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Velox's Blog



Posted by Velox , Jan 07 2010 · 49 views
:: ::

So I got my first Bohrok [I don't have any Kal either] today from Toa_Ausar -- Pahrak. I must say, he is quite a nifty set, and they are quite adorable. I love how he can form into a ball.

My next goal is t get a Rahkshi [as I unfortunately do not have any of those, either], and then to finish my Mata collection [all I have is Kopaka]. Then maybe the rest of the Bohrok and Rahkshi, but it'd be nice to have at least one of each bad guy each year, as well as all the Mata/Nuva [the Nuva I already have].

Also, I took pictures of Stars!Piraka yesterday, and the gallery became public this morning. And, surprisingly, there's already been over one-thousand views. Huh.

These pictures turned out so much better than the Rahkshi. I really hope to get the reviews written for both of those soon, as well as take pictures of Tahu next.



Rahkshi Star

Posted by Velox , Jan 04 2010 · 65 views
:: ::

So I finally took some pics of the Stars!Rahkshi, and hopefully I'll write up the review soon. In the meantime, I'll leave you with a pic of all the Stars, as well as one of the Rahkshi:


Pic quality isn't all that great, but it was darker today than I like it, so...

I'll probably do Nektann next [who may be my least favorite], though maybe Tahu.

If there's one you'd specifically like to see, then I'll do that one next, otherwise, I'll just get to all of them whenever I can.



To The Stars

Posted by Velox , Dec 27 2009 · 40 views
:: ::

My collection of Stars is now complete. Of course, now that means I must review them.

I do hope to indepthly review each with spiffy pictures and all that, but for now [considering I'm not at home and on vacation for the next couple days], you'll have to do with just quick notes on each. For the most part, I am quite pleased. But enough of that. I believe I've already talked about Tahu and Takanuva [both of their masks are the main problem -- too small for Tahu, and should be white on Taka], as those two I bought a while ago.

Gresh ~ He is quite lovely, actually. In fact, I think he looks better in real life than he does on his canister [though I have seen better pictures of him]. The main problems are the fact that his swords and mask are a little too big [I'd much prefer the large mask to a smaller one, like Tahu had]. The swords I don't really mind, either, since I've wanted silver [and black] Gresh swords since they came out. Unfortunately, all the silver this year seems to be inferior, and a lighter -- more dull -- silver. Ah well. But his recolored mask is awesome, and the spike motif he has going on fits him quite well. The colors are pretty evenly distrubuted, so that's another plus for sure.

Skrall ~ As this is the first Skrall [Fero, Atakus, Skrall, Stronius, etc.] set I have, it's new to me. The most obvious thing is the neck, and how incredibly awkward it is. It's one of his leg pieces attached to to his Photok-styled torso, which is quite obvious [especially since the socket on the end of it is at the bottom, and is quite obvious that it's there]. Then of course there's a light gray connector piece connecting the two, helping to the obviousness. As for the shoulder spikes, I'm not quite sure what to think. They seem incredibly huge, but at the same time don't look all that bad. Then there's the helmet itself. I think I wish it would be a little wider, but it's an interesting design. Unfortunately, if you try to turn his head too much, then it'll hit his shoulder spike-things. The last [obvious] flaw is that they don't have a lime green joint at his feet [the Y-connector piece], which would distribute the colors mnore evenly. But despite all that [and I'll go into more depth in the review], he looks quite good, and that black Kopaka sword was too much to resist.

Rahkshi ~ As Shan said in his review, it's definitely a Rahkshi. There may be a few glaring differences [the feet, the height, etc.], but he still looks like a Rahkshi -- which is good. Again, it has that awkward neck connection that Skrall had. The head is also awkward, because it's a bendable plastic, and also doesn't quite fit, and restricts movement. If it were extended a stud, it would be much more pleasing. Though, of course, I'd prefer if the head and spine came separately, as that would not only give a yellow Rahkshi head, but it would look better and allow more movement. I am pleased that they kept the eyes the same as the original Rahkshi -- trans-orange Y-connector [AKA, 'hand' piece]. The feet I don't think are a flaw, as I think they look quite good, but that's just my opinion, I guess. The staff is alright, but only allows so much movement, which is disappointing.

Piraka ~ I'll start with the head. The face isn't as appealing as the other Piraka [except maybe Avak, whose face I didn't like], but doens't necessarily look bad. The spine isn't as awesome as the original Piraka, either. I don't really like how it comes out of the side of his head, and on top of that, the spikes point just straight up, whereas on the original they would curve around to the arm and just look more awesome -- it looks more like a spikey crown, now. Then there's the gray. I'm just not really a fan of it, especially since both the Rahkshi and Taka were already gray. And his feet look odd on him, for some reason unknown -- they just don't seem to fit. I'll probably have a proper explaination when I write up the full review, as I'm trying to get this done ASAP [since I'm about to leave], but for now I'll just leave you with the fact that they look odd. Then there's his weapon -- again, nothing like the original Piraka. I would have liked to have seen some awesome launcher-esque thing like the other Piraka had [harpoon, ice launcher, lava launcher, etc.], or just any awesome weapon [like Zaktann's three-pronged blade], but alas we are stuck with Antroz's blade and a Mahritoran blade. Don't get me wrong, those are awesome weapons, but just would be as cool as something else. Is he recognizable as a Piraka? Not at first glance, no. If you were to line him up with other Piraka, then you can see the resemblance [especially Vezok], but still. Not nearly as much as the Rahkshi.


That was longer than expected. So, yeah, those are just quick thoughts, really. I do hope to review each [even Tahu and Takanuva] in-depth. If you'd like to see a specific one first, just let me know.


I'll leave you with a question: From best to worst, list Kiina, Mata Nui, and Stronius.


Because I Think It Should Be Addressed Again

Posted by Velox , Nov 07 2009 · 21 views
:: ::

So I was going through stuff on my computer, and I came across an old MSWord document that had this blog entry by Primus.

Now, I don't expect everyone to write a paragraph about the MOC, but when you review it, include detail, be specific about what you want changed. And don't use number ratings. I know, some of you will say "But Primus, you used number ratings." That's true, I did. And I regret it. But I always had a longer comment about the MOC with my number rating, instead of "ZOMG, Awesome! 10.32843284/1.190192823!1!11!1!"

Just because BZPower is a forum for children doesn't mean that we have to act like children when we post. I don't expect a complex vocabulary, on the contrary, sometimes that makes you seem even more childish. I just expect you to say what you like about the MOC, what you don't like, how they can improve, something about the MOC. Be specific, be helpful, be courteous. And don't spam.


Those really are words of truth. Especially the bolded parts.

On another note, I like how whenever there's a BBC Contest so many people have banners over the size limits. It makes it easy to find sigs to report.


Writers' Club

Posted by Velox , Nov 06 2009 · 47 views
Please read this entry.

:: ::

Welcome to the Writer's Club! The BZPower Writers' Club is a group of writers that have gotten together to help each other improve their literacy skills as well as discuss their story ideas. This entry may be used for discussion of the club or of literature in general; I'll probably make another entry for writing ideas/discussion, and I'll be making a Library entry soon [please post your works there!].


The purpose of the Writers’ Club is to get people more active in the Library. In both writing and reviewing [though mostly the latter], the Library seems to be getting less and less activity. And so, that’s why I – with the help of others – created this club. The basic motto is “review and you will receive reviews” – which is exactly what this club is about. If you join, then you are asked to review a certain number of literary works per month. Also, there will be a Library compiled of literary works written by club members; those must be reviewed first, in return for any reviews you have given.


We ask that before one joins, you agree to the following:

-You agree to review at least three literary works a month. If you are part of the SSCC, ECC, or COTSCG then two of your three reviews may be done for those clubs. However, I ask that for at least one review, you either review something from the Writers’ Club Library or a story in the BZPower Library that hasn’t gotten much attention [for now, you only need to review something from the BZP Library that you think needs a review; I'll put up a Library entry and once that starts getting some attention, then you should review those if another club member hasn't].

-You try to write frequently. All we ask is that you try to expand your skills. Whether it be writing in an RPG, or just jotting down ideas on a piece of paper that we will never see, I’m trying to get people to write more in this club.

Then, all you have to do is fill out the following form, and place it in this entry:

Username: (put a link to your member profile here)

Current status: (Any written works of your own? Libraries? What stories [if any] are you working on right now?)

What do you like to write?: (What style of stories do you like to write? Longer/shorter stories? Mystery stories? Adventure stories? Romantic stories?)

What to look for: (as a reader/reviewer, what do you look for in a story? Good grammar? Interesting characters? Descriptions? Good solid plots?)

Misc: (What do you do? What other Clubs are you in? What forums do you visit in BZP? Anything else you want to put in here; hobbies in real life, etc.)


Once a month there will be a contest for all Writers’ Club members. Most of the time, there won’t be a prize, but it will instead earn you the title of “Writer of the Month” in the Writers’ Club, and should motivate you to write more.

I also hope to set up some sort of collaborative story between club members at some point, so you guys can discuss that in this entry, if you have any thoughts on the subject.

The first contest [with prizes, and possibly open to the public] will take place after the Short Stories Autumn Olympics have finished. Post here for any suggestions.


Here is the current list of members:

-The Dark Knight [Toa Velox]
-Lady Kopaka
-Tifosi 92
- -Zaxvo-
-Toa Spirit
-Steamboy [Kakaru]


Feel free to use the banner below for advertising [it's the same as the banner at the top of this entry]:





Posted by Velox , Oct 12 2009 · 35 views
:: ::

I really want to write something, but I don't know what, and I don't feel like writing the five things that are already in-the-works.

Inspire me?

In other news, I hope to get the Writer's Club started by the end of next Sunday; I still would like a few more people to officially join, though [you can post here if you want to].

And on Wednesday I take the PSAT. Good news is that I get out of school at 11:30. Bad news is that I have to take a boring test. :P

Also, Midterms are this week. I had English and Biology today; both really easy. Tomorrow I have Religion and Latin [though, we're not having one in Latin]. Thursday is Math and History. Don't have one in History though. I'm not really concerned about any of these at all; I don't even really need to study for any of them. I do have a bunch of stuff due tomorrow, though, but I really don't feel like doing it. I guess I should get to it...

Basketball is kinda starting to get annoying; it just takes up so much time and is really tiring. Ah, well. Don't expect me to do any major stuff except on weekends or days I have half-day/no school.

But, yeah, writing ideas, please?


How To Write A Good Review

Posted by Velox , Sep 14 2009 · 34 views
:: ::

How To Review

First off, this is by no means the way you "must" review, but rather the way I find easiest. It's mainly to help people to give better reviews, to those that struggle with doing so.

I have reviewed many things, and what pains me most is to see short and "spammy" [maybe not spam according to BZP, but according to me they are] reviews that say "Awesome I love it! The *blank* is especially cool!", or other short one-sentence reviews like that. Reviews, in my opinion, are meant to help people get better. Anyway, without further ado, the review!

First off, I recommend reading through Nikira's own Reviewing How-To. I'll be referencing it and commenting on it later in my own guide, so it's good to read that first.

I'll start with reviews on pieces of literature [specifically, short stories, at the moment]:

I find that the easiest way to write a review for a piece of written work is to quote the story [as in, reply directly to the first post so you have their story in the reply box]. Then, read through the story, and whenever you notice that something is wrong, you see something you especially like, or you see something that you think should be changed, etc., put that sentence [or paragraph, or whatever] into a quote box, and comment on it.

Do that for everything you find [I suggest also commenting on the title -- titles are what make people click on the link to go to the topic, and so it is extremely important to have a good title. If the title is horrible, make sure you let them know that in a kind way, and suggestions on how to make a better one].

Once you've finished going through the story, read through it again [unless it's an epic, then it isn't necessarily necessary to read through it twice] and focus on the plot, characters, etc., and once you've finished reading it, write up a paragraph or two about what you think of the story as a whole. Make sure to mention if you like/don't like [and why] the way the author portrayed the characters, laid out the plot, described scenes, etc.

For reviewing an epic there are two ways to make a good review:

1) Do what I said above, but for each chapter [it's easiest to do this while they're posting it, so you only have to review one chapter at a time].

2) If the epic is finished [or in-progress, at least] and you want to review the whole thing at once, then read through the whole epic, and try to remember the way they portrayed the characters, introduced the characters [character introduction is very important], set up the scenes, described things, etc., and after you're done reading through the whole epic [sometimes it helps to have another tab open with the reply box, so as you're reading and you notice something, you can type it in], type out in a few paragraphs or so what you think of it [be sure to list the way they introduced the characters, set up the scenes, etc., and talk about the overall plot and storyline].

For reviewing Comedies, I'm not exactly sure what works best, as I have never reviewed one yet myself [except in my newbie days, in which case the reviews were probably just "Awesome i luv it!!1" -- bad reviews, BTW =P], but I would assume doing something similar to the way you would review an epic would be the right way. I'll have to try some time, since I am the Curator of the Comedies Critics Club.

Now, remember this when reviewing a piece of literature:

-Give Encouraging Comments
-Give Constructive Criticism [be constructive when you critique something. If you can't say it in a nice manner, then just don't say it]

Those two things are vital in writing a review [read Nikira's guide for more]. At the end of the review, simply say a few encouraging comments -- it's not that hard, and it makes many people feel a lot better, especially after a longer review that critiques a lot of things.

Also in a review, remember to do the following:

-Talk about plot
-Talk about characters
-Point out spelling/grammatical errors
-Point out if the title is good or bad, and why [if it's bad, say how to make it better in a kind way]

Those things are also vital in writing a review for a piece of literature. There must be good plot, characters, spelling, grammar, and title in stories, and so it is your job when you review to point those things out.

For writing review for BBC:

The easiest thing for me is to just take one thing at a time. Take the arm, and say everything you can about it. What you like, don't like, why you like/don't like it, and how to fix it [if possible -- if not, say "I'm not exactly sure how to fix it" or something like that -- pointing out things doesn't help if the MOCer doesn't know how to fix them]. Then, repeat that for all the parts of the MOC [Legs, body, head, feet, weapons, etc., etc.].

Remember, when writing any type of review it is necessary to add Encouraging Comments and Constructive Criticism. If you cannot critique something nicely, don't critique it. Read Nikira's guide [linked above] for more about those two things.


That's about it . . . I'll probably make a separate entry for the Grammar Guide and change the link, but for now it's just a link to my post in the BZPRPG General Discussion Topic.

Comments, questions, disagreements, etc. may be made [but be civil -- I have no problem with deleting rude comments] either here or by PM to me. I'd love to know what you guys think of this, so just drop a comment if you agree/disagree and why. :]

Thanks for reading.


Quick Grammar Guide

Posted by Velox , Sep 14 2009 · 33 views
:: ::

I'm mainly posting this here so that I can link to it in various places, rather than just linking to my post in the BZPRPG General Discussion Topic as I did before.

So, without further ado, I present to you a Quick Grammar Guide of sorts, written by your very own Toa Velox:

The most common mistake I see is the use of There, Their, and They're. Below I will write how each one is to be used, and an example:

There: "There" is used to describe a place. I want to go over there.
Their: "Their" is possessive, just like "mine", except used when you are talking about another person. Can I play with their ball?
They're: "They're" is a shortened form of "They are" -- a contraction. They're very annoying, aren't they?

Your and you're are also a very common mistake made.

Your is used as possessive. Your car.
You're is the shortened form of "You are" -- another contraction. You're going to the store, aren't you?

Apostrophes ['] are used for possessive things, as well as contractions [Can't, they're, won't, etc]. For example, you could say "Give me Velox's sword." The sword belongs to me, so you put 's [in most cases].

When you are listing something plural, you do not need an apostrophe. [Example: It would be "There are many cars" not "There are many car's]. On that note, sometimes words are changed to "es" instead of just "s", like the plural of "Velox" would be "Veloxes". However, in the plural case, you just add an apostrophe. [Example: "Go steel one of those cars' mirrors." -- "Go steel one of those Veloxes' mirrors."]

It's and Its

It's is a contraction -- the shortened form of "It is". Do you think it's going to rain?
Its is possessive. Gotham needs its true hero. [Dark Knight FTW]

Another contraction that is often used: [Actually, I'm not completely sure if it's a contraction, but whatever =P]

He's: Short for "he is". He's going to the park.

Another common mistake is when someone is speaking. Some examples:

"I think we should go to the park." He said.

"I think we should go to the park," he said.

"I think we should go to the park." After saying this, he started walking toward the park.

He said, "I think we should go to the park."

He said, "I think we should go to the park." With that said, he started walking toward the park.

In short, if you are saying "he said" after you type the words written [Example: "We should go to the park," he said], then the "he" is left uncapitalized, and there is a comma. If you do not say "he said" but move on with the story [the third example], then there is a period and the next letter is capitalized.

The same thing is with using names. If you say: "I think we should go to the park," Velox said." there is still a comma, but, of course, "Velox is capitalized, as all names/titles [as well as the first letter in each sentence] is always capitalized.

Another thing is when you have a character say something, say "he said", and then have him continue his monologue. Here are a few examples:

"I think," he said, "that we should go to the park."

"I think we should go to the park," he said. "It would be good for us to get some exercise."

"I think," he said. "That we should go to the park."

Basically, when you say "he said" in the middle of a sentence, you use commas. [Example #1] If you finish the sentence, put "he said", but still have more monologue to write, then you put a period after the "he said" and capitalize the first letter of the next section [Example #2].

You do not put a period after "he said" when it is in the middle of the sentence [Example #3].

A and An.

A is used before a word that begins with a consonant [any letter that is not a vowel]. Will you please had me a screwdriver?
An is used before a word that begins with a vowel. Will you please hand me an axle?


I can't really think of anything else right now -- those are just a few things that kind of bug me, but I completely understand that English may not be your main language. Feel free to use this to help you out. ^^ If you think of anything else to add, please send me a PM or post here.


Bionicle-Вased Creations Critics Club

Posted by Velox , Sep 11 2009 · 69 views


+ Main Entry: Describes the Club and is the location to place any MoC review requests.
+ Critics Entry: This is where you apply to become a Critic and where you report in your reviews.
+ News Entry: This is the place where all the new updates are listed. Anything that is changed will be listed here.
+ Graphics Entry: This is where all the advertising banners are.
+ Signoffs Entry: This is where all the signoffs are that you may use when you post reviews.
+ Lists Entry: This is where the list of MOCs to be reviewed are in.
+ Archive of Reviewed MOCs: This is where the list of already reviewed MOCs is.

Fellow BZPower Citizens, welcome to the new and improved Bionicle-Based Creations Critics Club!

I'd like to express my thanks to ~GreenBioGuy~, ChocolateFrogs, 55555, and anyone else who has helped improve this club!

First of all, if you have received a review from a critic, understand that the views expressed in said review are by no means the views or opinions of the club as a whole, but rather the honest observations of the reviewer.
Should you find anything offensive, rude, or of breaking the BZPower rules within said review, then please contact a BBC Critics Club Curator [Toa Velox or ~GreenBioGuy~].

The purpose of the BBC Critics Club is to stimulate the writings of higher quality reviews and to give average MoCists a place where they can come to get a guaranteed review.

However, that's not the sole purpose of this club. It's also to get more people to review and become active in the BBC forum. I care about the BBC Forum very much, and I would love to see a change for the better in it.

As I am sure most of you know, most of the posts in the BBC Forum are bits of praise, and often give no helpful comments. This club is designed to give in-depth reviews to MOC, providing constructive criticism and encouraging comments [however, nothing like 'OMG I LOVE IT IT'S SO AWESOME 234324234/232!!!']. A small [hopefully it will be considerably bigger in a short amount of time] group of members have come together to do just that – review your MOC with an in-depth review.

All you MOCers have to do is post in this entry after reading through this entire entry. However, it must be understood that we are all humans. Don't expect us to get to your MOC in one day, it may take a bit longer than that.

Of course, like most other things in this world we live in, there are rules and guidelines. Understand that these rules/guidelines can be revised or changed at any time, and any revisions will be located in the News entry. The guidelines for critics and becoming a critic are in this entry.

Rules and Guidelines for MOCers

All MOCers [and critics, for that matter] must follow the rules of the BBC forum as outlined by the Forum Leaders. I, or any Co-Curators/critics are not responsible for any MOC topics being closed because they violated a BZPower rule. We go to your MOC to give a review, that's it. We're not staff, but just members that want to help out.

Request limit ~ For now I am going to say that there is none. But if you think we can handle ten MOCs from you, and a bunch from other people, think again. Please only request a few at a time, and after we finish those, you can make another request.

Civility ~ The Curators will not tolerate any rudeness toward any member of the BBC Critcs Club. Also, do not start spamming this entry with complaints of “My MOC hasn't been reviewed yet!” and so on. Additionally, do not PM any Curators/Co-Curators/Critics along the same lines. This may, and most likely will be considered harassment, and you will be reported to the proper authorities and taken care of. Not to mention your MOC will never be reviewed by a BBC-CC critic.

Please, just don't spam in this entry – it's that simple. If you see an error, or it has been a while and no one has reviewed your MOC [which means over a week], you may politely post in this thread, or send one of the Curators [Toa Velox or ~GreenBioGuy~] a polite PM asking whatever it is you want to ask. Make sure, however, that you don't come PMing a Curator, or posting in this thread if it's been a week or less. If it's been more than a week, then we, the Curators, have no problem with you PMing one of us. Of course, if we made a mistake when adding your MOC to the list, feel free to PM a Curator right away.

MOCs only ~ This topic, as you hopefully have guessed, is for MOCs only. We do not review stories, we do not review artwork, we do not review comics, and we do not review anything that is not a MOC. If you post in this entry for anything besides MOCs, your request will be ignored. Additionally, I will delete your post.

Back-Seat Reviewing ~ We've all heard the term “back-seat driving”. This is what happens when a passenger in your car [if you drive, of course] starts telling you what lane to turn into, when to brake, when to accelerate, etc. It can get really annoying. Back-seat reviewing is the same idea, where MOCers explicitly tell us how to do our job. We're here for you, but we also know what we're doing.

So please, don't tell us how your want your MOC to be reviewed. If you have a preference, you may explain such in your own topic. However, whether or not the critic reviewing your MOC takes such into account, the BBC Critics Club cannot be blamed. We're writing reviews how we feel will help you best. Only if the review you receive goes against the BZPower rules do you have the option of reporting such grievances to me [Toa Velox], the Curator, ~GreenBioGuy~ [the other Curator], the Co-Curators, or the Forum Leaders of the BBC forum [currently: Tufi Piyufi, Than: Matoran of Anger, Cajun, Kex, or -Shanarra-]. Which is the same for rudeness. If the review you receive is rude or impolite, feel free to PM me or a Co-Curator about it and we will take care of it. :]

Begging ~ It is not alright for an MOCer to beg for a review. I understand that you may not get reviews, or if you do all you get are reviews short posts of praise offering no help, but that does not mean you are allowed to beg and spam. Don't give us that. Just post saying you'd like a review, and one will be given. This follows under the rule above of Civility. Be civil to us, and we will be civil to you. :]

Requesting a Review:

To request a review, use the following code [just copy and paste it into your post, and fill it in]:
[url= (your MOC url)] MOC Title [/url]
Your screen-name:

You must link to your MOC. Do not say 'It's in my sig'. Your request will be ignored if you do. Also, you must put your name under the 'Your screen-name' section. Pretty self-explanatory, right? Good.

Also, your MOC must be in a [live] topic. This is because we would get swamped with requests if we reviewed a bunch of dead topics.

General Information:

I [or one of my assistants (Co-Curators)] will be checking over each and every review, to make sure each is appropriate and has given constructive criticism, and encouraging comments. If I find that one does not give enough insight, then I will PM that critic asking them to edit their post. However, if it has been a few days since the review was given, and you don't feel like they gave you enough help, you may politely PM me [Toa Velox], or ~GreenBioGuy~ [the other Curator] telling me what you feel about it.

I really want each and every one of you MOCers to get good reviews, so I really don't mind you PM-ing me nicely asking about it. However, be civil, and make sure to wait the appropriate amount of time. Remember, Patience is a virtue.

Here is the list of current approved critics and curators [Bios may be put up at another time]:

Toa Velox

Nuju Metru

Toa Velox - Senior Critic
~GreenBioGuy~ - Senior Critic
TECHNICOLOR FIGURATION [Neaku/Draco] - Elite Critic
Major Marvelous - Elite Critic
Ballom - Elite Critic
55555 - Advanced Critic
I'm Not Toa of Dancing - Advanced Critic
Lokki [Elemental Rahaga] - Advanced Critic
Keetongu Hordika - Advanced Critic
TECHNICOLOR CHEERIOS [Laka] - Standard Critic
-Zaxvo- - Average Critic
Sumiki - Newbie Critic
Dr. Cockroach Ph.D. - Newbie Critic
Sir Thomas of Black Falcon - Newbie Critic
Darth Eryzeth - Newbie Critic
Xinlo: Lord of Olnix - Newbie Critic
I'm 12 and what is this - Newbie Critic
mata nui's savior - Newbie Critic
Blue Dragon - Newbie Critic
Mysterious Minifig - Newbie Critic

The Guidelines for becoming a critic and for current critics are listed in this entry. Also listed in that entry is the reason as to why people are at the rank they are at.

Thanks for all the support. Now go ahead and request a review!


My Dear BВⅭ

Posted by Velox , Sep 07 2009 · 32 views
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What happened? Almost every single topic I look at has at least one post that's spam. Or even if a post isn't spam, all it says is, "I like the legs." or something extremely short like that.

And, why must almost everyone put extremely large pictures into their topics? I'm being completely honest here: I visit a topic [to review - I might just be browsing for pleasure, and this doesn't count for that] if the name [or MOCist, depending] sounds interesting. However, if the pictures won't load within a couple seconds, I simply press the "back" button. Unless the MOC sounds extremely cool, I won't review it if it has extremely large pictures. You can count on that. I shouldn't have to wait five minutes just for the pictures to load. I mean, I don't mind fairly-large pictures [like 800 or so pixels], but once you get in the thousands, that's way too big.

It's even a rule of BBC that your pictures can't be larger than 640x640.

Just re-size your pictures, it's not that hard. In fact, there's a website you can go to [though I forget what it's called - I saw Primus link to it once in a review he wrote]. Or you can just download some free image editing program. I'll edit this part here with some links/names if I can find any good ones.

Speaking of pictures, I suggest that everyone visits this topic before taking pictures.

And, please, for the love of Pete, say more than just a sentence or two in your review [unless it's a really small MOC or something]. Even if the rules of BBC don't consider saying "I love the legs!!!" spam, I do [though I won't report things like that]. I mean, everyone should be able to say more than that. Seriously. I'm not asking everyone to write a full, in-depth review [though those would be MUCH better, and everyone should try to do those], but just a few sentences explaining what you like/don't like and why.

That's why I started the BBC Critics Club. To get more people to make better reviews. It seemed to be working, but what happened? No one's reviewed anything in a while. I'll definitely review a few [at the least] MOCs a week as soon as finals are done [Wednesday].

And, if you're a critic, you are expected to review EVERY MOC as if you're reviewing it for the BBC CC. I [or one of the Co-Curators] will be PMing each critic saying just that: Any MOC you review should be reviewed well. I've already seen several critics review something in the BBC Forum with a review that would earn a Junior/Average review, so I'm going to make it official, and I'll most likely be adding it to the rules, too.

Oh, and if someone says, "the gallery isn't public," please don't say the same thing. I really hate it when a bunch of people post saying the gallery isn't public [and it's not usually because of the server - these are a fair amount of time apart from each other].

And, don't say "I'll vote for you!" in the topic. Seriously, just don't. Wait until the polls are made to decide who you're going to vote for.

Please, BBC. I know you can be better than this.

And, I encourage everyone to read the rules of BBC again, and then report anything that's violating a rule. If we want to see BBC cleaned up, we have to do it ourselves. It starts with us. Let's clean the ship.

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