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You're attacked by a Repair Nektann



Posted by Bfahome , Aug 14 2008 · 49 views
SNAP OUT OF IT. *thwack*


Universal Studios

Posted by Bfahome , Aug 14 2008 · 38 views
Not as good as Legoland or Disney Land. Except for the studio tour.

If you ever go to Universal Studios, GO ON THE TOUR.

And bring a video camera.

And prepare to get a bit wet.

All I'll say is dancing cars, exploding barrels, spinning rooms, and earthquakes.

Oh, and TV show & movie filming. There's always that.


O Noez…

Posted by Bfahome , Aug 13 2008 · 98 views
I got Wrack-zapped!


Part 2

Posted by Bfahome , Aug 13 2008 · 51 views
All the stuff I forgot to put in the last entry. >.>

- I got a shirt, a squished penny, a giant lollipop, and that hat. biggrin.gif

- If you eat there, MAKE SURE the milk is good. I discovered mine had chunks after drinking some. :X

- The teacup ride was fun, but it's really hard to make them spin and it hurt my knuckles. <_>

- OMG 2 DAYS LEFT HERE. ohmy.gif


I Get A Funny Hat

Posted by Bfahome , Aug 13 2008 · 35 views
Title shamelessly ripped off from ToM. biggrin.gif

Went to Disneyland today. Yeah yeah happy family good times smiles welcome etc. I liked three things.

The Haunted Mansion was cool. The first part with the elevator room was annoying, because the lights went out and there was really loud fake thunder and it was really packed tight and stuff. >_> But once you got past that it was cool. They had super wicked holograms and stuff for the ghosts. 8D

There's this place to eat called the "Golden Horseshoe". There's a show inside by a group called "Billy Hill and the Hillbillies". It's a show based around music and fiddles and stuff, but it's really funny. laugh.gif

Pirates of the Caribbean. Best. Ride. Ever. biggrin.gif But you get a bit wet… anyway, you're in these little "boats" that are on tracks under the water. You start out going a short way inside the building that houses the ride, then you go dooooooown and get a bit wet. Then there's all sorts of animatronics and projections and stuff along the ride. Captain Jack Sparrow is the best, especially the one at the end. So lifelike. ohmy.gif

And speaking of Cap'n Jack, there was some guy dressed up as him on Tom Sawyer's Pirate's Island. He asked for his hat back.

Also the parade was somewhat awesome. NO PICTURES FOR YOU HA HA HA HA HA because I forgot the camera and we lost the disposable one before it was even out of the box. mellow.gif



Posted by Bfahome , Aug 11 2008 · 69 views
Should I change my theme back to cats?

I really liked that theme. happy.gif

Plus I'm short on ideas. bored.gif


I'm Bored

Posted by Bfahome , Aug 11 2008 · 41 views

I miss MOCing… ;__;

Also my sig is changed a bit.


Honest To Blog

Posted by Bfahome , Aug 10 2008 · 41 views
Juno was a pretty good movie.

That is all.


I Had A Really Bad Dream

Posted by Bfahome , Aug 10 2008 · 37 views
I dreamed I was going back to school, and I just realized I was late for period 2, which is science class.

Then I realized I had the same teacher as last year.



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Claws out!
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