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So this happened today

Posted by Bfahome , May 31 2013 · 272 views

So this happened today Wind powah!
So the VolturnUS thing I posted about before happened today and it was great and very hot and my legs are so sunburned.
Many big people there, and I showed some of them where to go for lunch.  B-)
Also I got to sign it before they put it in the water!


VolturnUS 1:8

Posted by Bfahome , May 29 2013 · 248 views

So the place I work (on-campus at UMaine) is doing a pretty big thing on Friday.
It's going to be the launch of a functioning 1:8 scale model of the VolturnUS floating wind turbine.  It'll be the first grid-connected offshore wind turbine in the country!  They're also putting out a LIDAR buoy to collect information about weather and wind speeds, and it'll be I think the fifth of its kind in the world.
It's really cool to be able to say that I had a part in this, which I can technically say, no matter how miniscule of a part it was.
I think the plan in the next few years is to slowly build a big wind farm far off the coast.  This is really more of a test run than anything, but even at 1/8th the size of the planned model it's quite large.
And it's really cool too!
(There are going to be a bunch of big news people there.)



Posted by Bfahome , May 27 2013 · 293 views

THESE THINGS are so much fun oh my god.


Toa Gavla

Posted by Bfahome , in MOC May 27 2013 · 500 views

Posted Image

SO MANY wonderful parts acquired at BrickFair. This uses many of them, including the mask. Also so many pneumatic T pieces and flick-fire missiles.

(I need silver Rahkshi heads, I feel like it'd help with the color distribution more.)

Also this thing that I threw together one weekend then decided to bring to the convention. Many things, including the OTCs, were added there.


So, BrickFair

Posted by Bfahome , May 14 2013 · 216 views

Finally got to meet Black Six in the non-internet world.  Also met some others like Chro, Nealybealy, Steve the Squid, and whoever else stopped by the table.
I won the Dirty Buildster game and got this nice little TECHNIC set as a prize (and it actually is a nice little set, the steering is pretty cool), as well as the big cup of random pieces I got to build with.  I also tried the Blind Speed-Build, didn't win, but the City police set I got out of it was neat.
And then I spent like too much money on vendors.  There was a pick-your-parts-for-eight-dollars thing going, so I did that three times and got a bunch of good stuff from that.  There was also a guy selling bags of pieces, which I bought some of (including quite a few Galidor parts, and for such a meh theme that gets stepped on all the time, its pieces are pretty good-looking).  I also bought Granite, the tan Slizer/Throwbot.
And some guy had a malfunctioning Technojaw T55 that someone gave him and he didn't feel like dealing with it anymore so he gave it to me.  So, having had a Technojaw before, I replaced the wonky core module with my functioning one, and now I have a working and not totally disassembled Technojaw T55 to play with yay.
I also got other cool things like the goodie bag stuff and my badge and snazzy BrickFair polo for helping set up stuff.
The MOCs I sent to Cascade didn't get shipped in time to be displayed, but luckily I brought my handy portal gun and some newer stuff so they could be in the show.  One of them was DJ Kumo and his stage, and the other was a little HF-shell-based thing I made.  And of course, as you can see in the last entry, I was DJ Kumo (at some points).  I'll probably post a topic with details of that soon.
tl;dr: I had a blast and I hope I can go next year.


I'm at BrickFair

Posted by Bfahome , May 11 2013 · 175 views

I'm at BrickFair Told you DJ Kumo would be making an appearance.



Posted by Bfahome , May 06 2013 · 449 views

Okay, now i understand why people post excited entries about how close it is.


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Claws out!
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