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You're attacked by a Repair Nektann


Remember Lhikan

Posted by Bfahome , Mar 15 2008 · 388 views

Not Botar. Not Matoro. Lhikan. He sacrificed his power, freedom, then his life. So if you're going to remember anyone, leave some room for Lhikan in your mind. And maybe your sig.




Pi Day

Posted by Bfahome , Mar 14 2008 · 414 views

Ah, the day is again upon us. Today, March 14th, 3/14, is the date of that beautiful and perfect ratio that unites circumference and radius, the omnipresent ∏. Come, friends. Let us gather 'round (bad pun) and celebrate this annual occurrence.

Did I mention that I hate geometry?



School Things

Posted by Bfahome , Mar 13 2008 · 403 views

Meh, usually I don't ever want to mix this with school (and vice versa), but a couple of notable things happened.

First off (Spanish):

Second (Science):
I'm going to the state science fair. I know I'm supposed to be happy, but it's on a saturday (in two months dry.gif) and it's in Orono, which means we have to leave from the school at 5:45 a.m. Which means I'll have to be up by around 5. uhuh.gif NOT COOL, MAN. Not cool.

Oh, and here's a weird pic, just to make reading this worthwhile.

(Bad editing job, I know. tongue.gif)



Is It Tomorrow Yet?

Posted by Bfahome , Mar 12 2008 · 381 views

12:24 am. Yup.

Ah, insomnia is a beautiful thing. Especially when one has one's laptop by one's bedside. smile.gif

A Random Poem
All last night I wouldn't sleep,
I tried to stay awake,
I'd make it 'til the break of day,
No matter what it'd take.

I get up and sneak downstairs,
My footsteps make no sound,
I open my computer to,
See who was around.

I logged in to my account,
And typed this random song,
But I'd better hurry back upstairs,
Before my mother comes along. rolleyes.gif

I wrote that as it came. Pretty good, eh? smile.gif



My Issue With "leaked" Pictures.

Posted by Bfahome , Mar 12 2008 · 366 views

It happens almost every year. Inevitably, there's pictures prematurely released from The LEGO Group. Sure it's interesting, but they always seem to flood Brickshelf and Maj. I've seen users with only one folder, and have it full of leaked images of upcoming sets. My issue with this is often there are twenty users posting the exact same pictures all at once. This both spoils things for those who don't want to see them and it decreases the views for other folders, which often have amazing MOCs and feats of brick-building in them.

On a semi-related note, there have been some false positives, people who've posted false pictures. It's usually easy to tell if they're fake, though. (Look! A leaked Pohatu pic! ohmy.gif)

I'm not raving about the actual sets, just the effect they have. And don't take this too harshly. It's been waiting to come out for a LONG time. tongue.gif



What Curiosity Be This? :o

Posted by Bfahome , Mar 11 2008 · 885 views




Sweeeet. smile.gif

Umm... I have nothing to say other than WOOHOO! I'm a Premier now.

...so I'm just going to CHARGE MY LASER.



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Claws out!
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