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Velox's Blog


Ambage Member List

Posted by Velox , in League of Authors Mar 09 2012 · 834 views
The Ambage, Members
In order to make the main Ambage post shorter, the member list will be given and updated here:
Tyler Durden 
Sechs - King of Facade 
Emperor Kraggh
Kal Grochi 
Toa Onarax 
Nick Silverpen 
Alex Humva
Emperor Whenua 
Peach 00
Flaredrick: Forgotten One
Dual Matrix
Commander CeeCee
Takua the Chronicler7
Pahrak #0579
Takuaka: Toa of Time
Phantom Terror
Total members: 42


League Of Authors Bi-Weekly Challenge #4

Posted by Velox , in League of Authors Dec 09 2011 · 211 views
Bi-Weekly Challenge #4, LoA

Posted Image

"Let us not, dear friends," says Nuile, "forget our dear friends the bi-weekly challenges! The time has come"--and passed, it might be added--"for another to begin!"

Your theme this week is:


Nuile explains: "The capacity, quality, or fact of being patient; or solitaire if you're British. Interpret and incorporate it into your story as you fancy. I'd like to see how you can put a logical face on a team of Toa playing solitaire."

If you are pococurante to this theme, perhaps you will find the details re your challenge more interesting:

Span several time frames

"Whether the interval between portions of your story consists of centuries, years, months, weeks, days, or hours, it qualifies; I'm not meticulous. Just excercise your own common sense. Skipping five minutes doesn't count."

Augment Your Lexical Ken

Re prep. In reference to; in the case of; regarding.

Pococurante (po-ko-koo-ran-tee) adj. Indifferent; apathetic.

Like is commonly used as a conjuction, in place of as, a substitution which is considered informal. Propriety requires the The dogs howled as(not like) we expected them to. Like is more acceptably used in informal style alongside verbs such as feel, look, seem, sound, and taste, as in It looks as if we are in for rough weather. Here as if would be preferable in formal writing. There can be no objection to the use of like as a conjuction when the following verb is not expressed, as in (not like in) He took to politics like a duck to water. Still, the following construction would be formally preferable: He took to politics as a duck takes to water

"See you next time!"


League Of Authors Bi-Weekly Challenge #3

Posted by Velox , in League of Authors Nov 21 2011 · 138 views
League of Authors

Posted Image

"Welcome back!" says Nuile. "Velox and I are glad to announce that the League of Authors has returned! . . . Again. Again again--again? Well, never mind how many returns we have had; we will have as many as necessary, though hopefully there won't be any more for a while.

"Thanks to Velox and his dedication, the LoA still has a host and so all our features are back, and more are in the works! Alas, the first two challenges are no longer open for entry, but you have from now until December [insert 28 days from the day this is posted] to enter this one here if you so choose, when another challenge will begin--but don't forget this is bi-weekly; there will be a challenge 14 days from now as well!

"Well then! Without fruther cunctation, let's issue a challenge, eh?"

This week's theme shall be:


Nuile explains, "Derive from this any interpretation you desire, integrate it into your Short Story or Epic chapter within the next four weeks, and post the link to your story topic here. In addition to the standard four points for entering, if you follow the theme."

And now we shall segue straight to your task for this week:

Write a Poem

"You have the option to write your entire Short Story in verse, or, if you prefer, to have one of your characters utter a poem. Or a song, even. Alone or accompanied by prose, tune or no tune, as long as it has a rhyme scheme and is formatted properly, it qualifies and earns you another extra point. And if you're really lame"--Nuile raises his hand--"you can just write a haiku. But I wouldn't try to post a single haiku in its own topic, if I were you. . . . Blog entry? Sure, why not?"

Ameliorate your Lexical Ken

Cunctation n. - Procrastination; delay.

Segue v. - To make a transition without interruption from one activity, topic, scene, or part to another.

Number of, amount - Number of should be used only for countable objects, as many: "I have a number of suits in my closet."Amount should be used for a mass, as much:"What amount of water do we need?"

Remember that each word and tip earn you an extra point--three in all. And if you qualify for everything--theme, challenge, vocabulary, and grammar--you'll earn another point, for a grand total of ten points!

"It's great to be back!" cries Nuile with alacrity. "I hope you're as excited re our return as we are! Enjoy the challenge; see you again in two weeks!"


The Bzpower League Of Authors

Posted by Velox , in League of Authors Nov 21 2011 · 105 views
League of Authors

The League of Authors

:: The BZPower League of Authors ::
:: League of Authors Members and Sign Up ::
:: League of Authors Review Rewards ::
:: League of Authors Point Standings ::
:: League of Authors Short Story Review Pass ::
:: League of Authors Epic Review Pass ::
:: League of Authors Suggestion Box ::

Challenge Archive:
Weekly Challenge #1
Weekly Challenge #2

Posted Image

Ladies and gentlemen, writers of all genres, welcome to the Bionicle Zone Power League of Authors! If you are a writer of fiction looking for incentive and inspiration to write, look no further! The very purpose of the LoA is to impel authors to write more, to motivate them to improve their literary and grammatical skills, to encourage them to read and review the stories of others, and most importantly, to make the entire writing process more fun and enjoyable for all concerned!

Bi-Weekly Challenge
Once every two weeks, every other Sunday, we will post a theme and challenge, along with bonus vocabulary words and grammar tips. Simply submitting a Short Story or one chapter of an Epic each week will earn you points, but you can earn more by following the theme, completing the challenge, and correctly using the words and tips.
Entering the challenge alone will earn you five points. You may also earn one bonus point each by following the theme, completing the challenge, and using the vocabulary words and grammar tips in your story.
Bi-Weekly Challenge #1

Every three months, a new contest will be posted, giving you a two month entry period. At the end of that time judging will begin, and soon after the winners will be announced. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will receive points and a trophy to display in their story topic, on their blog, or etcetera.
For entering a contest, you will receive six points. The winner will be awarded thirty points, the second place winner will be awarded twenty, and the third place winner will be awarded ten.
Point Standings
Hall of Fame

Point Standings

Author of the Month
On the 25th of every month (what a misnomer!) we will select the member of the League of Authors with the most points to be the Author of the Month, and he or she will be interviewed in time to be posted on the 1st of the next month.
Hall of Fame

Other Features
Members and Sign Up
Short Story Review Pass
Epic Review Pass
Review Rewards
Point Standings
Suggestion Box

Want to join the League of Authors? It's as simple as 1--follow the link--2--follow the guidelines and post--3--start participating right away!

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Special Thanks
"I would like to express my gratitude," says Nuile, "to the following people: to Zarayna and Velox, for inspiring me to create the League of Authors, and for aiding me in its running; to Cherixon, without whom the LoA would not exist; and to all of you, the LoA members, without whom this could not exist! Many thanks to you all!"



Posted by Velox , in League of Authors, Literature, BZPower Jan 28 2008 · 301 views
Write-Offs are writing challenges originally created by 55555 and Kakaru, where a group of people get together in a group chat on Skype and write. A theme is given, and all participants have 15-minutes to write a vignette/flash fiction story about said theme, with no extra time for editing or preparing. At the end, the stories are sent to all participants and the participants critique each others' works.

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