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Speling Bee!

Posted by 55555 , Jan 14 2008 · 313 views

Hey, guys! im haveing a speling Bee, i post a wird and u say how to spel the wird.
EXsample: smile.gif smile.gif

fantoka_man187(thats me) says how do you spel the wird, Nite?

some one els sez, N_I-T-E?

Yes!!!!!!!!!! pirate.gif

So iff you get a wird rite you move up too the next levil. The ferst person too get 10 wirds rite, with only 1 misstake get's the prize

A BANER BY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So dudes heres the ferst wird

{Camra} ohmy.gif cool.gif cool.gif

List of partisipants

Blue Dimond, Corect 2, Wrong 1
pulsar444, Corect 0, Wrong 1
What?, Corect 1, Wrong 1

:roleyes: fantoka_man1874 cool.gif <- Grammer king (noo sine of comeing sewn!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111

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Clos enouf. wink.gif :0

Do u no how to spel,


roleyes: fantoka_man1874 cool.gif <- Grammer king (noo si
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Nope. Im not leting you off again you need to get 7 more wirds ritein a row or you wont get the baner.

Do you no how too spel Mathmatiks.

So no body else like speling ecept Blue dimond?

roleyes: fantoka_man1874 cool.gif <- Grammer king (noo si
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Nop. Com on guys! cool.gif cool.gif cool.gif

ill let you try agian.

roleyes: fantoka_man1874 cool.gif cool.gif <- Grammer king (noo si
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QUOTE(~Blue Diamond~ @ Jan 14 2008, 05:14 PM)

Oh! I should have read the rules first! I was like what in the world is he saying about not letting me off? tongue.gif

I'm sorry, let's try again

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Edit: Darn. Blue beat me, by a matter of seconds. . . And I can tell for sure that that's the right spelling.

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Blue Dimond is corect. Congrat. cool.gif


Next, {Ternamint} ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif
rolleyes.gif fantoka_man1874 cool.gif <- Grammer king (noo sign off comeing sewn!

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QUOTE(kardasnui3797 @ Jan 14 2008, 09:03 PM)


You might not understand the speling bee yet. Hang on, and maybe you'll the idea. wink.gif


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I don't. How can you mispell something correctly?

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Good job wat?? your corect again!!!!!!1 laugh.gif laugh.gif

NExt wird,,,, is,,, [Bucket] cool.gif laugh.gif

laugh.gif rolleyes.gif fantoka_man1874 cool.gif <- Grammer king (noo sign off comeing sewn!

This... This, "speling bee" is incredibly pathetic and full of holes. Consideing the host of the spelling bee couldn't spell to save his life.

You'll see a detail entry about my opinions on this shameful "Speling Bee" later.


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