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Kohila's Realm of Rationalized Reality


Spending $$$

Posted by Kohila , Mar 01 2009 · 131 views

Alright, so I plan to spend $30 on Tuesday. Guess what on? sly.gif

I plan on buying 8978 Skrall, 8982 Strakk, and 8974 Tarduk. In addition, I will be getting ColorPlace #20005 Fire Red and #20008 Gloss Black for painting some BIONICLE parts, most notably a Zatth, a Kakama, and a Faxon. happy.gif

Also, I just dropped a total of $37.34 on two books: Essential Bass Technique by Peter Murray and An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary: With an Index of English Words, King List, an Geographical List With Indexes, List of Hieroglyphic Characters by E.A. Wallis Budge on Borders.com. smile.gif

I feel spoiled. laugh.gif



Posted by Kohila , Feb 26 2009 · 122 views

Okay, so my History teacher, Mr. Lundquist, is in with a publishing company (he wrote a novel called Mythosquinta a few years back). Now, he gave us one of the coolest projects: we are to write and illustrate a children's book based on the Middle Ages/Medieval Times. The Top 10 in all of the World History classes get published into a book.
This is perfect timing because I just decided to take up drawing again! _icon_joy_.gif

So, this is kind of a big deal. Plus, I've got a great idea, all wrapped up into this little summary:

Joshua was a young man living with his poor family in Rome. When a strong jouster named Zachariah kidnaps them to sell them into slavery, he has to decide to face his fears or loose his loved ones forever!

That's just a "Meh" summary there. I hope to mprove it a bit more, though. smile.gif

So, tell me what you think. I'm open to all opinions. wink.gif



Guess What I Just Noticed?

Posted by Kohila , Feb 25 2009 · 124 views

I've been a BZP'er longer than anyone in the C.I.R.C.L.E.! laugh.gif



Official Guide To The C. I. R. C. L. E. Universe - Take 3

Posted by Kohila , Feb 24 2009 · 115 views

Good news! biggrin.gif

I was able to get the trial version of MicroSoft Office Works on my computer again! Because of the way my computer is set up, I won't have to worry about an expiration, either! _icon_joy_.gif

For those of you who want a screeny:

As you can see, it's not even close to being done. tongue.gif However, it's progressing. wink.gif



Jeweled Triceratops Master Piece Blueprint

Posted by Kohila , Feb 20 2009 · 146 views
I has. happy.gif



It Sucks.

Posted by Kohila , Feb 17 2009 · 184 views

So, something kinda bad happened on Sunday night:

Well, there was a Lock-In event at my friend's church that I was invited to. Great time there; we had Xboxes set up, and we played glowstick lights-off CTF (VERY fun! biggrin.gif). Well, then we had this group activity. They tied a bungee cord about 6 ft. in the air and told us that we had to get everyone over the cord without touching it. So, me, being the lightest (I'm 15 and weight <100lbs.! wacko.gif) was to be gotten over first. I was picked up and literally thrown over this cord. I didn't re-adjust in the air, and...
Landed smack on my left wrist.
And you know why that sucks? Because I write, MOC mostly, and play bass with it. So, I've got a sprained wrist (I'm lucky it's only sprained!) for about two weeks now. glare.gif Because of this, it's a pain to type, so I might not be as active on BZPower much until it heals.

And that's about it. My wrist really hurts now. wacko.gif



The Official Guide To The C. I. R. C. L. E. Universe - Take 2

Posted by Kohila , Feb 16 2009 · 207 views

Well, I'm back, and with a nice little update:

Progress is going smoothly, and the PowerPoint is growing at a rapid rate. smile.gif I'm currently working on short summaries for each of the domes, which is a very tedious task. A lot of the domes have alredy been sumarized, but I still need info portraining to these domes:

Ackro Nui
Andro Nui
Fasha Nui
Fennal Nui
Jera Nui
Kaiva Nui
Kamas Nui
Kopen Nui
Kora Nui
La Nui
Mashau Nui
Mora Nui (HotC's Dome.)
Nava Nui
Nurane Nui
Wesko Nui
Xioc Nui (Em's Dome.)
Zerra Nui

Now, I don't know who all of these Domes belong to. So, if you can help me by telling me whose domes they are, that would be greatly appreciated. biggrin.gif

That's about it; please PM me (or leave a comment) about those domes. smile.gif



The Official Guide To The C. I. R. C. L. E. Universe - Take 1

Posted by Kohila , Feb 14 2009 · 155 views

Hello and welcome to all who have come to my Blog. smile.gif

With that out of the way, onto the news:

For a few months now, a new group of Epic-writers (Myself included) has emerged from the roster of BZPower's Users. This group has been named the C.I.R.C.L.E..

Our goal is simple: Make a complete union of fan-fic Epics that fit with the canon BIONICLE Universe.

About three weeks ago, I was hit with a grand idea: an entire guide to our Universe. The guide would include bios of every Kanohi, Island, Artefact, etc.

Smiling, I immediately opened up my laptop's PowerPoint, only to find that it only included a trial version of MicroSoft Office. crying.gif

So, I went to my Dad's laptop and worked on it some.

Finally, I've decided to use My Blog to keep you all updated with the project.

Discuss the project in this thread. Expect another update soon. wink.gif



If I Had A Baby With Myself...

Posted by Kohila , Jan 29 2009 · 169 views
...It'd look like this:



Shadow Flyers

Posted by Kohila , Dec 22 2008 · 120 views

As promised, here is the history of the Shadow Flyer:

Shadow Flyers

Shadow Flyers are mysterious creatures created by Makuta Tarel. It is unknown to most as to how they are to be made, including most Makuta. However, their "Makuta Recipie" is nothing short of an evil cocktail.
Shadow Flyers were originally thought up by Makuta Krika as a small, air-based solider to the Brotherhood of Makuta. After consideration, Makuta Teridax passed the request with a firm "Aye". Krika was given a large chamber of the Makuta Fortress on Destral to work in. All attempts to made Shadow Flyer, however, were simply either complete failures or, as Teridax would comment, "Not ugly enough". After all of the failed attempts, the project was utterly shut down.
Later, Makuta Tarel learned of the project via a tablet in the Makuta's Archive, a large library on Destral that contained tablets with instructions carved on them as to how to make certain Rahi. After beginning his own research on how to make a Shadow Flyer, Tarel combined a Kraata with a couple of random Makuta Viruses, the end result being a successful Shadow Flyer. Tarel brought the finished creature to Teridax for approval, who ulitmately praised it.
Although Tarel is credited with the creating of the Shadow Flyer, he shares this credit with Krika, for unknown reasons.


I hope you enjoyed this short shory. Be prepared for the next one, "The Golden Gauntlets". biggrin.gif



Starting Today...

Posted by Kohila , Dec 03 2008 · 118 views

...I will use my Blog for a very useful purpose. Many of you have read The Chronicles of Ouir Nui. A lot of mysteries in the Epic seem to go unanswered. SO... some of my Epic's small mysteries will be explained via my Blog. The first one, Shadow Flyers.



Making Progress...

Posted by Kohila , Dec 02 2008 · 105 views



Well, as many of you know, I the MoC topic for my Epic is currently [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]. However, I am almost finished with updating my BrickShelf folders, with the last remaining thing to update being the Topic's links. Some have already been altered, some not.

Also, the progress of my Cartographs is going slowly, as I draw them by hand, scan them, then have to take out all the ditry white so it will show up transparent when I paste it into the dome.

I've made a couple new MoCs, including some titans, and some more Rahi for your liking.

The Epic is going on schedule, and I've gotten a lot done smile.gif

That's all for now!

Stay Sweet.



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