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Camera Help?

Posted by Voxumo , in Random stuff, Life and many other things Jul 21 2015 · 223 views

Alright I don't normally ask for help, but I'm finding myself in a bit where I can find the answer to something but it's incredibly confusing answers.

As I mentioned awhile ago, I bought a new camera... well Newish. I understand most of the functions of it, but some I still don't understand when the right time would be to use them. I've tried looking up the answers, but most I find are overly technical in their explaining and I end up being unable to really comprehend.

So hopefully there are some folks who know their camera info and who can help answer this in a layman's manner. Firstly what is ISO, and should I just keep it on auto? Secondly when is the right time/situation to use AF Lock, AE Lock, and FE Lock?

Just for reference I'm using a Canon Powershot SD1000, from like 2006/2007... Not sure if that helps but figured I'd state that. Also it is my first digital camera so part of the reason why I'm wanting to make sure I really understand and can make use of the settings.


Today was a very good day.

Posted by Voxumo , in Life and many other things Jun 13 2015 · 200 views

So I had to head up to Fairbanks today to pick up food and whatnot with Foodstamps, since it's generally cheaper... I decided to also treat myself. I went and saw a movie today, Spy specifically. Surprisingly good movie for being a Melissa Mcarthy movie, I'd definitely recommend it. Mind you the last time I saw a movie while in theaters was Prometheus... So it's been awhile since I spent money on a movie. I also managed to pick up a rather good camera, a Canon Powershot SD1000 for a rather good price... About $40. The Camera's somewhat old, from 2007 to be exact, but it takes rather good pictures, so expect various pictures from me soon if you happen to view my flickr page.. And to top it off I picked up Onua today and a Mixel, the first non-bionicle/HF set I've bought since 2006. So far I've managed to get Onua, Kopaka, LoSS, PoI and PoE. Probably all I'm going to get until mid-fall.

So yeah today was a really good day, not to mention found some decent deals while shopping, which are always nice to have.



Posted by Voxumo , in Bzpower stuff Jun 10 2015 · 114 views

I've come to realize, and accept, That I only really stick around on bzpower for 3 main things. The Main thing, the Bzprpg, specifically the one centered around the Island of Mata-nui, not all those other bionicle rpgs which I have no interest whatsoever in attempting to get into. The Next two can kind of be clumped together, Bzp Hitman and Mafia games. Those two series of topics are really the only 'areas' of bzpower where I don't feel like that awkward person standing in the corner at a huge party, with no idea why they are there. I mean I like to think I'm somewhat accepted in those two topic series, especially since they typically have the same people generally playing, so it's more of a longterm 'hey I know you, and I know how you play'. *Shrugs*

That's not to say I haven't tried to dip my toes into other parts of Bzpower, but everytime I just encounter this overwhelming... Aura, stench, Miasma? Not sure what the best term would be, but it's just this wall of semi-elitism or people so high-strung that just need to unclench, or just cliques in general, if you aren't well known or know somebody it's next to impossible to really get involved.* These are all major turn offs for me really. If I can't enjoy a topic, I sure as heck am not going to stick around in said topic. But I don't get those impressions, that's the word I was looking for, from the Hitman and Mafia topics. Bzprpg only slighty in regards to elitism, but that's mostly because it's players who have been around for so long who have a rather good grasp on the game, yet generally are willing to take time to rp with newer people, so it's kind of understandable.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that if those three 'area's' of bzpower ever disappear, I probably would follow shortly after.

*Reminder that these are just my personal opinions from what I've experienced and encountered, and may not be shared by others.


Being a sneaky person.

Posted by Voxumo , in Gaming May 15 2015 · 249 views
Dark Souls
Man I feel like such a mauka's backside. I just spent like 2 hours playing dark souls, specifically being invaded. So I got a magic set up going, Crown of the Dark sun, bellowing dragoncrest ring, Tin crystallization catalyst, Int: 51, and various soul spells. So my magic damage dealing capabilities are rather high. I'm in dark root garden, and I take a look around and see all those breakable shrubs, and I think to myself 'Boy, this would be a perfect place for chameleon.'

Needless to say I spend about the next 2 hours hiding out as one of those breakable shrubs just waiting for someone to invade and walk by, lock on, and then boom, crystal soul spear to the back. I feel really bad for this one guy who must have been walking around for like 15 minutes trying to find me, and long behold I was right next to where he spawned in. But hey, this is how I see it.
'Oh, you want to invade me, well I'm gonna make it as difficult as possible for you.'



Posted by Voxumo , in Bzpower stuff May 14 2015 · 396 views

I really miss Bionifight. The Senseless fighting, the interesting but sometimes infuriating fighters. Not to mention the wacky methods in which some obtained victory. It's odd that despite everything that occurred during the various bionifights, at least the ones I was in, and the frustration it brought, I looked forward to what each week would bring.

And before people say 'Why not just join Bionifight Infinite if you miss it so much' let me provide a reason why. I enjoyed the various versions of Voltex's Bionifight because it was pure combat, it was a pleasant escape from the otherwise slow as a snail Bzprpg. I came for the fighting, not for the story is a good summary. I enjoyed being able to skip over someone if they didn't respond in a reasonable timeframe, not constantly having my character stuck in a single scene because joe schmo can't post a reply. It was fast paced and fun. Also each player only having one character to fight with really allowed for some... getting to know your opponent and how they think. Didn't always have to go back and check profiles just to post and hope I'm not confusing one character with another. It allowed for a sort of detailed familiarity, to the point that one could likely even imagine what that character would look like without always having to check the profile.

Though other two reasons for not joining bionight are far simpler. I've seen the number of pages that topic is able to crank out daily, and I would never be able to keep up, especially considering each person has so many characters all posting in the same topic. I've tried to skim through it on occasion and I just don't have the patience. Secondly I feel like if I were to join now I'd be utterly lost and really under-powered/at a disadvantage with people who have been playing for quite sometime. At least with the old Bionifights most everyone was on even footing each new round, minus the occasion Drift Force weapons, which by the end of the Drift force it seemed a good majority had at least one drift force weapon, making it a bit even.

Also forgot to mention a third, very important reason. I just don't have the time for another rpg. I'm already trying to keep my characters in the Bzprpg somewhat active, don't think I could keep another character, in another rpg active either. Let alone follow the plot of two different rpgs.


Dark Souls shtuff

Posted by Voxumo , in Gaming Apr 23 2015 · 327 views

So I recently completed my initial playthrough of Dark Souls, 170 hours later, and after messing around with some invaders I decided to create a secondary character.

You see my initial character is somewhat of a Int build, with varying bits of strength and dexterity. I like being able to wear these heavy**** armors and able to take hits, but still able to use my magic. Like currently for him I'm using an Enchanted Scythe +5, able to deal 600 damage, Logan's catalyst and a Black Knight Shield +5. Armor Wise I'm typically using the Black Knight +5 set, though sometimes I change it out with bits of Black Iron set. Overall I'm somewhat satisfied with this build. Oh and the current SL is 144

However for this new character I'm thinking pure strength/dex build. I'm typically not one who likes this type of combat, but I figured I'd give it a try. I want the character to be able to use light armor, so I'm probably going to be using the Thief set, since it offers decent defenses for a light armor, and it's weight is good. Though I'm also going to be putting alot of levels into Endurance, because boy will this character need to be dodging alot.

So yeah, just thought I'd share this.


Random. Truly random

Posted by Voxumo , in Random stuff Apr 23 2015 · 182 views

I really wish I had more to say with this blog, but so often I just find myself at a lost for what to say.


Show related question

Posted by Voxumo , in Life and many other things, Random stuff Jan 11 2015 · 311 views

Ok this kind of occurred to me and I am curious what others feel about it.

Would you rather stay current with a show, or would you rather wait for it to get a decent amount of episodes then binge watch it?

I was watching SAO II and trying to keep up with it, but after the second episode of the 'mother's rosario' mini-arc I decided to hold off on it till there was a decent amount of episodes. Also I've been without actual cable/dish since I moved so I'm horribly out of sync with recent television so the binge watching works out better for me.


Yay Free Shipping... oooh nevermind

Posted by Voxumo , in Bionicle stuff Jan 08 2015 · 359 views

So I recently received an email from Lego stating they were sorry for some of the errors with the bionicle sets on lego shop at home, and that as a way to say sorry they were offering a code for free shipping. Now luckily before I got my hopes up I read further down and guess what... The code is only valid in the contiguous United States and Canada. This basically means that i'm SOL for using the free shipping since alaska, along with Hawaii, is not part of the contiguous united states.

So pretty much I have a code that is useless to me. But this irks me so much. It's oh we are sorry lower 48's, here have free shipping. *Alaska and Hawaii stands outside, faces pressed against the glass with big puppy dog eyes*

Also I'm not sure if giving out the code is against bzpower policies, hence why I'm not.


Surprises and Realizations

Posted by Voxumo , in Life and many other things Dec 23 2014 · 342 views

I had an old family friend come over about two days ago, they brought with them friend's kid who apparently is into lego. Mind you the old family friend is technically the doctor who has dealt with me for the majority of my life, assisted with all the medical i have had and what not, so he knows my ever growing collection of mocs and bionicles. But back to the story. Family friend comes over, unannounced, and brings the kid with him. Naturally I am not prepared for company meaning I don't have socks on. After initial introductions are made the friend asks if the kid could see my collection, which I happily oblige. It's only after the friend asks which of the sets are my favorite, my response being cahdok and gahdok and including what year they were released... The kid speaks up and states 'Oh, that was the same year I was born.'

Two things crossed my mind that instant. First one being I felt rather older than I should, and had to hold myself back from saying I had bionicles older than the kid, because so rare do I meet another human being in person who I can say that about, let alone that i'm actually older than them, since majority of my 'acquaintances' are older than me. The second thing that crossed my mind was that I suddenly felt short. I'm only like 5'8", and this kid was already a tch taller than me. Add in the age that kid is and the fact he likely hasn't reached a growth spurt yet... it's a bit daunting.

But alas I held back any urges and the kid even took a picture infront of my collection... Made his day at least and the family friend was appreciative.

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