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Un-official Bbc Contest #47 Continuation

Posted by 55555 , Jan 08 2008 · 339 views

Here's the deal. I saw that BBC #47 was closed, but many people have already entered. So I figured I'd start an un-official continuation of the contest. All dates are the same, you guys have already waited plenty. I'm the host and I may ask people to help out at times, but feel free to volunteer. If we don't get a significant amount of interest here, this version will also be canceled.

EDIT: Arpy and I have combined our contests, the entry topic is in Arpy's blog, and the polls will be in mine. So if you want to enter, click here.

QUOTE(Roa McToa @ Jan 3 2008, 06:11 PM) View Post

Official Bionicle-Based Creations Contest #47:

A new year rolls around, and so does a new contest! For the first building challenge of 2008, you are required to build a creation using one or more bionicle canisters. You don't have to use the entire canister, but extra kudos to those builders that do! The canisters have to be from bionicle sets, so no robo-riders lids. Bionicle accessory tubs are fair game as well. This is a freeform build, so your "canister creation" can be whatever you'd like it to be.

Good luck, now get building!


Entries begin being accepted as soon as this topic is posted, and will stop being accepted on 1/19/08 at 11:59 p.m. EST We will accept unlimited entries for this contest, so there's no need to rush your entry.

To enter, simply post a link to your jpg, gif or png entry picture in this topic. Your entry post in this thread should appear as follows:

Entry Name:
Entry Pic URL:
Topic URL (if applicable):


A running tally of entrants will be updated daily IN A SEPARATE PINNED TOPIC, which will be posted shortly after the first entries are received.


Voting Process:

Preliminary Voting begins 1/20/08
Semifinal Voting begins 1/24/08
Final Voting begins 1/28/08
The contest winner and final voting results will be posted in a separate thread on 1/31/08



1) Your entry may not have been published prior to the start of this contest. You may make your own topic before posting in the official entry thread, but you must create a post in the entry topic before it is closed in order to be officially entered. You may only start one topic for your entry. Please post only one main pic in this entry thread and a link to the rest of the pics in the gallery on your image host (most likely Brickshelf, Photobucket, or Flickr). You can do pictures as normal in your own separate thread. If you need help posting pictures, please see this topic.

2) Don't PM the contest host unless you have to. Ask questions in this topic and the host or an assistant will answer it.

3) Painted parts are NOT ALLOWED. No non-LEGO parts. All other LEGO parts are fair game; however, for the most part, they should be Bionicle pieces and Technic pieces. Let's say, at least 75% of the MOC Bionicle/Technic parts. Pictures in which the appearance of the MOC has been edited in Photoshop or other editing software are also prohibited. If either method is used, the MOC will be disqualified. The background may be edited, as long as it does not alter the appearance of the MOC.

4) Only one entry per member. You cannot switch or modify models mid contest. Once you have entered, you may not "un-enter" your models and enter new ones. You may opt to bow out of the contest for whatever reason but you cannot reenter under such a situation. If you get disqualified for any reason, you will not be allowed to reenter with another MOC in that contest.

5) Any flaming will result in disqualification from the contest. Competition is good if you keep it clean. Everyone play fair, NO WHINING, no insults. I reserve the right to DQ any entry at any time for any reason.

6) Absolutely, positively NO CHEATING! Anyone found to be cheating or even suspected of cheating will face immediate disqualification from this contest and will be banned from participating in future contests. They will likely also be banned from the site. Mods know this information, so you're not fooling anyone but yourself by thinking you can get away with it. We run a check on people with multiple accounts too, which is an offense that results in banning from BZP entirely, aside from the contest... DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.

7) No "this is unfair" posting. Some people have more parts, money, time, fish, gigs left on your hard drive, etc than others. That's life; we each have to do our best with what we have. Any excessive complaining may, at the judgment of the contest runner, disqualify you!

8) Discussion is encouraged. Feel free to ask questions about models you see or about the contest in general. This is for us, the BBC builders; let's have some fun with it.

9) The contest is open to all BZP members, and voting is open to all BZP members to participate in even if they did not enter an MOC. "Advertising" your MOC is fine by making a signature or avatar reminding people to vote for you, but mass-PMing is frowned upon. So is advertising your MOC in someone else's thread. Spamming may result in proto loss or even post-count reductions ... don't do it.


**ONE pic allowed
**Pic may only be 250x100 pixels or 468x60 pixels or smaller
**Text may not exceed 5 lines
Anyone breaking the signature rules will lose 5 votes per violation in the semifinal polls.



Prizes will be announced at a later date, and they will be cool!

Uh... Don't hold your breath. - 55555

Contest Host:

Roa McToa - 55555

Contest Assistants:


So guys, any questions I answer will be correct because I'm the host, and what I say goes. Don't let the no prize thing stop you, there's more to a contest than that.


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Count me in.
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Okay, but you need to officially enter.

    • 0
Im still working on my entry. It might be done later today.
    • 0
Okay, I misunderstood ya'.

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Arpy has the same contest.
    • 0
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I'll enter, why not? I don't have the pic yet, but I should get it soon.
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Please ignore my PM.

Since Arpy has started a contest too, can we use the same entry MOC for both contests?
    • 0
Your entry is excepted Akura.

It's too bad Arpy has the same contest, but I started mine before he started his.

You can enter both, but it's odd to have to of the same contest.

Thanks for the interest guys. I'll put up an entry ist after I get a few more entries.

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Well, FWIW, I did ask before you started yours, and I conceived of the idea even earlier, but since we've both started ours already there's no point in quibbling over such things. Perhaps you'd like to merge the two? If not, that's fine.
    • 0
Entry accepted.

That would make sense, but I can't think of a way that we would both be satisfied. My blog sure needs the publicity.

    • 0
Well, my blog already has a bit more popularity, which would make it more ideal for getting the word out. Perhaps you could host the polls, and I'll link to them from my blog when the entry period ends?
    • 0
If I can be co-host, and you change the rule that every individual MOC must have a canister piece to, the main MOC must have a canister piece, I accept.

Sound good?

    • 0
Yeah, that'll work as long as the entry deadline stays January 31st, the way I have it. I think that would be better, since it'll give us a chance to spread the word more. I'm sure there are many potential entrants who don't read the blogs frequently, if at all, so we need to draw them in.

Edit: I edited my blog post. Care to go over it and make sure everything's okay with you?
    • 0
Looks good. Thanks. smile.gif

I'm closing this since the entry topic is in Arpy's blog.

See ya' there.

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