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You're attacked by a Repair Nektann


What are you talking aboot

Posted by Bfahome , in MOC Jan 30 2017 · 381 views

What are you talking aboot I dunno, this seems like it could be neat. The curve on the shin armor fits the curve of the dish pretty well. Makes me think of some speedy character who's either a robot or in some kind of super speed robot-suit.


I went for a nice walk today

Posted by Bfahome , Jan 21 2017 · 352 views

I went for a nice walk today There sure were a lot of people in Boston.



Posted by Bfahome , in MOC Jan 15 2017 · 281 views

Makuta Decided to render up that LDD Makuta I made a while ago.



Posted by Bfahome , in MOC Jan 10 2017 · 299 views

robo Experimenting with more Galidor pieces. I don't imagine anything coming of this specifically, but I think these pieces have an interesting look.



Posted by Bfahome , Jan 08 2017 · 319 views




Posted by Bfahome , Jan 02 2017 · 288 views

Heads! Still doing a thing.



Posted by Bfahome , in MOC Jan 01 2017 · 283 views

Ball I need more of these threes. Seems like this could be some kind of magic/future/steampunk generator or drive thing.


Recent building

Posted by Bfahome , in MOC Dec 27 2016 · 330 views

Recent building I have a bunch of MOCs that I've made over the past several months that I just haven't posted because I actually like them and I want them to be represented by decent pictures, and my marginally-upgraded Tracfone isn't the standard I have in mind. So I've only shared a couple of pictures of some of them. One of them is Doggo (Brickshelf gallery when public) who I've only posted a few silly images of in other places, but isn't assembled anymore because I decided to take the upper body and use it for a Cat Noir build. So there's the images of what there was, because Doggo might not be built again for better photographing.

Speaking of Cat Noir, I think I managed to figure out a workable head for him thanks to Aanchir's suggestion of using bananas as hair. It may not be at the scale I'd like it at, but it's something. Too bad he won't be done for this year's Convention Circuit superhero theme (at least at first) because I need to order some of the parts from BrickLink. I recently ordered some Galidor parts from a seller and they got lost in the mail somehow (either mis-delivery or theft upon delivery), so that kind of killed my enthusiasm for that temporarily, so it might be a while. I'm also waiting to get the Star Wars constraction Chirrut figure, because he includes a light flesh #3 CCBS shell that I want to use as the face. It's a shame that the Exo-Force arms don't come in tan and that tan banana pieces are so expensive (there were only two included in one Harry Potter set a decade ago) because flesh face with tan hair would look way better than tan face with yellow hair.

The image attached to this entry is a quick thing I built to go with a set of legs I made using Galidor pieces and the Star Wars CCBS shins. Those I'll use on Cat Noir as well.

Other things I've only teased elsewhere and some I haven't shared at all. Some of them go together so I want to post them all at the same time.

Going to be shipping the usual stuff for the Convention Circuit again, but with the addition of my mini SYSTEM Makuta head, Chompy, Roodaka, and a BioniLUG thing. I don't think I ever fully showed off Roodaka, just once a while ago and then at BrickFair 2014. Pretty sure I've made some changes since then so that'll be a thing to see I guess. I won't be sending Golden Key on the circuit because I feel like he's run his course and the tenuous stability of his head build isn't worth the trouble. I'll probably keep him around for a while though, since I don't see any big need for any of his parts right now.

So that's that I guess, not much else to say on the matter. Still building, still enjoying it, but preference and circumstance keep me from sharing much of it outside of a few snapshots here and there.

(Oh and I'm starting more work on my LEGO Ideas proposal, so that's something too. Future!)


Building tips requested

Posted by Bfahome , Dec 21 2016 · 446 views

Building tips requested Looking to build this fella, have the body basically worked out but hit a massive wall when it comes to the head.

Anyone know of any good techniques for things like the hair? Or even the head overall. It should be about 1.5x-2x the size of the average Kanohi to be accurately scaled to the body.


Rogue One

Posted by Bfahome , Dec 19 2016 · 198 views



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Claws out!
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