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Welcome To The Gardens!

Posted by -BD- , Nov 27 2007 · 261 views

Well, today my new membership was activated, and I couldn't have been any more excited to start my Blog. It just seems more *magical* when you have your own blog... laugh.gif to get to the point, I have noticed that I've been here for about 4 years, yet few people know me.... so, this is the perfect chance for people to get to know me! Just like youv'e seen in most Blogs, ask me anything you want. Don't hesitate to ask random questions. They are always welcome here. tongue.gif

Hope to have a great year with you all! smile.gif

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I know you... ;.;

Or at least I see you at Seran's blog. Anyway, I got your PM. Congtratz on the Blog! May it be a fantastic place of high Blogitude!

Should I get Seran and Bunda?

LOL I've seen you there too tongue.gif

Thank you! I hope the same... expect some cool things to come soon... biggrin.gif

Got Seran, but Bunda actually has a full Inbox! smile.gif
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Whats your Credit Card Number?


LOL, very funny!

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Oh, well I sent him a PM... Oh well, two PMs never hurt anyone!

Sure doesn't!
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Congrats on the new blog!


DO you like Diamonds?!!

Blue ones?!

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Thank you Draxon! smile.gif

Yes, not only diamonds, but I also like crystals. My dad brought home an purple crytsal one day... when I was 6 I think, and that's where it all started.

My favorite color is blue, so I just did a simple equation: Blue + Diamond = Name tongue.gif

Just another hobby of mine I quess. I study them more than collect them.
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*Looks around*

Nice place you have here, ~Blue Daimond~. Interesting wallpaper. biggrin.gif

Oh, and I notice my blog is on your "Top Notch Blog List", so I'll give you this:

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Yeh! I'm glad you enjoy the Blog. It took much longer than I expected to add all the tinkers here and there. Expect an update in it for your PokeMoc contest entry I'm working on very soon......
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Welcome to the blog world of BZP. Always good to see a fellow MoCist getting a new blog up. Ill be sure to check in here from time to time.

Thank you! It will be good to have you here. smile.gif
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Dang straight. It's good to have some MoCists wif blogs around. I shalls be keeping an eye on you. You has skizzles.

Reminds me, I need to renew my Premier memberhip >>

Also... perchance did you draw those pics? Cuz if so, I would kill you, and absrob your even more skizzles into myself.

Ooh, skizzles.

LOL, no but I did add a few touchups here and there, and some borders to match with the look
. tongue.gif
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I think Cyan Crystal sounds cooler as a name, though. tongue.gif 'Grats on the blog.

I'll keep that in mind, thanks. smile.gif
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No celebratory MOC? sad.gif
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QUOTE(Shine @ Nov 28 2007, 05:05 PM)
No celebratory MOC? sad.gif

Almost done... tongue.gif
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I knew you liked Blue Dimonds. Somehow I just knew.. sly.gif

Anyway, Nice blog.

Here's a gift!



*Woot Woot*

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Awsome! You got a Blog.

Umm.... You know what my present to you is, I'm MoCing you.

Yup, and I can't wait to see it! biggrin.gif
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*Looks around* Interesting place you have here. It's all...crystalline. *Cuts finger on crystal*


Um, random question...you put girls in your 'likes' twice. Does that mean you like girls twice as much as everything else? tongue.gif


Allmost! tongue.gif
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