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Requiescat In Pace

Posted by Velox , in Personal Writings, Literature Apr 04 2012 · 458 views

Short Story Requiescat in Pace Library

Requiescat in Pace

~ :: ~

Another day had come and gone. What is the point of my life? Is it to keep going to work day after day doing the same old thing? Never to get away from Po-Koro?
..........I had dreamed so many times of getting away from Po-Koro. Maybe to go exploring somewhere, or maybe to just visit the other villages. But more than that I longed to get away to Ga-Koro. To see her – the one I love. I know she shares my love. Even though she hasn't said it, I know she does. I can see it in her eyes – those perfect eyes.

..........Why can't I ever get out? Why won't the Turaga let the Matoran wander about the island? No one wants to stay in their own Koro forever. I mean, what's wrong with visiting other villages? They let Takua do it, what about us? Why should we be treated any different? Why should it matter that he's the Chronicler and we're not?
..........It's just not fair, I sighed as I gazed out the window of my stone hut into the sky. It was such a peaceful day. Free from all distractions. The clouds were moving gracefully across the midday sky, and the sun was shining brilliantly through the clouds, with its rays illuminating whatever they touched. And yet, it were days like these that were most depressing.
..........What a more perfect day to spend with the one I love? And yet, and yet.
..........I sighed again and dropped my pencil, watching it bounce back and forth on the tabletop before finally landing properly and then rolling a short ways. I had been writing another Short Story – a hobby I enjoy – until I started thinking about Mahima again. I just couldn't keep my thoughts off her.
..........We met a few years ago during one of the three yearly parties – Naming Day, Valentines Day, and Thanksgiving. Three days out of the whole year we get to be together. I suppose one might say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but does it really? It's hard to even remember how she speaks sometimes.
..........Valentines Day was tomorrow, and Matoran were preparing for it by putting up festive banners and other decorations. I never really understood why we all put up decorations since everyone traveled to Ta-Koro anyway. Still, I decided to not look like a weirdo and started putting up my own decorations like everyone else.
..........After it was dark I finally finished setting up all the decorations around my hut and decided to call it a night. I doused the light stones on the wall and hopped in my warm bed, taking off my Kanohi right before. I quickly fell asleep from exhaustion and dreamed about Mahima and what would happen at the celebration.

~ :: ~

I awoke the next morning to feel quite refreshed, and quickly got out of bed. I put my Kanohi back on, and washed my face with a little water before heading to my small kitchen. There I prepared a little breakfast which I consumed rather quickly, and walked out the door to where other Po-Matoran were gathered in the courtyard next to Toa Pohatu's Suva.
..........As I was on my way, I spotted Hewkii in the crowd and walked up to him – after all, he was one of my best friends.
..........“Hewkii!” I called out to him.
..........“Hey, Velox. How's it going?”
..........“Not bad. I'm really excited about the party. I can't wait until we get to leave”
..........“Me too. I hope to see Macku again. I haven't seen her for a while,” he replied.
..........“Yeah, I hope to see Mahima as well. Well, I'll see you around!” I began walking once again toward Toa Pohatu's Suva where the Matoran were gathered. The Turaga was making preparations to leave by making sure all the Matoran were gathered, and various things like that. I waited impatiently as I thought about Mahima and what would happen at the upcoming celebration.
..........Hopefully we can go somewhere by ourselves, I thought to myself hopefully.
..........I quickly shook away all thoughts as I heard the signal that we were leaving.
..........At last.

~ :: ~

When we finally arrived at Ta-Koro, I scanned the crowed for the Ga-Matoran that I loved so much. There were many little shops set up throughout the city selling various goods that would remind Matoran of the celebration, but I did not notice them. I became oblivious to all else around me. I saw her.
..........She too saw me, and started walking toward me.
..........“Mahima, I love you,” I said, letting the words slip out of my mouth by another power. I waited, wondering if she would say the same back.
..........“I love you too,” she replied as she hugged me.. After about a minute had passed, we joined hands and walked away from all the crowds to the bottom a lavafall in Ta-Wahi. We sat down at the bank beneath the fall, and just stayed there talking in each other's arms. We heard the Turaga announce the Kohlii game was about to begin, but we didn't care – we had each other.
..........We sat there for hours, while all the various activities were going on during the celebration, listening to various stories we had, or just enjoying each other's company without saying anything as she laid her mask against my shoulder.
..........Soon the evening became twilight, and we both knew we had to be getting back soon. Then we heard it – Turaga Vakama announced on his megaphone that the Ga and Le Matoran were leaving.
..........“Goodbye, Velox,” she told me as she hugged me, a tear slipping from her eye. I was so sad that we wouldn't be able to see each other for a long time. It just wasn't fair how the Turaga kept us in our Koro, not letting us out except three times a year . . .
..........I quickly snapped out of my thoughts as I felt her lips against my cheek. I quickly kissed her back as she started crying in my arms.
..........“I don't know when I'll see you again,” she said.
..........“I don't know either, but I do know that I love you.”
..........She silently slipped out of my arms, wiped her tears away, and left to go back to the main square.

~ :: ~

Why? Why must she leave? Why can't she come with me to Po-Koro, or why can't I go to Ga-Koro? I sat down next lava fall and gazed at the lava flowing a few feet away from me. It was hot, but that didn't matter. She was gone, and I wouldn't see her for a long time. That's all that mattered.
..........I looked at the lava again. If I jumped in I'd probably die instantly, feeling little or no pain . . .
..........I wiped a tear away that had formed on my eye.
..........No, I told myself. I have to be a live. What would happen to Mahima if she learned that I was dead? We will be together one day. I know it. Even if we have to leave this island, we will be together.
..........I looked up from the lava and listened. Shouting, screaming. I heard the Turaga trying to shout orders over the screaming Matoran.
..........Oh, no,” I said to myself as I ran back for Ta-Koro, with many questions in my head concerning all the screaming. The shouts and screams faded as I drew closer, and when I arrived there was no one to be found – alive, anyway. Bodies with blood seeping out of them were lying throughout the main courtyard. I looked around. Some were my friends – Hafu, Huki, and others. I looked away from the sight, unable to bear seeing my friends dead.
..........What could have done this? I asked myself. Then I saw her. Mahima. She was lying on the ground with other bodies. I ran over to her, kneeling down in front of the limp form. She was dead. And it was most likely a painful death.
..........I wanted to be anywhere else right then. I wished I was dead instead of her.
..........I fell to the ground, unable to keep myself in my kneeling position with my grief.
..........She was dead.
..........I looked up again, seeing Mahima lying there in front of me, bloody and bruised. I wished so much she would wake up. I wished so much that there was a way I could save her, but I couldn't. It was over.
..........I heard a loud roar, and I looked up from the body to where the sound had come from. There I saw the most menacing Rahi I had ever seen. It was a wolf-like being named Skotraxx. Though, this was no ordinary wolf. It's size being at least three times that of an ordinary wolf.
..........He was pitch black with silver armor, and his head was hideous, with a huge spike stretching from the top of his head to his back. His teeth and claws were covered in blood, and his back was lined with spikes, along with a pair of giant wings that were laid upon his back.
..........I did what anyone would do in that situation. I ran. I ran to where ever my legs took me, with Skotraxx following close behind. I ran into the forests of Le-Wahi, hoping for it to get lost in the woods. I looked behind me and saw nothing. Too scared to stop, I ran to where I thought the forest ended. When I finally reached the end of the forest, I let myself fall in exhaustion. I laid on the ground breathing heavily.
..........All I could think about was Mahima. Dead. Dead by the hand of Skotraxx.
..........Why? Why did she have to die? Why not me instead of her? I would gladly exchange my life for hers any day.
..........I knew I had to go to her. She needed to be given a proper burial. But, was I the only Matoran alive? Had the Turaga all been killed? No, I decided. There had to be someone still alive, and I would search the whole island until I found someone. I left to go back to Ta-Koro.

~ :: ~

I arrived at Ta-Koro, and saw all the bodies lying in the streets again. Then I found her. Her dead body lying there, unmoving. I silently prayed that some how she would start breathing again, but I knew there was no way that was possible. Blood was pouring out in almost any place imaginable and her Kanohi had a huge gash across the middle.
..........She was dead, and there was nothing I could do about it. I picked up her body and brought it into the outskirts of Ta-Wahi. I dug a hole, and placed her body in. I knelt and said some silent prayers over her body before standing up again and placing dirt over her. When the hole was filled up with dirt, I found a stone and carved her name onto it with another rock. I placed it on top of the little grave and knelt down again.
..........I looked up at the gravestone and saw her name. I burst down in tears, knowing that she was in there, dead.
..........After an hour or two had passed, I finally turned away from the little grave and left.

~ :: ~

What more is there? What is the point of life any more? Why should I go on living? No. I know she would not like that. I must not throw away my life. I will continue living.
..........The hate started swelling within me. Ideas for vengeance were forming in my head.
..........Requiescat in Pace, Mahima. You will be avenged.

~ :: ~

Note: Inspired by ~GreenBioGuy~'s MOC Skotraxx.

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