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An Appeal

Posted by 55555 , Jan 07 2009 · 168 views

My S&T #5 Entry Project

What you'd be signing up for, basically, would be talking. I send you some stuff, then we talk about it. smile.gif

My S&T entry is going to be a gigantic, many faceted project, and I would like some people who I could send stuff to for them to look over while the entry was being made. There wouldn't be much to be responsible for, and you could quit out whenever you felt like it. The project is related to many areas, writing, art, comic making, animation, and more. So if you have an opinion on any of the things I just listed, you'd be very useful. smile.gif

Thanks for reading, PM me if you're interested, or just post here. cool.gif

Also, what do you guys think of that symbol thing at the top of the post?




Posted by 55555 , Dec 31 2008 · 275 views

1. Win two BBCC's. Yes two. evilgrin.gif
2. Launch a emoticon reform campaign. rtfm.gif
3. Launch a Bionicle image database. I can't really go into more detail, but it's pending staff approval. pirate.gif
4. Get some posts. I didn't get all that many this year, and with the new rank images, I want some more. I'd like to get to 4000, but since that's not gonna happen, I'll try for 3500. wakeup2.gif
5. Win the S&T. I want to make gigantic animation. Yeah, in Gif format. This will require making my own sprites, my own backgrounds, my own script, and effect sequences. I'm working on the BGs now, and it's not really working. dry.gif
6. Win an AC. It would be awesome to be the first to win both a BBCC and an AC (Unless Schzo did it), and I'd like to become more well known in GA. rolleyes.gif
7. Stay active in my shops. I've been having to many inactive periods in Silver Avohkii and Dark Beings. Hopefully this won't happen in 2009. cool.gif
8. Attend BrickFair. Not just as a guest this time, but as a host. Not sure if I'll be allowed... unsure.gif
9. Post up some MOCs and art that isn't for contests. I haven't done a lot of non-competitive Creative Outlet posting this year. sarcasm.gif
10. Complete my Kanohi collection. All I need is a Black Akaku... picturetake.gif

Let's see if I complete any of these...



2008 Bzpower Awards

Posted by 55555 , Dec 29 2008 · 183 views

2008 BZPower Awards

This topic deserves some more posts.




Posted by 55555 , Dec 27 2008 · 232 views

QUOTE(Than: Matoran of Anger @ Dec 27 2008, 06:27 PM) View Post
QUOTE(55555 @ Dec 27 2008, 09:35 PM) View Post
QUOTE(Than: Matoran of Anger @ Dec 27 2008, 06:03 PM) View Post
I fear making contest polls...

Then you should become... Pollman!


[deepraspyvoice]I'm Pollman![/deepraspyvoice]



Mission: Hackattack

Posted by 55555 , Dec 27 2008 · 255 views

Too prelude this, I'd like you to know that I produced an ad for Dark Beings to be put in KanohiJournal, which was supposed to come out the 26th. Then some people changed their names, so I had to change them in the ad. I finished the ad on Christmas, and sent it to SK. Yes, ON CHRISTMAS.

~Shadow: Our ad looks awesome in the KanohiJournal.
me: FAIL.
Why didn't Bioran tell us he was an China?
~Shadow: XD
He could still change it.
me: Bet he won't
~Shadow: But he'd have to be very nice and we'd have to bribe him greatly for that.
me: Not worth it.
~Shadow: yuh-huh
me: Just hack him, and change it ourselves.
~Shadow: ...
I'm in.
me: Okay, find his control panel and dissassemble it.
~Shadow: Done-diddy
me: What?
~Shadow: k, Done.
me: Good.
~Shadow: Nothing, I was just about to post.
So, what next?
me: OH. XD
Now, go hack all the accounts on the websites where he uplaoded KJ.
~Shadow: Majhost.
Got it.
me: Try his email first, and try to find the paswords in there.
~Shadow: Wait one moment
I'm in.
Found his Majhost password.
Logging in on Maj.
me: Download the pdf file, and edit in our edited image.
~Shadow: Okee doke...
Copying image...
me: Reuplaod the edited version under the same filename.
~Shadow: Saving...
me: Good.
~Shadow: But if I've hacked his BZP account, I can just edit the post with the nwe url.
I see. Then he'll know that it's been edited.
me: Too much trouble.
~Shadow: Uploaded to maj.
Old one deleted.
me: Good.
~Shadow: Logging out of Majhost.
Logged out.
Logging out of BZP.
Logged our.
me: Now, send a PM to B6 from his BZP.
So log back in.
Asking to be banned, because your parents say they'll beat you up if you log into it again.
Put an entry saying the same thing on his blog.
Get into his email and set an auto reply saying he's dead.
~Shadow: I don't think he uses a blog.
I'll jst PM.
Auto response being set.
me: Good.
~Shadow: Auto Response Set.
It should only be a matter of time...
me: Now change the paswords on all the accounts you hacked to "lolfail16943"
~Shadow: email pass changed
BZP pass changing
Majhost pass changing
BZP pass change done
Majhost Pass change done
me: Good.
Operation complete.
~Shadow: Now to dedicate the story...
me: Yeah.
~Shadow: Don't you think we were a bit harsh?
I kean, it was just an ad...
me: Naw.
Oh, wait, before B6 bans him, log in and make him vote for me in the final.
~Shadow: That was the first thing I did.
me: Ah, good. cool.gif




Posted by 55555 , Dec 27 2008 · 499 views

A meme (pronounced /miːm/) comprises a unit or element of cultural ideas, symbols or practices; such units or elements transmit from one mind to another through speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena.

Sometimes it's hilarious how specific someone can be...

So, I'll be specific, and tell you to vote for Handlebars in the final poll, here. cool.gif




Posted by 55555 , Dec 25 2008 · 213 views

I think I won at Christmas.

I got my Tablet.

I works like magic. BD



Long Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away..

Posted by 55555 , Dec 24 2008 · 206 views

I ordered a bunch of Kanohi. The galaxy was the Netherlands, and the time was Dec 8th...

It still hasn't come. :/

In other news, a certain present of mine looks like a Tablet. evilgrin.gif




Posted by 55555 , Dec 22 2008 · 199 views

QUOTE(persons324 @ Dec 22 2008, 03:15 PM) View Post
It's okay

haporitohu.gif haporitohu.gif haporitohu.gif




Posted by 55555 , Dec 20 2008 · 161 views

I'm trying not too get too many hints from the topic...

But what the heck is "The Hand Of Artahka Way"!?!




Posted by 55555 , Dec 19 2008 · 73 views



St #5

Posted by 55555 , Dec 14 2008 · 94 views

I predicted the arrival of ST #5 yesterday, after seeing Bonesiii's teaser. I even told my bro so i'd have a witness to my intelligence, logic, and deductive ability.

I will be entering this. Heck, with that much time, how can I not enter?



Not-so-personal Message...

Posted by 55555 , Dec 11 2008 · 111 views

Hey, Bink. I really liked reading the Set Designer thing you put up, and I thought of an improvement.

A designer podcast. You could throw the questions out there, and then they would give their responses. I think this would be funner, and more interesting.

Thanks for reading. cool.gif



Also, it would be awesome if I could get some more comments on this. cool.gif Thanks.



♪ ♫ ...and I Can End The Planet In A Holocaust ♪ ♫

Posted by 55555 , Dec 09 2008 · 119 views

QUOTE(55555 @ Dec 9 2008, 07:21 AM) View Post
[ ♫ ♪ I Can Ride My Bike With No Handlebars... ♪ ♫ ]

[ ♪ ♫ ...And I Can End The Planet In A Holocaust ♪ ♫]
[ Preview of the song, sung by Flobots ]

[ Teaser #1 ] [ Teaser #2 ]

[ ♪ ♫ Lyrics ♪ ♫ ]

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Support banner (Please use, no credit requested):


I'm not using this banner 'cause of my AC entry. But later I'll be using the support banner for this.

Criticism and comments welcome. cool.gif






Posted by 55555 , Dec 08 2008 · 131 views

EDIT: Does anyone have this tablet? It's cheapish, and biggish. If you have a tablet, how well does it work with Gimp? Do you have one you'd recommend?

Thanks a lot.

Okay, what's a tablet, how can you draw on it, and what other features does it have?

It sounds useful for CG art, and I need some stuff for my Christmas list. cool.gif





Posted by 55555 , Dec 07 2008 · 80 views

Go Here, and comment "You're sort of creepy."




Ac #16 & Bbc #51 & Ato

Posted by 55555 , Dec 05 2008 · 119 views

We need one more item for ATO. And I don't want to pick it, so first person who posts up something here, it get's in. I don't mind if you've already done one, or if you've never played ATO before, it's just firs come, first serve. smile.gif

[: Chainblade :]

^ Click for poll ^
Please vote in my poll, whether for the Chainblade or whatever. smile.gif

[: ♪ ♫ Handlebars ♪ ♫ :]





Posted by 55555 , Dec 03 2008 · 143 views

[: ♪ ♫ Handlebars ♪ ♫ :]

Sword, mask, and dagger.

Epic? Tips?



What's Up

Posted by 55555 , Nov 30 2008 · 101 views

Well, today is the first day of Advent, which means that Christmas is coming. I have to work on my wishlist.

I served Mass today, and there was only one Priest distributing Communion, so I served to 120 or so people.

I played Clue at my friends house today, and at the end of the game it was Col. Mustard, in the Billiard Room, with the Lead Pipe. When I came home, my dad said,"It was Col. Mustard, with the Lead Pipe, in the something!" He was just joking around, so it was disturbing.

My BBC entry is coming along well, the torso is the craziest one I've ever built (no Piraka torso, BTW), but it's also the awesomest. I think I have a very good chance this time around.

I have another BZP project going on, which should be up in the next couple weeks.

The AC polls should be up soon. Post in my topic please.

My predictions for the AC winners:

Concept Car: Ussal

Toa Fuel: Energy

Kanoka Ball

I also had predictions for the BBC, but the only one I can remember is that I don't think a Bionicle song will final.

And congrats to Zed. I've stopped being jealous of new staffers now, so.


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