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Velox's Blog



Posted by Velox , Aug 20 2010 · 139 views
So I was talking to my friend a couple weeks back about books and writing and such. Then we got in to used books stores and how a bunch were closing and all that [a few within several minutes from my house]. Anyway, he knew of a good one like twenty minutes from where I lived that had really cheap books and a really good selection [and also good quality].

Well, I finally went there today. I got ten books for ~$12:
  • A Cry In the Night -- Mary Higgins Clark. Got this because she spoke at my brother's [college] graduation, and so he wanted me to see if she was good or not [and it is mystery, which is a genre I like, and it was a dollar, so why not].
  • The Hunt For Red October -- Tom Clancy. The movie was awesome, why not the book? Besides, it was only a dollar. =P
  • Patriot Games -- Tom Clancy. I just heard Tom Clancy is good, and this one sounded cool [and have not seen the movie, so that'll help with my possibly biased attitude when I read it =P].
  • Clear and Present Danger -- Tom Clancy. Again, this one just sounded good, and is huge and hardback and still only one buck.
  • Unfinished Tales -- J.R.R. Tolkien. It's by Tolkien. Enough said.
  • Artemis Fowl -- Eoin Colfer. I loved that series, and so when I saw the book, I bought it, as 1) it was only a buck; and 2) I wouldn't mind reading it again, along with the whole series.
  • The Murder of Roger Ackroyd -- Agatha Christie. It's Agatha Christie. I love her works. This is one of them. Enough said [and also because I haven't read it yet, so that's a plus].
  • Five Little Pigs (Murder in Retrospect) -- Agatha Christie. See above.
  • Term Limits -- Vince Flynn. Yes, I know, this is only nine. That's because I bought two of this one, lol. No, I did not mean to -- I wasn't really paying attention and just saw the different covers xD. It's okay, though -- they buy/trade books, too, so I'll just exchange it some time since they have more from him.
All are in very good condition.

In short, I am very happy. And I have a lot of reading to do, lol [still have three library books, the used books from my blog entry a few entries down, these, and then a few that I already have at home that I haven't read yet].

And first day of school went well I guess. I can already tell all of my classes are gonna be hard [except maybe Latin, which will only be semi-hard]. Ah, well. At least I'll have good books to flee to. =P

- Velox


Oh No

Posted by Velox , Aug 19 2010 · 217 views
School starts in less than 11 hours!

Where has the summer gone?


So uh. Yeah. Expect my activity to lessen from now on. =P

Also, ready . . . set . . . book suggestions!

I was looking through that old entry of mine, and realized that I still haven't read most of the books people recommended there. Well, I hope to go to a used bookstore soon [Book Off], and supposedly they have a lot of books for like a buck each, so I hope to buy a bunch.

- Velox


What I Love About San Francisco

Posted by Velox , Aug 13 2010 · 145 views
The Weather [yes, capitalization is necessary]. Oh. My. Gosh. It's like, always foggy, and if not, it's always cold. <3 Unfortunately, however, I hate the city itself. Like, if Los Angeles [the perfect city =P] had San Francisco weather [the perfect weather], then that would be amazing.

Anyway, I just spent the day there, going to Ghirardelli Square, a used book store [The Green Apple, if anyone's curious], my aunt's house [unfortunately my uncle wasn't there (her husband), but my other uncle also lives down there (not married) so we had dinner with both of them], and just some random places around the city.

Which is basically a bi-yearly tradition for us, as we often come up to Sacramento to visit my grandpa [like twice-ish a year, sometimes more I guess], and usually spend a day in San Francisco.

Anyway, books I got at the aforementioned book store [all for ~$25]:

- The Silmarillion, by J.R.R. Tolkien. I was actually surprised we didn't have it already, as we do have a few Tolkien things, but since we didn't I definitely wanted to get it. And also because it'd be cool to read the Lord of the Rings again, and read this when I do that as well.
- The Princess Bride, by S. Morgenstern. The movie is one of the best movies ever made, and so naturally I've always wanted to read the book.
- Agatha Christie Crime Collection, which has the three books Peril at End House, The Body in the Library, and Hercule Poirot's Christmas. This just because it was the only Agatha Christie book there was [besides the one below], and Poirot is a cool character.
- The Complete Short Stories of Miss Marple, also by Agatha Christie. Miss Marple isn't my favorite character of hers, but she's still not bad, and since the book was fairly cheap and they're short stories and the only other book they had of hers, I got it. =P
- Executive Power, by Vince Flynn. I actually haven't read anything by him yet, but I when I was browsing the store I happened to pick up one of his books and thought it looked really cool. I was going to buy a couple, but I decided I'd just buy the one that sounds the best just to see if I like the way he writes and stuff.

Aaand I'm going to bed now. Hope all of you have been doing well.

- Velox


What I'm Doing This Summer

Posted by Velox , Jul 06 2010 · 312 views
1. Getting my freakin driving permit. I've put this off far too long [I mean, I could have my license in two days (I'll be 16) if I wanted to, but I haven't started anything yet].

2. Writing 750 words a day, at least. There's this awesome site where you write 750 words a day, and after each day, it'll show you frequently used words and some other stats [there's also badges you can get for completing this however many days in a row and stuff]. I would link to it [really, it is an awesome site; I've written more in the past five days than I have in like a month or two (five because I started on the second of July, not the first)], but it does have some sort of commenting feature and it may not be completely BZP-appropriate ['cause you can choose the option of sharing your work, and so what other people may share might not be entirely appropriate with language or whatever]. But anyway, the point is it's an awesome site and motivates you to actually write, which for me is amazing. =P Many things to Lazzy for showing this to me.

3. Reading at least a chapter of some book a day [and on that note I will take suggestions for people's favorite books that they think I should read even if I don't ever end up reading them].

4. Trying to write a review every day.

...And I think that's it. I've been slacking off on writing, reading, and reviewing things, so I need to get back into those things.

Anyone else have summer goals?



Preston Stormer

Posted by Velox , Jul 04 2010 · 198 views

Not exactly my favorite set, but not bad [William Furno definitely looks a lot better from DV's review]. Also my first time using a black background instead of white -- I'm still not pleased with some of the pics I took, but most turned out alright. Anyway, since I finished taking pics yesterday, I'll start on a review some time next week.



Why Does This Always Seem To Happen?

Posted by Velox , Jul 01 2010 · 179 views
Whenever I write a short story, or get an idea for a short story and start planning it out, I work a lot the first time I work on it, but afterward I never feel like working on it.

A few nights ago I was sitting in bed somewhere around midnight not all that tired and decided to write so I pulled out a notebook/pen and wrote out part of a short story and outlined the rest of it. Personally I am quite fond of the idea, and think it's pretty cool. But, as what always seems to be the problem with me, is that I haven't felt like writing much more since then.

Then of course there's that murder mystery that hasn't really been worked on in a while either. Ah, well. I just hope I can finish those by the end of the summer.

Then of course there's LSO [Library Summer Olympics] which I may or may not write something for, as well as the BS01 contest, which I definitely hope to write something for. I keep getting more and more ideas for that and haven't quite decided which one to go with. The idea is definitely an epic one, though.

Other than that, not much going on. Summer league for basketball has started [as well as conditioning], and surprisingly we won our first JV game [it was against one of the hardest schools we will ever play (not even in our normal league, but much higher) that has two JV teams -- they started with their second (yeah, so our reputation for being good isn't all that great =P), but they brought in their second team after we showed that we didn't want to loose. Turns out we won by a couple points]. So yeah that was fun.



The Importance Of Being Earnest

Posted by Velox , Jun 04 2010 · 209 views
So we read the play a couple weeks ago in British Literature class. It's pretty good.

I'll tell you one thing, though. It's extremely hard to try and explain it to someone in just a few sentences. My first attempt [spoiler'd for those that haven't read it before]:

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Yeah, didn't make any sense, did it? =P I could probably do better if I took a little more time, but on a spare-of-the-moment type of thing it's kinda hard to plan it out coherently.

Also yay just another week-and-a-half until school is finally done. Of course teachers have to load us with big projects at the end of the year, but whatever. If I bug any of you on AIM at like 11 or later it's 'cause I'm finishing a project and wanna kinda talk to someone while I'm working. =P

On the subject of writing I do have a couple other ideas I could use, so hopefully soon I'll pick one that I like and finally be able to start writing.

That's about it. Just remember that your banners gotta be under 100KB -- that's what makes the page load slower, not the large pixels sizes.



A Penny For Your Thoughts

Posted by Velox , May 23 2010 · 245 views
Yes, this is another blog entry about my murder mystery story. =P

Anyway... I'm still stuck on what short of team Velox & Co. [in their human forms, obviously] should be on. I really like the idea of being on NCIS, and I kinda think I'd write the best with that, but the only problem is that I'm not sure I should do that. Just because of the whole NCIS TV series and such.

I dunno, it's hard to explain, but for some reason it doesn't seem right doing it, but at the same time I really want to.

So here's your job: Should V and Co. be NCIS Special Agents, or something else [specify]?

I guess my second choice would be just the LAPD [Los Angeles, California], but yeah. I'm not even sure if the police department has teams of people, so yeah.

Anyway, thanks.



Which Would You Rather See?

Posted by Velox , Apr 30 2010 · 221 views
Now this doesn't mean I'll do whatever one wins, but I am just curious as to which option you would rather see:

A -- A series [or just one story] of Murder Mysteries set in a BIONICLE world with Velox, Jural, Iavo, and others as the investigators -- if anyone knows the characters of Velox, Jural, and Iavo, you will know that they were all on the same team once and were the "police" of their city. Modernized, and more humanized.


B -- A completely human series [or just one story] of Murder Mysteries involving one of the options I showed in an early blog entry [PI, random police detective, normal police, a team of people, etc., etc.]. Completely unrelated to BIONICLE.


C -- A series [or just one story] of Murder Mysteries that's completely unrelated to BIONICLE and is completely human, but uses the characters of Velox, Jural, Iavo, etc. [with human names].

Thanks to all who comment.


Good Cop, Bad Cop

Posted by Velox , Apr 16 2010 · 224 views

That’s right, folks; there’s two new cops in town [aka Forum Mentors]. Nuju’s the good cop. sly.gif

If any of your posts disappear, that’s me. =P

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