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Velox's Blog


Writer's Club

Posted by Velox , Aug 30 2009 · 17 views
:: ::

Welcome to the Writer's Club! Here is a place that you join so that you can review and write more, and where you can also get reviews for your own works. There are no limits as to who can join, but, if one wants to enter the monthly contests, than I ask that he/she agrees to the following terms:

-You write at least four reviews in one month, for this club. The only exception would be if you are a member of the ECC or SSCC, then three of your four reviews may be done there instead, but one must be made for the Writer's Club.

Furthermore, said reviews must be well-written reviews, and not only a couple sentences. For help on writing reviews, go here.

The first contest will be posted later today, and I'll link to it here. A list of past contests will also be linked to here.

The Library of works to review is here. Remember, at least one review a month must be of one of the stories in that entry. The only exception to all four is if you're a member of the ECC or SSCC, in which case three of the four reviews may be made for those clubs rather than here.

Basically, review and you shall receive reviews. This is for people to get reviews and to start writing more.

I'm open to any suggestions, and if you could please start posting your stories in the Library topic, that'd be great so that people can start reviewing. Below is a list of current members [I've only added Takuta-Nui, so if you'd like to join, please post here]:

-Toa Velox

-Lady Kopaka
- -Zaxvo-
-Toa Spirit
-Snoop Da Whoop

That's about it . . . post any suggestions here, or if you want to join you can also post here.


Don't You Just Love Moments Like This?

Posted by Velox , Aug 26 2009 · 26 views
:: ::

Well, today during one of my more boring classes, I started writing. It started out with just gibberish, but then it started evolving in a story, and soon I had blanked out my surroundings completely and I was focused on the story. After about ten minutes, I was done. I'll be posting it soon, but I still need to correct it and touch it up. For now, though, you guys can read it if you want [it's human-BIONICLE, hence the white armor (so an Ice Toa), and "Solus" means "Alone" in Latin]:

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

That's about it . . . As I said, it still needs to be corrected. It's short, yes, but it's still nice to have another short story to add to my collection.

I really want to lengthen it and draw out some parts [specifically where he's holding the body in his arms], but the problem is that I want to leave them both unnamed, and saying "he held him" too much can get confusing -- I've already done it a lot, so I really should have at least one name. Anyone have any suggestions for a name that are kind of human, but yet BIONICLE at the same time? Or even any human name that would fit?

Thanks for reading. ^^


Writers Club Idea

Posted by Velox , Aug 25 2009 · 44 views
:: ::

I've been thinking about this for a while, and now I've decided to share it in my blog.

If you join you agree to:
-Review the stories of other club members [not necessarily all, but each story should get 2-3 replies from club members]
-Try to write frequently.

Then there'd be monthly contests in which club members could take part in, and possibly other stuff.

Basically, it's just a thing to get people to review and write more.

Any suggestions/comments are appreciated. If you'd be interested in joining, post here as well.

I'm really hoping to get some renowned writers in here like ToM, Takuta-Nui [he's in!], Lady K, SPIRIT, bonesiii, and so many others that I haven't mentioned, but I really have no idea. =P



Posted by Velox , Aug 19 2009 · 34 views
:: Posted Image ::

I am ashamed to say that I haven't really done much over the recent downtime. Writing-wise, at least. What do I blame that to?

- Reading a bunch of Agatha Christie murder mysteries
- Watching a couple seasons of NCIS my grandpa got on DVD and let me borrow [an awesome show, I must say]
- Doing numerous things on other forums

Not an excuse, I know. I have done a few things, though:

- Started writing an epic that Nuju Metru and myself are co-writing -- it's the new "Chronicles of Velox".
- Started re-writing Death of a Dark Hunter. I posted this before the server crash back in March, and I never re-posted it because I didn't really like it. Well, I got the inspiration to re-write it one day, so I didn't hesitate. Unfortunately I didn't finish.
- Worked a little bit on that Takanuva story I've been working on. I don't really have inspiration for that any more, though.
- Started working on my BS01 story. Here's what I have so far [and is a copy/paste from another forum]:

A small being woke up lying in the sand. Sand, the being thought to himself, is what this tan stuff is. How do I know that? I have no recollection of anything before now. Nothing except voices.

All I can remember are the millions of voices screaming out in pain. Voices crying out as beings were murdered before their eyes. Murdered in cold blood. For that is what happens in war. Images begin to form in my mind.

It was war over a liquid silvery substance. It was pathetic. And yet. Maybe it wasn't so pathetic after all."Kirbold" grinned at the thought. He reached to his side, feeling the bag lying at his waist. He placed his hand in, and pulled out a small glass bottle filled with a silvery liquid. Energized Protodermis. He laughed insanely, picking it up and holding it high in the air. He threw it up and caught it as it fell back down.

He held it close to his body, as if it were a child.


Yeah, it sucks right now. I really wish we could write in first person. In fact, I most likely will write it in first person, save it, and then change some parts to make it third person and post that one, and post the first person version after the contest. I'm not sure who the Agori will be yet, so for now it's "Kirbold".

Some things would be so much better if it was first person, so I'll have to work on that. Also, he had a head injury in war, and remembers nothing. I'll hopefully be able to awesomely reveal that later on in the story, but we'll see.

Anyway, your thoughts are appreciated. I'll edit this as I add more.

And, yes, he is insane. EP is like "my precious" to him as the Ring is go Gollum.

Yeah, not all that good. I hope to work on it in the near future, but I really don't know. I just hope I can finish it before the deadline ends.

. . . That's about it, except for a few other in-life things.

Posted Image


Things Worth Reading

Posted by Velox , Jul 15 2009 · 18 views
:: ::

I've been meaning to make a list of "things people should read" for a while now, so I guess I'll start now. I know I've forgotten things, and I'm not going to put any links yet [I'll get to it eventually].

Anyway, here we go:

~ ToM's Bookshelf, Hunger, The Iron Ghost, and Learn to Fly, by ToM Dracone
~ Flux, Through the Eyes of a Vorox, Ignika's Sacrifice, and Merely a Servant, by Nuju Metru
~ Lady Kopaka's Library, Never Forgive, Never Forget, Let the Flames Begin, and Forgotten Letter, by Lady Kopaka
~ Kagha's Library V2, and Shades of Gray, by Kagha
~ The Absolutity, and Tomes of Takuta-Nui, by Takuta Nui
~ The BIONICLE Paracosmos, by bonesiii
~ The Sniper, and Wish You Were Here, by Tifosi 92 [Awaiting a library topic]
~ The BZ-Metru Story, by Snoopy82
~ Confessions of a Dark Hunter, and Goodbye Forever, by Jedi gali [Awaiting a library topic]
~ CSI: Metru Nui, and SPIRIT's Library, by SPIRIT
~ Energized Catalyst, Cederak's Imperfections, and Cederak's Short Story Collection, by Cederak
~ Nothing Personal, and Akito's Archive, by Ballom
~ The Suffering, by Toa Optimar-Toa of Gravity!

-Flux, by Nuju Metru
-Hunger by ToM
-The Iron Ghost by ToM
-Learn to Fly by ToM
-ToM's Bookshelf [the stories above are not listed in his Library]
-Ballom's Terra-Nui Epics
-Nothing Personal, by Ballom
-All of Ballom's stories
-The BZMetru Story, by Snoopy82
-Everything by Jedi Gali [at least that I've read]
-Glitch in the System by Lady K
-Forgotten Letter, by Lady K
-Never Forgive, Never Forget, by Lady K
-Let the Flames Begin, by Lady K
-Lady K's Library [Dunno if the stories above are in there or not, but those are my favorites]
-The Sniper, by Tifosi 92
-From Boys To Men [while the grammar and some other things aren't perfect, I love the story itself] by Isreali Toa [sp?]
-The BIONICLE Paracasmos by Bonesiii [All of his stories, really. I can't choose a favorite - I love them all].
-Cederak's Stories [Everything in and out of his Libraries. Not sure I have a favorite]
-Agent Within This World, by Takuta-Nui
-The Absolutity [sp? Takuta-Nui's Library - AWTW is my favorite, so I listed it separately]
-Takuta's Epics [forget their names, but they were pretty cool]
-CSI: Metru Nui by SPIRIT
-Some other stories by SPIRIT that I forget the names too [I would say Wildfire, but I never read all of it, and it was a long time ago, so I don't really remember it - I'll probably read it again some time]
-The Suffering by Toa Optimar-Toa of Gravity!
-A bunch of Kagha's stuff
-Tifosi 92's stuff

That's all for now. I'll get links/names later [if anyone knows the names, let me know, please].

And, no, that list is in no particular order. None what-so-ever.


Archive Of Reviewed Mocs

Posted by Velox , Jun 20 2009 · 29 views
Since the Lists entry is overloaded with BBCode, I will be holding the archive of Reviewed MOCs in this entry. This, obviously, will be edited to match all the other BBC CC Entries.

Completed Reviews:

Toa Onyx – Bioniclesaur – Reviewed by Dr. Cockroach
Toa Nidhiki Hard Rock Edition – BCth – Reviewed by Neaku and Toa of Dancing
My Moc That I Felt Like Making - Diabetic King – Reviewed by Toa of Dancing
Kohrak Va Revamp - Master of Shadow Matoran – Reviewed by Dr. Cockroach
Hanging Intent – Ballomesque – Reviewed by Lokki and Toa of Dancing
Levhak Nuva - -Zaxvo- -Reviewed by Lokki
Vezon: The Snake - -Zaxvo- - Reviewed by Lokki, Toa of Dancing, and Dr. Cockroach
Bluestreak - .::Sumaru::. - Reviewed by Ballomess and Laka - Dead Topic
Nuhvok-kal Redesign - Primus - Reviewed by Ballomess and Neaku - Dead Topic
Aeon - Ballomess - Reviewed by Major Marvelous
Dust Cloud - The Zipper - Reviewed by ~GreenBioGuy~ - Dead Topic
Inhabitants of Terra Nui - Ballomess - Reviewed by Major Marvelous
Taine - Tikaro - Reviewed by Ballomess and Laka
Kraata Skeleton - Distorted - Reviewed by ~GreenBioGuy~ - Dead Topic
PBZP O, for "Orahklas" - Overlord - Reviewed by ~GreenBioGuy~ - Dead Topic
-Zaxvo-'s Plethora Of Reposted Mocs - -Zaxvo- - Reviewed by Major Marvelous and Ballom
Haridan, Darkened Knight - Sanger Zonvolt - Reviewed by Ballom and -Zaxvo- -
Dead Topic
Bitil Revamp - by Letagi - Reviewed by Major Marvelous and Toa of Dancing - Dead Topic
Adaptive Armour Lewa - The BCth - Reviewed by Toa Velox and Toa of Dancing - Dead Topic
Rodentia - Meteomaniac - Reviewed by Neaku and Dr. Cockroach Ph.D. - Dead Topic
Click Revamp - IceToa - Reviewed by Toa of Dancing
Vorzahk Revamp - Letagi - Reviewed by Major Marvelous and Toa of Dancing
Toa Aki - Zaxvo - Reviewed by Toa of Dancing
Rock Steed Recolor - Tyler Toa of Awesome - Reviewed by Toa of Dancing and -Zaxvo-

Stronghold Nektann - LewaLew - Reviewed by Zaxvo
Barraki Nui - Tyler Toa of Awesome - Dead Topic
Craketh - Nara567 - Reviewed by Zaxvo
Baterra - Xenogears - Reviewed by Zaxvo
The Floor is Lava!! - Major Marvelous - Reviewed by Ballom
Elite Vorox - A Circle with Corners - Reviewed by Ballom

Toa Takanuva - Aperture Science - Reviewed by boanater
Vatuka - Ballomesque - Reviewed by Zaxvo
The Great Spirit, Mata Nui! - Tyler Toa of Awesome - Reviewed by Major Marvelous
Relics of the Core War - Advant - Reviewed by Ballom
Bomonga - Laka - Reviewed by Major Marvelous
Irnakk, the Primeval Fear - Seaslug w/ a Hat #7 - Reviewed by Ballom
Two little drones - Primus - Reviewed by Ballom
PBZP Xaer Raid - Nara 567 - Reviewed by Keetongu Hordika
Chroma Eagles - The Bionic Hamster - Reviewed by Ballom


Comedies Critics Club

Posted by Velox , Apr 16 2009 · 21 views
:: ::


Well, I got a PM from Hahli Husky the other day asking me if I could become the Curator of the Comedies Critics Club, and make a new one. I guess <daydreamer> recommended me or something since she was too busy [which, on another note, I hope to start reviewing epics/Short stories again]. I'm honored they both thought me worthy, though I can just imagine how awesome it'd be if it was the Short Stories Critics Club, Epics Critics Club, or BBC Critics Club, but it's not. =P

And, despite my resentfulness toward comedies, I accepted, stating that I wouldn't be a critic, but just the Curator, and make sure everything runs smoothly.

I'll still have to read comedies/reviews, but oh well. It's funny, though. I joined BZPower so that I could post in a comedy I used to read. And now I don't like comedies. =P

Anyway, I need critics, so if any of you would like to become one, please PM me. I'll probably start the topic on Sunday, or so.

On another note, I'm driving back to LA today...

~ Velox



Posted by Velox , Apr 11 2009 · 21 views
:: ::

I'm leaving tomorrow morning to go to Sacramento. I'm not sure how much I'll be on, though. I'm driving back Thursday, so I won't be on then or tomorrow, 'cause driving takes up pretty much the whole day.

And tonight is the Easter Vigil Mass. It's so awesome... but long, unfortunately. Anyway, if anyone knows what I'm talking about, I'm the server that holds/uses the censer - the Thurifur [at least, I think that's how it's spelled...].

So, yeah. This will be my first time being the Thurifur at a High Mass. It will be fun - I love doing it [at various First Communions, Confirmations, etc].

What have I been doing lately? I've been cleaning a bunch, reading, and going through all five billion gazillion files on my computer, 'cause I'm switching to my dad's old laptop.



Posted by Velox , Apr 08 2009 · 30 views
:: ::

Should I buy Berix or Zesk?

Zesk just looks awesome. And is tan. And looks like a Rahi, which is awesome.

Berix has awesome colors. Awesome feet. Awesome sword. And awesome mask.

Which one? I'm leaning a little more toward Berix, but... *shrugs*

In other news, I finished Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony today [I started it last night - it's the second to last, BTW]. I checked out Artemis Fowl: The Time Peridox [the last book] also today. I'm not even done with the first chapter, though. I've been helping my dad build a new desk he needed for his work which took like five hours, 'cause we also needed to clean a bunch of things and do other stuff [I got twenty dollars for it, too =D].

Anyway, if all goes well, I'll finish that book by tomorrow. Then I'll read The Artemis Fowl Files. It's a small guide to the Artemis Fowl Series, but it has a couple short stories in it, so I thought it might be interesting.

And I'm leaving on Sunday to go to Sacramento.. it's like a seven hour drive. And I won't have my brother or sister, either. Oh well.

Also, 4900 posts. :]


My Library Sucks

Posted by Velox , Mar 29 2009 · 17 views
:: ::

..So I went to the Library Friday evening to try to get some of those books, and they had very few. Or if they did they were checked out.

The ones they did have were the second and third part to sequels, and I didn't want to get those without reading the first one first.

The one they did have, though, was Artemis Fowl. I must say it's quite good - good enough that I've read a little more than a third of it in two days [I read the Hobbit a little while ago, and it took me like two months 'cause I didn't read it that much. Just a few minutes a day].

Anyway, I would recommend it. Sure, some things are a little young for me, and some things could be described better, but it is a rather good book. It's kind of weird that it has fairies in it. Read the back of the book, and after you read the first sentence you'll be like 'this looks really cool' and then it mentions fairies it doesn't sound quite as cool. Though, it's cooler in the book - they're more like witches than your typical fairy tale fairies.

I also got a book called The Twenty-One Balloons 'cause my sister said she heard it was good and wanted me to read it.

I'll probably go to another Library some time...

Oh, and yes, I'm a procrastinator. Even with all those breaks I've been given. =P I have a poem due tomorrow that I haven't started, and a VERY detailed outline due Wednesday that I haven't even thought about yet, and I'm pretty busy during the week [it's for my quarter final]. So... yeah. =P Don't worry, I'll get it done - I always do - but it'll be at the last moment. happy.gif

Last thought: I still want to start a BBC Critics Club in my blog. I'm thinking of starting it next week. Anyone interested in joining? It's to give more MOCs more long reviews. Like Major Marvelous' and my own post in ~GreenBioGuy~'s Certavus topic. I think the real problem with BBC is that there's too many 'I love it 138948234983143892148978293817988/10!!' posts. Or even posts like 'nice MOC, but I don't like the arms'. While that might not be spam, I don't think it's that good of a review, either.

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