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Ambage Writing Achievements

Posted by Velox , in League of Authors Jun 27 2012 · 1,186 views

Ambage Achievements

Writing Achievements for the Ambage

Sometimes the most elusive thing for a writer to find is motivation. You might have all the ideas ready, but without a goal, you can get stuck. Enter the Ambage Achievements, created by Cederak. Think of them as a list of mini writing-goals for Ambage members, a chance to show yourself how much you have accomplished and to chronicle your writing endeavors for all to see. These individual achievements are meant to provide you, the writer, with something to work toward while being involved in the Ambage community
How they Work:
  • Create a post in the Ambage main topic or in a blog entry, and log all of your achievements there. As you achieve new achievements, feel free to post in the Ambage topic announcing such (and edit your original post/blog entry).
  • Every achievement can only be unlocked once.
  • They have been divided into categories for you.
  • Critic Club reviews DO count.
  • "Substantial" is ~1000+ words for stories, and ~300+ words for reviews.
  • Instead of points, the number of achievements one achieves is now logged.
  • Feel free to ask any questions here.
Into the Sky(pe)! - Participate in a Skype Write Off.
Naturally Creative - Participate in 3 consecutive Skype Write Offs.
Do We Know You? - Participate in 5 Skype Write Offs.
One of the Gang - Participate in 15 Skype Write Offs.
Super Regular - Participate in 25 Skype Write Offs.
Old Guard - Participate in 35 Write Offs.
Home Row Heavyweight - Finish a Write Off story with over 600 words.
Keyboard Abuse - Finish a write off story with over 800 words.
15 Minutes and a Dream - Enter a Write Off while using the monthly prompt.
Just Following Orders, Sir - Enter 10 Write Offs while using the monthly prompt.
General Writing:
Manuscript Kiddie Pool - Post a short story.
Laugh Factory - Post 3 comedies.
The Typewriter is Dead - Post a compiled total of 10 works across all forums.
The Keyboard is Broken - Post a compiled total of 25 works across all forums.
Cyborg Fingers - Post a compiled total of 50 works across all forums.
The Daunting Task - Post an epic or participate in NaNoWriMo.
See it through to the End - Finish an epic/novel or complete NaNoWriMo.
The Story Continues - Post 3 epics/novel or participate in NaNoWriMo 3 times.
Drawing Conclusions - Finish 3 epics/novels or participate in NaNoWriMo 3 times.
Journeyman (or Woman) - Post 5 epics or participate in NaNoWriMo 5 times.
No Adventure Left Incomplete - Finish 5 epics/novels or participate in NaNoWriMo 5 times.
Specific Writing:
Lyrical Genius - Write a substantial songfic.
Poetic Soul - Write a substantial poem.
Not For the Faint of Heart - Write a substantial adventure.
Heartbreaker - Write a substantial romance.
It's Close to Midnight… - Write a substantial thriller.
Open Mike Night - Write a substantial comedy.
Tissue and Tears - Write a substantial tragedy.
Do. Or do Not. There is No Try - Write a substantial sci-fi story.
Not Just for Bronies - Write a substantial fantasy story.
Elementary, my dear Ambager. - Write a substantial mystery story.
Vague Subject Matter - Post a story in OTC.
Broad Focus Lens - Post 5 stories in OTC.
Lack of Clarity - Post 10 stories in OTC.
Cultured and Imprecise - Post 25 stories in OTC.
It All Starts with a Single Word - Post a story in the Library.
Developing Drafter - Post 5 stories in the Library.
Wicked Writer - Post 10 stories in the Library.
Get Published Already - Post 25 stories in the Library.
Here Lies Punctuation - Find at least 10 grammar/spelling errors in a story.
Break the Quote Boxes – Find over 25 grammar/spelling errors in a story (iirc, 25 is the most quote boxes you can have)
Funny Bone - Substantially review a comedy.
Critical Thinking - Substantially review a short story.
Critical Hit - Substantially review 15 short stories.
Critical Acclaim - Substantially review 35 short stories.
Critical Addiction - Substantially review 50 short stories.
Epic Read - Substantially review an epic.
Epic Proportions - Substantially review 15 epics.
Epic Win - Substantially review 35 epics.
Can't Look Away - Post in an epic review topic at least 3 times.
Generalized Words - Review a story in OTC.
Capacious Taste - Review 5 stories in OTC.
Indefinite View - Review 15 stories in OTC.
Sea of Ambiguity - Review 25 stories in OTC.
Critics Club:
Bring in the Experts - Make a request from the ECC.
Bring in the Specialists - Make a request from the SSCC.
Repeat Customer - Make 3 requests total from the ECC or SSCC.
"Having the usual?" - Make 5 requests total from the ECC or SSCC.
A Lovely Contestant - Participate in an official BZP Writing contest.
And Now, Returning to the Show… - Participate in 5 official BZP Writing contests.
Challenge Accepted - Enter an Ambage-hosted contest.
Run-On Sentence - Enter 10 Ambage-hosted contests.
Can't Get Enough - Enter 15 Ambage-hosted contests.
Vocabulary Lesson - Win an Ambage-hosted contest.
Legit Linguist - Win or receive an honorable mention in 5 Ambage-hosted contests.
Win or receive an honorable mention in 15 Ambage-hosted contests.
The Real Deal - Enter an Ambage-hosted contest and use the monthly prompt.
Contest Master - Enter 10 Ambage-hosted contests while using the monthly prompt.
Monthly Prompt:
Thematic - Use the monthly prompt in a story.
Prompt and Circumstance - Use the monthly prompt in 5 stories.
Premise or Nothing - Use the monthly prompt in 15 stories.
Review Passes:
Unicycle - Review a story in one of the Review Passes.
The Revolution Continues - Review 10 stories between both Review Passes.
Strong Link In the Chain - Review 25 stories between both Review Passes.

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