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Up Up And Away


An Aspie Question

Posted by Nikira , Jan 14 2013 · 659 views

I am never going to get used to writing that. OTL
But uh, okay, since I know there are other aspies wandering around the blogs: Are you able to feel when you're getting overstimulated? And what do you do to get yourself calmed down again?
I get very, very irritable and upset, kind of like the feeling you get if someone pokes you with a stick and doesn't listen when you tell them to stop. I just haven't found good ways to get myself back to a calm state. So I'd like to hear what other people do.


Google Eyes

Posted by Nikira , Jan 11 2013 · 818 views

So I have been bedridden for like three days now because of medicine complications.
And then I get this card dropped into my lap this afternoon.
Naturally in my drug-induced-state I completely forget to look at the return address and just open it.
It's got lots and lots of glitter and a lacy dove with big googley eyes on it.
First thought:
"Oh dear god it's gotta be from HH and Janus"
(spoilers: I was right)
A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, guys. \o\ \o/ /o/ I got Professor Layton and frosted animal crackers and my own cane! You bet I'm happy.


Its Own Sort Of Beauty

Posted by Nikira , Dec 06 2012 · 695 views

The world is not beautiful, but that in itself leads to its own sort of beauty.

Humans are far from perfect and shall always do as humans do, but in their own ways to deny, defy, or even reach for their own perfection, they shine as the phenomenal creatures they really are. To embrace both strengths and faults as just things that are.
I think that's a pretty beautiful thing.
Life has been difficult right now. It hurts. It's hard. One might say it's been ugly from time to time.
But you know, I'd rather it be ugly for the time being. That just means there's something ready to shine underneath.
It just needs time.
Then we can see something beautiful again.


AS Update

Posted by Nikira , Nov 23 2012 · 309 views

Celebrating my holiday with a diagnosis of Asperger's and General Anxiety Disorder. I start social therapy on Monday.

But I am just thankful to have a name for things. Not gonna lie.

Happy Thanksgiving, BZP. Hope you find something to be thankful for, too. <3



A worried little musing about AS

Posted by Nikira , Nov 14 2012 · 472 views

Two blog entries in a month?


But anyways.

So this time next week I will apparently (hopefully) have a diagnosis of either Asperger's syndrome or PDD-NOS (atypical autism) along with an anxiety disorder that I can never catch the proper name of. This has been 3 and a half months of doctor visits and like years of awkward and mistakes and horribleness in the making and I am still not sure how to feel about it.

I mean, being autistic on any level doesn't change who I am or anything. I'm still me. But it's like... a question on everyone's mind of "why didn't we really take care of this sooner?" My sister especially. She worries about me often.

But yeah, that has been on my mind for a while. :( I am a boat floating forever on a sea of uncertainties and flaily useless panic. Glub.

(This has been a totally quality blog entry of worrying from Nik, you guys can move on now.)


The Sun Is Shining

Posted Image
I'm taking a break from the site due to my health, so my blog will not be updated very frequently.
I'm sorry and I hope I can come back soon.

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