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Velox's Blog


Comedies Critics Club

Posted by Velox , Apr 16 2009 · 271 views
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Well, I got a PM from Hahli Husky the other day asking me if I could become the Curator of the Comedies Critics Club, and make a new one. I guess <daydreamer> recommended me or something since she was too busy [which, on another note, I hope to start reviewing epics/Short stories again]. I'm honored they both thought me worthy, though I can just imagine how awesome it'd be if it was the Short Stories Critics Club, Epics Critics Club, or BBC Critics Club, but it's not. =P

And, despite my resentfulness toward comedies, I accepted, stating that I wouldn't be a critic, but just the Curator, and make sure everything runs smoothly.

I'll still have to read comedies/reviews, but oh well. It's funny, though. I joined BZPower so that I could post in a comedy I used to read. And now I don't like comedies. =P

Anyway, I need critics, so if any of you would like to become one, please PM me. I'll probably start the topic on Sunday, or so.

On another note, I'm driving back to LA today...

~ Velox



Posted by Velox , Apr 11 2009 · 188 views
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I'm leaving tomorrow morning to go to Sacramento. I'm not sure how much I'll be on, though. I'm driving back Thursday, so I won't be on then or tomorrow, 'cause driving takes up pretty much the whole day.

And tonight is the Easter Vigil Mass. It's so awesome... but long, unfortunately. Anyway, if anyone knows what I'm talking about, I'm the server that holds/uses the censer - the Thurifur [at least, I think that's how it's spelled...].

So, yeah. This will be my first time being the Thurifur at a High Mass. It will be fun - I love doing it [at various First Communions, Confirmations, etc].

What have I been doing lately? I've been cleaning a bunch, reading, and going through all five billion gazillion files on my computer, 'cause I'm switching to my dad's old laptop.



Posted by Velox , Apr 08 2009 · 204 views
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Should I buy Berix or Zesk?

Zesk just looks awesome. And is tan. And looks like a Rahi, which is awesome.

Berix has awesome colors. Awesome feet. Awesome sword. And awesome mask.

Which one? I'm leaning a little more toward Berix, but... *shrugs*

In other news, I finished Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony today [I started it last night - it's the second to last, BTW]. I checked out Artemis Fowl: The Time Peridox [the last book] also today. I'm not even done with the first chapter, though. I've been helping my dad build a new desk he needed for his work which took like five hours, 'cause we also needed to clean a bunch of things and do other stuff [I got twenty dollars for it, too =D].

Anyway, if all goes well, I'll finish that book by tomorrow. Then I'll read The Artemis Fowl Files. It's a small guide to the Artemis Fowl Series, but it has a couple short stories in it, so I thought it might be interesting.

And I'm leaving on Sunday to go to Sacramento.. it's like a seven hour drive. And I won't have my brother or sister, either. Oh well.

Also, 4900 posts. :]


My Library Sucks

Posted by Velox , Mar 29 2009 · 548 views
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..So I went to the Library Friday evening to try to get some of those books, and they had very few. Or if they did they were checked out.

The ones they did have were the second and third part to sequels, and I didn't want to get those without reading the first one first.

The one they did have, though, was Artemis Fowl. I must say it's quite good - good enough that I've read a little more than a third of it in two days [I read the Hobbit a little while ago, and it took me like two months 'cause I didn't read it that much. Just a few minutes a day].

Anyway, I would recommend it. Sure, some things are a little young for me, and some things could be described better, but it is a rather good book. It's kind of weird that it has fairies in it. Read the back of the book, and after you read the first sentence you'll be like 'this looks really cool' and then it mentions fairies it doesn't sound quite as cool. Though, it's cooler in the book - they're more like witches than your typical fairy tale fairies.

I also got a book called The Twenty-One Balloons 'cause my sister said she heard it was good and wanted me to read it.

I'll probably go to another Library some time...

Oh, and yes, I'm a procrastinator. Even with all those breaks I've been given. =P I have a poem due tomorrow that I haven't started, and a VERY detailed outline due Wednesday that I haven't even thought about yet, and I'm pretty busy during the week [it's for my quarter final]. So... yeah. =P Don't worry, I'll get it done - I always do - but it'll be at the last moment. happy.gif

Last thought: I still want to start a BBC Critics Club in my blog. I'm thinking of starting it next week. Anyone interested in joining? It's to give more MOCs more long reviews. Like Major Marvelous' and my own post in ~GreenBioGuy~'s Certavus topic. I think the real problem with BBC is that there's too many 'I love it 138948234983143892148978293817988/10!!' posts. Or even posts like 'nice MOC, but I don't like the arms'. While that might not be spam, I don't think it's that good of a review, either.


A Beautiful Celebration

Posted by Velox , Mar 28 2009 · 299 views
So I was Confirmed today. For those who don't know, it means I received one of the Seven Roman Catholic Sacraments today - that of Confirmation. I'm sure 55555, What?, ChocolateFrogs, and any one else that's Catholic will know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, it was cool. And long. Like two hours or something. But fun none-the-less.

And... I'm going to lunch right now, I think, with my family. So, I'll probably blog later...

Oh, and I'm re-writing Requiescat In Pace [reviews are still appreciated] in a humanized form. More on that later, too... basically I want to give it to my English teacher to see what he thinks as well as re-write a few scenes/add some scenes.

Oh and something I just thought up - I hate it when I do a really long review for an MOC and the person ends up replying to everyone else but me. If I were the MOCer, I'd reply to the long posts more than the short ones. Plus, those reviews take a long time. [This doesn't happen that often but it's happened a few times to me within the last few months]



Posted by Velox , Mar 23 2009 · 350 views
What are some good books to read? For my liking, I really love J.R.R. Tolkien and Lord of the Rings. Along with other action/adventure/fantasy.

Any suggestions? I'm looking for more books to add to my shelf. And if someone mentions BIONICLE books, I will have to kill you. I already read them - and I like them.

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Comedy Forum

Posted by Velox , Mar 22 2009 · 210 views
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So . . . since I was bored, I decided I would enter the Comedy forum for the first time in months. So, I clicked on the first comedy I saw. And I will say one thing:

I won't be going back to that forum for a while. tongue.gif

I had to stop mid-way through the first chapter. Just so much spam and newbishness. Sure, I wrote a comedy once that was pretty newbish, but it wasn't that bad . . . I'll never write a comedy again, though.

Though, I want to try to make an actual Short Story that's a comedy, since it is rather hard to make a good comedy that's an actual story, rather than the normal comedies you see in the comedy forum.

So, yeah. A fun experience.

I'm sure there's some good comedies out there, but they get piled on top of by all the spam comedies, that you can't even find them.


So I Bought Gresh Today . . .

Posted by Velox , Feb 16 2009 · 145 views
:: ::

And I must say he's not all that bad. He's worse than I thought he was, as most sets are, but I do like him. Already I've made a few changed like adding some trans-Neon Green Bohrok eyes to his upper arms [since the Piraka thigh armor pieces are on the back, I thought he needed some lime on the front]. And, I kept the Piraka thighs on the back of his arms like the instructions say to because then his arm has more movement. With the Piraka thighs on the front, he can only bend his arm so much [and gets in the way of some cool posing I tried to do]. I also replaced the Rahkshi legs with Metru legs [on his arms only] to make them shorter than the legs.

I don't like the legs though, and I haven't found anything to do with them. They're too thin, and not at all stable [due to the new joints]. At first I thought to just add Vahki legs, but they're too short and are too thick. They're not that bad, the main thing is that they're not that stable. Once you try to pose him, his legs give in and he falls - at least, sometimes.

I like how the chest sticks out more, but it also leaves a gap between the armor and torso. Ah well.

Overall I'm quite impressed, though. His mask and swords are awesome [especially when used as swords, though I like it as a shield, too] and the Thornax are pretty cool. I'll try to get some pictures up soon, but it was raining today.

Other than that I've written a bit more of my Short Story and it's now just over a page long. I don't think I'm even half way done with it.


The Chronicles Of Velox

Posted by Velox , Feb 02 2009 · 208 views
:: ::

No, I haven't posted it if that's what you were thinking.

But, I have a Dilemma. I can't seem to be able to write about my Matoran life. It's just too boring - which is expected of a Matoran. Not that it would be boring to read, but it's boring to write with all the ideas of his Toa-life I have. And, I don't really want to just start writing him as a Toa because I can't figure out how to start it, and it will flow much better if I write the Matoran Book first.

Well, enough of that. I might as well give you guys a couple sneak-peaks:

~ Toa Velox will receive training from the Order of Mata Nui. After being a great pupil, he will start a 'League of Shadows' [something similar to that in Batman - except, it will be a good organization under a different name, most likely], and his armor will become black [he'll be some-what like a ninja then - he'll be able to disappear quickly, have throwing knives, etc. just like in Batman].

~ He will then travel to the Mangai Volcano [as seen in the Prologue - if you've read it (note: this will be some time after he created the 'League of Shadows'. His Toa team will become the 'League of Shadows', most likely, as well as some other experienced Order members)], and become infected somehow [probably not by a Shadow Leech]. However, he will only become a little 'worse' and will receive a few spikes, as well as some nastier weapons [instead of actually turning a little evil, he will most likely just change in appearance, and will constantly have something nagging at his mind to do evil that he must overcome - of course, the Order knew this before they sent him on this mission]. After wards, he will be rewarded with new armor and new weapons [his 'resurrected' form] by the Order.

One last note, his encounter with Makuta will most likely be with the whole 'League of Shadows' instead of just him. But, he'll do some things alone, probably.

Anyway, what do you think? As you can see, Velox's life will be quite interesting [the 'League of Shadows' will do many other acts before his encounter with Makuta - also, a little note, he will end the 'League of Shadows' after the encounter with Makuta since that would be the final task of the 'League of Shadows'].

So, I really want to write that, but it just doesn't feel right not writing his life as a Matoran first. I'm not sure what I'll do yet.

Mainly, though, I just wanted your thoughts.


Happy New Year!

Posted by Velox , Dec 31 2008 · 206 views
I wish all of my fellow BZPers a Happy New Year! I'll be up late tonight early tomorrow [like 2 AM], but I doubt I'll be on BZPower much more tonight. Maybe when I get back from a thing my family is going to, but I'll probably just go to bed.

My New Years Resolutions Concerning BZPower:

-Write a few Short Stories.
-Finish at least two small epics.
-Finish at least one book of The Chronicles of Velox.
-Get 9k or 10k posts if possible.
-Become an OBZPC.
-Become more successful.
-Make more friends.

Speaking of writing, I finished Death of a Dark Hunter today. I still have to correct it. Hopefully I'll have it up by Sunday.

Oh, and if anyone has noticed, I've been slowly changing the graphics in my blog.


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