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You're attacked by a Repair Nektann


MNOLG II and Kolhii skills

Posted by Bfahome , Feb 18 2017 · 261 views

Been playing it a bit and had a thought. You know how increasing your Stamina lets you hold your breath for longer, which makes the Speed training easier? I think a mechanic like that across all of the training would be pretty cool.


Speed training could up your speed in the Stamina and Strategy training.

Accuracy could help your balance for the Willpower training, or perhaps slightly increase the range of your reach for Strategy training.

Strength could help with the Stamina training, or let you swim harder in Speed training.

Strategy could improve your control in the Willpower training or let you hit the dummies in the Accuracy training better.

Willpower could decrease click time/difficulty for the Speed and Stamina training.

I think this would be a neat way to tie all the skills together. It would offset the difficulty curve a bit, but it would encourage you to travel and level up all of your skills evenly.

(Or maybe some of these do have an effect in addition to the Stamina/oxygen connection, but I haven't noticed it because the leveling up is gradual.)



Posted by Bfahome , in MOC Feb 14 2017 · 258 views

Pez Just an idea.


Cat photo

Posted by Bfahome , Feb 13 2017 · 191 views
Cat photo This is one of our cats. She's quite rambunctious, rather adorable, and prone to silly poses. I figured the internet could use more cats.


Does the new TECHNIC axle connector bother anyone else?

Posted by Bfahome , Feb 06 2017 · 245 views

"New" being a relative term, since at this point it's been around for about a decade.

Posted Image

But anyway, I've long thought that this was a very strange piece. Two of the sides appear to be flat, the other two are rounded, and one end is slightly tapered. All these things combine to make it so that you need to pay extra attention to which way you're attaching these together if you want a consistent look. Is there some reason for it to be made this way that I'm missing? Maybe the molding process? Can't tell. All I know is that it looks weird and I don't understand why it is this way.

Does anyone else feel that way? Or have some insight as to why it is?


What are you talking aboot

Posted by Bfahome , in MOC Jan 30 2017 · 336 views

What are you talking aboot I dunno, this seems like it could be neat. The curve on the shin armor fits the curve of the dish pretty well. Makes me think of some speedy character who's either a robot or in some kind of super speed robot-suit.


I went for a nice walk today

Posted by Bfahome , Jan 21 2017 · 329 views

I went for a nice walk today There sure were a lot of people in Boston.



Posted by Bfahome , in MOC Jan 15 2017 · 248 views

Makuta Decided to render up that LDD Makuta I made a while ago.



Posted by Bfahome , in MOC Jan 10 2017 · 272 views

robo Experimenting with more Galidor pieces. I don't imagine anything coming of this specifically, but I think these pieces have an interesting look.



Posted by Bfahome , Jan 08 2017 · 288 views




Posted by Bfahome , Jan 02 2017 · 250 views

Heads! Still doing a thing.


Posted Image


Posted ImageBfahome Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Claws out!
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