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You're attacked by a Repair Nektann


Life Of A Bfa™

Posted by Bfahome , Jul 24 2008 · 29 views


Tornado Watch

Posted by Bfahome , Jul 24 2008 · 22 views


Rain, Rain, Go Away

Posted by Bfahome , Jul 24 2008 · 19 views




Posted by Bfahome , Jul 23 2008 · 49 views
How is it the weakest vehicle? blink.gif


Voting Booth Guidelines

Posted by Bfahome , Jul 23 2008 · 25 views
QUOTE(Polo X @ Dec 10 2004, 01:10 AM) View Post
Welcome to the Voting Booth forum.

Please make sure to read through the following rules and guidelines before posting in this forum. If you don't, you risk your topic being closed, or getting in trouble with the staff. It should only take a minute or two, so just take the time, and then you may go off and post to your heart's content.

The biggest thing to remember in the Voting Booth is that only Premier Member can create new polls in the Voting Booth. This means that if you are not a premier, you won’t be able to. However, if you want to create a poll, you can send a PM to a Premier Member and politely request that they create a poll for you. Most of the time, they’ll accept and make a poll for you.

If you want to post polls, go premier! It’s worth it.

In addition, posts in the Voting Booth do not add to your post count.
All generic BZPower rules and guidelines apply to posting/posting in topics in the Voting Booth. (BZPower Rules and Guidelines)

No Poll Revivals:
Revival is posting in a topic after a set time, in this case, around 20 days. If a poll topic hasn't been posted in for 20 days or more, then it is considered dead. Discussion has fallen off, and the topic may no longer be up to date with our current knowledge/understanding of Bionicle (not to mention, opinions may have changed). If you try to bring a dead poll back from its festering grave by posting in it, the topic will be closed.

No Dupe polls:
There should only be one poll going on about a certain subject at a time. If there is more than one topic about the same thing, the original will stay open, but the duplicates will be locked. (On a side note, something like “Favorite Mask” and “Least Favorite Mask” make you share the same information, so they’d be dupes too.) A good thing to do before posting polls is to check the first few pages of the Voting Booth. If a poll on a certain subject is too old to continue, then it’s usually okay to go ahead and make a new poll for the subject.
Being the only forum on the site that lets regular Premier members create polls, the Voting Booth has its own set of specific rules.

No off-topic polls:
The Voting Booth is for discussion of BZPower and Bionicle related subjects, so naturally, any polls that are not related to Bionicle or BZPower will be closed. The exception to this rule is if the topic poster is a Moderator or Administrator, or the poster has had their topic pre-approved by a Moderator or Admin. As part of the above rule, I’d also like to mention that topics like “Favorite Color of Mask” wouldn’t be allowed, because it isn’t truly relevant—“Favorite Mask” would be better, as the color, though indirectly relates to Bionicle, is a bit too far out there to be worth a poll. Whether a topic is fine or not is ultimately up to the moderators…and you should feel free to PM one of us asking whether a topic would be okay or not before posting it. smile.gif

Polls about avatars and signatures will be closed:
The Voting Booth staff has determined that this subject falls under the off-topic polls rules; avatars and signatures are on BZP, yes, but they are not directly related to the site enough to warrant having loads of topics about them.

Think when Making a Poll:
Topics that have choices too broad would be far better as a topic elsewhere than a poll, simply because there are too many variables. Sometimes, a ‘Other’ option fixes this problem, but if it’s a subject regarding, say, what the name of a future bionicle product should be, it’d be better as a topic, not a poll.

Off Topic Choices:
Though they can be amusing, sticking an off topic choice in with the rest of the vote choices shouldn’t be done, and might get your poll edited or closed. An example of what NOT to do:

1) I like the EXO without a Toa
2) I like the EXO with a Toa
3) I like pie.

Polls regarding BZP Users:
There are to be no polls considering the following categories:

1) Who will/should be the next Admin/Forum Leader/Forum Assistant?
2) Who is the funniest/most creative/best/coolest/etc. member?

Other than the fact that a poll like that would break the rules on making sure a poll’s choices aren’t too broad, topics that play favorites are discouraged, and it isn’t our right to select any one member as “better” than the next.

Personal Polls:
Polls about what you should change your name to, who should die in your epic, what color you should post in, etc. are not allowed. First of all, it’s up to you what you decide for these things. Secondly, it’s only vaguely related to BZPower.

We thank all of you in advance for obeying these rules and guidelines—if you have any questions, feel free to PM one of the Voting Booth moderators, and we’ll be happy to clear up your problem or question. Your help combined with our's will make this forum a better place for all of us, and insure it continues to operate so well. happy.gif



Things That Are Awesome In General

Posted by Bfahome , Jul 23 2008 · 31 views
Things of exceptional quality
QUOTE(Shine's comment box)
Have a good week. 8D


QUOTE(NM Q&A topic)
QUOTE(Bfahome @ Jul 21 2008, 10:38 PM) View Post
Premier Members have those. It's BZP's anniversary week so everyone is getting Premier privileges. The images match up with your post rank.

*ctrl+A, ctrl+C*
QUOTE(Black Six @ Jul 21 2008, 10:42 PM) View Post
I know what you mean Bfahome.
Question answered.
Thread closed.




Entries about me!


The people on my friend list/a lot of the people who have added me as a friend.




I'm just in a really good mood right now. ^______________^

… at 4:50 am…


You. Yesh You.

Posted by Bfahome , Jul 22 2008 · 34 views
StRaNgE pHeNoMeNa


I Disagree

Posted by Bfahome , Jul 22 2008 · 30 views
Well, I would like to see a lucky-hit death. But only if it's a minor character. I'm sure people wouldn't like it if Tahu got killed by a stray Shadow Blast.

I wouldn't mind. :D


About Polls

Posted by Bfahome , Jul 21 2008 · 29 views
Just because you can create a poll about every Onu-Matoran and his Ussal doesn't mean you should. >_<

also dupes

And here's something that's been bugging me; Polls are usually made to be yes or no. But what if I'm in the middle? One time I was making a poll for a topic. I made sure to try and cover everything, so I put like 5 options in. Before I clicked submit, I checked to see if someone else had made a poll for it. They had. With basically a yes/no thing. I hate having to null in polls like that. >_<


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don't know if leave is possible
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