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☆ The Motley Array ☆


Bbc #49

Posted by 55555 , Apr 15 2008 · 124 views

Overall quality a entries: Low.

Note: That doesn't mean everybody's are low, but on average, low.

I WILL be entering, and my bro will be too.



A Tad Of Writing...

Posted by 55555 , Apr 14 2008 · 84 views

It was another boring day on guard duty for Gopu. Nothing happening, just standing on the wall... He reflected on how many hours he'd spent of his life just standing on the wall, watching, waiting, with nothing happening. 1,000? 500? 5,000? He really had no idea.

Then something moved in the bushes below. A Muaka? A Matoran? Ah, now he could see it, a Nui-Jaga. Well, he'd settle that.

He yelled, and a small squad came from the barracks. Rahi attacks were routine, but better than just watching. As the squad came up, he pointed out the Rahi to them. They threw their spears, three pierced the Nui-Jaga, but Gopu's fell short. There was something non-threatening about this Jaga, something different... Was it afraid? That must have been it, it was afraid... But of what? The Nui-Jaga had no predators, right?

He reflected on his near miss with his spear, "Well," he thought, "Us Uno-Matoran were never the best with spears, the Ta's and the Le's were always the most accurate." He resolved to practice with his spear when he was off duty. But that wasn't for hours yet.



Reffing = Easy

Posted by 55555 , Apr 13 2008 · 160 views

I worked three soccer games as an AR yesterday, and it wasn't that tiring, I guess I could do 4 in one day.

Also, I'm playing an interesting RPG type game with two people IRL, and it's getting along pretty well. I could turn it into an epic, but if I did, and put it ONLY on my blog, would it get any reviews? shrugs.gif




Posted by 55555 , Apr 12 2008 · 96 views

My entry's comin' along great. Though my brother doesn't like the skeleton-man, he thinks he's too misshapen. glare.gif

But the big black critter for him to ride is also doing good, he just needs part of his torso and legs.

Oh, my bros entry name is Paladin. (I thought of it.)

I need a name for mine. What would you call a big black evil looking critter, who's ridden by a little misshapen skeleton-man?



A Spring Pome I Made

Posted by 55555 , Apr 10 2008 · 114 views

Spring has sprung
The grass has riz
I wonders where the birdies iz

Kool? Unkool?



Tron Owns All

Posted by 55555 , Apr 09 2008 · 80 views

I just saw Tron last night, it's quite odd. But overall, Tron (the program/character) owns all.

I've played the game, GLTron, but this had barely any of the game in it.

Also, enter my contest NOW.



Bbc Contest #1: War Of The Worlds!

Posted by 55555 , Apr 08 2008 · 104 views

BBC Contest #1: War of the Worlds!

Your job is to build two people/animals/robots/vehicles from two separate story universes, battling. Neither of the universes can be the Bionicle Universe, and it can't be, for example, Star Wars Revenge of the Sith vr. Star Wars Phantom Menace. You cannot make up the characters. Examples of legal entries include: Gandalf Vs. Darth Vader, Batman vs. Aslan, AT-AT vs. King Kong, etc, etc..


Entries begin being accepted as soon as this topic is posted, and will stop being accepted on Saturday, April 15th at 11:59 P.M. EST. We will accept unlimited entries for this contest, so there's no need to rush your entry.

To enter, simply post a link to your jpg, gif or png entry picture in this topic. Your entry post in this thread should appear as follows:

Entry Name:
Entry Pic URL:
Topic URL (if applicable):


A running tally of entrants will be updated daily. Our goal is 25 entries, hopefully more.


Voting Process:

Semifinal Voting begins April 16th and ends April 19th at 11:59 P.M. EST.
Final Voting begins April 19th and ends April 21st at 11:59 P.M. EST
The contest winner and final voting results will be posted in a separate thread on April 21st.



1) Your entry may not have been published prior to the start of this contest. You may make your own topic before posting in the official entry thread, but you must create a post in the entry topic before it is closed in order to be officially entered. You may only start one topic for your entry. Please post only one main pic in this entry thread and a link to the rest of the pics in the gallery on your image host (most likely Brickshelf, Photobucket, or Flickr). You can do pictures as normal in your own separate thread. If you need help posting pictures, please see this topic.

2) Painted parts are NOT ALLOWED. No non-LEGO parts. All other LEGO parts are fair game. For this contest, the Technic/System ratios are altered: the figure(s) must be at least 75% Technic (with a maximum of 25% System) overall. Pictures in which the appearance of the MOC has been edited in Photoshop or other editing software are also prohibited. If either method is used, the MOC will be disqualified. The background may be edited, as long as it does not alter the appearance of the MOC.

3) Only one entry per member. You cannot switch or modify models mid contest. Once you have entered, you may not "un-enter" your models and enter new ones. You may opt to bow out of the contest for whatever reason but you cannot reenter under such a situation. If you get disqualified for any reason, you will not be allowed to reenter with another MOC in that contest.

4) Any flaming will result in disqualification from the contest. Competition is good if you keep it clean. Everyone play fair, NO WHINING, no insults. I reserve the right to DQ any entry at any time for any reason.

5) Absolutely, positively NO CHEATING! Anyone found to be cheating or even suspected of cheating will face immediate disqualification from this contest and will be banned from participating in future contests. They will likely also be banned from the site. Mods know this information, so you're not fooling anyone but yourself by thinking you can get away with it. We run a check on people with multiple accounts too, which is an offense that results in banning from BZP entirely, aside from the contest... DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.

6) No "this is unfair" posting. Some people have more parts, money, time, fish, gigs left on your hard drive, etc than others. That's life; we each have to do our best with what we have. Any excessive complaining may, at the judgment of the contest runner, disqualify you!

7) Discussion is encouraged. Feel free to ask questions about models you see or about the contest in general. This is for us, the BBC builders; let's have some fun with it.

8) The contest is open to all BZP members, and voting is open to all BZP members to participate in even if they did not enter an MOC. "Advertising" your MOC is fine by making a signature or avatar reminding people to vote for you, but mass-PMing is frowned upon. So is advertising your MOC in someone else's thread. Spamming may result in proto loss or even post-count reductions ... don't do it.


**ONE pic allowed
**Pic may only be 250x100 pixels or 468x60 pixels or smaller
**Text may not exceed 5 lines


1st Place: 1 Copper Huna, 1 Free the Band Patch
2nd Place: 1 Free the Band Patch
3rd Place: 1 Free the Band Patch

Contest Hosts:


Advertising Banners:

Coming soon.

Any questions? Note that questions are officially answered only if CF or answer it.



Un-employed And Un-convicted Crooks Wanted

Posted by 55555 , Apr 05 2008 · 106 views

I'm planning a raid on a LEGO packaging plant. We have several targets in mind, but if you are willing to help us out, your requested item will be added to the list. wink.gif

Our targets are as follows:

(10) Grand Prix Race
(10) LEGO® Castle Giant Chess Set
(10) Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon™
(10) Motorized Walking AT-AT™
(10) Vader’s TIE Advanced™
(10) LEGO® Mindstorms® NXT
(10) Indiana Jones™ Classic Adventures Collection
(10) BIONICLE® Phantoka Collection
(10) Imperial Star Destroyer™
(10) Death Star II™

Any volunteers? You'd get a share in the sets.




Posted by 55555 , Apr 02 2008 · 91 views

I'm scheduled to ref 23 games, $18 each.


Plus at least another $125 in bonuses.


Minus $85 for class and uniform.


I'm at loss for emoticons...

And not just 'cause Maj is down.



A Story

Posted by 55555 , Mar 31 2008 · 75 views

Here's the deal, we're going to make a story, each comment to here should have one sentence of it, all f the sentences have to work at least remotely with he other ones.

The current story, not necessarily updated recently.

Jim looked up at the dark mountain and smiled grimly, knowing he might never return from his mission. He touched his side, checking to make sure that his sword was firmly in it's hilt, then took a step forward. Jim reached a large chasm, observed his surroundings, and spotted a pack of Malicious Man-Lizards approaching. The Malicious Man-Lizards were very skillful in the Amzing Art of Annoying Allliterations, and Jim hated allliterations! He stepped towards them, drawing his sword and uttering curses under his breath.



Do You Know How To Count?

Posted by 55555 , Mar 31 2008 · 102 views

Let's see how many numbers you guys know.

Just one number per comment, who can start us off.

NOTE: This will go until we run out of numbers.

NOTE 2: This will raise my comment level. rolleyes.gif



An Entry To Spam In

Posted by 55555 , Mar 31 2008 · 94 views

You guys can spam here to raise my comment level. rolleyes.gif

Okay, comment now.




Eliminateing The Competition

Posted by 55555 , Mar 29 2008 · 83 views

No, I not talking about the contest.

I'm talking about Gryphus 1, XtreMart, and the other people who sell MLN stuff. If I destroy them, I'll get more business!

Does anyone have a good idea on how to put this into action?

While we're at it, I might as well deal with Red71 and Kryomancer...



Shortlived Glory

Posted by 55555 , Mar 27 2008 · 79 views

Earlier today I was the only Rank 9 MLNer. Now Red721 is here too.

But I got a screenshot. biggrin.gif

Also, ChocolateFrogs and I will be hosting a BBC on my blog on April 1st.




Six Votes Behind

Posted by 55555 , Mar 24 2008 · 73 views

Ooh, second by six votes, so close...

But second is still awesome. laugh.gif

Now my brother's gotten in second twice, and I've gotten in second once, I just need to get in second again we'll be tied.

I wonder when Tufi will stop feeling sluggish... ?



*sweat* Tied *sweat*

Posted by 55555 , Mar 23 2008 · 129 views

It's tied, 83 to 83.

I'm counting on second, and hoping for first.


Now it's actually 84-84, but it's till tied. headbang.gif



Something Rather Disturbing

Posted by 55555 , Mar 22 2008 · 111 views

I looked at my freinds pending approval list on MLN, and I see this person.

In case you didn't know, I'm this person.

Also, I'm teid wih Toa of Muffins in the Finals! _icon_joy_.gif




Posted by 55555 , Mar 20 2008 · 84 views




A Prison Cell

Posted by 55555 , Mar 15 2008 · 86 views

What can I put in a small prison cell that's Technic? I'm having some ratio trouble.

I already have a Technic door and wall sconces and some random chains on the floor.

Oh, and my brother's entry name is, "You Shall Not Pass."



A Bobcat's Scream

Posted by 55555 , Mar 06 2008 · 101 views

Ever heard one? I did, years ago. We didn't know what itt was, but I guessed it was a wildcat, and I was right. I only found out I was right a few months ago, but I was right.

I also have to appologize for neglecting my blog for so long.


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