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its time.........................



Posted by Lime Paradox , Jul 26 2013 · 223 views

Actually I was GOING to take advantage of the new rules but it turns out there is very little I do elsewhere that qualifies as 100% safe-for-BZP
I guess the Solace of Legoman Values is pretty BZP-friendly, although I personally rarely post anything there
Also the Official BAC Tumblr should be fine I think??
But most importantly, HERE IS MY DEVIANTART
I had to remove some SEXY HAKANN FANART from my favorites just to post it here so I hope you're all happy


Obligatory "oh No I Doesnt Has Blog Anymore" Entry

Posted by Lime Paradox , Jul 27 2010 · 275 views

I can't say I'll really miss it, because I couldn't think of anything to do with it. I'm thinking about going premier, though, so I may have a blog again soon, although I'm strangely reluctant about turning orange.


Blog-exclusive Sprite Stuff

Posted by Lime Paradox , Jun 09 2009 · 270 views

Just an Arthron, Garai, infected masks, and alternate Matoran color scheme, for all you people who still use Rayg 2.0 and/or have disturbingly large sprite collections like me. tongue.gif
Expect more in the near future.


I Posted This Like Two Years Ago

Posted by Lime Paradox , May 08 2009 · 269 views

(to the tune of Santa Claus is coming to town)

Oh, you better watch out
You better just hide
You better not shout
Or he'll hear your cry
Santa Claus is coming for you!

He lurks when you are sleeping
He stalks you when you're awake
He knows if you've been bad or good
But he'll get you either way

Oh, You better duck down
You better crouch low
You better start to run
When you hear the ho-ho-ho
Santa Claus is coming for you!

His elves are equipped with lasers
And armed with paddles too
And if you get on their bad side
Then you're sure to get the boot (it's a cleet!)

Oh, his reindeer are rabid
They foam at the mouth
Stay clear of them
Or you'll soon say owch
Santa Claus is coming for you!

He has snowmen that throw snowballs
Out of 50-foot-tall cannons
And if you get near one of his toys
Then it just might suck you in

Oh, he lurks up above
He'll fall from the sky
You'll get plowed down
If you don't stay inside
Santa Claus is coming for you!


Woah, I Changed My Name

Posted by Lime Paradox , Apr 23 2009 · 337 views

For the first time in, like, almost a year, man.

next comes frosted philbert



Posted by Lime Paradox , Mar 08 2009 · 292 views

Well, my third comic topic finally was put out of its misery died today.

...Am I supposed to be sad?


How Awesome Is That

Posted by Lime Paradox , Mar 07 2009 · 238 views

I just got Takanuva for only $7 at a Lego store.


I Saw Gerlicky's Blog In The Google Ads!

Posted by Lime Paradox , Mar 01 2009 · 212 views


Vorox Has Roots In The Dark Hunters

Posted by Lime Paradox , Feb 06 2009 · 234 views

QUOTE(The Bionicle Encyclopedia Updated)
Amnesiac DARK HUNTER known for his destructive nature and stinger tail.

U SHUD BEWEAR IT!!!!!111!11!



Posted by Lime Paradox , Feb 05 2009 · 220 views

The McToran arrived in the mail today. They were every bit as awesome as I'd hoped.


I Finally Rebuilt A Bohrok

Posted by Lime Paradox , Feb 03 2009 · 197 views

I forgot how awesome those guys were.


Yay Old Stuff

Posted by Lime Paradox , Jan 31 2009 · 194 views

I just ordered McToran Huki, Kongu, and Onepu on eBay (and for reasonable prices and free shipping, too). I would've gotten Maku instead of Huki, but I didn't know she was there.

They should be arriving within a week or so...


Kinda Sad

Posted by Lime Paradox , Jan 29 2009 · 215 views

After seven long years, I finally almost beat the MNOLG.

And then Flash stopped working.


Now That Is Awesome

Posted by Lime Paradox , Jan 23 2009 · 409 views

When you search for all members by profile views, I'm right next to IPB Admin.


It's A Bit Late To Be Noticing This, But...

Posted by Lime Paradox , Jan 22 2009 · 169 views

Couldn't Takanuva have just used his color-changing light powers to make his armor gold again?


A Funny Street Sign I Saw Yesterday

Posted by Lime Paradox , Jan 21 2009 · 196 views



New Blog

Posted by Lime Paradox , Jan 19 2009 · 321 views

My old blog sucked, but I'm premier again, so from the darkest depths of a weasel's hole-dwelling comes... Weasel's World!

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