of high school
    • Regretted taking Spanish again
    • I hate PreCalc because the teacher and book do a terrible job of explaining topics. This is the first time I've ever not liked a math class. The awesome teacher who would have taught it was chased off by our ex-principal. >>
    • Surprisingly have been doing very well in Physics (a subject which I...dislike)
    • Still watching my English (AP Lang & Comp) grade go down as I get poor grades on essay final drafts, despite the teacher and my classmates repeatedly complimenting my writing abilities.
  • Was a Junior Homecoming Court attendant (???)
  • Dreading AP US History final so much.
  • Started editing wikis more
  • In doing so, I improved my wikicode skills
  • Lurked around BZP for a while and am trying to casually post more
  • My BZP username got duller
  • Currently assisting BBC, General Art, Comics, and G&T. I assisted S&T for about a minute before it was changed (that was a scary minute).
  • I feel somewhat guilty about hoping someone revives something...but you still shouldn't do it. =P


Braces Off (and Pokémon)

Posted by Ziko , in Life Mar 22 2011 · 136 views

At long last, I got my braces off this morning (yay!). I had them for about a year and a half, and the orthodontist originally estimated that I'd have them for two to two and a half years, so I got them off pretty early. I'm enjoying having no orthodontic stuff in my mouth, although I'll be getting a retainer tomorrow. Until then, I'm free.
We're also having ribs for dinner tonight, which I haven't had in a long time.

Also, Pokémon. I got Black on its release date, and I finally beat N/Ghetsis yesterday. I didn't get a chance to play during the week because of school, though (I'm on Spring break now). I caught my first shiny a few days ago, too, a Litwick. That was pretty cool.
My team is currently Samurott, Simisage, Lampent, Scrafty, and Stoutland. I also have a Latios as my HM slave, since it can learn Fly, Waterfall, and Cut. They're all either level 58 or 59 (except for Latios); this is the first time I've ever trained all of my Pokémon evenly instead of having my starter being twenty levels higher than the rest.



Snow Day!

Posted by Ziko , in Life Jan 10 2011 · 65 views

Unfortunately, the forum has something against size seven all-caps blog titles, so an exclamation point will have to do.

We got our first snow day of the school year! It happened! Finally!
And of course, my mom told me it was a two-hour delay when I got up. >>



White New Year

Posted by Ziko , in Life Dec 31 2010 · 67 views

Having a white Christmas sort of didn't happen, so this is the next best thing.

I'm not really sure what happened to 2010; I guess it ran away or something. Or maybe Jiigoo ate it (he ate 2009 after all).
As far as real-life goes, Christmas Break is going well (if ridiculously fast), and I'm enjoying being able to sleep in [so amazing]. For Christmas, one of the gifts I got was the Complete Calvin and Hobbes, which I've been spending a lot of time reading. I've also been playing Epic Mickey and reading the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books, which I've been going through incredibly slowly.

Well, that's all I can think of, so I'm going to go now. =P
Have a great new year, everyone!



TV Go Boom

Posted by Ziko , in Life Nov 04 2010 · 88 views

Apparently, the lamp in the TV blew out, so my dad is trying to convince my mom to buy a new TV instead of getting a replacement light. =P

I'm also really sick of memorizing lots of useless information for huge (important and with lots of questions) Theology tests, which just so happen to always fall on days with shortened class periods. The sad thing is that the tests aren't long yet by the teacher's standards. The tests we've had so far have been about 100 questions, only because he didn't want to give us a second Scantron sheet. The next test will be 300 questions, which I'm sure will be great. >.>
Spread the word! Sophomore Theology is the new Freshmen English!




Posted by Ziko , in Life Oct 23 2010 · 69 views

Today's been great, although I still don't feel any older. =P

Probably the best part about today was that WE GOT A DOG =D
Two weeks ago, actually, but he was gotten as a birthday present. He's our first dog, and he's awesome.
He's a three-or-so years old Cocker Spaniel with light brown fur, and he's very fun to have around.

This makes me feel like I should be driving more... I've got my permit, but I haven't driven much.



PSAT Tomorrow

Posted by Ziko , in Life Oct 12 2010 · 72 views

I guess it's better than a day of school, but I still don't like those tests. I do like calling it "NMSQT", though (who wouldn't like calling something "Nimsquat"? It's an awesome not-a-word).
This will give me more time to read HGTTG, though, with the free time between the sections. That'll be nice.


Simply Complicated

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