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You're attacked by a Repair Nektann


Software updates

Posted by Bfahome , Oct 05 2016 · 90 views

I recently updated iMovie because it promised support for high-resolution and high-framerate videos. After updating, though, I discovered that I would have to update past OS X Mavericks to actually get the update with this support. So I grudgingly updated to macOS Sierra, missing El Capitan by a couple of weeks. The end result is:

- My battery life has plummeted, and the recharge time has skyrocketed.

- My Safari was automatically updated, which I had specifically been avoiding because the new Safari UI is garbage.

- The on-screen volume control indicator is now completely opaque rather than mostly transparent, which is great if I want to adjust the volume while watching something!

- Sticky Keys no longer recognizes a single push for clicking; previously I could hit the command button and then click a link to open the link in a new tab, but it no longer recognizes this as a command-click.

But at least it allowed me to update to the latest iMovie with all those cool features, right?

- iMovie no longer allows custom title fades, so every bit of text will fade in and fade out in the exact same way.

- iMovie no longer supports 4:3 exports, so if you want to make a 4:3 video you have to export it in 16:9 with black bars on the sides.

- iMovie no longer allows you to simply highlight portions of the timeline, taking away an easy way to delete portions of a clip.

- iMovie no longer has little pop-up windows for the clip editing features, instead sticking them all in a little bar over the playback window. So I can't even easily tell how many of those survived the update.

So yeah, if Bfa Plays ends up looking a little different and weird for the rest of its run, that's why. And if I never want to update my software or OS again, that's also why.

e: GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! Turns out the update didn't overwrite the old iMovie, just replaced it. The old version is still available to use, it's just not immediately obvious. So only today's episode will look weird.



Posted by Bfahome , Sep 26 2016 · 118 views

Finally got around to seeing it a couple of days ago. And then again yesterday. And then again tonight.

(My Netflix trial runs out today, so had to get a few viewings in while I could.)

I'd looked up the story a while ago because I was kinda eh on whether or not I'd end up seeing it, so I mean it didn't exactly blow my mind in that respect, but even so the plot is intriguing. And pretty much everything about it was great, especially the character animation and voice work.

Only significant complaint would be the big obligatory pop song. I don't think the lyrics are that great.

Would recommend to anyone who hasn't seen it, though, especially if you already have Netflix or are going to get it.


Shirts: The Remindening

Posted by Bfahome , Sep 25 2016 · 102 views

Hey in case you missed it before, I've got two shirt designs up on WLF's Fan Forge. Basically they're candidates to be made into shirts based on how well they're rated.

They're both Miraculous-themed, because that's how inspiration works for me.

The first one is based on Cat Noir's "Cataclysm" attack and is a pretty simple black and white design that I've chosen to display on a few shirt color options.

The second is Ladybug's yo-yo and Cat Noir's staff just sort of sitting around, a bit more complex in color and design and again shown on a few shirt colors.

So yeah, it'd be helpful for anyone who can to give them a rating, even more so if you actually like them. :P


I'm having some LEGO Ideas.

Posted by Bfahome , Sep 20 2016 · 128 views

I'm having some LEGO Ideas. Part of a thing I'm working on. You'll never guess what. Hoping I can get the capability to work this into a decent proposal at some point.


Wind at yer back, lads, wherever you go!

Posted by Bfahome , Sep 19 2016 · 163 views


Melum gonna getcha

Posted by Bfahome , Sep 16 2016 · 154 views

Gonna rough you up.


Regarding Rebels

Posted by Bfahome , Sep 12 2016 · 146 views

Upcoming season spoilers I guess:



Digimon Frontier

Posted by Bfahome , Sep 10 2016 · 124 views
music I like

Frontier was the first Digimon series I ever saw, at least in any significant or memorable way. Probably because of that it was my favorite, though Digimon Tamers just barely edged it out years later when I watched it. Frontier still wins for nostalgia though, which is probably the opposite to how the people who started with Adventure and Adventure 02 see it.

I also really like the theme song. To me it almost sounds like something you'd hear in BIONICLE.

That's the instrumental version up there, here it is with words:


Voltron: Legendary Defender

Posted by Bfahome , Sep 06 2016 · 107 views

(Vague, general plot spoilers I guess? Not gonna bother with tags.)

Just finished watching what there is of it.

It… didn't really grab me.

Maybe the premise is too grandiose or something (villain rules half the universe but this one robot thing can stop them!) but it feels like there should be a great show in it that I'm just not seeing.

I mean I have specific likes and dislikes, which I guess I can get into.

The only characters I really like are Pidge and Hunk, given that Pidge is the techie and has some well-rounded motivations and Hunk is the heart of the team and generally entertaining while also being intelligent. On the other hand, Lance and Keith seem like the Tahu and Kopaka of the team, in that they're mostly there to argue with each other and be the reason the lessons in friendship need to happen and otherwise they seem pretty flat.

I love a transforming mecha as much as the next guy but the apparent mass-shifting kinda puts me off a bit. Also the transformation sequence is way too drawn out and not very well laid out. It looks like it was designed to hide key aspects of the transformation rather than highlight them, given how the camera moves and zooms in absurdly close on the lions then suddenly they're legs.

Also, I think the lions look kinda dumb when they're fighting. They'd probably look fine on the ground, but flying through the air just doesn't look right to me. Like their bodies look too bulky but have these little legs trailing behind them. And when they hold those tiny blades in their mouth it just seems like an inefficient way to attack.

The voice acting and many of the sound effects are pretty great. Not much more to say on that.

I also liked the humor and the continuity of the humor.

Finally I think my thoughts on the theme song basically summarize my thoughts on the rest of it. It's almost great. I want to like it. It has a pretty catchy tune. But the entire thing sounds like the intro to a song. Like it's building up and at any moment the rest of the instruments are going to come in and deliver the big triumphant punch. But then that never happens and it just sort of feels a bit hollow.

I dunno, will probably check out the next wave of episodes but overall I can't really say I'm feeling it that much, and that makes me sad.


Double joints

Posted by Bfahome , Aug 28 2016 · 146 views

Double joints Of the sort you'd see on action figures and such. They provide a better range of articulation on, for example, a knee than a single joint would.

I guess this could be that in LEGO form. Obviously it's possible to do something equivalent with two ball pieces or the super-short double socket piece, but thanks to the meshing gears this would only have one degree of freedom so the motion is smooth, rather than having to position the two pivots separately. The tradeoff is it probably isn't as easy to work into a limb and it has no friction. Oh well.


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