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You're attacked by a Repair Nektann


It Was A Dark And Stormy Night...

Posted by Bfahome , Mar 21 2008 · 285 views

GEEZ it's windy out. >.>

They didn't have the Deepsea Patrol, and now I'm unhappy. sad.gif Though they had Pohatu...

And my Mom did ask if I thought they had the BDP on S@H...




Sweeeeet! : D

Posted by Bfahome , Mar 21 2008 · 313 views

For my b-day, my Mom got me 50 bucks, because she didn't know what I wanted. So we're going out for dinner tonight, and then to Target! 8D Imma gonna get a Barraki Deepsea Patrol (if they still have any ohmy.gif) and a Phantohatu. tongue.gif

Reasons for BDS:
*Lotsa good mocing pieces
*Tentacles! 8D
*8 Exo-Force robot arms, an 8-way clip, the 3-way axle connector, and a good many Viking horns.
*More Squids & Zamors.
*Those AWESOME 2x2 bricks with a socket connector!
*And more...

Reasons for Pohatu P.:
'Nuff said.




Posted by Bfahome , Mar 20 2008 · 311 views

Party's over here! biggrin.gif

Oh, also, happy 1st day of spring, Stephen Colbert day, and birthdays to these people as well:
lego2000, Alpha, Shigeru, Destiny Avohkii, BioDude101, cmillg, cthon98, Haseo the pkk, The Sethinator, Karuni: Toa of Lightning, Pohatu nuva nut, Toa igniter hewkii, Kulrai: The Angry Koala, red wagon man, Super Duper BioFan, Talleyoop, Mata Nui 11, Lexuk Toa Of Insanity, toa of HAM, and King of Everything.

Have a good one! happy.gif



William Dunbar...

Posted by Bfahome , Mar 19 2008 · 359 views

...has a bucket.

I based this off of this pic of William and this pic of a bucket. tongue.gif

Yes, I'm a GIMP noob.



I Needs A Bucket. :(

Posted by Bfahome , Mar 19 2008 · 340 views

Nevermind. I has a bucket. tongue.gif
Or at least a good picture of one.

If anyone knows of a bucket image that isn't too complex and where the handle is "aligned" with the "camera" ( looks kinda like this: | ), could you point me in that direction?

I'd appreciate it.

Especially if you're a Code Lyoko fan. wink.gif




Posted by Bfahome , Mar 19 2008 · 344 views

...for #10.


BECAUSE I SAID SO! tongue.gif

EDIT: Currently second place! WOOT!


Almost There...

Posted by Bfahome , Mar 18 2008 · 331 views

It's almost the 20th! Spring is almost here! smile.gif Only about a day left! It never really feels warm until it's officially Spring. Vernal Equinox ftw.

Oh, and that's also my birthday.



I Hate Science

Posted by Bfahome , Mar 17 2008 · 435 views

Guess what? We get to do a lab on Thursday!

"Then what's with the title?" you ask.

We have to do a prelab and a formal lab report. The background information is due tomorrow. The lab report is due a day after the lab, on Friday. Which means I'll be working on it Thursday night. Which is my birthday night. To top it all off, my mom has some meeting that night, too.

Our school is a mess. The teachers photocopy lined paper because the school can't afford to buy any. Extracurricular activities will likely be cut. My AWC teacher started to cry because she wasn't going to be there next year. It sucks.

Anyone want to let me move in?



St. Patrick's Day

Posted by Bfahome , Mar 17 2008 · 415 views

Happy St. Patrick's day everyone! Did you all wear green? ohmy.gif

I wore green socks. Hopefully they're noticeable enough that I don't get pinched...



OH NOES!!! ohmy.gif


Fishy Hat. :3

Posted by Bfahome , Mar 16 2008 · 418 views

I maked it out of a paper bag. happy.gif


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