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Posted by Velox , Sep 20 2010 · 211 views

I posted and saw a Huna next to my name. Totally forgot about that, lol. Which means I don't have a three-year anniversary special.

Let's see if I can type something up really quick:

A darkly clad figured panted as he stumbled down a black, wet alleyway. He grabbed on to a smooth, concrete wall, attempting to catch his breath but started running again as the footsteps behind him neared. He side ran into a tin trash bin and he cursed in pain, but kept on, pushing himself off of the rusted metal. He willed himself on, yelling at himself in his mind to keep going. His feet ached. His legs ached. His arms ached. His lungs ached. His head throbbed. But he continued on. For that is what one does when he knows the end is near.

He turned the corner onto a sidestreet, hoping to gain the attention of the cops. But there was no one there. No one to save him. He looked behind him; tears and sweat visible on his face. He tripped as the sidewalk jutted up from a tree root, falling hard onto the rough sidewalk. His hands and knees burned. His body screamed at him to just lay down and say "Screw it" but he kept going. He had to.

Death was the only other option.

He lifted his head up, the globules of sweat falling from his strands of wet hair. He pushed up with his scratched palms and took off running again. His breath was heavy, and his lungs felt like they were about to explode. He couldn't go on further.

No, he cried, I must go on. I must.

He turned down another alley where he met a dead-end. There was no where to go; this was where he would die.

Running up to the wall, he pounded on the hard surface, trying to get away from his impending doom. His hands clawed away, giving one last attempt to save his life when a loud, sharp bang! was heard.

A bullet impaled his body as he was thrown against the wall, only to be hit with two more. His body slumped to the ground, lifeless.


Lol, that started out because of basketball conditioning and all the running we did, so I had the idea of someone panting and running for his life. Then I thought I'd do a "spinoff" of Hope, in a way, since like both are trying to stay alive. =P And there's the result.

I need to do more bursts of writing like that more often. I actually haven't written in a while . . .

So let's see here. Not much else left to say, really. I did go to Book Off again to get some more books yesterday, which was cool:
  • The Big Four -- Agatha Christie. They just got a fairly large Agatha Christie section [like twenty books or more] and I wanted to buy them all, but they were $3.50 so I decided on just the four I thought sounded the coolest.
  • Crooked House -- Agatha Christie
  • The Clocks -- Agatha Christie
  • The Mysterious Mr. Quin -- Agatha Christie
  • The Complete Stories -- Dorothy L. Sayers. I've had Sayers' works recommended to me [she wrote crime novels], and I haven't been able to find anything until now, so I decided to try it out. Plus, I love short story collections.
  • The Big Bad City -- Ed McBain [87th Precinct series]. Same as above. I was really surprised I found two authors that I hadn't been able to find before, lol.
  • Pursuit of Honor -- Vince Flynn. Only four more left of his books to get! Unfortunately they didn't have those four or else I would have bought them without thinking twice.
  • The Cardinal of the Kremlin -- Tom Clancy. Another Tom Clancy book. You can't go wrong with him.
  • Executive Orders -- Tom Clancy
  • Marine Sniper -- Charles Henderson. Tells the true story of the Marine Sniper Sergeant Carlos Hathcock; Marine legend. This I literally saw on the way out [the "MARINE SNIPER" is hard to not see, especially when in bright red letters =P] and thought it looked cool, especially since my two main characters [Vince and Ivan -- aka Velox and Iavo] are both Marine Snipers, so it's a good resource book.
  • The War of the Worlds -- H. G. Wells. I've heard Wells is really good, and I also heard that this book in particular was really good, so I got it.
  • Remember Me -- Mary Higgins Clark. I enjoyed A Cry in the Night, so decided to get a couple more of her books for just a dollar each.
  • We'll Meet Again -- Mary Higgins Clark
Really the only reason I'm doing this is because I'm trying to reach my goal of how many books I have -- I have four small shelves still open [it's a big bookshelf with a bunch of little box cutouts -- maybe about a foot or a foot and a half wide], and I want to fill all of those. If anyone is interested, I actually did make a list of all the books I have in my room right now, just because I wanted a list of all my books on the computer [don't ask me why =P Though I guess mainly just so I can keep track of how many books I've read/not read (not that this is all the books I've ever read)]:

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

As you can see, most of the stuff I have I actually haven't read. I hope to read most [ if not all] of what's on there, plus more. Right now I'm at ~a book a week, which I hope to continue all of this year. Currently reading Storm Front -- Jim Butcher [you happy, Aaron? =P].

. . . And that's about it. Time to eat and then go to sleep! =P

- Velox

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Yes I am, Andrew.
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Captain Marvel
Sep 20 2010 10:45 PM
That's funny. I've been on here three years too, and look at where you are.

Now look at where I am. biggrin.gif
Congrats on the three years!
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Lady Kopaka
Sep 21 2010 01:00 PM
...where do you put all those books?

yay three years! Next month it'll be five for me.
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QUOTE(Keanu Reeves @ Sep 20 2010, 08:12 PM)
Yes I am, Andrew.

You better be. wink.gif

Yes, I -did- just use that condescending smiley! =P

Nah, jk. But yeah, it's good. I'm glad you kept telling me to read it, lol.

QUOTE(Lady Kopaka @ Sep 21 2010, 11:00 AM)
...where do you put all those books?

yay three years! Next month it'll be five for me.

Well, I have these two bookshelves.

For the first picture, the bottom row that gets cut off is [from left to right] religious books, random reference books [SAT, dictionary, etc.], and then a bunch of Calvin and Hobbes and a couple of Peanuts. Anyway, the point of explaining that is that the books no those three shelves can be moved somewhere else, so I want to fill those three with more novels, as well as the last half of the bottom shelf in the second picture.

So, basically, nine squares, and the three other shelves is my goal.

And yay -- one more year and you get the awesome Faxon. =P
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You need to get the book that the episode of Doctor Who "The Unicorn and the Wasp" was based off. I'll bet it's good.
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