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☆ The Motley Array ☆


A Few Banners...

Posted by 55555 , Jan 30 2008 · 214 views

Made in Gimp.

Credit if used.



On The Way To Karzahni...

Posted by 55555 , Jan 29 2008 · 276 views

This is a picture of Takanuva and the Matoran who went to Karzahni in the tunnel where there was no light.

If you look closely you may be able to make out Matoro holding the hand of a mysterious Matoran, and Takanuva trying to use his light power to light up the cave.

I'd like some feedback on this.

Enjoy! smile.gif



A Couple Fish Mocs

Posted by 55555 , Jan 28 2008 · 146 views

{ Pic 1 }
{ Pic 2 }
{ Pic 3 }
{ Pic 4 }



Famous Last Words

Posted by 55555 , Jan 27 2008 · 167 views

Famous Last Words

"Dang it!"


"The situation is now under control and there is no danger."

"What does this button do?"

"I shall now make the lion stand up on his hind legs and beg."


"Woah! Nice gun!"

"Don't worry, he's very gentle, he wouldn't hurt a fly."

"To disable the bomb, begin by removing the fuse, like s-"



A Chocolate Frog

Posted by 55555 , Jan 26 2008 · 168 views

I really don't like how this came out.



Bbcc #47 Poll Update/confirmation, And Some Stuff You Might See During The Next Week

Posted by 55555 , Jan 25 2008 · 128 views

The BBCC #47 Polls should be up 7:30 AM Eastern Time, February 1st.


Some stuff you might see here in the next week:

An edit with a chocolate frog.
A list of famous last words.
A couple fish MOCs.
The BBCC #47 Polls.
A piece of artwork entitled, "On the way to Karzahni."
A blog of the week award. laugh.gif



The 55555 Five Star Of Approval

Posted by 55555 , Jan 24 2008 · 253 views

No one has yet been found worthy to receive this.

But I've got my eye on someone.

So, what do ya' think about the graphics?



The Kanohi Arthratu, Wip

Posted by 55555 , Jan 23 2008 · 504 views

I'm working on a mask making project in which I have put a Matatu eye-piece on a Arthron, with a few other changes.

Gallery (when public)


Other side



At an angle

Comparison 2



I Just Got My Nov/dec Magazine

Posted by 55555 , Jan 22 2008 · 174 views

Yeah, I just got my Nov/Dec Magazine a couple days ago. I always like getting Lego Magazines, but not as much when it's two months late. And I've already read my brothers mag.

Kinda' makes you wonder what happened to it... blink.gif



That Shameful "speling Bee"

Posted by 55555 , Jan 21 2008 · 156 views

That thing was just... Shameful... It was so incredibly full of holes. And the host/judge couldn't spell "dog" to save his life!

I hope you guys had some fun with that though, while it lasted.



Speling Bee!

Posted by 55555 , Jan 14 2008 · 301 views

Hey, guys! im haveing a speling Bee, i post a wird and u say how to spel the wird.
EXsample: smile.gif smile.gif

fantoka_man187(thats me) says how do you spel the wird, Nite?

some one els sez, N_I-T-E?

Yes!!!!!!!!!! pirate.gif

So iff you get a wird rite you move up too the next levil. The ferst person too get 10 wirds rite, with only 1 misstake get's the prize

A BANER BY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So dudes heres the ferst wird

{Camra} ohmy.gif cool.gif cool.gif

List of partisipants

Blue Dimond, Corect 2, Wrong 1
pulsar444, Corect 0, Wrong 1
What?, Corect 1, Wrong 1

:roleyes: fantoka_man1874 cool.gif <- Grammer king (noo sine of comeing sewn!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111


Alter Ego

Posted by 55555 , Jan 12 2008 · 178 views

Though you guys didn't know it, I have an alter ego. His name is fantoka_man1874. His main hobbies are grammar and spelling. Sometimes I'm 55555, but sometimes I'm fantoka_man1874. I never can tell when I'm going to change my personality, but not just my personality, but my typeing skilz to. pirate.gif pirate.gif pirate.gif pirate.gif Why do people ,make all these aaaa6ahv things / I chave some vbut , Ifd ont unnde cool.gif errstand why they doi them I gurse to get people to lok at there bloog. I would like too dfind somore of them so i can haveb awjhole bunch of them. Can you guysd giveme som e links to blogs woth awads like these ones. im thinking aboot maing some wards ofmine own for gud grammers and spelings. I wuldint wannt to guve it tyo me thow.

:roleyes: fantoka_man1874 cool.gif <- Grammer king (noo sine of comeing sewn!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111


Un-official Bbc Contest #47 Continuation

Posted by 55555 , Jan 08 2008 · 323 views

Here's the deal. I saw that BBC #47 was closed, but many people have already entered. So I figured I'd start an un-official continuation of the contest. All dates are the same, you guys have already waited plenty. I'm the host and I may ask people to help out at times, but feel free to volunteer. If we don't get a significant amount of interest here, this version will also be canceled.

EDIT: Arpy and I have combined our contests, the entry topic is in Arpy's blog, and the polls will be in mine. So if you want to enter, click here.

QUOTE(Roa McToa @ Jan 3 2008, 06:11 PM) View Post

Official Bionicle-Based Creations Contest #47:

A new year rolls around, and so does a new contest! For the first building challenge of 2008, you are required to build a creation using one or more bionicle canisters. You don't have to use the entire canister, but extra kudos to those builders that do! The canisters have to be from bionicle sets, so no robo-riders lids. Bionicle accessory tubs are fair game as well. This is a freeform build, so your "canister creation" can be whatever you'd like it to be.

Good luck, now get building!


Entries begin being accepted as soon as this topic is posted, and will stop being accepted on 1/19/08 at 11:59 p.m. EST We will accept unlimited entries for this contest, so there's no need to rush your entry.

To enter, simply post a link to your jpg, gif or png entry picture in this topic. Your entry post in this thread should appear as follows:

Entry Name:
Entry Pic URL:
Topic URL (if applicable):


A running tally of entrants will be updated daily IN A SEPARATE PINNED TOPIC, which will be posted shortly after the first entries are received.


Voting Process:

Preliminary Voting begins 1/20/08
Semifinal Voting begins 1/24/08
Final Voting begins 1/28/08
The contest winner and final voting results will be posted in a separate thread on 1/31/08



1) Your entry may not have been published prior to the start of this contest. You may make your own topic before posting in the official entry thread, but you must create a post in the entry topic before it is closed in order to be officially entered. You may only start one topic for your entry. Please post only one main pic in this entry thread and a link to the rest of the pics in the gallery on your image host (most likely Brickshelf, Photobucket, or Flickr). You can do pictures as normal in your own separate thread. If you need help posting pictures, please see this topic.

2) Don't PM the contest host unless you have to. Ask questions in this topic and the host or an assistant will answer it.

3) Painted parts are NOT ALLOWED. No non-LEGO parts. All other LEGO parts are fair game; however, for the most part, they should be Bionicle pieces and Technic pieces. Let's say, at least 75% of the MOC Bionicle/Technic parts. Pictures in which the appearance of the MOC has been edited in Photoshop or other editing software are also prohibited. If either method is used, the MOC will be disqualified. The background may be edited, as long as it does not alter the appearance of the MOC.

4) Only one entry per member. You cannot switch or modify models mid contest. Once you have entered, you may not "un-enter" your models and enter new ones. You may opt to bow out of the contest for whatever reason but you cannot reenter under such a situation. If you get disqualified for any reason, you will not be allowed to reenter with another MOC in that contest.

5) Any flaming will result in disqualification from the contest. Competition is good if you keep it clean. Everyone play fair, NO WHINING, no insults. I reserve the right to DQ any entry at any time for any reason.

6) Absolutely, positively NO CHEATING! Anyone found to be cheating or even suspected of cheating will face immediate disqualification from this contest and will be banned from participating in future contests. They will likely also be banned from the site. Mods know this information, so you're not fooling anyone but yourself by thinking you can get away with it. We run a check on people with multiple accounts too, which is an offense that results in banning from BZP entirely, aside from the contest... DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.

7) No "this is unfair" posting. Some people have more parts, money, time, fish, gigs left on your hard drive, etc than others. That's life; we each have to do our best with what we have. Any excessive complaining may, at the judgment of the contest runner, disqualify you!

8) Discussion is encouraged. Feel free to ask questions about models you see or about the contest in general. This is for us, the BBC builders; let's have some fun with it.

9) The contest is open to all BZP members, and voting is open to all BZP members to participate in even if they did not enter an MOC. "Advertising" your MOC is fine by making a signature or avatar reminding people to vote for you, but mass-PMing is frowned upon. So is advertising your MOC in someone else's thread. Spamming may result in proto loss or even post-count reductions ... don't do it.


**ONE pic allowed
**Pic may only be 250x100 pixels or 468x60 pixels or smaller
**Text may not exceed 5 lines
Anyone breaking the signature rules will lose 5 votes per violation in the semifinal polls.



Prizes will be announced at a later date, and they will be cool!

Uh... Don't hold your breath. - 55555

Contest Host:

Roa McToa - 55555

Contest Assistants:


So guys, any questions I answer will be correct because I'm the host, and what I say goes. Don't let the no prize thing stop you, there's more to a contest than that.



Takanuva's Return

Posted by 55555 , Jan 05 2008 · 161 views

Hey guys! This is how I think the 2008 Takanuva will look, and how I think he will look.

I hope they use the old Avohkii for him, I mean it's his mask, it would really make it look like Takanuva. If they don't I want it to look some what lie the old Avohkii, with the three things sticking out on both sides and the three things sticking out of the top.

His color scheme is good, and I hope they don't change it much, they will most likely use new gold instead of old gold, but that's not really a problem. His weapon should be something new, but still a staff. The end of his staff should be about the same size as his old one, proportionately it will be smaller, but that will make it more of a spear, which might be nice. His torso should be white with gold armor, and he shouldn't be hunched or have really wide shoulders. It would be nice if he had some shoulder armor instead of just upper arm armor, reflecting on his nuva armor. His legs probably aren't going to be anything special, just the normal double socket with armor on it as a thigh, and the leg piece as the calf, I can't think of anything better right now, but I hope that his legs can bend more than 90 degrees. Same for the arms. His hands and feet should be proportionate, and white.

I think that the summer 2008 location is the Swamp of Secrets, but I don't know if Takanuva will be there. His vehicle should be something he can sit or lie down on, definitely not a standing vehicle like the Toa Ignika has. It can't be a rahi either. I should be silver. Beyond that I'm not sure.

So guys, got any input or ideas?



Artwork Il Contest

Posted by 55555 , Jan 03 2008 · 193 views

Hey guys, here's the first Motley Array contest. I's an art contest, where you have to enter something you've made as a request in a shop. All entries must have been finished prior to this post.

Rules and Catches

1. All entries must conform to the Bionicle General Art rules, Blog Rules, and The BZP Rules and Guidelines.
2. All entries must be Bionicle related.
3. You can't enter unless you own, or are working in a shop and have completed a least one request in that shop before the start of this contest.
4. All entries must be your own work, finished and posted before the start of this contest. If the post where you posted your entry has been edited after this is posted, you'll be asked to re-enter. If it has been edited before I posted this, you're good.
5. You just gotta' use the entry form. (Below)

Entry Form

Name of the shop that your entry was requested in:
Link to your entry:
Link to post with you entry:
Link to the post requesting your entry:

Contest Banners

I made a banner:


No credit needed.

You guys can make some more if you want.


Just a banner. And half of my kingdom. laugh.gif

Entries are being accepted now, and stop being accepted on the 11 of January. So you have quite a bit of time, but not all that much.

This is the first contest I've had, so if you see something you think should be tweaked, point it out.



My New Blog

Posted by 55555 , Jan 02 2008 · 149 views

Well guys, here's my blog. I'm still working on the graphics and stuff, so for now you can just post about the world in general.

Happy new year!


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