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The Fikou Web


The Ground Hog

Posted by Gravelord Nito , Feb 03 2011 · 131 views
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well the ground hog did not see his shadow so that means early spring but the funny part is last night ( the night the groundhog did not see his shadow) my town had a decent snowfall about 5 inches. so that is why i say in Alaska the normal seasons don't apply we only have summer and winter because by the time spring comes around we still have snow and the snow doesn't fully melt till the middle of may. When it comes to Autumn trees try to change color but they don't succeed because the snow comes immediately getting rid of the leaves on the tree.

So that is a little fun fact.


Well At 7:20 Pm January 20th 2011

Posted by Gravelord Nito , Jan 20 2011 · 111 views
and 1 more...
The current temp is -22.3 *F out here in lovely Tok, Alaska.


New Year

Posted by Gravelord Nito , Jan 04 2011 · 96 views

Well it's a new year which means that alaska has hit it's peak for hours of sunlight and now we will start gaining sunlight hooray. crowd of alaskans cheer in the background
we can finally pack up the dogsleds and bring out the hummer our windows can remain open ohhh what a wonderful time of the year.

but back to the topic we really are excited. and there's a alaskan tradition that has to do with the coming of summer
this tradition revolves around the melting of the icy rivers
basically we set a poll in the still frozen river and every one makes a bet on how high or low the water will be come the first of may.
so thats about it.
who ever was closest wins



Posted by Gravelord Nito , Dec 20 2010 · 94 views

well out here where i live the current temp is a balmy -42*F.


Moc Website Change

Posted by Gravelord Nito , Dec 18 2010 · 90 views

I have found a website called mocpages and I find this website to be easier than brickshelf so i'm gonna be using this website for displaying my mocs


Avoid Tok Alaska

Posted by Gravelord Nito , Dec 10 2010 · 116 views
and 1 more...
to all who may consider coming to Tok, Alaska DON'T IT'S NOT WORTH THE TIME AND EFFORT. it's basically a cold horrible place during winter and in summer is infested with tourist although they are the main money producers. and don't get seriously injured down here because it's a 4 hour drive to the closest hospital and clinics don't count as a hospital.
and to top it all off tonight's temperature is supposed to be from -10*f to -40*f. i repeat again avoid Tok, Alaska AT ALL COST.



Posted by Gravelord Nito , Dec 10 2010 · 88 views
and 1 more...
recently about 20 miles from where i live we had about 70 caribou cross the road. It took the caribou 15 minutes to cross the road.


Current Temp Of Tok, Alaska

Posted by Gravelord Nito , Dec 06 2010 · 100 views
and 1 more...
well as of today tok, Alaska has a temp of 6.6*f and a windchill of 7*f and light snow. we are supposed to maintain this temp for the rest of the week. which is a relief since mos of last week we were at on average -20*f, but our lowest was -40*f.
most Alaskans are predicting a bad winter.


Matru Island

Posted by Gravelord Nito , Dec 06 2010 · 93 views
and 1 more...

this is the island of matru located in the great sea of spherus magna. island and surrounding island were created by voxumo.


Nili Toa Of Twilight

Posted by Gravelord Nito , Dec 06 2010 · 93 views
and 1 more...

Toa of twilight
Nili was created by the great beings as an experiment to see if they could create toa that could balance the powers of light and shadow. Even though the creation was a success although seeing the side effects of their combination ( claws, wings, claw looking armor, clawed feet and overly armored form) they decided not to create any more of the species they created due to it not really being a toa but more of a toa/glatorian hybrid. Not wanting to dispose of their creation they gave it to voxumo to train. Voxumo also gave nili her name. Until about 80,000 years ago nili was stationed at haunu then voxumo sent her to the matoran universe to help toa voxumo in his journey. After voxumo combined the matoran and agori societies nili and toa voxumo became agents for the lightened shadows.
Nili’s anatomy is similar to that of a toa but she has the organ system of a glatorian allowing her to not only draw the energy from a food source but also injest the food. Nili also has clawed feet and claw that are attached to her wrists. Her body also has 4 wings each a good 10 feet long. Her wing length supports her height of 7 feet allowing her to properly fly.
Nili wields a black sword capable of slicing through protosteel pillars. Her kanohi is the mask of intangibility. She also effectively wields the elements of light and shadow.

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Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great,
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