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You're attacked by a Repair Nektann


The Trigger

Posted by Bfahome , Aug 23 2013 · 279 views
The Trigger I painted a Nerf Maverick.
I decided to make it Avak themed.
I think it came out well!
Forgive the low-quality picture, it looks much better in the real world.


Funnily enough

Posted by Bfahome , Aug 16 2013 · 666 views

That white piece on the Makuta head that I wanted to replace?  I received exactly one of them in black in my big bag o' BioniLUG bits.
Talk about service!
(And then the cool engraved brick too.)
And three more prototypes for the prototype pile.  A dark red/black Zamor, reverse-colored dark green/lime Carapar chest, and a Vastus scythe that looks like the final colors but might not be?  Not sure, don't have the actual piece to compare.  Whether or not it's visibly different I don't care, because I like the piece anyway.
Also guys I am going to be writing the best set review ever but it's going to take a bit of time because of reasons.


Why can't I hold all this creativity

Posted by Bfahome , Aug 14 2013 · 352 views

Man it is GREAT being back with all my LEGO stuff.
Everything's been at home all summer, and I haven't been.  Except for this week because I needed to come stack firewood.
And I've just been up in my room like crazy, just messing around to see what I can make.
Already I fixed up Gavla, built the Makuta head, and now I'm trying to reconstruct my Daft Punk helmet's initial stage to see if I can actually try to finish it this time.


Makuta head

Posted by Bfahome , in MOC Aug 13 2013 · 693 views

Makuta head So I actually sort of built this IRL.

I had planned on it for a while but due to some Pick-A-Brick mixups and lack of pieces available it hadn't happened yet.

Then I realized I could easily substitute in some other pieces.

so tadaaa

It'll be done-done as soon as I can get the eyebrows and that white piece in black.

Also I have this concepts folder on Brickshelf and when it becomes public you should check it out. I've been neglecting it for a while but I'm going to try to start posting things in it again.


I beat BIONICLE: The Game

Posted by Bfahome , Aug 13 2013 · 427 views

Well that only took forever and a half.


Dragon Bolt

Posted by Bfahome , Aug 11 2013 · 303 views

This is a good set.
I like this set.
(and I got the black brain polybag so that's cool too)
(also changed Toa Gavla a bit and now she has a bit of hip articulation, but you don't care about that)


Doing more things

Posted by Bfahome , Aug 08 2013 · 281 views

Doing more things I had some large pizza boxes laying around last week, so I made this because I was bored.
My friend has made some noise about crafting things from foam, so I might be able to use this as a sort of template to make an actual detailed Vahi.
I've also been working on a new Enderman head.  Bigger, squarer, and now with added fiberglass instead of only cardboard.  And hopefully some lights.
And finally, more Nerf painting has happened.  Made more progress in the past week or so than I have pretty much ever.  Painted a Maverick to look metallic and worn, and I'm thinking of stenciling Avak's symbol onto it.  I'm also working on the Rainbow Dash CS-18 (second go) and it's actually looking good this time.  Rustoleum primer, man.  That stuff is magical.


Fiberglass resin

Posted by Bfahome , Aug 04 2013 · 138 views

Oh I have missed that smell so much.
It's a smell that means stuff is happening and being made.
Sure the smell of spray paint is okay I guess.
But resin, man.


Daft Punk to appear on The Colbert Report

Posted by Bfahome , Aug 03 2013 · 198 views



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