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The Fikou Web


Sockets or Balls? Or heck Axles?

Posted by Vox , in Bionicle stuff Jul 12 2017 · 185 views

Serious question... Which version of bionicle heads did you enjoy/find more useful?

The 2001-2003 heads, the 2004-2008 heads, or the 2009-2016 heads? Mind you, the glatorian, HF, Brain attack and okotan heads are all very similar in my opinion hence why I am clumping them together.

I personally will always prefer the 2004-2008 heads as I felt they were a bit more versatile.


Ya ever...

Posted by Vox , in Random stuff Jul 06 2017 · 181 views

You ever have a moment where you spend a good minute or two in silence, trying to remember where a certain piece is?

I've had those alot lately, the most recent one was me trying to remember where a Trans-Neon Green head was, particularly which moc or model was using it. Sat there for a good 3 minutes in silence, trying to mentally go through my mocs and remember.


I'm a horrible, horrible person.

Posted by Vox , in Gaming Apr 05 2017 · 157 views
Dark Souls
Yet I feel no regret for my sins.


My Favorite Dark Souls 3 Moment

Posted by Vox , in Gaming Apr 02 2017 · 121 views
Dark Souls
So I and this group of guys were fighting the nameless king, as it was my third playthrough, on that character at least, and honor in boss fights had been thrown out the window during the second playthrough. Well just as we finished off the nameless king... well something amazing and magical happened.

Posted Image

I have no clue what caused this glitch, but all of us saw it as I later confirmed, and the one guy with a mic on broke out into laughter. First time I've ever heard another person's voice in dark souls...

Here is a video of the actual event, as Sasriel, the flying player, did eventually come back to earth.


My Biggest Gripe with SuMo

Posted by Vox , in Gaming Jan 04 2017 · 247 views

My Biggest Gripe with SuMo So now that I've basically played through Moon, at least up to right before the Elite Four, taking my sweet time, I wanted to address my biggest complaint about Sun and Moon, and really my only complaint.


Really, given the names of the game, and the significance of space, why exclude the two pokemon that are literally sun and moon pokemon? I mean I was really hoping the two might have some story significance, because sun and moon, but nope nothing. Then I was hoping they would be included in the regional pokedex as version exclusives... nope. It just seems like such a wasted chance. I mean Minior seems like it would be a somewhat decent pre-evolution for the two even, with what they evolve in dependant upon which version you are playing, much like the mascot legendaries.

*Sighs* Just so disappointed about what could have been.

Also I wish a certain returning "Villian" played a bigger role than he does. If you've played through it you know who I am talking about, or should.


Seymour and Vox

Posted by Vox , in Random stuff Dec 21 2016 · 273 views

So towards the start of November, I had commissioned an artist, by the name of NikkyDash, may know her from her Ruby Nuzlocke Comic she does. Nonetheless been wanting to get a commission of Seymour done for awhile. For those who don't know, Seymour is an Alakazam that was part of my first "Truly" competitive team, when I started taking competitive battling seriously. He was dubbed the "Dragon Killer" as I had him know the move dazzling gleam which was able to usually one shot most dragon types, especially when mega evolved. I eventually retired him in favor of his "Son" Synclaire, whom I bred to have six IVs. But given Seymour's importance to me I wanted to do something with him. Also the trainer is what I would imagine I'd look like as a trainer in Pokemon, though it is a fairly close representation of what I look like in real life, though the beards a bit fuller than I can attain. *Sighs as he wishes he had his "Dream Beard"* So yeah just wanted to share this here.

Posted Image

Also should you be in the market for a commission, Nikkydash is quite affordable, with this only running me $25, though it would have been $15 but she charges $10 for each additional character. So I consider that affordable.


Random discovery

Posted by Vox , in Random stuff Dec 15 2016 · 242 views

So... Apparently Gali's "Crystal" armor and Terak's "Crystal" armor glow very, very faintly under blacklight, at least the transparent parts. I noticed this while doing one of my blacklight appreciation moments, since I very rarely have my blacklight on, and I noticed that my kopaka moc's crystal armor was glowing, which was actually Gali's armor. I mean it's not glowing incredibly and one could easily believe it is a trick of the light, but when compared to Kopaka's golden unity mask, it definitely was glowing.

Wonder what they did differently with the crystal armor add-ons?


Nikon or Canon: Which to buy?

Posted by Vox , in Random stuff Oct 23 2016 · 372 views

So I am planning on taking a somewhat freelance class that a person is offering in photography, and a scholarship I have is able to cover the costs of the class, which includes having to get a DSLR Camera... The director of the class is only allowing Canon or Nikon Cameras, and wants at least a 55mm lens attachment... Odd limitations but not gonna argue.

Now I've never bought a DSLR camera, nor can I say I ever really have looked at buying them. As such I'm hoping those who might frequent my blog or see this might be able to help me choose which is the better option of the two?


Gym 5&6: Holy Heck, Snowdome is a boss

Posted by Vox , in Nuzlocke Oct 15 2016 · 184 views
So not much worth noting for Gym 5, as I used two flying pokemon to take care of said gym, however Gym 6... That is a different story
So started with Raze, thinking fire would be good against steel. It was, but her magnemite used thunderbolt, and Raze was left clinging at 1 HP. Immediately brought out Snowdome, and used him for the rest of the entire fight. One-shotted both her Magnemites with Dig, and single-handedly took down her steelix. Funny fact, Snowdome has Sand Veil, and Jasmine kept having her Steelix use Sandstorm. This allowed Snowdome to make it through the entire fight, only getting hit once by Iron Tail, the rest of the time he was spamming Dig, or when he wasn't steelix's attacks were missing, even screech. Snowdome was definitely the MVP here. Tanked it like a boss.

Current Team:
Snowdome (Sandslash) Lv:27 MV-Bloody-P
Raze (Quilava) Lv:24
Jimothy (Victreebel) Lv:24
Shelob (Ariados) Lv:23
Ivan (Noctowl) Lv:20
Leofrick (Gyarados) Lv:24

Also caught a flaafy, named it Tex, and grinded it on the way from olivine city to cianwood city, since it was all water pokemon that way. Got it level 30 and evolved in an ampharos.

Route - Pokemon
29 - Ivan (HootHoot, M, Quiet)
30 - Shelob (Spinarak, F, Impish)
31 - Spinarak (N/A)
Sprout Tower - Ratatta (N/A)
32 - Jimothy (Bellsprout, M, Lonely)
Union Cave - Snowdome (Sandshrew, M, Calm, Had a quick claw)
33 - Zubat (N/A)
Slowpoke Well - Nyancy (Zubat, F, Hasty)
Ilex Forest - Lindsey (Caterpie, F, Serious)
34 - Leonard (Drowzee, M, Bashful)
35 - Abra (Teleported)
National Park - Hoothoot (N/A)
36 - Richard (Pidgey, M, Hardy)
Webster - Kenya (Spearow, F, Hasty)"Gifted" Definitely not stolen
Burned Tower - Smaug (Koffing, M, calm)
Mt.Mortar - Luci (Rattata, F, bold)
38- Clarence (Magnemite, Quiet)
43 - Tex (Flaafy, M, Careful)
40 - Leofrick (Magikarp, M, Bashful)
41 - Sparks (Chinchou, M, modest)


Gen VII: The end?

Posted by Vox , in Gaming Oct 10 2016 · 327 views

So I'm not a huge fan of videos that explain indepth lore or fan theories about pokemon, aka I never really watch them, however there is one video I watched recently that really intrigued me, and I would suggest watching should you like this type of stuff. It's really well done and really in depth. Also it's about an hour long, but well worth that hour of time.
Also fairly certain it's safe, I don't remember there being anything that could potentially have it unlinked here...

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