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You're attacked by a Repair Nektann


Regarding Rebels

Posted by Bfahome , Sep 12 2016 · 183 views

Upcoming season spoilers I guess:



Digimon Frontier

Posted by Bfahome , Sep 10 2016 · 169 views
music I like

Frontier was the first Digimon series I ever saw, at least in any significant or memorable way. Probably because of that it was my favorite, though Digimon Tamers just barely edged it out years later when I watched it. Frontier still wins for nostalgia though, which is probably the opposite to how the people who started with Adventure and Adventure 02 see it.

I also really like the theme song. To me it almost sounds like something you'd hear in BIONICLE.

That's the instrumental version up there, here it is with words:


Voltron: Legendary Defender

Posted by Bfahome , Sep 06 2016 · 148 views

(Vague, general plot spoilers I guess? Not gonna bother with tags.)

Just finished watching what there is of it.

It… didn't really grab me.

Maybe the premise is too grandiose or something (villain rules half the universe but this one robot thing can stop them!) but it feels like there should be a great show in it that I'm just not seeing.

I mean I have specific likes and dislikes, which I guess I can get into.

The only characters I really like are Pidge and Hunk, given that Pidge is the techie and has some well-rounded motivations and Hunk is the heart of the team and generally entertaining while also being intelligent. On the other hand, Lance and Keith seem like the Tahu and Kopaka of the team, in that they're mostly there to argue with each other and be the reason the lessons in friendship need to happen and otherwise they seem pretty flat.

I love a transforming mecha as much as the next guy but the apparent mass-shifting kinda puts me off a bit. Also the transformation sequence is way too drawn out and not very well laid out. It looks like it was designed to hide key aspects of the transformation rather than highlight them, given how the camera moves and zooms in absurdly close on the lions then suddenly they're legs.

Also, I think the lions look kinda dumb when they're fighting. They'd probably look fine on the ground, but flying through the air just doesn't look right to me. Like their bodies look too bulky but have these little legs trailing behind them. And when they hold those tiny blades in their mouth it just seems like an inefficient way to attack.

The voice acting and many of the sound effects are pretty great. Not much more to say on that.

I also liked the humor and the continuity of the humor.

Finally I think my thoughts on the theme song basically summarize my thoughts on the rest of it. It's almost great. I want to like it. It has a pretty catchy tune. But the entire thing sounds like the intro to a song. Like it's building up and at any moment the rest of the instruments are going to come in and deliver the big triumphant punch. But then that never happens and it just sort of feels a bit hollow.

I dunno, will probably check out the next wave of episodes but overall I can't really say I'm feeling it that much, and that makes me sad.


Double joints

Posted by Bfahome , Aug 28 2016 · 190 views

Double joints Of the sort you'd see on action figures and such. They provide a better range of articulation on, for example, a knee than a single joint would.

I guess this could be that in LEGO form. Obviously it's possible to do something equivalent with two ball pieces or the super-short double socket piece, but thanks to the meshing gears this would only have one degree of freedom so the motion is smooth, rather than having to position the two pivots separately. The tradeoff is it probably isn't as easy to work into a limb and it has no friction. Oh well.


I lied

Posted by Bfahome , Aug 23 2016 · 224 views

I lied I did another one.

Rate and share and all that stuff.



Posted by Bfahome , Aug 22 2016 · 197 views

Shirts! (last entry about this I swear) (probably)

So… I entered the thing.

Here's what the final design is.

Chose three colors of shirt to display it. May as well show what it could look like, since they usually come in multiple colors.

So yeah, rate it up and share it around if you're so inclined. Here's to another shirt.



Posted by Bfahome , Aug 19 2016 · 226 views

So that last entry was mainly inspired by this thing by WeLoveFine. I guess they sort of just do ongoing contests now instead of big ones? Anyway, I was inspired to come up with a design for it but am unsure about entering it. I entered a previous contest several years ago, didn't win, still got made into a shirt, which was pretty neat.

Anyway, I'm still conflicted on whether I want to enter or not. On the assumption that it would make it to production, of course.

- I would have designed two shirts, and that's pretty cool I guess
- I would get some money. Given I'm still job searching at the moment, that's at least something

- I don't know how much money. I don't remember if I'm allowed to say how much I got for the shirt but it didn't seem like a lot (though I have no frame of reference for what's normal). And I have slightly different priorities now, then it was like "cool a shirt".
- Even though they probably won't use it I still have to let WLF use my info. Also I don't really want to just sign away the rights to something I made, even if it's something dumb and simple.

Also, I accidentally went to the premiere of Kubo yesterday, and it was pretty good. Very well animated, pretty neat.



Posted by Bfahome , Aug 14 2016 · 194 views

Cataclysm! I get going on weird creative jags like this and suddenly it's past 3 AM and this is why my sleep cycle is awful.



Posted by Bfahome , Aug 07 2016 · 274 views

It's popped up on Facebook a few times (thanks Aanchir) and what I saw was superheroes and adorable things, so I was like sure I'll see what's up. Saw it originated in France and figured that was a good sign, since my experience with French cartoons has been exceptionally positive.

So over the past couple of days I watched the existing season, and found it very enjoyable.

Except for one little thing.

In my post-watch info scrape I found out that apparently the placeholder voice for Cat Noir was Matthew Géczy, and though I like the final voice actor I am a bit sad that I was this close to having my two favorite 3D French catboys voiced by the same person.

(what a cutie)


Thoughts on the end of G2

Posted by Bfahome , Jul 29 2016 · 159 views

this is terrible

[looks over at floor covered in 15 years of BIONICLE clutter]

how will I ever go on

[trips over bin of mostly-assembled sets]

bionicle is gone forever

[lands on several drawers full of pieces]

there is literally nothing left for us

[stands up, numerous weapons and armor bits stuck into skin spell out "every bionicle thing you own still exists"]

what do we do

[brushes pieces off, they scatter across piles of MOCs]

nothing matters anymore


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