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Undesirable Title #4

Posted by Laka , Jan 25 2010 · 357 views
Man, AP English really does require thought. We're writing this essay right now reflecting on this semester and saying how we've changed, and what we need to improve on. I'm kinda realizing, even though I have before, that I was the worst possible straight A student last year. In English I wrote book reports without reading the majority of the book. How I got As on them, I'll never know. I also wrote a HUGE (Worth 3 grades) research paper by mostly rewording from Wikipedia and making up half of my sources. In history I wrote a book report on Fly Boys, I only read 1/3 of that book.... Also copied stuff from worksheets. Math was math, so yeah. Chem I did ok I spose. I did copy some homework from the net, but not as much as I do in physics this year.... Arch Drafting I collaborated with my buddy for like 70% of the assignments.... Gym was gym. Drivers ed was drivers ed. Italian I actually did my stuff, though.

Anyway, the point is, I sucked as a student last year. I kinda hope I've been doing better this year.

Physics I copy homework off internet, but I really don't care since I get the topics....
Italian I still do work.
Guitar is relatively easy and little effort required, so yeah.
Arch Drafting I do most of my work, so that's good.
Trig. <33333 I do all my work and love the fast paced.
AP English. Wowzerz. So much more effort than last year. After my first attempt of faking my way through an assignment, I realized it wouldn't fly. (Oops asking for proofreading help from someone who shall remain nameless until he comments here, but other than that I've done all my stuff.)
AP Psych. Boo I want my A back. Stupid tests/quizzes.

But yeah, I hope I've been doing better. I really don't wanna be that super lazy cheater I was last year.


E: Yes, this is the fourth title for this entry. Can't find one I like.



Laka's Life Tips 0

Posted by Laka , Jan 22 2010 · 233 views
Laka's Life Tips
Hey, guys. So I got more positive responses than expected, so I'm gonna give this a whirl. Having a bit of trouble getting started, so if you guys have anything you want me to comment on, lemme know, and I'll think about doing it.



Laka's Life Tips?

Posted by Laka , Jan 13 2010 · 301 views
Something I've been considering for a while now. Would you guys be interested in me making a handful of semi-serious life "tip" entries basically mapping out what I do in my life that makes it so awesome*? It'd probably include things like grades, friends, personal hygiene, and whatever else I come up with. Seems like it could be fun, and maybe you guys will think so, too.

Just lemme know if you're interested. Let's say if I get 5+ positive comments (Not begging for comments, blog staff, just getting an idea of whether it'd be worth my time or not), I'll start 'em.


*Haha yeah right. I do like my life for the most part, though.


Me In A Nutshell

Posted by Laka , Jan 09 2010 · 311 views



Mocing In The First Time In Forever? With Pix

Posted by Laka , Jan 09 2010 · 650 views

If you don't like the pic quality, sue my webcam. Or me. Was too lazy to really photo it.

Comments and crit please.




Posted by Laka , Jan 04 2010 · 285 views
I'm just putting this in Bionicle category because I can.

So Walmart didn't have Chromastone (or any other Ben 10 set for that matter), so I had to make due with Swampfire. It's actually a pretty pleasing set. Other than Ackar, I don't think any canisters have pleased me this much since the Piraka. Proportions are pretty good, with a few gripes. Namely the slightly long arms/hands, and the shoulders could probably stand to be slightly higher up.


* Bionicle compatible
* Torso is pretty much what I want the Inika/Piraka torso to be, minus the separate waist.
* Sand green. :3
* Pieces are nice.
* More pleasing than most of the canisters since 2004.
* New spike bits.


* Expensive
* Very few Technic connection points on the limbs.
* Hands are fail
* Feet are awful
* So close but not perfect proportions
* Torso armor is a little awkward for some reason.
* The build is lacking in interestingness. Probably could have built it without looking.



Break Highlights

Posted by Laka , Jan 03 2010 · 239 views
So my break was pretty good this year. Started reading 1984 somewhere in there and finished it like 5 days ago? Cool story. George Orwell is <3

Christmas Eve my old neighbors came over with their step sister and we had some fun times. Played some pool and did our Christmas Carol play for our parents. (Lame but fun and a tradition)

Saw Fantastic Mr Fox with my sister one of those days. Good movie. Would see again.

Saw Sherlock Holmes with family a few days ago. Was aiight. Was uncomfortable in seat so yeah. Didn't enjoy it as much as I probably would have.

Went sledding with like 13 people. Uber fun times, but I also froze to death. I'm writing this from my grave right now. HEY KIDS STEPPING IN FROZEN WATER IS A BAD IDEA. And yet it was also underwhelming.... Also, first time since like Thanksgiving I've really been able to hang out with my girlfriend so yay.

Went ice skating with idk 6 people? yesterday. That was pretty coolio. I didn't fall, which is surprising.... Only like the third time I've ever gone, but I think I've got the hang of it now yay.

FINALLY got my VR in the 9000's again yesterday. Was racing with Tifosi92, and I finished with 9001. ^__^. Then today I got it up into the 9100's. It's been down in the high 8000s for the longest time.... I finally feel pro again. ^__^

That was pretty much my break. Other happenings included getting halfway through world 8 in NSMBW with my sister. Too bad she went back to college today. Also spent a lot of time talking with girlfriend and another couple with fourway phone calls. Cool stuff.

Lalalala school starts tomorrow lalalala.

No real MOCing happened. ):

Kinda suxorz but eh. Maybe I'll MOC today, but probably not.




Posted by Laka , Dec 26 2009 · 361 views
So this is my 400th (really 402nd, but I drafted two entries) blog entry. Thought I should do something special... but then I couldn't think of anything. So, instead I'll just do a belated Christmas entry.

Weeeelp it's 12:31 AM my time, and Christmas is officially over. Christmas isn't really a big shindig over at my place. It's usually just my mom, dad, sister, and me (of course). We wake up whenever they get me out of bed (tongue.gif), eat some food, and then open gifts. We didn't go all out this year, since most of my relatives are stressed/tight on cash, but that's ok. I'm pretty happy with what I did get, so yeh.

-Bionicle Stars. My mom must've ordered them in a bundle deal or something. (Gresh is my favorite [Chibi head is so coooot wub.gif] [Also, not having Glatorian Gresh probably makes it more enjoyable])
-Brown reversible hoodie. <3 it since brown goes with everything I own.
-New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Oh man this game is fun. The Yoshis are like suuuuuper fun, and the co-op is both entertaining and aggravating. You get all the fun of bonding with your sister mixed with yelling at her for landing on your head and shoving you into lava. xD. We did that to each other numerous times, but we're on World 3 now yay.
-Caaaaandy. Christmas is like my halloween. I eat like soooo much candy. Chocolates and fruity candies galore. :3
-$25 iTunes gift card. Yay free music. :3
-$25 Best Buy gift card from friends. Will probably be buying the Orange Box?
-Eco Speaker things from other friend. Keep forgetting to open them lol.
-$50 from dad's aunt and uncle? Something like that....

So yeah, I didn't think it would be a white Christmas since it's been 40Âșish and all the snow's just been melty and bleh, but at like 11:53 I looked outside and there was a thin layer of snow, so I was happy. ^__^

Merry -late- Christmas!




Posted by Laka , Dec 23 2009 · 359 views
Fantastic Mr. Fox was a preeeeetty good movie. Better than Princess and the Frog maybe. But not Up good....

In other news I now love Primus. <3

In other other news I am gonna go try to MOC again. <3

In other other other news popcorn is tasty. <3




Posted by Laka , Dec 15 2009 · 324 views
Sono molto molto stancooooo
(I am very very tiredddddddd)

Also, my translator widget is telling me boh is Italian for meh. Guess who is thinking about saying boh more.

EDIT: aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh nooooo this is a waste of my 400th entry. Brb deleting an entry.
EDIT 2: Entry with 1 comment drafteeed



Usps Raeg

Posted by Laka , Dec 11 2009 · 252 views
Thank you Arpy for sending pieces back.

Thank you USPS for losing pieces out of the envelope.




Psionics Wut

Posted by Laka , Dec 09 2009 · 732 views
Seriously, you don't pay attention to Bionicle for like 6 months and they go and make a new element.

Don't really care for it either way. Would've liked a more interesting color scheme since Brutaka and Tarix and yeah. Oh wellllllll....

At some point I might try to make one (Expect purple if I do). Still can't get over purple = psychic. Guess I have Pokemon to blame for that one <3

Black and purple is one of my favorite color schemes anyway.




Posted by Laka , Dec 07 2009 · 273 views
Dunno if it's just loldrama or me actually changing, but...

Lately I've become like drastically less interested in most of my hobbies. I rarely MOC or have the desire to do so (Even though I have so many ideas I want to get out, but can't. :/), and yeah. Pretty much the only things I feel like doing are like watching random TV, playing Mario Kart, talking with friends, music, and aimlessly surfing the net.

Before, I would be MOCing, talking with people from BZP on MSN/AIM, and I dunno.

I just don't feel like me anymore, and it's kinda freaking me out. :[




Posted by Laka , Dec 07 2009 · 528 views
Doing exactly what I didn't want to do: Stay up late and get less than 6 hours of sleep. >_<"

If I went to bed now, I'd only get 4 hours, but I still have to write an essay and draw a quick picture.

Didn't expect my house to take that long. Would've taken like 3/4 the time, except stupid SketchUp kept lagging.

Current plan: Take shower, write essay/draw picture. Stay awake/sleep depending on the time. Sleep in long division tomorrow? Or study for physics.... But probably not. It's just formulas and I'm taking the easy version of the test (Highest grade possible is a 92). Then I'll probably buy a Monster or something tomorrow at lunch. Maybe have coffee at some point in the morning. Should be fun. Except not....

Won't be fun, but it'll be an experience.

I just think falling asleep will make it worse. I woke up at like noon anyway so I dunno. If only my dad let me sleep in later. Then it would be easier to stay up. Or if I had started my homework like 4 hours sooner.

Real E: It's been 40 minutes now, and I've finished my essay (Just gotta print it out) and taken a shower. All that's left is drawing a neuron. Should take 10 minutesish? I hope anyway. So I'm looking at between 1.5 and 2 hours of sleep. Hoorah. I've decided that I'm going to sleep ASAP. Sleep is so much want lol.



Oh The Deliciousity

Posted by Laka , Nov 29 2009 · 369 views

They were sooooo gooooooood.

Chocolate chip pancakes ftw.




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