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Kohila's Realm of Rationalized Reality


Hussnasty Kohila

Posted by Kohila , Jan 08 2011 · 335 views

Jegus, I need a hobby. :|


Buying A Certain Minifig ( Or Two )

Posted by Kohila , Jan 06 2011 · 27 views

Yeah okay so I normally don't do entries like this but here we go.

So, I have most of the 2002 Jango Fett minifig, but I'm missing some certain parts and I'm willing to buy either the entire minifig or just the parts that I need. What I need are his Helmet and his Legs. If I managed to get ahold of these, I would be so freakin' happy you have no idea. :>

I also am missing the Head and Hair to the young Boba Fett minifig as well. It's not of the highest priority, since I was never really a big fan of that minifig anyways.

But yeah, I would really like these minifigs. I have either money via PayPal, or I could trade BIONICLE for them. You name the parts, I should have it.



Posted by Kohila , Jan 02 2011 · 36 views




> Kohila: Remember how this happened.




Posted by Kohila , Jan 01 2011 · 29 views

Who is this coolkid that's trying to troll you?

> SS: Answer Troll.



Dear Lego,

Posted by Kohila , Dec 31 2010 · 70 views
You have almost earned eternal heart-felt happiness and joy from me! I shall cite why:

1. You released a Third Slave I Set which, in addition to being awesome, included a BRAND-SPANKING NEW Boba Fett Minifig equipped with a separated buy'ce and jetpack. Many squees were had.

2. The next wave of Star Wars sets, you become madmen and release the Mandalorian Battle Pack which includes a freakin' FOUR of these awesome Members of the Mandalorian Death Watch. Again, many squees were had.

However, you still have yet to do one thing for me...

New Jango Fett

Please? unsure.gif


This Is So Much Win

Posted by Kohila , Dec 21 2010 · 38 views
This right here:

Props to Raiko! happy.gif

(And also, I'll become my RP troll Kohila Denke soon here. My Chumhandle will be slipperySerpent and I tend to replace X's with ><, S's with $, and V's with \/.)


Bec Noir Minifigure

Posted by Kohila , Dec 19 2010 · 26 views


Combine This stripped of paint, with This painted black, with a headless, left-handless black minifig body that's equipped with This in black.



Sprites, Sprites, For All To See

Posted by Kohila , Dec 13 2010 · 24 views
arachnidsGrip [AG] began trolling bzPower [BP]

AG: Hey guys
AG: So I made some HomeStuck sprites.
AG. I hope that you like them. ::::)

arachnidsGrip [AG] ceased trolling bzPower [BP]


Pink Eye And Strep Throat

Posted by Kohila , Dec 07 2010 · 31 views
Real Life
The first of those is a definite, the second one is a strong possibility. I'm going into my mom's office to have a strep screen done along with getting drops so we'll know for sure by then.


Lego Homestuck?

Posted by Kohila , Dec 03 2010 · 132 views
I do believe that I shall attempt the feat when I have time to. ohmy.gif



Posted by Kohila , Oct 24 2010 · 26 views
Real Life

An Epiphone Les Paul makes you squee when you get it as a gift, or get it in general for that matter.

Amazing birthday today. I got some super awesome gifts, and I never expected to receive an electric. I'm a 3 year bass veteran and never really pushed myself into the realm of "those snobby guitar players" but now I can't wait to get started. cool.gif


Oh Hey

Posted by Kohila , Oct 23 2010 · 23 views
Real Life
I turn 17 in a bit more than an hour.

Weeeeiiiiiird. O_o


Quick Update

Posted by Kohila , Oct 05 2010 · 37 views
Real Life

I'll use my standard #4169E1 font color for this Entry, because the Great Unraveling of the Rings Apocalypse isn't supposed to happen.


Anyways, Homecoming went super well. We only took a few pictures beforehand and during, but you can find them all Here.

So yeah, that was the weekend in general.

Oh, Illuminaudio is AWESOME. Chiodos really outdid themselves on this CD and I can't wait to buy it for myself today. biggrin.gif

So uh, yeah. Chat you guys later~




Posted by Kohila , Oct 02 2010 · 30 views
Real Life
Is tomorrow.

Err... today, depending on how you look at it.

Let's just agree on the date being October 2nd.

So, yeah. I have my outfit all picked out: Black Oxford, black dress pants, black blazer. Accented with a pink tie, for what I wear must match what Nesoi wears. I'll see about getting some photographs taken, because I'm super excited about it.

Everything is in order, and I just... GAHH.

I can't wait. cool.gif

Vrisk-- Err, Kohilå out.


Marceline The Vampire Queen

Posted by Kohila , Sep 24 2010 · 22 views
Coolest Adventure Time character in existence. :3

Can you say new blog theme? ohmy.gif


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