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You're attacked by a Repair Nektann



Posted by Bfahome , Apr 28 2015 · 290 views

Didn't get the LEGO Store job. Looks like I'll be working the same job as the past two summers.

What's worse is there are reasons why this might be a good thing.


Time Bomb ft. Veela

Posted by Bfahome , Apr 16 2015 · 169 views
music I like


Skull Spider Tower

Posted by Bfahome , Apr 14 2015 · 252 views

Skull Spider Tower Since I have like a billion Skull Spiders now I made a tower. It's stacked segments of three spiders. They're in like a wheel shape that's held together by leg friction.


Uh, question

Posted by Bfahome , Apr 14 2015 · 212 views

So I applied for a summer Brick Specialist job in February. Is it normal to not get a response for two months, or could my email have eaten the reply and destroyed my chances?

(I got the "application submitted" auto-response, but nothing beyond that, no interview requests or anything.)

Haha never mind, called them and now I have an interview scheduled in a couple of weeks. Woo!


re: Monolith

Posted by Bfahome , Apr 13 2015 · 120 views

re: Monolith heh heh heh



I did it :3


2003 throwback

Posted by Bfahome , Apr 12 2015 · 195 views

2003 throwback I've been working on this Minecraft build for the past month.

It was partly inspired by the cavern of pillars from the 2003 Rahkshi promos. Also partly by the depiction of Moria in the Fellowship of the Ring film.



Posted by Bfahome , Apr 05 2015 · 216 views

Diamonds (Now with less Minecraft relevance.)

AvidyaZEN was streaming Distance this weekend so I hopped on for some multiplayer, and while I was a complete failure for most of the races, I actually managed first place on Corruption, beating my previous best (solo) time by over a minute. That inspired me to go back and get better in my solo runs, so I did. I've now moved out of the bronze age and have at least gold on every official track.

Except Monolith. Monolith doesn't count. Monolith never counts. Monolith is awful.

Also, HvZ is this week. Thinking of trying a socks-only run. We'll see how that turns out.


Transparent Orange Mask of Fire

Posted by Bfahome , Mar 16 2015 · 306 views

Wouldn't it be cool if it actually had some story significance where in the summer the villains steal everyone's masks (because that's one of the possibilities I see from the way the sets are) but then Tahu realizes the power was inside him all along, and this cool ghostly mask appears on his face and he comes back and saves everyone? And then their powers aren't tied to their masks anymore. I think that'd be a neat way of possibly introducing mask powers in a way that's consistent with the new story and probably easier to keep track of (rather than introducing both the character's powers and the mask's powers at the same time).

I picked up my Lord of Skull Spiders today, which made me think of this. It's an okay set.

Also, my blogaversary was five days ago, but I forgot because I was distracted.


Pi Day

Posted by Bfahome , Mar 14 2015 · 204 views

Special year-matching edition.



Posted by Bfahome , Mar 03 2015 · 144 views


This is a pretty cool thing that needs some support.

Basically a big awesome VR music video.

It's got under two weeks to get funded so if you like what you see pass the word along.


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