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Velox's Blog


The (in)Sane Man

Posted by Velox , in Personal Writings, School, Literature Oct 24 2012 · 969 views
Villanelle, Poetry and 2 more...

Villanelle written for my Creative Writing class.

~ :: ~

The (in)Sane Man

They say you were always sane,
But in truth your heart is black;
Every attempt to fix you was done in vain.

They say there is something wrong with your brain,
Perhaps it is from your time in Iraq,
But they still insist you are sane.

Laymen, they do not understand the pain,

The horrible pain you endured through every attack.
They try to help you, to heal you—but it is all done in vain.

They lie to you, trying to wane

Any possibility of you getting your true self back.
They keep lying, saying you are sane.

They won’t give you freedom, force you to wear a chain,
Won’t give you anything to get back on track.
They think it will help, but they are just vain.

Everything they do is inhumane,
Every word you say is answered with a vicious whack.
They keep telling you you’re sane.
But you do not believe them; their efforts all done in vain.

~ :: ~

Okay, so, I'm not particularly pleased with this (hence just posting it here and not in COT), but I figured I'd post it anyway. It's taken from an idea I had a while ago for a short story, and I really think I should've just left it for a short story, but my poem was due in a couple hours and this was the first semi-workable idea that came to mind, so I went with it. I still hope to write the short story some day, as I like the idea (which wasn't even exactly correctly portrayed here), but for now this is it. I'm really not a fan of having to write a fixed form poem (i.e., having to comply with rhyming, structure, etc.), which is the main reason I didn't like writing this poem as much as the others I wrote, but I still did enjoy it -- it was something I hadn't done before, and I had to challenge myself.

Comments/etc. are welcome.

~ Velox


This Time With Babies

Posted by Velox , in Personal Writings, BZPower, League of Authors, Literature Oct 01 2012 · 421 views
Poetry, BZPower Contest, Ambage
New poem: Life of a Father. Wrote this last Monday for my Creative Writing class after holding my cousin's new baby two days before. Comments are much appreciated. =]

And check out the new Fortnightly Flash Fiction Contest! If you enjoyed the flash fiction marathon, that's what this is, just not quite so rapid-fire. Stories are due by October 8th, 11:59 PM EST. Also check out the Ambage if you like writing -- we have made several changes and added new features.

~ Velox


What are you doing at 11am?

Posted by Velox , in Other, Literature Sep 21 2012 · 1,201 views

If the answer is not "having second breakfast" then unfortunately your answer is wrong. Join in!! Take part! In honor of the 75th anniversary of the publication of the Hobbit, people are dedicating 11am to a "second breakfast" to celebrate Hobbit-style!

Happy Tolkien Week, everyone! And enjoy that food!

~ Velox


The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak

Posted by Velox , in Reviews, Literature Aug 23 2012 · 1,142 views
Book Review, The Book Thief and 1 more...

Posted Image

The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak
ISBN: 0375842209
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf
Release Date: 2005
Rating: 5/5

A fantastic story about a little girl living in Germany during World War II, her parents gone and her brother dead. She takes comfort from her foster parents, most especially from her foster-father, an extremely kind man who gives up sleep -- and himself -- for this little girl, Liesel Meminger. She gains a great love for words, books, and writing as her acordion-playing foster-father helps her to learn how to read, so much so that she steals books from wherever possible, even Nazi book-burnings. Through the struggling of learning to read, surviving during this horrible time, gaining friends, and obtaining material for her to read, The Book Thief tells the fantastic story of Liesel Meminger.

The Book Thief, as much as anything else, is a book about people. The characters of The Book Thief are quite extraordinary, and certainly make the novel great. Liesel, of course, the main character to whom much sympathy is given. Seeing all of these events through the eyes of a nine-year-old (and up to fourteen years old as the novel progresses), is really quite amazing, and definitely emotionally moving. This story as a whole really gives you a unique look on World War II and the Germans -- it forces you to realize, whether you did before this book or not, that not all were bad. Liesel and her family prove this. WWII was a terrible thing, and horrible things happened to people on both sides -- all the more reason why it's important to remember that not every simply supported Hitler and the things he did, even if they were German. This book helps you realize that.

My favorite character, perhaps, would be "Papa" -- Hans Hubermann. A fantastically portrayed father-figure for Liesel, he's really quite the extraordinary man. Waking up every single night for a long period of time in order to comfort Liesel of her nightmares. He'll stay awake for hours, playing the accordion and teaching her how to read. Which is one of the most enjoyable parts of this book. At her brother's death, Liesel picks up a book in the snow, The Gravedigger's Handbook -- the first act of book thievery. With that she begins to read, taught by her Papa and slowly, but definitely surely, becoming better and better to the point that she can read, and read well. Even so well that she is paid in food -- something very scarce for her foster-family -- to read to an old lady. And so it is thanks to her Papa that she becomes the very enjoyable character that she is.

The Book Thief is, without question, a story about a bibliophile and a writer. Perhaps that is why I loved the book so much, as those are two traits that I share with her. Of course, I have it easy. As much as she loves books, she is only able to get them by stealing, as they are otherwise banned. The dedication she has to learning to read and write is simply awesome and inspiring. If she could become a lover of books -- if she could read books at all -- during such horrible times as WWII, then really, no one has an excuse for not reading. Everyone should love and cherish books.

And her Papa helps her with that, always supportive, always giving up time to help her. What I love about Papa is just how great of a man he is. He doesn't care what happens to himself -- as seen when he gives food to a Jewish man, among many, many other instances -- but only cares about helping others. He is a great father-figure, and suffers greatly -- even at the hand of himself -- to help others. One particular moment that I liked is when he is, to put it simply, quite stern with Liesel. He in fact even hits her (something that is not uncommon, but almost never done by Papa -- in fact this may be the only time he does it, I forget), but really, really doesn't like doing so. He wants to just hug her and hold her and tell her everything is okay, but he doesn't. He forces himself to do the right thing in order to protect her and their family. Quite simply, he saved their lives. I don't agree with the fact that he hit her, no, but you also have to realize that times were different then. And even so, I respect him for doing the hard thing as it was for her.

Liesel also develops close relationships with other characters throughout the story. One, Rudy, is her best -- and one of her only -- friend. They spend many hours together, and it was quite enjoyable reading their interactions with each other, the nick names they had (even if they were insults -- that's what made it great), how well they got along, and how badly they got along. Bickering, making fun of each other, getting in arguments, but never anything serious. Always in the way of a great friendship, made greater and stronger by his love for her and later, as she discovers, her love for him as well.

Another great character she becomes close to is Max Vandenburg. An extremely enjoyable character to read about as they also gain a great, great friendship as he lives in their basement (a Jew). The things they do together, the books he writes for her, the presents she gives him when he's sick, all forming together to create something that, again, is simply just very enjoyable, many times putting a smile to my face as I read their interactions.

The last character I want to mention, and one that she shares a strong bond with, albeit in a very, very different way from the previously mentioned character. Not a close friend that she spends a lot of time with, but still someone who Liesel grows close to and someone who is very influential on Liesel, Ilsa Hermann was another great character. She provides Liesel with many of the books she "steal", and as the novel progresses they grow closer and closer, coming to an understanding with each other. Toward the end of the book she gives Liesel perhaps the greatest gift yet -- a blank book with lined paper, the book that Liesel uses to write the story of her life; The Book Thief. At one point it says how "...there would be punishment and pain, and there would be happiness, too. That was writing." Something very true, and it's awesome to be able to relate to such an amazing character that is Liesel.

But the characters aren't the only things that make The Book Thief such an stunning book. Amazingly written, and from Death's perspective, it really is quite unique. I personally loved the format and the way that Death would narrate things -- it gives not only a unique outlook on the story, but a unique outlook on writing in general. Not to mention it reminds you that Death isn't a bad thing -- Death isn't the Devil, after all.

The emotion, as I'm sure you can imagine from a book set during World War II and about a young girl, is definitely heavily-laced throughout the story, but it is quite well done. It had me smiling and on the verge tears many times, a book that struck the heart through both happiness and sadness. The ending especially was simply fantastically written, Very sad, but fantastic all the same.

I am quite surprised that it is considered a children's book -- I can see a Young Adult's book, as I think it is an extremely important book with great messages and great for teens -- but it cannot be ignored that the subject is also not exactly for children. With much minor swearing (and a few not-so-minor occurrences) and the subject matter of WWII, it's definitely not the most kid-friendly or happy read, but all the same, it is amazing.

Overall The Book Thief was an amazing read, and I'm sure it will remain one of my favorite novels. Definitely highly, highly recommended. If you are a bibliophile, a writer, simply someone interested in Nazi Germany, then this book is especially for you -- but really, this book is for everyone.

As the New York Times puts it, "It's the kind of book that can be life changing." Definitely is a life changing book for me – it makes you realize how fortunate you are. I can go to the bookstore and buy any book I want. I can write whenever I want, any time. I can read whenever I want. Liesel didn’t have that luxury, yet she still was determined to read.

(Rantings of Harry Potter to possibly come soon, as I had just finished reading the whole series for the first time before I started The Book Thief on Tuesday)

~ Velox


Nook Tablet

Posted by Velox , in Other, Life, Literature Jul 29 2012 · 711 views

Heh, been a while.

Anyway, one of my birthday presents was a Nook Tablet. Gotta say, I'm definitely loving it. It's going to be very useful when I go to college this fall, as I'll be able to download a lot (most likely) of my textbooks, so I can just carry around my slick Nook instead of a bunch of books. Not to mention it's really awesome for if I ever want to read outside of my house -- waiting rooms, plane trips, car trips, etc. Of course, the problem is that I buy most of my books at a used bookstore where they're between $1-5, usually $1, and on the Nook, they're often more than that. =/ Oh well. I've already downloaded a couple of my favorite books, plus a handful of cheap and/or free ones.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of slight things about the Nook -- I can't seem to post on BZPower (I click on the add reply box, and the keyboard won't come up -- still looking into that, though), and there aren't Skype/AIM apps. I can, however, use websites for that, so it's fine, just not as neat. And a couple other things, but they're all minor. Otherwise, the Nook Tablet is extremely awesome. It will especially be handy as a calendar -- I need to keep better track of things that I need to do/appointments/etc. I have/etc., and this will definitely come in handy. Very much so.

But of course this is just going to make me add to my reading list. I seriously have so many books I want to read -- a lot of which I already have in normal book-format. I have nine books that I want to read "next," and then (literally) hundreds of others I want to read after that. Currently I'm re-reading the Hobbit, which is amazing (I don't remember much from the last time I read it, as it was a long time ago). Man, I am so excited for that movie! I'm not sure it'll be able to top TDKR, but I'm sure it'll come close.

I also got the Les Misérables 10th Anniversary Edition Soundtrack for my birthday, which is also very amazing (my personal favorite version, mostly because of Colm Wilkinson and Philip Quast). Speaking of music, I've started buying CDs again. I've never been that much of a music and/or CD person, but now that I have my license (oh yeah, I passed my test with flying colors after starting to drive for the firs time two weeks earlier. Forgot to mention that here. Driving is fun!) and a car that I can use whenever I want (and no iPod jack), I've started using CDs more. I recently bought Oh! Gravity and Vice Verses Deluxe Edition, by Switchfoot, which are both awesome, and that technically completes my Switchfoot collection because the only CD I'm missing is Hello Hurricane, but a live version of that comes with the VV Deluxe. The other bands I am trying to get CDs for are: Matt Maher, Owl City, The Fray, Lifehouse, Coldplay, Eisley, Rise Against (although I have 4 of their albums, just not in CD format), Yiruma, and Linkin Park, among others (those are my first priority). That bookstore I mentioned also sells a few CDs for $5 (where I got Oh!G), so I should be able to get a lot of those there.

All right, I think that's enough rambling for now. Look at that, I actually (very slightly) rambled for once. I should try to use this more, maybe.

~ Velox


A Monster Calls

Posted by Velox , in Reviews, Literature Jun 15 2012 · 968 views

Posted Image

A Monster Calls, by Patrick Ness is honestly one of the best books I have ever read. Illustrated by Jim Kay, this book tells the story of a thirteen-year-old boy named Conor who wakes up at seven minutes past midnight to find a monster outside his bedroom window. For a long time he has been having nightmares almost nightly, but this isn't the monster from those nightmares -- this monster is different and wants something from Conor: the truth. Filled with emotion, characterization, and great writing, this novel tells Conor's story as he faces his mother's illness and the nightmare that haunts him.

I've been trying to find this book for a few months now at a used bookstore (what can I say, I'm cheap =P), but hadn't been able to find it until I visited Powell's bookstore in Portland when I was at Bricks Cascade (I'm sure I could have found it at a normal bookstore like B&N, but I haven't looked -- I know they have it online). I actually ended up buying it new anyway (it was only $16.99), and I definitely don't regret it. I started and finished this novel a few days ago and couldn't put it down while reading it. It has so much great characterization, plot, emotions, description, tales, not to mention the fabulous illustrations that accompany the text and simply the fact that the writing was very well done. I really want to read it again, but I'm forcing myself not to so I can read some of the other books on my mile-long list of books to read.

But honestly, this book is highly recommended. I am really, really grateful to Katie (aka Ezorov) for telling me about it and "nagging" me to read it because I loved it and it is now definitely one of my favorite books. On that note, today is her birthday, so you should all go say "Happy Birthday" to her over here in the birthday topic I made for her!

And if anyone's wondering, this is where my recent banner/avatar came from. I may write a more "official" review of it later on, but I just wanted to throw this out there that it's an amazing book and highly recommended.

~ Velox



Posted by Velox , in Personal Writings, Literature, BZPower Jun 08 2012 · 593 views
Summer Olympics, Library, Contest


I typed away furiously at the black keyboard before me. I glanced at the clock on my computer screen. One-hundred words to go, nine minutes left to enter. I focused on the task at hand, pushing all other thoughts aside and only caring about the story in front of me. I continued to type, my stream of consciousness flowing straight from my mind to the keys and subsequently onto the computer.
..........There, I said to myself, finished. I looked at the clock again. Perfect. Three minutes left. I quickly switched to my internet browser and clicked on the Fast Reply box at the bottom of the screen. I quickly typed out my Member Name, the Theme, Word Count, and then copied and pasted my story from the Microsoft Word document and into the white box. No time for any formatting – not that it was allowed, anyway – so I gave it a quick once-over, spotted a single grammar mistake, fixed it, and then clicked the “Post” button.
..........The page loaded and there it was: my story entered into the contest with a minute left. I smiled to myself, proud that I accomplished my goal and entered in time, even if just barely.
..........I scrolled up the page, glancing at the other entries. Forty entries all together.
..........“Quite a good turnout, wasn’t it?” Velox asked as he posted the new theme.
..........“Indeed. And just one down; still eleven more to go.”
..........“Time to start on ‘Treasure’,” he said, the second theme posted.
..........There it was. The next theme. Treasure. Already the wheels in my head began turning, thinking of a myriad of possibilities I could use for my story. I sat down and began writing, excited to write again.

~ :: ~

...Five Days Later

Amor Omnia Vincit. I wracked my brain trying to think of a story idea for this theme. But nothing came. Only six themes into the contest and my inspiration was already dying. My writing seemed to get worse and worse with each story.
..........Not matter what I did, nothing came. Come on, I shouted inwardly. You can do this, you can do this, just focus. I sat there for a few minutes, head resting in my hands, probing my brain for answers, ideas. Something.
..........And then it hit me. The inspiration inside me flourished once again; an idea had popped into my brain. I opened up a blank Word document quickly, and began to write, my fingers flowing across the keyboard. It was exhilarating, enlivening.
..........But that feeling didn’t last long.

~ :: ~

...Six Days Later

There. Last one, I think to myself after I had finished writing my entry for the twelfth theme. I drop my hands, exhausted. Relieved that the twelve days are over. My fingers are sore, my mind tired. But I know it’s over. I completed them all, entered every single theme. And now finally I can relax. A sense of pride filled me. I did it. I leaned back in my chair, propping my feet up on the desk, resting my head in my hands.
..........“Why are you laying back?” Velox asked. “These were just the beginning. The warm-ups. Simply a preparation for the real contest. So get back to your computer and start typing. The BZPower Library Summer Olympics 2012 are about to begin.
..........And that invigorated feeling hit me again as my passion for writing consumed me. I was ready for the challenge. Ready to write.

~ :: ~

From here. Yes, not the best writing, I realize that (most-likely due to getting my wisdom teeth taken out and not being in the mood to write), but it served it's purpose, I think. The Library Summer Olympics have now officially been announced.

~ Velox


The Bzpower League Of Authors: Reborn

Posted by Velox , in BZPower, League of Authors, Literature May 20 2012 · 2,247 views
Authors Guild

...Is back. Nuile and I realize that we have neglected this, and we also realized several problems there were with this writers' club. But we are ready to devote our time once again to this in order to hopefully stimulate writing on BZP, whether it be fanfiction or not. As such, we have decided to start smaller -- we realized that we expanded far too quickly, and as such for the moment the League of Authors shall consist of only bi-weekly challenges and a Review Pass.

With this new change comes a new name: The League of Authors is now the BZPower Authors' Guild. With the smaller set-up, a new name was needed that conveyed that -- "League" denotes something much, much larger. We do hope to expand in the future, but for now, we hope that this format will help our fellow writers on BZPower.

What is the League of Authors? you might ask. For those that don't know, the LoA is a creation of Nuile that is, in some ways, the successor to the writers' clubs before it (honorable mention to Lazzy the Spazzy for, in my opinion, having the most successful writers' club with his "Story Fit" which was a great inspiration to the formation of this club). All the LoA -- now BAG -- is, is a writers' club for the members of BZPower; to get writers writing more, to inspire writers, and to help writers become even better than they already are, because let's face it: everyone can improve.

Want to join? Post in the main entry stating your desire to join, and you'll be added to the list! Simple as that. There are no restrictions here: we welcome everyone and anyone who wants inspiration to write more and/or become a better writer.

And so, it is with great joy that I say: Welcome to the incarnation of the LoA: The BZPower Authors' Guild. Nuile and I will remain dedicated to this, and we hope you will as well. After all, in the great words of an anonymous writer:

"A writer writes. If you want to be a writer, write."

That is what this club is for.

~ Velox


Burning Bridges

Posted by Velox , in Personal Writings, Literature May 05 2012 · 803 views
vignette, write-off and 1 more...
Another 15-minute write-off between 5 5's and co. that was written about a week ago. Even though it's kinda dark, I really like this one, and hope to expand upon the idea with a larger story at some point. Until now, a vignette:

Theme: Bridges

Burning Bridges

I was sick. Sick of myself, sick of whom I had become.
..........Death was a salient part of my life. I had gone places I wished I had never even heard of. Done things. Things that could only be described in a nightmare. And now I was that nightmare. A dæmon. A monster. An eidolon. I had passed the bridge of redemption long ago, leaving it behind and doing only what I was ordered to. Every day I had wished to go back, to turn from my ways, but I never did. Never could. I continued the appalling behavior, letting the demonic side of me take over.
..........I knew there was no going back, yet every day I still hoped that there was. A way to stop the wraith from consuming my being.
..........My reflection stared back at me in the mirror, eyes black as my soul, full of hatred and malice. I hated it. Hated myself. My fist flew toward the mirror, shattering it into hundreds of pieces. My hand bled, but I didn’t care. Pain was no longer a concern of mine. Today was the day I would fix everything. Burn the bridges that kept me from changing. Shatter every malicious part of my being just like the broken mirror before me.
..........I finished dressing, tying my tie and then putting on my suit jacket, still staring at my reflection in the mirror, now a kaleidoscope. Those dark eyes still protruded from the lightness of the room, but I could see a hint of light shining forth from the calignosity of my being.
..........I holstered my pistol at the small of my back and left the apartment, ready to take on my controller, the head of the mob family I worked for. No longer would my soul belong to him. No more would I do his every bidding, every atrocious act he ordered.
..........Once this bridge was burned, my soul would be free.

~ :: ~

~ Velox


The Flight

Posted by Velox , in Personal Writings, Literature Apr 18 2012 · 1,053 views
writing challenge, short story and 1 more...

So yesterday I posted a vignette called The Forest, done for a little "write-off" between John (55555) and others. We've been doing them for the past four or five nights now, so I'll probably post more here, but here's the one that we just did. Also, just for a little background on these write-offs: someone chooses a theme (usually John -- in this case, the theme was "Flight"), and then everyone participating (tonight it was Rene [EW], John, Micah [Kakaru], Lord Oblivion, and a couple other people not on BZP) is given that theme and then 15 minutes to write about it, no time for preparation (unless you want to take away from writing time), and no editing afterwards. As such, keep in mind that it is not the quality of my usual work and is unedited.

The Flight

We ran. Ran until our legs burned and our feet blistered. The forest whipped past us as we dodged the trees, not concerned with where we were going as long as it was far away from here. In my arms I carried my 18-month-old son who was crying emphatically. But I ignored his cries, focusing only on the running. Concerned with only his safety and mine.
..........I chanced taking a look behind me and I could still see our pursuers hot on our heels. We weren’t gaining on them. No, they were gaining on us. In the distance smoke still rose from above the tree line.
..........They had come in the middle of the night with no warning, burning our houses, killing everyone in sight. When already half the village was destroyed the warning bell finally came. I was awakened, first from the horrid cries of my neighbors, then the ringing tone of the campanile got me on my feet. I quickly shook my wife awake, a sound sleeper, and grabbed my satchel which I kept for emergencies. I put the bag around my neck and placed my sleeping son in my arms.
..........“Go!” I yelled to my wife, who without hesitation began to run. We made for the tree line, following a small group of others who lived on same side of the village we did, the farthest part from where the attackers came.
..........And so we ran. Ran with all the strength we had. I wished I could help my son, give him something to make him stop crying. Something to tell him it was going to be okay. But I couldn’t. I could only run for dear life and pray to God the barbarians didn’t catch us.
..........My wife had tried to stay with me, but I ordered her to go on; she was faster not having to carry anything. I saw her up ahead, dodging the trees just as I was as she ran. For a brief second I saw her worried, scared, horrified face as she looked back toward me. I knew what she was feeling. We all did, and we all felt the same way.
..........It was hopeless. They’d catch us. But we ran anyway, fleeing from the place we had called home for generations.
..........I tripped over a root of a tree, falling face first into the frondescence that had formed on the ground. I kept my son in the air, taking the force of the fall on my chest and face. Pain seared through my being, but the adrenaline in my system allowed me to ignore it. To fight on. I picked myself up and ran again.
..........Finally, after what had seemed like hours, I looked behind again. No longer were our pursuers following us. I stopped, taking a closer look and realized it was true. They were gone. Our number had lessened, but we were not longer being hunted.
..........I fell to my knees on the forest floor. My wife came up behind me, hugging me closely. Tightly. The other members of our group gathered together to celebrate our victory. We were safe. We were alive. Our flight from the enemy was over.

~ :: ~

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