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You're attacked by a Repair Nektann


Blizzard is just baiting me at this point

Posted by Bfahome , Dec 12 2017 · 145 views

Blizzard is just baiting me at this point A bunch of the other designs use shin armor that sort of looks like the CCBS shin armor and yeah I guess that's sort of a coincidence that comes down to generic design bases but now there's a character model that just blatantly uses the 2010 Hero Factory leg armor on her shins. I don't have the pieces for this, Blizzard, stop it.



Posted by Bfahome , Oct 16 2017 · 320 views

Rrrrrrebels Well we're in the home stretch now. Final season and it's starting off with a bang.


also pic related


Complaining About Parts That Don't Exist

Posted by Bfahome , Sep 29 2017 · 316 views

Seriously how hard would it be to make these in black.

Posted Image

I only need one of them.



Posted by Bfahome , Sep 11 2017 · 393 views

Flags! Eventually!

Seems there's a fancy new part coming out soon. 1x2 place with hollow studs and rounded corners. Along with all the other neat things it could be used for, one thing I want to see it used for is some kind of flag or banner material. From what little I know of the techniques, most "curve" builds use a mix of 1x3 plates and 1x1 round plates or some staggered arrangement of 1x2s and 1x1 rounds. But the new piece looks like it could maybe provide a much simpler, better-looking, and more stable way of doing that. I'm sure it'll be good for other compact curve uses too, like cylindrical shapes.

Just want to get this thought out there.



Posted by Bfahome , Sep 08 2017 · 209 views

Neat. Got some nice mail today.


The weekend that was

Posted by Bfahome , Sep 05 2017 · 268 views

The weekend that was I've posed blog entries about my traditional Labor Day trip before, but here's some things I tweetered about it this year. It features pictures.


More Overwatch

Posted by Bfahome , Aug 31 2017 · 251 views

Been playing it pretty consistently since I got it. Usually there are a few hours in the morning I can squeeze in. So far my top hero playtimes are:

- trashmouse
- ^__^ >__< x__x
- combat frog
- justice bird
- ghost boy
- the cavalry
- grandma

Check out my sweet achievements I guess.

Got some fun skins and things from the Summer Games but I want to unlock ALL THE EMOTES. In time, I guess. But Halloween is coming up, so I have that to look forward too.



Posted by Bfahome , Aug 05 2017 · 295 views

So, I bought it today. My laptop can't run it, but I'm living with some people and one of them is letting me use her computer for it sometimes.

I'm not very good at it. Yet! But I did get a play of the game once so that was fun.

Orisa and Junkrat are leading in play time, followed by Pharah and Tracer and then a little bit of a few others.

Posted Image


Getting more use out of my domain

Posted by Bfahome , Jul 27 2017 · 235 views

Making some redirects to some MOC topics. Now they're easy to access with just a simple URL! Will probably do this from now on, if I remember to at least.




Posted by Bfahome , Jul 24 2017 · 408 views

I've been doing a lot of walking and a bit of jogging recently, and coupled with that comes a lot of time listening to the few music albums I actually own. I've long had the feeling that The Glitch Mob's music fit very well into the world of BIONICLE, and I've also had the notion of how I'd like to see the first three years of the BIONICLE story adapted into a proper film trilogy. So from this I've decided to go ahead and just write up a film treatment of the 2001 story as a start.

I have no experience doing this and all I have so far is a list of the major events in the story as it was, but I'm really interested in working out a way for all the different plot lines that were spread across lots of media to come together in a coherent narrative.

(Really the most interesting one to do would be 2003, and I already have some senses about what that would be like, but first things first I guess.)


Posted Image


Posted ImageBfahome Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Claws out!
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