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Velox's Blog


#1 New York Times Bestseller/nanowrimo

Posted by Velox , Oct 24 2010 · 71 views
That is what American Assassin is right now. And it was only released on the twelfth this month.

And let me tell you. It deserves it. Just finished reading it after getting it at that book signing on Wednesday [and with school and basketball, it wasn't easy to read it so quick -- but it kept me hooked, and I couldn't put it down]. Awesome lecture, too, that he gave. But anyway, back to the book itself.

I will say it wasn't quite what I expected. But it was amazing. It delved into Mitch Rapp's character a lot, and just allowed for a fascinating read with fascinating characters. It kept me hooked the whole way. I don't want to give anything away, so I won't say what specifically I liked, etc., etc. But I really don't think you'll be disappointed if you pick it up.

And it's the best time, too! If you're new to Vince Flynn, this is the perfect time to start. Besides Term Limits, this is the first book in the Mitch Rapp series. Y'see, he wrote TL as a standalone novel, which didn't include Mitch Rapp at all. He then wrote ten novels with Mitch Rapp, which did include some characters from TL. Anyway, in AA, he tells the beginning of Mitch Rapp, how he became a CIA agent, his first kill, and more. So if you haven't read a Mitch Rapp book yet, why not read AA first? That's what I did [I've only read Term Limits besides AA]. And so you see, it really is the best time to start on Vince Flynn's stuff.

Though of course go ahead and read TL first -- it's interesting to see some of the characters transfer over from that into AA.

So yeah, I know I've been advertising Vince Flynn a lot lately, but really, he deserves it. #1 New York Times Bestseller just after one week of the book being released.

Anyway, since my last book entry, I have gotten a few other books. This is because I was looking for The Third Option -- the last Vince Flynn book I need -- and so I went to several used bookstores where I unfortunately did not find it, but did pick up some other stuff [I decided to order TTO on Amazon]:
  • Agatha Christie's Detectives. Five Complete Novels: The Murder at the Vicarage, Dead Man's Folly, Sad Cypress, Towards Zero, N or M?. Hey, it's five Agatha Christie novels, so no explanation necessary [though unless I find another "collection" (more than one novel in a book) I'm done with buying mystery for now, since I'm reading more thrillers at the moment -- once I finish everything I have I'll start buying again, lol].
  • Marine -- Tom Clancy. No, not a novel. But a non-fiction reference book. And by Tom Clancy. So I thought it'd be good reference, considering two of my characters are Marines.
  • Velocity -- Dean Koontz. I enjoyed Night Chills [though I actually didn't quite finished, because I got American Assassin and started reading that instead =P] and this one sounded cool.
  • Separation of Power -- Vince Flynn. The second-to-last book I needed. And it was hardback, so I was very happy [I only have two of his books that are paperback, the rest are hardback].
  • The Complete Guide to Middle Earth -- J.R.R. Tolkien. Do I really need an explanation to this?
  • Fool Moon -- Jim Butcher. Next in the Dresden Files series -- I loved Storm Front, so decided to get the next one.
  • Mirror Image -- Tom Clancy. This and the three below are the first in their respective series. After I'm done reading a bunch of other stuff, I thought that I'd try all of Clancy's series, so I got the first of these three.
  • Hidden Agendas -- Tom Clancy
  • Politika -- Tom Clancy
  • Portraits of Murder -- Alfred Hitchcock. 47 murder short stories, picked by the great man himself. Of course I got it.
  • The Bourne Identity -- Robert Ludlum. Heard this series was really good, and finally found the first one [I've seen Ultimatum and Supremacy a lot, but not Identity]. Will look forward to reading this some time.
  • Path of the Assassin -- Brad Thor. Another thriller writer that I've heard is very good, and this sounded like the most interesting out of what they had.
And now for the last topic of discussion: NaNoWriMo. Am I doing it? I really do hope so. However, I am not doing the 50k. Think whatever you want of me, I don't care. The fact is that I haven't written a single story over ~5k. Furthermore, I've been extremely busy lately, with school, basketball, and just life in general. Lastly, I haven't written in a long time. I don't think I've written a thousand words with this month and last month combined [basically the only fiction writing I've been doing is for school]. And so, I'm starting small. This is the first time I'm doing this after all. And if I can get over 20k, I will be extremely proud of myself.

What will I be writing? That novel I've been talking about for over a year now. I've got it pretty much all outlined, I have the prologue and part of the first chapter written, I like what I'm doing with it, and I know what I'm going to do with it. The last thing that remains [and has been remaining since ~summer] is for me to write it, which I hope NaNoWriMo will offer sufficient motivation to do so.

Oh, and this year [school-wise] is really gonna suck. Especially because in my favorite class [English] I have one of the worst teachers and she hates me. Ah well. I don't like her either. =P I just wish I had my Freshman English teacher, who I still talk to a lot just because of how awesome he is and how good of a teacher he is. Which is actually another motivation for my novel. He likes my writing, and so I really hope to be able to show him my completed novel before I graduate. Which gives me a little more than a year and a half.

But anyway, enough of my rambling on [no one likes to read these long entries, do they?] -- gotta go clean and do some other stuff, and then I'll start Transfer of Power, aka the first of the Mitch Rapp series after American Assassin.

- Velox


American Assassin

Posted by Velox , Oct 17 2010 · 47 views
The anticipation is going to kill me.


For those that don't know [like, everyone, probably], this is Vince Flynn's newest book, just released in stores everywhere October 12th. I'm getting it on the 20th at the Ronald Regan Presidential Library book signing by Vince Flynn where I get to meet him and, obviously, receive an autographed copy of his new book, as well as listen to a talk by him. Even cooler is that he'll sign any other hardback books I have, which means that I'll have nine signed books by him [his other three that I have are paperback, unfortunately].

But anyway I'm so excited because I've been waiting to read all of his books since I read Term Limits last month. I've been waiting until I get all of his books so that I can read them all in order, and now I have all of them besides AA.

Though! Even more more awesome is that AA is actually a prequel to all of his other books, meaning I can read it first and then read the rest, which will be the chronological order!

Which is so awesome because AA sounds so amazing. It's all about Mitch Rapp's [his main character] beginning -- how he became an assassin, his first kill, etc.

So yes, because of my excitedness, I put you through reading my ramblings. And I probably made a bunch of confusing sentences but I don't care because I'M SO EXCITED and I'm sick so yeah [which is also the reason I haven't been active lately --with school, basketball, homework, and sickness, that basically means school, basketball, dinner, bed]. Will be more active soon.

But enough of that. I'm off to bed.

- Velox


More Books?

Posted by Velox , Oct 02 2010 · 74 views
Indeed, indeed. I was running errands today and thought I'd stop by a used bookstore that I had never been to before and only ~five minutes away from my house.

I only got seven things [lol only -- you'll see why later, but there was actually a very good selection there], mostly due to the price/quality of books. Though I'm being unfair, because these are actually pretty good prices [I'll list the prices] for a used bookstore. It's just that Book Off has really good prices. A row of $1 paperback; a row of unspecified paperbacks, which the most is usually $4 at most, usually less; a row of $1 hardback; and lastly a wall [and a little more] of $5 hardback books. And all of them are in really good condition. Some are a little used, but most are like new [they must get them from various publishers or something]. So yeah, I'd say these prices are pretty good for a normal used bookstore:
  • Memorial Day -- Vince Flynn. $6.95. Definitely worth the price -- it's a hardback, and even though it's not five bucks, it's still good and is in good condition.
  • Transfer of Power -- Vince Flynn. $6.95. Good condition, price could be a little less, due to being paperback, but that's probably just me. Got this and the one above because they're two of the four that I need [they had a third that I still needed, but it wasn't in very good condition] until I have all of his.
  • The Children of Hurin -- J.R.R. Tolkien. $6.95. Oh my goodness, yes! I've been looking for this for a while now [heard it's good, and Tolkien is awesome], and it is in VERY good condition, as well as hardback.
  • A Tolkien Miscellany -- J.R.R. Tolkien. $6.95. Another that I guess could be cheaper, for being paperback, but is in very good condition. And this I've never seen before, and looked awesome. Includes Smith of Wootton Major, Farmer Giles of Ham, Tree and Leaf, The Adventures of Tom Bombadil, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.
  • Night Chills -- Dean Koontz. $0.25. Haha, definitely worth the price. But it was on a special section, so yeah [and is in fairly good condition]. Anyway, I've been told this guy is good, so thought I'd try one out [and it's only twenty-five cents, so why not].
  • Sniper -- Adrian Gilbert. $2.95. This is the main one that I think should have been a lot less [like $0.25 or a dollar at the most], but they wouldn't make it lower than this [it was originally a dollar more, but I talked them into this =P]. I guess it's not that bad of condition, but if was a normal book I wouldn't have bought it. Only got it because it's a reference on snipers, and since two of my main characters are snipers, I thought it'd be good reference.
So yeah. I would have gotten more if it had prices like Book Off [like, a LOT more], but it's understandable, and this wasn't bad -- I'm actually incredibly pleased with what I got. For the Vince Flynn books, those [and two others] I haven't been able to find at Book Off, and the two Tolkien I haven't seen before either. So yes, I am very happy.

Not much else to talk about. I hope to finish the book I'm currently on today or tomorrow to keep up with the book-a-week thing I've been doing. Oh and if there's any books that I -have- to read, let me know and I'll look into them.

- Velox



Posted by Velox , Sep 20 2010 · 37 views
I posted and saw a Huna next to my name. Totally forgot about that, lol. Which means I don't have a three-year anniversary special.

Let's see if I can type something up really quick:

A darkly clad figured panted as he stumbled down a black, wet alleyway. He grabbed on to a smooth, concrete wall, attempting to catch his breath but started running again as the footsteps behind him neared. He side ran into a tin trash bin and he cursed in pain, but kept on, pushing himself off of the rusted metal. He willed himself on, yelling at himself in his mind to keep going. His feet ached. His legs ached. His arms ached. His lungs ached. His head throbbed. But he continued on. For that is what one does when he knows the end is near.

He turned the corner onto a sidestreet, hoping to gain the attention of the cops. But there was no one there. No one to save him. He looked behind him; tears and sweat visible on his face. He tripped as the sidewalk jutted up from a tree root, falling hard onto the rough sidewalk. His hands and knees burned. His body screamed at him to just lay down and say "Screw it" but he kept going. He had to.

Death was the only other option.

He lifted his head up, the globules of sweat falling from his strands of wet hair. He pushed up with his scratched palms and took off running again. His breath was heavy, and his lungs felt like they were about to explode. He couldn't go on further.

No, he cried, I must go on. I must.

He turned down another alley where he met a dead-end. There was no where to go; this was where he would die.

Running up to the wall, he pounded on the hard surface, trying to get away from his impending doom. His hands clawed away, giving one last attempt to save his life when a loud, sharp bang! was heard.

A bullet impaled his body as he was thrown against the wall, only to be hit with two more. His body slumped to the ground, lifeless.


Lol, that started out because of basketball conditioning and all the running we did, so I had the idea of someone panting and running for his life. Then I thought I'd do a "spinoff" of Hope, in a way, since like both are trying to stay alive. =P And there's the result.

I need to do more bursts of writing like that more often. I actually haven't written in a while . . .

So let's see here. Not much else left to say, really. I did go to Book Off again to get some more books yesterday, which was cool:
  • The Big Four -- Agatha Christie. They just got a fairly large Agatha Christie section [like twenty books or more] and I wanted to buy them all, but they were $3.50 so I decided on just the four I thought sounded the coolest.
  • Crooked House -- Agatha Christie
  • The Clocks -- Agatha Christie
  • The Mysterious Mr. Quin -- Agatha Christie
  • The Complete Stories -- Dorothy L. Sayers. I've had Sayers' works recommended to me [she wrote crime novels], and I haven't been able to find anything until now, so I decided to try it out. Plus, I love short story collections.
  • The Big Bad City -- Ed McBain [87th Precinct series]. Same as above. I was really surprised I found two authors that I hadn't been able to find before, lol.
  • Pursuit of Honor -- Vince Flynn. Only four more left of his books to get! Unfortunately they didn't have those four or else I would have bought them without thinking twice.
  • The Cardinal of the Kremlin -- Tom Clancy. Another Tom Clancy book. You can't go wrong with him.
  • Executive Orders -- Tom Clancy
  • Marine Sniper -- Charles Henderson. Tells the true story of the Marine Sniper Sergeant Carlos Hathcock; Marine legend. This I literally saw on the way out [the "MARINE SNIPER" is hard to not see, especially when in bright red letters =P] and thought it looked cool, especially since my two main characters [Vince and Ivan -- aka Velox and Iavo] are both Marine Snipers, so it's a good resource book.
  • The War of the Worlds -- H. G. Wells. I've heard Wells is really good, and I also heard that this book in particular was really good, so I got it.
  • Remember Me -- Mary Higgins Clark. I enjoyed A Cry in the Night, so decided to get a couple more of her books for just a dollar each.
  • We'll Meet Again -- Mary Higgins Clark
Really the only reason I'm doing this is because I'm trying to reach my goal of how many books I have -- I have four small shelves still open [it's a big bookshelf with a bunch of little box cutouts -- maybe about a foot or a foot and a half wide], and I want to fill all of those. If anyone is interested, I actually did make a list of all the books I have in my room right now, just because I wanted a list of all my books on the computer [don't ask me why =P Though I guess mainly just so I can keep track of how many books I've read/not read (not that this is all the books I've ever read)]:

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

As you can see, most of the stuff I have I actually haven't read. I hope to read most [ if not all] of what's on there, plus more. Right now I'm at ~a book a week, which I hope to continue all of this year. Currently reading Storm Front -- Jim Butcher [you happy, Aaron? =P].

. . . And that's about it. Time to eat and then go to sleep! =P

- Velox


Book Review

Posted by Velox , Sep 04 2010 · 44 views
So I finished Vince Flynn's book Term Limits yesterday, after having started it on Monday. Which is fast for me, as while I'm not a slow reader of actual pages, I do normally take a fair amount of time to read through a book. This, however, was so entertaining that I read over 600 pages in four days, one hundred and two hundred pages a day, depending on the day. Is it bad to neglect homework if you're reading? =P

But anyway, back to the subject at hand, that book really was amazing. I just love how he is able to describe things so vividly, but at the same time creates a page-turning read, not allowing the descriptions to slow the pace of the book. Perhaps even more amazing is the author himself. He has dyslexia, and was diagnosed in gradeschool. When he wrote Term Limits, he was initially rejected by over sixty publishers over a course of five years, finally resorting to self-publishing his first novel, which later became a New York Times Bestseller after a publisher saw how well he was selling as a self-publisher. Two other of his novels have become the #1 New York Times Bestseller. And, furthermore, I believe some of his books are being made into movies.

Which, really, is just extremely inspiring. I know this sounds crazy, and maybe I'm crazy for thinking this, but it's made me want to finish and publish the book I'm writing rather than post it here. Though, I doubt I'd be good enough to find a publisher to accept it [especially if his Term Limits was rejected by so many], and so would have to self-publish if I really wanted to.

Back to the book itself, it's an awesome political thriller, complete with assassins, politicians, FBI, Secret Service, CIA, Navy SEALS, Marines, military commandos, bodyguards, snipers, and more. I just love how he made all of his characters -- some of his characters I loved, and others I absolutely hated, wanting to just be a part of that scene and slap them in the face. =P Which is really good writing, IMO. I really do think this is perhaps my favorite book that I have read [though, it is true that I haven't actually read all that many things -- I plan to, now, though, especially since I can get so many books for just a dollar at Book Off, even hardback (the most for hardback being five dollars)]. There also is a fair amount of language, but I don't think it was used excessively, and nor was it distracting from the story.

Enough of my rambling. The tl;dr version: I definitely recommend Vince Flynn's Term Limits.

After I finished it I just had to go to Book Off again to try to get more of his books [really, that store is so amazing. There's an isle of $1 fiction paperback, another isle of $1-5 fiction paperbacks, an isle of $1 fiction hardbacks, and a wall of $5 fiction hardbacks, all of which are in really good condition]. Here's everything I got:
  • Protect and Defend -- Vince Flynn.
  • Extreme Measures -- Vince Flynn.
  • Consent to Kill -- Vince Flynn.
  • Timeline -- Michael Crichton. I've heard this guy is really good from many people, so I finally just decided to pick up one of his books to see how it is, and this one sounded kind of interesting.
  • Debt of Honor -- Tom Clancy. Just another Tom Clancy book that sounded cool.
  • Flags of our Fathers -- James Bradley. Heard this was both an awesome movie and book, and having not seen/read either, I wanted to get it.
  • Stormbreaker -- Anthony Horowitz. I can't remember where I've heard this name before, or who said he was a good author, but when I was looking for some Heinlein stuff [which, unfortunately, they didn't seem to have at a quick glance] I saw this and decided to get it.
Unfortunately, they only had the three Vince Flynn books above besides the other three I already have [Executive Power, Term Limits, and Act of Treason]. Which, even more unfortunately, are not the ones I wanted right now [of course, I still do want them =P], 'cause I want to read them in order, even though you don't have to. But that's okay, as I want to read stuff from other people first, anyway, so that I can possibly buy more from them as well depending on how much I liked them.

Currently reading: Patriot Games, by Tom Clancy.

- Velox



Posted by Velox , Sep 03 2010 · 83 views
Hmm, okay, so. I know I've probably bored you all to death with every thing I write about my murder story here, but once again I'm having trouble deciding something, so I'm posting my thoughts here. Besides, sometimes just writing things out helps me decide something.

So anyway, I started out of having the team of investigators be NCIS Feds, but the more I think about it and the more I read other books, I'm not sure if I want to do that any more. Here are the pros and cons of using NCIS or the FBI [which is the other choice I've considered doing]:


-I "know" more about them through the TV show, but of course that's not necessarily accurate so it's also a con.
-There aren't many [if any] NCIS novels. I could be wrong, but I haven't seen any myself. So this could possibly be a pro, but may be a con.

-It has more cool things [like helicopters, a SWAT team, a lot more of... everything, basically, more funding, etc.]
-I could have it based in Los Angeles, and they could probably still investigate Marines [which is what the first novel is based on] as the nearest NCIS place is in San Diego. I could be wrong, but I just think that the FBI would be able to take over a case. If not, I can always just change the victim to a non-Marine very easily.


-My only information on them is basically from the TV show.
-As there aren't many NCIS novels, this will seem [IMO] like a piece of fanfiction for the TV show.
-NCIS is a lot smaller than the FBI, having less "toys" to work with [helicopters, etc.]
-The team could only investigate Marines/Navy
-It wouldn't be completely accurate if I did what I wanted [I want it set in Los Angeles, but, unless I'm mistaken, there's not a real NCIS in Los Angeles, the closest being Sand Diego]

-I possibly "know" less about them, but considering all I know about NCIS is through a TV show and there's much better sources for the FBI, I could probably know more about the FBI than NCIS [making this kinda a pro]
-I wouldn't be able to have my main character have as much a connection to the FBI as he would with NCIS as he's a Marine. But that's really just minor and I can definitely see him wanting to work for the FBI instead.
-One of the main scenes could -possibly- become less-realistic [I have everything outlined], as with NCIS agents it has them go somewhere before SWAT would get there. However, since the FBI has their own SWAT, that wouldn't be very likely. Then again, I could make some other reason why they go without SWAT, like they don't think there'd be much danger or something.

...And that's about it. So yeah. Your opinions would be much appreciated. Thanks, everyone. [Oh and thanks to everyone that replied to my short story. If you haven't yet, you should! =P]



It's Time To Say Goodbye

Posted by Velox , Aug 27 2010 · 26 views
It's been a good [nearly] three years here on BZPower, but unfortunately my time ends here. School is just way too busy and I no longer like BIONICLE or BZPower -- I mean, this is a kids site after all.

Thanks to everyone for such a great time. =]



Or not. =P

But I do still have to say goodbye, just not to you guys. Today my brother entered the Norbertines [a religious order of Catholic priests -- in other words, he joined the Seminary]. Which basically means that he'll only be able to visit us like once a year and we can only see him about once a month [we have to drive down to the Abbey].

Cool trivia: He's entering with Grant Desme, aka the Oakland A's MVP.

I'm definitely going to miss him [my brother]. Though, I have to say, I'm glad to finally have my own room. =P I mean, even through college all his stuff was still there but now it isn't.

So we dropped him off at St. Michael's Abbey today, and on the way back we stopped at Book Off again [I tell you, I'm like addicted to that used bookstore now =P]. What I got:
  • And Then There Were None -- Agatha Christie. Probably my favorite book that I've read, and definitely my favorite of hers.
  • The White Mountains -- John Christopher. 55555 has been bugging me to get this for a long time [as well as the rest of the Tripods Trilogy, but I couldn't find those] so I finally did.
  • Batman Begins -- Novelization by Dennis O'Neil. Hey, the movie was awesome, it'd be cool in book form, too, I think.
  • The Corps -- W.E.B. Griffin. Just sounded awesome. I love the Marines [and am kind of thinking of joining, but I really have no idea].
  • Trophy Hunt -- C. J. Box. This was recommended by Hugh Hewitt [a conservative talk show host I listen to], so I thought I'd check it out for only a dollar.
  • Storm Front -- Jim Butcher. Nuju Metru has been bugging me to get this for a long time as well, so I finally did [it's the first of the Dresden Files].
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes -- Arthur Conan Doyle. I actually already have a version of this book, but this one is nicer, hardback, and was only one buck.
  • The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. This was interesting. It's not written by Doyle, but rather a lot of people [including Steven King, and I've been wanting to read something by him for a while], so I thought it was cool.
  • Act of Treason -- Vince Flynn. Just another Vince Flynn book because it sounded interesting. And was cheap. And I want more books on my shelves. =P
So yeah, I definitely have a lot to read, but I'll have fun with it all.

[Oh, and if you guys didn't get it, I'm not leaving BZPower, and I still do like BIONICLE/BZP. =P]

- Velox



Posted by Velox , Aug 20 2010 · 38 views
So I was talking to my friend a couple weeks back about books and writing and such. Then we got in to used books stores and how a bunch were closing and all that [a few within several minutes from my house]. Anyway, he knew of a good one like twenty minutes from where I lived that had really cheap books and a really good selection [and also good quality].

Well, I finally went there today. I got ten books for ~$12:
  • A Cry In the Night -- Mary Higgins Clark. Got this because she spoke at my brother's [college] graduation, and so he wanted me to see if she was good or not [and it is mystery, which is a genre I like, and it was a dollar, so why not].
  • The Hunt For Red October -- Tom Clancy. The movie was awesome, why not the book? Besides, it was only a dollar. =P
  • Patriot Games -- Tom Clancy. I just heard Tom Clancy is good, and this one sounded cool [and have not seen the movie, so that'll help with my possibly biased attitude when I read it =P].
  • Clear and Present Danger -- Tom Clancy. Again, this one just sounded good, and is huge and hardback and still only one buck.
  • Unfinished Tales -- J.R.R. Tolkien. It's by Tolkien. Enough said.
  • Artemis Fowl -- Eoin Colfer. I loved that series, and so when I saw the book, I bought it, as 1) it was only a buck; and 2) I wouldn't mind reading it again, along with the whole series.
  • The Murder of Roger Ackroyd -- Agatha Christie. It's Agatha Christie. I love her works. This is one of them. Enough said [and also because I haven't read it yet, so that's a plus].
  • Five Little Pigs (Murder in Retrospect) -- Agatha Christie. See above.
  • Term Limits -- Vince Flynn. Yes, I know, this is only nine. That's because I bought two of this one, lol. No, I did not mean to -- I wasn't really paying attention and just saw the different covers xD. It's okay, though -- they buy/trade books, too, so I'll just exchange it some time since they have more from him.
All are in very good condition.

In short, I am very happy. And I have a lot of reading to do, lol [still have three library books, the used books from my blog entry a few entries down, these, and then a few that I already have at home that I haven't read yet].

And first day of school went well I guess. I can already tell all of my classes are gonna be hard [except maybe Latin, which will only be semi-hard]. Ah, well. At least I'll have good books to flee to. =P

- Velox


Oh No

Posted by Velox , Aug 19 2010 · 24 views
School starts in less than 11 hours!

Where has the summer gone?


So uh. Yeah. Expect my activity to lessen from now on. =P

Also, ready . . . set . . . book suggestions!

I was looking through that old entry of mine, and realized that I still haven't read most of the books people recommended there. Well, I hope to go to a used bookstore soon [Book Off], and supposedly they have a lot of books for like a buck each, so I hope to buy a bunch.

- Velox


What I Love About San Francisco

Posted by Velox , Aug 13 2010 · 33 views
The Weather [yes, capitalization is necessary]. Oh. My. Gosh. It's like, always foggy, and if not, it's always cold. <3 Unfortunately, however, I hate the city itself. Like, if Los Angeles [the perfect city =P] had San Francisco weather [the perfect weather], then that would be amazing.

Anyway, I just spent the day there, going to Ghirardelli Square, a used book store [The Green Apple, if anyone's curious], my aunt's house [unfortunately my uncle wasn't there (her husband), but my other uncle also lives down there (not married) so we had dinner with both of them], and just some random places around the city.

Which is basically a bi-yearly tradition for us, as we often come up to Sacramento to visit my grandpa [like twice-ish a year, sometimes more I guess], and usually spend a day in San Francisco.

Anyway, books I got at the aforementioned book store [all for ~$25]:

- The Silmarillion, by J.R.R. Tolkien. I was actually surprised we didn't have it already, as we do have a few Tolkien things, but since we didn't I definitely wanted to get it. And also because it'd be cool to read the Lord of the Rings again, and read this when I do that as well.
- The Princess Bride, by S. Morgenstern. The movie is one of the best movies ever made, and so naturally I've always wanted to read the book.
- Agatha Christie Crime Collection, which has the three books Peril at End House, The Body in the Library, and Hercule Poirot's Christmas. This just because it was the only Agatha Christie book there was [besides the one below], and Poirot is a cool character.
- The Complete Short Stories of Miss Marple, also by Agatha Christie. Miss Marple isn't my favorite character of hers, but she's still not bad, and since the book was fairly cheap and they're short stories and the only other book they had of hers, I got it. =P
- Executive Power, by Vince Flynn. I actually haven't read anything by him yet, but I when I was browsing the store I happened to pick up one of his books and thought it looked really cool. I was going to buy a couple, but I decided I'd just buy the one that sounds the best just to see if I like the way he writes and stuff.

Aaand I'm going to bed now. Hope all of you have been doing well.

- Velox

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