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You're attacked by a Repair Nektann


Thoughts on the end of G2

Posted by Bfahome , Jul 29 2016 · 0 views

this is terrible

[looks over at floor covered in 15 years of BIONICLE clutter]

how will I ever go on

[trips over bin of mostly-assembled sets]

bionicle is gone forever

[lands on several drawers full of pieces]

there is literally nothing left for us

[stands up, numerous weapons and armor bits stuck into skin spell out "every bionicle thing you own still exists"]

what do we do

[brushes pieces off, they scatter across piles of MOCs]

nothing matters anymore



Posted by Bfahome , Jul 26 2016 · 0 views

I saw the original one once, and the scene I remember most is the part where they're driving across the bridge discussing the apocalypse and one of the guys is like "this is too much doom and gloom" and turns on the radio to some epic drum machines.

So I was disappointed at the lack of big cheesy drum machines in the new Ghostbusters movie.

Other than that, though, I can't really think of any part of it I disliked.

Also, Holtzmann is the best character.


"… let's just expand the universe a little bit, shall we?"

Posted by Bfahome , Jul 16 2016 · 0 views

Been watching a lot of stuff from Star Wars Celebration.

Dave Filoni is such a master troll and I love him so much. Especially what he shared at the Ahsoka panel, that's some pretty amazing stuff.

Rebels, though.


Season 3 looks to be a good one.


A Creeper of Creepers

Posted by Bfahome , Jul 05 2016 · 0 views

A Creeper of Creepers 208 of my recently acquired Creeper head blocks.

(The other side being a Creeper face made of faces on a green backdrop vs. this Creeper face made of green on a backdrop of faces.)


I am very proud of this joke

Posted by Bfahome , Jun 20 2016 · 105 views

Racers 11:

Finally getting to the punchline.

Source: Bfa Plays

No matter how long it took to tell.

Actually no, because of how long it took to tell.


Stop me if you've heard this one before

Posted by Bfahome , in MOC Jun 16 2016 · 118 views

Stop me if you've heard this one before Trying to do a thing.

Kinda wish I had my Nautilus back, because that's how I'd want to make the RIP-Tire.


The Moon Is Falling Down

Posted by Bfahome , Jun 15 2016 · 82 views
music I like


From: Bfa Plays

Posted by Bfahome , Jun 05 2016 · 83 views

It's back.

Source: Bfa Plays


Happy Birthday Ōban Star-Racers

Posted by Bfahome , Jun 05 2016 · 79 views

Ten years ago today, at least according to Wikipedia, the first episode of Ōban Star-Racers aired. To this day it has its place alongside Avatar and Code Lyoko as some of my favorite animated TV. Unlike those, however, the story only spanned one season and it seems like not as many people remember it.

Having bought and read "The Art of Oban Star-Racers" gave me a new appreciation of the effort put into this show. And before that, I'd managed to snag a couple of t-shirts from the Oban Fan Shop, which unfortunately seems to be down indefinitely.

I'm not the only one celebrating, either: this page went up to celebrate its original April debut in France, and has a bunch of behind-the-scenes art and stuff. Seriously, this show looked fantastic.

(Also, the avatar I had before Sabine was Molly/Eva. Guess I missed that mark by a year or so, oh well.)



Posted by Bfahome , Jun 04 2016 · 86 views

I had entered a board game design into Hasbro's recent game contest, and this is what it'd look like and how it'd move. Didn't make it past submission phase (though they were nice enough to send an email to those not selected so we wouldn't be left in suspense) so I'm sharing it.

Basically the game is based on a planetary gear system where the outer annular gear is the board's base and the sun and planet gears make up most of the playing area, with the connections filled in on the rotating carrier.

Didn't have much of a plot worked out (probably the reason it wasn't chosen) because the contest deadline was the day after graduation (oh btw I graduated from college) and this wasn't a high priority, but basically you're in some kind of magic shifting dungeon and you need to get out by finding the four keys and getting to the exit. The four keys would be on spots in the middle of the planet gears, and the exit would be the center of the board.

The gimmick is that in some circumstances (around 1/10 of the die rolls) players would have the option to rotate the board, the motion of which you can see in the video. This would move the position of the planet gears and cause them to rotate, scrambling the paths. Players would stay on their spots, meaning they'd be moved too. There are four possible board orientations. Also the global orientation of the center technically never changes but it looks cool when it's turning so shut up.

Player motion would be two spaces per turn maximum (chances are about 50/50 one space or two) so there should be plenty of opportunity for "revolution".

As for the video, it's just a SolidWorks motion study of the basic gearing system, so it doesn't stop at any of the playable positions. Basically whenever the arrow on the middle circle is pointing "up" the board is in a playable position. The triangle cutouts were there initially to demonstrate how the system turns, and then the board decals I added later for the contest submission.

Maybe something will come of it some day. But I doubt it!


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Looking up at another night sky
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