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You're attacked by a Repair Nektann


Had an idea

Posted by Bfahome , Apr 11 2017 · 132 views

Had an idea Currently trying to work it out.


It's my birthday

Posted by Bfahome , Mar 20 2017 · 173 views

It's my birthday [chucks TV out window] and that is DEFINITELY the most important thing happening today, everything else is fine and going ok

e: and I got a sweet Nexogon from B6 so that's cool too


Bottle Redemption Center

Posted by Bfahome , in MOC Mar 18 2017 · 121 views

Bottle Redemption Center I also submitted this to the MBM contest, just because. Built it on a whim after the clock tower.


From: Clock Tower

Posted by Bfahome , in MOC Mar 15 2017 · 139 views

Made a thing for Rebrick's Mini Building Madness competition, because why not:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Source: Clock Tower

(I also made an unrelated piano last week.)


Steam Controller

Posted by Bfahome , Mar 06 2017 · 176 views

So I got a Steam Controller. So far it seems pretty interesting. I have yet to test it on many games, but it's not cooperating with Distance too well which is a bummer. May have to try it in Half-Life 2 or Portal to see if I get the keyboard-and-mouse-replacing experience it's supposed to give.

I like using it as a mouse, though. I'm a trackpad kinda guy so it's close enough and seems much more comfortable than trying to use my laptop's trackpad when I'm lounging.

I wish it was more configurable on its own, though, so I could have custom mouse options even when I don't have Steam open.

Unrelated, I posted a piano. Check it out.


Ōban Star-Racers! Again!

Posted by Bfahome , Mar 02 2017 · 104 views


This might be happening.

Which is fantastic. It's been ten years since the original, and we might be seeing another series, be it a sequel or a spinoff, some time soon. I'm really hopeful for this because I loved it when it came out originally and it's still one of my favorite shows.


Cause you had a bad day, you're taking one down

Posted by Bfahome , Mar 01 2017 · 135 views

Cause you had a bad day, you're taking one down You buy a new set just to turn it around.


Also whoops I missed my 9-year anniversary by three weeks

Posted by Bfahome , Feb 21 2017 · 149 views

I've had this BZP account for 9 years as of the first of this month, but it slipped my mind because everything is a terrifying dumpster fire at the moment. But now I have my Hau which means I'm officially into my spinnies, so that's something I guess.


MNOLG II and Kolhii skills

Posted by Bfahome , Feb 18 2017 · 210 views

Been playing it a bit and had a thought. You know how increasing your Stamina lets you hold your breath for longer, which makes the Speed training easier? I think a mechanic like that across all of the training would be pretty cool.


Speed training could up your speed in the Stamina and Strategy training.

Accuracy could help your balance for the Willpower training, or perhaps slightly increase the range of your reach for Strategy training.

Strength could help with the Stamina training, or let you swim harder in Speed training.

Strategy could improve your control in the Willpower training or let you hit the dummies in the Accuracy training better.

Willpower could decrease click time/difficulty for the Speed and Stamina training.

I think this would be a neat way to tie all the skills together. It would offset the difficulty curve a bit, but it would encourage you to travel and level up all of your skills evenly.

(Or maybe some of these do have an effect in addition to the Stamina/oxygen connection, but I haven't noticed it because the leveling up is gradual.)



Posted by Bfahome , in MOC Feb 14 2017 · 211 views

Pez Just an idea.


Posted Image


Posted ImageBfahome Posted Image
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Posted Image
Posted Image
don't know if leave is possible
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