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What I'm Doing This Summer

Posted by Velox , Jul 06 2010 · 303 views

1. Getting my freakin driving permit. I've put this off far too long [I mean, I could have my license in two days (I'll be 16) if I wanted to, but I haven't started anything yet].

2. Writing 750 words a day, at least. There's this awesome site where you write 750 words a day, and after each day, it'll show you frequently used words and some other stats [there's also badges you can get for completing this however many days in a row and stuff]. I would link to it [really, it is an awesome site; I've written more in the past five days than I have in like a month or two (five because I started on the second of July, not the first)], but it does have some sort of commenting feature and it may not be completely BZP-appropriate ['cause you can choose the option of sharing your work, and so what other people may share might not be entirely appropriate with language or whatever]. But anyway, the point is it's an awesome site and motivates you to actually write, which for me is amazing. =P Many things to Lazzy for showing this to me.

3. Reading at least a chapter of some book a day [and on that note I will take suggestions for people's favorite books that they think I should read even if I don't ever end up reading them].

4. Trying to write a review every day.

...And I think that's it. I've been slacking off on writing, reading, and reviewing things, so I need to get back into those things.

Anyone else have summer goals?


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Mine is to 1) get better and 2) get fit.
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Lady Kopaka
Jul 06 2010 12:55 PM
To clean my room. LOL.

I actually wrote this nice organized list...it got my head on straight on my goals, but now I'm so sick and there's only about two months left for me...gaaah.
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Can you PM me the name of the site? It sounds interesting.

Also I plan to write more this summer, and also work for money.
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Toa of Dancing
Jul 06 2010 02:11 PM
1) Do it, I know from watching my older brother and sisters that it pays off. 2) Sounds awesome, a good way to get motivated. 3) All thre Lord of the Rings books if you haven't. A bit over descriptive at times, but they are great books. 4) Cool, that might finally clear out the Epics list.
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Number two sounds cool. Could you link me the site in a PM?

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Get a GF.

I'mma be a sad panda until I do.
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1) "Excuse me, I wanna drive."

2) Sounds cool.

3) Ooh, read Skulduggery Pleasant, by Derek Landy. It's a children's book, but its totally hilarious and really gripping.

4) Oh good. What about BBC CC, is that still going? Sorry I haven't reviewed much...my computer's been out for the past 4 or 5 weeks, I've lost count. I've barely had any time at all online, so yeah. No reviews. Sorry.

My plans include writing all of Project Monthly, starting (and hopefully finishing/almost finishing) Legends of the Last Toa 2, and getting more bionicle sets.
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Captain Marvel
Jul 25 2010 05:24 PM
1. Oh, man, I wish I was there, but not yet. Still a couple more years.

2. Sounds cool.

3. Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel <<series name

4. Okay.

Basically, my goals are to get better at art and photoshop, MoC some, and get fit.

Oh yeah, and publish my epic.
-The Killer Rabbit
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