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Velox's Blog



Posted by Velox , Sep 11 2008 · 60 views


Feel free to use, and please do.


Unofficial Bbcc #50 Entries Topic.

Posted by Velox , Aug 09 2008 · 167 views
Place all your entries here with:


You MUST link to all of these. The only optional one is the topic. I need the gallery too.

Entry Name:
Entry Picture:
Entry Topic:
Entry Gallery:

Please link the picture. PM one of the Contests hosts or assistants for help on linking.

Host: .:Toa Velox:.

Co-Host: What?
Co-Host: 55555

Assistant Host: ~Blue Diamond~
Assistant Host: Shadows in the Light
Assistant Host: Nara
Assistant Host: Sir Kaji





Posted by Velox , Jul 26 2008 · 43 views




Unofficial Bbcc #50 Contest!

Posted by Velox , Jul 21 2008 · 127 views
This is the main topic, which I hope you link to in your sig. I do wish ToM's idea would have won . . .

BBCC #50: The Big Change!

You must build three stages of an MOC. So, if you're building a Toa, you must also build it as a Matoran and Turaga.


[note: This may be changed later]

The Contest begins now, and entries will be accepted until August 9, 2008 at 12:00 Midnight Eastern Standard Time.

Preliminary polls begin August 11, 2008 and close August 15, 2008.

Semi-final polls begin August 15, 2008 and close August 19, 2008.

Final polls begin August 19, 2008 and close August 24, 2008.

Prizes and the announcement of the winner will be given on August 25, 2008.


1) Place all entries in the entries topic which is linked below. DO NOT PUT THEM HERE.

2) Your entry may not have been published prior to the start of this contest.

3) Don't PM the contest host [or co-hosts] unless you have to. Ask questions in this topic and the host will answer it.

4) Painted parts are NOT ALLOWED. No non-LEGO parts. All other LEGO parts are fair game; however, for the most part, they should be Bionicle pieces and Technic pieces. There's a 50%-50% system/technic ratio. The reason is I like system, and it's more creative.

5) You may build a scene like in BBCC #48, but you must have the 'baby' 'teen' and 'adult' stage. You may also have more Matoran, etc. as well. POST HERE. DO NOT PM ME OR THE ASSISTANTS. You cannot switch or modify models mid contest. Once you have entered, you may not "un-enter" your models and enter new ones. You may opt to bow out of the contest for whatever reason but you cannot reenter under such a situation. If you get disqualified for any reason, you will not be allowed to reenter with another MOC in that contest.

6) Any flaming will result in disqualification from the contest. Competition is good if you keep it clean. Everyone play fair, NO WHINING, no insults. I reserve the right to DQ any entry at any time for any reason. If you are disqualified then any posts in my blog will be deleted. That includes the voting. I and the other contest hosts will be watching. If you do post, I will be notified and I will delete it. I will have a list of DQ members.

7) Absolutely, positively NO CHEATING! Anyone found to be cheating or even suspected of cheating will face immediate disqualification from this contest and will be banned from participating in future contests. Of course, I don't know if you create duplicate accounts, but if it looks like you're winning for a weird reason, I will notify an Admin to look into it.

8) No "this is unfair" posting. Some people have more parts, money, time, fish, gigs left on your hard drive, etc. than others. That's life; we each have to do our best with what we have. Any excessive complaining may, at the judgment of the contest runner, disqualify you.

9) This contest is open to all BZPower members. Anyone can enter, anyone can vote. The contest hosts may enter as well. I will not enter though. Also, if What? enters and ends up winning, he'll get the TNGM [the prize for second place] and the second place winner will receive the 6-month PMship.

10) Prizes are welcome. If you have something you'd like to give, please PM me.

11) It can't be a barely modified set - it must be 'custom'. Or else, it's just LEGO winning.

12) If you are not a Contest Assistant, don't answer questions.


First Place: 6-Month Premier Membership donated by What?.
Second Place: One TNGM [Trans Neon Green Miru].
Third Place: I don't know.

More prizes will be given once I or the other contest hosts think of them or if someone donates more.


-=Contest Hosts=-

Host: .:Toa Velox:.

Co-Host: What?
Co-Host: 55555

Assistant Host: Sir Kaji
Assistant Host: ~BlueDiamond~
Assistant Host: Nara
Assistant Host: Shadows in the Light

no more assistant hosts.

And, if there are any other rules I missed, please post here.

Thank you for your cooperation!!!!



Takanuva And Other Things.

Posted by Velox , Jul 20 2008 · 126 views
Well, I'll start with 'other things'.

Here's a few notes that you'll probably be interested in:

-I might go on a temporary leave from BZPower. If that happens, my contest minions will have to take over for me. To my minions: If you have any questions, you may email me. I will be free by email, but nothing else [I'll explain over email].

-I spent 5 hours at a bonfire with one of my best friends [she's a girl style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif] and when I came home I didn't really like BIONICLE any more . . . Now I kinda like it, but I like her more style_emoticons/default/sad.gif So, I've put most of them aside, besides the '08 Phantoka Makuta and Takanuva. Along with my uncustom Self MOC. She'd probably understand though . . . she's really cool like that.

-I think I'm getting Bitil. I don't think there'll be a time to use white/red pieces. And, his wings/head/claws/feet are awesome.

Now for the lovely Takanuva. He's huge!

Posted Image

Posted Image :: Posted Image :: Posted Image :: Posted Image

:: Gallery ::


So yeah, he's pretty awesome. He's taller than Maxilos [I think] . . . He's probably my favorite BIONICLE set since . . . a long time. He's awesome.

Things to love:

-7 ball joints
-Realistic neck, just like Maxy
-awesome claws
-6 white Mahritoran blades
-Lots of white 'hand' joints
-white bohrok teeth [I need them]
-white (+OO+) pieces
-pretty cool lance
-Gunmetal takadox heads!!




Dear Bbc

Posted by Velox , Jun 26 2008 · 28 views

Please follow the BBC guidelines. I mean, don't you just hate it when people say...

Whoa! 10/10! that's so kool!


Dat Stupid! I hatz it!


Why isn't it custom? 2/10

The legs need to be custom!!! 6/10.

....It's rather annoying, now isn't it? Especially the custom part. I mean, AN MOC DOES NOT NEED TO BE CUSTOM. What an MOC needs, is to have proportions right, and color layering correct. If you're building a Toa, make the arms shorter than the legs [with an exception with some Onu-Toa]. If you're building a Makuta, try not to make it so humanoid. If brown is supposed to be fur, and silver armor, don't put brown over the silver.

Is it really that hard for people to calm down, and just appreciate MOCs without being custom? I have already PM-ed Kex about starting a BBC Critics Club, the exact same thing as they have for the library. Why would I want to start this? For that exact reason. All 'critics' will review any MOC, upon which someone asks for a review. Every review will give a full review, along with constructive criticism. No matter how custom the MOC is.

Another thing, almost every MOCist I know hates number ratings [I being one of them]. Why? They are always false. A MOC is never completely perfect, nor is one ever completely horrible. So, no MOC should deserve a 10/10 or 0/10. Even if you give a full review, and a number rating, it doesn't help. It's still a pointless and annoying number rating. Seriously, number ratings are SPAN =P Stupid Pointless Annoying Ratings. Even the 'A' or 'B' things.

And, an MOC DOES NOT NEED TO BE CUSTOM. Yes, I like custom. Yes, I prefer it. But not when people are so crazy about it. It drives me INSANE.

I'll stop there. [Although, I'd suggest reading ~Makaru~'s entry].


The Beach; Poems

Posted by Velox , Jun 12 2008 · 44 views

I went to the beach today, it was fun. Oh, for any who are wondering, I live about fifteen minutes from the beach, so I didn't have to drive anywhere biggrin.gif

Yeah, it was fun. I love going to the beach and watching the waves. Which, happened to give me inspiration for two poems and a half tongue.gif I actually wrote some of this a few weeks ago, when I went to the beach at night [even awesomer!] but I sort of added more when I went today. Also, I plan on writing a love Short Story about Kopaka and Gali, so that's why it's always snow.

The Ocean, at night

As the waves,
flow so smooth.
Like the snow,
On a calm winter day.

As the waves,
Crash against the bay.
Like Symbols,
Crash through the air.

As the lights,
Reflect in the water.
So as you,
Reflect in the lake.

As the fish,
Swim through the ocean.
So do we,
Walk on the earth.

As the moon,
Shines so bright,
On the waves,
Even on, the darkest night.

And here's another one, that is basically the same as the one before, but much better. I'm probably going to change it a little, especially add some at the end. In fact, this one will probably be the short story, tied in with a poem; rather than the other one.

The Ocean, at night

The peaceful air,
The calm night,
Like the stars
In, heaven above.

The waves flow,
So smooth and calm,
They glisten,
In the evening moon.

The snow flutters,
So graceful and peaceful,
It sparkles,
In the ever bright sun.

The waves crash,
So violent and fierce,
They ebb,
Against the cold, hard sand.

The snow blizzards,
So cold and sharp,
It blows,
Against the freezing wind.

The waves roll,
So strong and quick
They lap,
Against your feet.

The snow falls,
So pure and white,
It pierces my cheeks
Against the brisk air.

And, here's part of one, which I haven't finished. It's just sort of random. Oh, and if it's too 'religious' please tell me now, before I post it in COT.

The air, the mist
what hath God brought into our midst.

The rain, the waves
they both are part of the ocean's ways.

Yeah, I like them =P I'd say the last one will probably the the best, then the second, then the first. I really like the last stanza of the second one though happy.gif

Oh, expect a not-so-good MOC from me in the next few days. I won't post it here or in BBC. It's for Argy's contest, so I'll just put it here. I guess I might put it here, if I want to. The upper arms and lower legs or other people's designs. I just don't really like it too much. I might change it though, if I find stuff to do with it tongue.gif

So yeah, enjoy the poems! Any comments are appreciated!


My Sister's Graduation

Posted by Velox , May 31 2008 · 59 views

She's out of High School!

Anyway, it was yesterday. I'll put up more pictures later, but here's one of me:

I love my hair right now...

anyway, it was kind of funny, because at 11 am, there's a Mass [a Catholic thing] for the Graduates, so I got dressed and stuff, and she wanted me to wear something else, but I didn't have time. So, I wore what I had one [not in the picture], and told her I'd wear my suit for her actual graduation which was at 7 pm. So.. later I'll put up a pic of me and her, but in my other clothes. Yeah, it's weird.. but anyway, I like my suit biggrin.gif

So yeah, it was fun. I met a lot of girls there [my age].. Because I'm going to that High School next year, so I met my sister's [her name's Janet] friends younger sisters, who will also be going there next year. It'll be fun _icon_joy_.gif

Anyway, yeah.. fun day.


The Bunny Club!

Posted by Velox , Mar 11 2008 · 31 views
:: ::

:: The Bunny Club ::

show you love this bunny by joining the bunny club:

i'll be making a banner soon


1: Toa Velox
2: Teebert
3: Bundalings the Bunny
4: Airforce O' Dalek
5: --{Administrator Kingg}--
6: ~DiamondBlade~
7: Tikaro
8: Icytoa1
9: Toa~Icarax
10: nara567
11. Hitech
12. I Am A Shadow Leech!

don't you love it?

oh, Argetlam found the pic..



Posted by Velox , in League of Authors, Literature, BZPower Jan 28 2008 · 87 views
Write-Offs are writing challenges originally created by 55555 and Kakaru, where a group of people get together in a group chat on Skype and write. A theme is given, and all participants have 15-minutes to write a vignette/flash fiction story about said theme, with no extra time for editing or preparing. At the end, the stories are sent to all participants and the participants critique each others' works.

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