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You're attacked by a Repair Nektann


Rogue One

Posted by Bfahome , Dec 19 2016 · 116 views



This probably won't be useful

Posted by Bfahome , Dec 03 2016 · 178 views

This probably won't be useful But it's interesting sort of.


I <3 Galidor pieces

Posted by Bfahome , in MOC Nov 29 2016 · 304 views

I <3 Galidor pieces Seriously, these things are so fun to work with. Weird enough for them to be challenging, normal enough for them to fit.


15% off your First Order

Posted by Bfahome , Nov 23 2016 · 165 views

15% off your First Order (And, of course, the obligatory "costs an arm and a leg" joke.)


So I had a dream about Majhost last night

Posted by Bfahome , Nov 18 2016 · 237 views


It was really brief, but apparently the owners had just merged it with Brickshelf all those years ago instead of taking it offline but nobody had realized, and all you had to do was append something to the Brickshelf URL to access all of it.

I miss Majhost.


6 month Premier competition (ok nvm)

Posted by Bfahome , Nov 16 2016 · 220 views

One of these things is not like the others.

Posted Image

Instead of the usual pick-my-title thing, I decided to try something different.

In the square above, there are four colors. They are all different.

Now, there are two questions I have for you about them:

1. Which one of these four colors is my favorite, and why? Be specific!

2. Which one of these four colors is different from the other three, and why?

You have until Wednesday, Nov. 23 at 11:59pm eastern US time to post your answer.

After that, I will look through the entries and see it anyone got it right. First one wins. If nobody got it right, I'll pick the person who was closest. And, if nothing else, it'll be a random participation award. Fun!


This time, I'm only allowing one guess per question per person. Choose wisely.

You cannot change your guesses once submitted.

For the purposes of this contest, I have changed my blog settings so that comments require approval to be posted. The comments will not be approved until the contest is over. This means that when you make your guess, someone else can't come along and just copy it, or edit it into their comment from earlier.


Okay well since that only lasted about 45 minutes I don't feel like there's any reason to keep everyone in suspense for the rest of the week. Probably should've made it so that a correct guess constitutes one entry into a raffle but oh well. I'll try better next year.


So I got an external backup HDD

Posted by Bfahome , Nov 14 2016 · 142 views

Been planning to send my MacBook in to get its battery replaced since I updated to Sierra. The suggested cycle count after which to consider replacing it is 1,000, and I'm over 2,000 now.

(I have been using this laptop for five years, so I suppose this being the first maintenance performed on it is a good thing.)

One of the things the Apple site suggests is backing up all your data before any repairs, in case of problems.

So I bought a 1TB external hard drive off of Amazon. Perhaps it's a bit overkill, but it wasn't much more than the smaller ones and I wanted something I could also use in the future.

Anyway, I split it into two 500GB partitions, one to use as a backup for all the Mac stuff and one for all the Windows stuff on my Bootcamp partition. Still a bit overkill, but hey it's nothing that can't be repurposed down the line.

The payoff here is that I named the two "disks" Tikki and Plagg and here they are.

Posted Image


The Mentalist

Posted by Bfahome , Nov 10 2016 · 155 views
music I like

TV show unrelated. Good chill music.

I also recommend a couple others I've posted before if you have similar music tastes as me and need to listen to something mellowish.



Posted by Bfahome , Nov 07 2016 · 277 views

Posted Image


Nightmare Night

Posted by Bfahome , Oct 31 2016 · 155 views
music I like

It's the best day of the year.


Posted Image


Posted ImageBfahome Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
don't know if leave is possible
Posted Image
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