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Pokemon Y and Friend codes

Posted by Vox , in Gaming Oct 30 2013 · 395 views

So i just got pokemon Y and found at that for the friend safari it relies on  your 3DS's friend list so i figured why not try and get a few more people on said list.. since it is pretty barren right now
So here is my 3DS Friend code 5284-1611-5817 and the name is Voxumo on it. 
And if you do add my code leave a comment with your 3DS friend code and i will add you. Hopefully this will be beneficial to both of us.
Happy hunting (persay)
Also been a long time since i posted an entry on my blog.. so yeah 


4 custom masks

Posted by Vox , in Mocs Jun 24 2013 · 636 views

Ok well i recently ordered a 4 custom masks from Modalt's masks on Bricklink and figure i would share them with everyone

Posted Image
Here is all four of them 2 repaints and 2 fusions
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
So here are some smaller pics of the individual mask.
So really not much here although must say the gunmetal mask is evil to try and make an moc for.

If anyone has any suggestion on what colors i can use for an moc for the gunmetal grey mask please let me know. Having a hard time with it.

Link to gallery


BEST QUOTE EVER From: Describe The Sig Of The Member Before You!

Posted by Vox , in Random stuff Jan 10 2013 · 488 views

i just had the best response to the following quote that is in my signature and i just had to share it
"Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it."

and here is the response


YES! Finally... oh. I see you got here first, as usual...


 i mean it is perfect i love it.

Source: Describe The Sig Of The Member Before You!


My Evil Post

Posted by Vox , in BZPRPG Stuff Apr 08 2012 · 319 views

Well i know it is kinda of weird but i had to put this in my blog. this is a copy of my 666th post on bzpower. so yeah not much else
Posted Image


Dark Hunter Reaper

Posted by Vox , in Mocs Mar 12 2012 · 347 views

Ok i created this little guy out of boredom and i got a hero factory scorpio set and i fell in love with the hands and wanted to use them in a bionicle moc. Well this is what came out of boredom. I'm also glad i finally found a use for those saw blades i had and it has an added benefit of fitting on his upper arms as seen in second photo. oh and on a side not his saws are similar to the whip used by the belmont family in the castlevania series. and i like this guy som much that i can't take him apart.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Name: Reaper

Gender: male
Species: individual
Race: individual
Element/Powers: Strength of a toa, enhanced agility and senses ability to shoot devastating bolts of shadow energy
Occupation: Dark hunter
Title(s): reaper of shadows
Kanohi: Does not wear one
Tools/Weapons: Chained saws, claws
Alignment: Dark Hunters
Status: Sent by TSO to discover Shadow Stealers location

Reaper was found by the Shadowed one during his trip to metru nui. Due to his size most dark hunters and others see him as weak but are surprised when he can disarm them in seconds. Some time in the past He met Shadow Stealer and the 2 have been enemies ever since. The shadowed one sends him on missions that require stealth along with force. His weapons of choice are his chained saw blades that he can use similar to throwing a rope but his saws are spinning at high speeds resulting in supreme damage


My Dark Hunters Collection

Posted by Vox , in Mocs Mar 12 2012 · 378 views

Posted Image

Ok i just wanted to show my collection of dark hunters most of them are mocs while some are not.


Toa Dume And Turaga Norik

Posted by Vox , in Mocs Mar 12 2012 · 1,311 views

hey this is one of my newest mocs.
Posted Image



Posted by Vox , in Random stuff Mar 12 2012 · 321 views

This is an island that voxumo created under orders of the great beings. the island is meant to be the half way point between and is meant to be like a haven for agori, matoran, skakdi,vortixx etc. and it is alse meant to be an island that combine technology and nature. Voxumo even combined the best aspects of both such as the rahi from the MU and the Creatures from Spherus-Magna. where both the fauna and flora can live together.
Posted Image

Posted Image


My Experience Of Makutafest

Posted by Vox , in Bionicle stuff Oct 24 2011 · 316 views

I attended my first MakutaFest while bzpower was down. I almost got to be on the show during the Q&A section but they called my phone but it never came through.
At that point I wanted to fall on my knees and in a dramatic way Yell NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
But i didn't even though I really wanted to. But in all reality MakutaFest was allot of fun for me since it was the first MakutaFest i attended, And i can't wait for next year



Posted by Vox , Apr 08 2011 · 278 views

I must say that I'm really getting frustrated because I've only had 1 person Comment on my epic The Switch Mirror And mind you this story has been up since December 6th 2010. The same applies to my first ever stop motion video The curious Stant Viper except this has only been up since February 8th and still no one has left any type of comment although there have been plenty of views of the two. It's just really frustrating.
And If you notice the people who get a lot of comments on their stuff are those who have hundreds of post under their belt, Have some staff position or have done a million different projects. I have nothing against anyone I just wish more people paid attention to the beginners as much as they do the experts.

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One Of My Favorite Poems

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great,
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