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The Fikou Web


Matoran Voxumo

Posted by Voxumo , Dec 06 2010 · 52 views
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Matoran voxumo
Matoran voxumo is a av-matoran nynrah crafter from the toa empire reality. Before tuyet rose to power voxumo was on nynrah living his life as a crafter. Then one day he received a mysterious letter stating that he was to travel to the southern most island. Unknowing to him at the time it was lessovik who sent the message. Following the letters instructions he traveled to the island. Once he got there it was revealed to him that tuyet had risen to power and had given the order for the nynrah crafters to be killed. Lessovik then told voxumo that he had sent the letter to him so that way he would not be on nynrah when the slaughter started. Lessovik also revealed to voxumo that there was a small band of beings that were forming a resistance. Voxumo was offered the position main weapon/equipment creator and in exchange he would be provided protection. Voxumo agreed to take the position. And since then has created, repaired and upgraded their weapons/equipment.
Voxumo created many great things but his favorite creation was his personal helicopter pack. The pack allowed for travel by flight and consisted of 4 long blades. The device also is connected directly to his body allowing him to control it just like he would his arms. Another one of his achievements was he rebuilt himself so he was more armored and larger than most matoran.
Voxumo wields a blaster like weapon that amplifies his light power and also allows him to better focus his light so he can for example weld a piece of metal instead of turning it into slag.


Voxumo The Reality Walker

Posted by Voxumo , Dec 06 2010 · 43 views
and 1 more...

Voxumo was the first living creation of the great beings. Due to their success voxumo was given a large portion of the ocean part of spherus magna. They also gave him the task of creating an island that if needed could hold the whole population of spherus magna the matoran universe and the native wild life. So voxumo started the process of creating matru a island 20 mio wide ( 17,000 miles) and 23 mio long (19,550 miles) along with the odes islands with each averaging about 5 mio wide ( 4,250 miles) and 7 mio long ( 5,950 miles). The great beings also gave him six beginning powers water, plant life, stone, earth, fire and ice. With these powers he spent 30,000 years completing the island adding flora, underground tunnels, volcanoes, rivers, lakes, mountains, deserts, canyons. After he completed the island the great beings contacted him giving him another task they knew the core war was going to possibly destroy spherus magna so at that time they created mata-nui and told matru that if spherus magna made it that mata-nui would one day return to spherus magna he was to take mata-nui’s soul and take it out of the robot and create him a new biomechanical body and artakha would come to voxumo and the two would work on upgrading the matoran universe to run on automatic so it could sustain the ability to monitor gravity and other life essentials and put wards into it that would prevent any being from gaining control of the robot. Well in voxumo’s reality all the event’s that took place in the main reality took place even the crashing of mata-nui into the ocean of spherus magna except towards the end the toa nuva did awaken mata-nui but instead of teridax taking control of the robot mata-nui was able to gain control but before mata-nui regained control teridax teleported all the makuta from karda-nui. The order also never declared war or revealed their existence and those that had learned of the order that were not members such as takanuva, the toa mahri etc had their mind wiped of ever knowing about the order although they remember receiving help but not from whom. Once mata-nui took control artakha contacted mata-nui telling him of the great being wish mata-nui never rose from underneath of the ocean. Instead he teleported artakha and voxumo to the chamber underneath the coliseum to discuss how they were going to begin the process of running automatic. After discussing for a week they found a way and started the process. Now mata-nui is in the ignika and in glatorian form. The second task was to merge the agori society and the matoran society which was really simple task although once they merged an event took place that still makes no sense all the beings that had died in the matoran universe came back in front of the gathered society in perfect condition as if they never died. Although even the brotherhood was accepted into the society but were given the odes islands. After the societies were merged the society started building the cities on matru each city was the size of the whole of metru-nui it took 10,000 years for the matoran and agori societies to merge perfectly and the cities to be finished. During this time voxumo and artakha created a system of teleportation centers that allowed easy travel from the matoran universe, matru and the villages of spherus magna. During the time voxumo spent waiting for mata-nui to come he created nili his only living creation. Voxumo also brought rahi from the matoran universe onto matru and rahi from spherus magna to matru where the two type of wildlife could learn to coexist. Now at 140,000 years into his existence voxumo has successfully brought two societies together and brought semi peace to his reality he is now taking it easy and just enjoying life while taking a leadership role of his matru. Voxumo is often refered to as the “Reality Walker” by other beings. Due to how often he journeys from the elintari realty to other realities.
Voxumo stands about 12 feet high when in his original form (he can change his height depending on the situation). Voxumo also has two wings for flight each wing from tip to end are about 15 feet long. Reason for such large wings is so the can actually bear Voxumo’s weight so he can achieve flight (like the rest of him they can adjust to different sizes. Although Voxumo can change sizes his weight always stays at 800 pounds. Voxumo’s body is made of a special living substance created by the great beings. The substance is made up of spiders each about the size of an atom. There are 2 types: tissue making up his flesh and the other protosteel which makes up his armor. Unlike zaktan he does not appear to be shifting when he is standing still due to the spiders latching together via web that the spiders produce that is harder than protosteel. Each spider holds a minuscule amount of his conscious. If one of the spiders comes unattached involuntarily from the rest that spider dies. But for each spider that dies 50 more are created. Voxumo can only detach 20 voluntarily but they will only survive for 1 hour. The spiders can change along with voxumo for example they can become intangible or increase in size. Voxumo’s kanohi is also made of the spiders but has its own limited conscious. Both voxumo’s and the kanohi fali’s minds are linked. Voxumo’s body is made up of 20 billion+ of the spiders. Due to his unique form if his head were cut off the spiders would recreate his head and mask. Voxumo is not invincible for he can still be harmed by weapons it’s just the spiders heal him quickly but he is still left with the sensation of the pain just the physical evidence is removed. If he does take enough damage he can black out even though the damage is healed. The great beings made the spiders resistant to powers that would normally destroy a body. (Example if he were covered in plasma his body would not melt but he would feel intense burning or if the shadowed one used his eyebeams they would not work but voxumo would feel intense pain same applies to dematerializing powers or spinners etc...). If someone were to look at voxumo he would appear to be one whole mass instead of separate pieces that is how good the great being made him but if he takes damage the wound would look like it was made of separate pieces till it healed. Voxumo finally thought of a name for the spiders, the icanuga or reality spiders although when he talks about them he treats them like their there own individuals instead of a part of him even though they are a part of him.
What allows voxumo to have so many powers is that each icanuga can store a single power physical or non physical as long as voxumo has seen that power in action. The kanohi fail or the mask of change is very similar to voxumo’s except the powers it’s icanuga hold have to be mask powers but upgrades them to nuva level powers. If voxumo want to summon a power he has to summon the icanuga with that power to the middle of his hand to access the power and he can only summon 2 at a time (2 hands two powers) the power does not just have to be physical (example he can summon the power of fire and telepathy at the same time). Another benefit of his mask is due to it’s limited conscious if he activates a mask power in the middle of battle the fali will keep that power going until he decides to shut it off. Along with the kanohi fail voxumo also has 2 midak skyblaster style weapons that will create a sphere of power that will take on a physical power (example if voxumo were to summon the power of acid the blasters would fire spheres of acid or if he summoned the power of ice the blasters would fire spheres of solid ice. The blasters will not work with powers like telepathy or rahi control.) Voxumo also wield akaden a living staff. Akaden was at one time a fe-matoran that looked up to voxumo and wished to benefit him someway. So akaden experimented on him self till he found a way to merge his body with a weapon he had made. So he went to voxumo asking if he could forge a weapon for him. Voxumo agreed and told akaden that he wanted a staff that had a triple blade attached to the staff. So akaden forged the weapon and once complete merged his body and mind with the staff creating a weapon that would return to voxumo and was unbreakable. So he convinced a matoran that was his friend to deliver him to voxumo. Once voxumo took a hold of akaden, akaden forged a mental link with voxumo so they could communicate. Since then voxumo has wielded akaden as his primary weapon.


The Lightened Shadows

Posted by Voxumo , Dec 06 2010 · 41 views
and 1 more...
The Lightened Shadows
Voxumo created an organization called the lightened shadows. It consists of members that are dedicated to keeping the worlds safe. The lightened shadows have an army ready for battle at a moments notice. The lightened shadows are based in haunu voxumo’s purple and black fortress. From there they have a storage area for tools artifacts etc. it also as a floor devoted to observation. The lightened shadows have created a series of robotic creations that fly through out matru, spherus magna and the Great Spirit robot surveying the lands all that the robots see and hear are broadcast on individual screens in haunu’s observation floor. The robots are disguised as mata-nui fishing birds. There is also another series that are aquatic that appear as reef raiders. The lightened shadows are led by voxumo and his council of artakha, helryx, certain turaga, mata-nui, tren krom (via a video device in tren kroms cave.)
The lightened shadows have no limitations on member ship except they cannot be a member of the brotherhood. Even if you do become a member it takes 10 years till you are officially a member for the 10 years you think you are a member but it is mainly a test because once you are officially accepted you learn all there is to know about the organization. The lightened shadows are not part of the order but voxumo, artakha, mata-nui and tren krom know about the order and helryx has given permission for the order to give assistance to the lightened shadows upon her discretion and voxumo’s request. But the order will do so with out revealing the orders existence to those that do not know of it. The lightened shadows are also more involved in the worlds than the order. They are known to settle disagreements between the separate matrus. They are also very devoted to the inhabitants of the elintari reality where as the order is devoted to more important issues. And they have formed a type of economy/government that encourages there to be one leader of that government but for other officials to take command of separate departments. Voxumo is the leader of the government because when the proposal for the formation of a government was revealed the inhabitants of Elintari minus the brotherhood the inhabitants voted for voxumo to be leader for life of the government. And voxumo accepted the position yet nominated 2 other beings to be the leaders for the government on spherus magna and the matoran universe. And the other two leaders are mata-nui for spherus magna and artahka for the matoran universe. Although all members of the government must report to voxumo before major decisions are determined.

voxumo the reality walker, leader
mata-nui, council member
tren krom, council member
artahka, council member
helryx, council member
certain turaga, council members
toa solek
toa nili
several other members


Brotherhood Of Hunters

Posted by Voxumo , Dec 06 2010 · 39 views
and 1 more...
Brotherhood of hunters
After voxumo combined the matoran and agori societies the brotherhood of makuta and dark hunters realized that if they kept fighting each other they were easier for other forces to pick them off. So the brotherhood and dark hunters made a treaty saying they would combine forces under a council of leaders. Along with the treaty the skrall and bone hunters were also included in the faction. The faction leaders teridax, karzahni, tuma, the shadowed one and a representative of the bone hunters have declared that the new faction shall be named the brotherhood of hunters (name origin = brotherhood of refers to the brotherhood of makuta, hunters refer to the dark hunters and bone hunters.) each sub-faction is still under control of their original leader but each sub-faction is allowed to request assistance from the other sub-factions. The first action of the brotherhood was to create a 100,000 thousand shadow matoran but instead of using shadow leeches they used the process the great beings did to actually create matoran but instead they created the matoran without any light but created the first official kra-matoran that cannot have light in their souls. Once that task was completed they brought vultraz, kirop, radiak, gavla, a shadow matoran version of ahkmou and vican from an alternate reality to be the unofficial turaga of the cities the kra-matoran were building on the odes islands. Once they finished building the cities the kra-matoran occupied the cities and lived their life much like regular matoran except they are much more aggressive and rude to each other. The kra-matoran coloration varies from white, black, green, brown, blue, and red but all have some form of black to distinguish them from other matoran. Kra-matoran can be male or female. The turaga are tasked with informing the brotherhood once monthly on the status of the cities and the turaga must have a meeting with each other at least 4 times a year. The brotherhood created vahki for each city to help the turaga keep peace in the city and the turaga are the only ones with the machinery to understand the vahki. The cities are also home to dark hunters when not on missions, criminal and outcast.

teridax, leader of the makuta
the shadowed one, leader of the dark hunters
tuma, leader of skrall
fero, leader ofthe bone hunters
all the makuta ( except makuta voxumo)
all dark hunters
all skrall
all bone hunters
also all other servants and minions from the main realities brotherhood of makuta


The Elintari Reality

Posted by Voxumo , Dec 06 2010 · 49 views
and 1 more...
The Elintari Reality
The elintari reality is an alternate reality that differs from the main reality because certain events that took place in the main reality such as the shattering of spheres Magna never happened although the core war did. In this reality the great being created their first biomechanical creation voxumo. After they created voxumo they gave him the task of creating 3 islands and 1 large continent. Voxumo agreed to create this island. Seeing that voxumo had not seen any powers at work they gave him 6 primary elements to create the island fire, earth, stone, water, plant life and ice. After 1,000 years he completed the island and reported to the great beings of the completion, the next task was they gave nili to voxumo. The great beings also set up communication between voxumo, tren krom and artakha for the purpose to create plans for the eventual upgrade of the matoran universe to an automatic mode that would allow the matoran universe to function without the need of a spirit to inhabit the robotic body and put up wards to prevent another soul to inhabit the body. During the time that it took the events that happened in the main reality up to the reawakening of mata-nui artakha and voxumo perfected the process and tren krom agreed to maintain the universes functions till the upgrades were done. So immediately after the toa nuva awakened the robotic body voxumo had put up the wards to prevent teridax from controlling it and they put mata-nui’s mind into the a kanohi ignika from another reality so that the ignika from the elintari reality could resume it’s self made title of toa ignika while the other ignika created the glatorian body for mata-nui. Once the upgrades were installed the matoran universe went to automatic and teridax escaped though only to possesses a makuta armor he had the nynrah crafters create in case something went wrong he had a body to occupy. Although prior to the reawakening voxumo had secretly taken a tour of the different villages to study the different designs of structures in the matoran universe, he also sought out a toa of iron so that he could copy the power of iron and start creating the different cities of matru. After the matoran universe settled down a bit artakha and voxumo successfully introduced the matoran society and the agori society to each other allowing them to merge and become one society. Once the new society was created artakha and voxumo introduced the society to matru along with teleportation devices to allow easy travel between the matoran universe matru and sphreus-magna. Along with the society merging artakha mata-nui and voxumo created over a million more members of all known species including rahi to populate the vast new lands of matru and matoran were now not only in the matoran universe but in the cities of spheres-magna and matru and the agori were also living on matru and the matoran universe. Amazingly the new society was even able to form a government. And the inhabitants of elintari created new businesses and a new form of currency consisting of hexagon shaped metal disk each about the 2 inches in diameter each one having the value of it written in matoran on the front of it and on the back the name of the village it was created. Although two non-understandable events took place first was that all the being that had died prior to the merging were revived including matoran, toa, makuta, glatorian and agori. And were given information of what had taken place since they died. Even beings such as the makuta killed by teridax remained loyal to him. And the second event was an island to the north–east matru suddenly sprang from the ocean floor and in the center of it a pool of energized with a thick jungle surrounding it the just barren dead land. Also any one that had been transformed by the pit mutagen was made amphibious. Even though the society merging was a success the newly revived brotherhood of makuta saw a need to form a alliance with the dark hunters due to the risk that the lightened shadows ( a organization created by voxumo) Might decide to wipe out both organizations as they fought each other. So the brotherhood of makuta signed a peace treaty with the dark hunters saying that the two organizations would combine to form a larger organization known as the brotherhood of hunters but each sub faction was still under the control of there original leaders but the leaders would also have a mutual respect between each other and would not start a war or do anything serious without the other leaders agreeing on it. And each sub faction could request resources from the others. Eventually the skrall and bone hunters were included in to this organization. And throughout this society merging the order had stayed secretive an unknown to the new society. Has been 10,000 years since the society merging and elitari is experiencing a great time of peace.
Elintaris place in space and time causes beings to randomly appear. Many of these beings are exact copies of the original beings reality (for example turaga takanuva from the kingdom reality has a copy in elintari same with the alternative teridax from the melding). The elintari reality has been called by other beings the reality fold due to the coming of different realty beings. Another interesting feature of the elintari reality is that the reality has copies of other beings from other realities. How this works is if for example in the elintari universe there are 5 different takanuvas the first is matoran takua the 2nd takanuva toa of light, 3rd takanuva turaga of light, there is also shadow takanuva and half light half shadow takanuva. This is due to the fact that each takanuva is a copy of another realties version. The original is still in their home reality but the copy is created in the elintari and has the exact same features and personality as the original. Although their memories have been modified so that they know where they are and what is going on. This coping process applies to all beings even makuta dark hunters agori toa everything. But these copies can never enter the reality they originally came from. They also often adjust fairly easily.


Yarsata Toa Of Psionics

Posted by Voxumo , Dec 06 2010 · 69 views
and 1 more...
Yarsata toa of psionics
Yarsata was a ce-matoran from voya nui. She was out collecting madu fruit for her villages when she was suddenly caught in a middle of a battle. There were 8 toa fighting 20 visorak. The battle didn’t come to a conclusion until after 4 hours of fighting. The visorak had been defeated but 6 of the toa had been killed. The only one’s that didn’t get killed were laviki and a toa of plasma. Although the toa of plasma was close to death. During the last few minutes of the fight the toa of plasma had been hit by a keelerahk spinner and the acid started eating away at his shoulder and was spreading. The toa of plasma had noticed Yarsata hiding in the bushes and beckoned her to come out of the bushes and come over to him. The toa started talking to yarsata asking questions about her personality. She kept thinking to herself why is this dying toa asking me so many questions about my personality than trying to find help for his wound. Then as the toa asked his final question which was “would you want to hold the mantle of toa and endure all the hard ship’s that go with it?”
Yarsata automatically answered yes. After the toa of plasma asked yarsata that question he asked laviki for a stone that he had been carrying with him. Laviki handed him the stone. He then handed it in turn to yarsata and told her to go and find a toa suva that was located 2 kio away from their current position. Yarsata did as she was told. She traveled for 1and half days with out stopping once. Once she was there she saw that there was a toa suva with a single hole in it at the exact center of it. She placed the stone that was a unique black and purple color in to the hole. After inserting the stone a beam of black and purple energy shot out of the suva and struck yarsata knocking her unconscious. When she awakened the toa laviki was standing over her along with some turaga that was missing an arm and half a mask. She then realized that turaga was actually the toa of plasma from earlier. She then tried to stand up yet fell down as soon as got on her feet. She then actually noticed the change in her form and realized she was a toa. Although her armor changed from gold and blue to a golden yellow and blue. The turaga then walked over to her and helped her stand up. The turaga then explained that he gave up his toa energy to transform her and that this suva use to be part of his village before it was destroyed. And after telling her these things he died. Laviki and her then took his body and put him in a building and sealed the building. Laviki then taught yarsata how to fight and how to access her powers. And after that he left her saying that one day she will be called upon for help in a mission that would take her out of her homeland. Since then she has protected the abandoned village that was at one time a thriving village. Her friends on voya nui never did discovered what happened to her.
She wields the powers of psionics
Yarsata has two blasters attached to her forearms that fire bolts of energy capable of blasting a hole through a 3 foot thick wall. She also has two jagged edged long swords. She wears a mask of healing


Gedorna Toa Of Gravity

Posted by Voxumo , Dec 06 2010 · 60 views
and 1 more...

Gedorna toa of gravity
Gedorna was a ba-matoran from lihkans home land before becoming a toa. He knew lihkan from when he was a matoran. While Gedorna was a matoran he encountered he toa named laviki that taught him some basic combat skills. Gedorna eventually took the role of guardian of his home island after becoming a toa. During his time as sole guardian he fought off an invasion of 200 visorak and prevented a flood from destroying the village by using gravity to uproot trees and boulders to create a makeshift dam. Although he never was comfortable with sharing the role of guardian so when more toa came to help him he took it as a sign that the matoran were not appreciative of his help and left the village in search of someone who was in need of help but never stayed long.
Gedorna wields a light but sturdy sword along with a projectile weapon that fires bolts of energy. For a kanohi he wears a mask of growth.
Too many gedorna seems a bit pushy but during a fight he will fight fiercely even sacrificing him self for his comrades.


Phuna Toa Of Lightning

Posted by Voxumo , Dec 06 2010 · 65 views
and 1 more...

Phuna toa of lightning
Phuna was a matoran of lightning from the island of artahka. Phuna had always wanted to escape from artahka. During the raid on artahka she escaped via a boat she found on the north coast of the island. As she was sailing to the closest island she was stopped by a toa of gravity that introduced himself as laviki and was told that she would be needed for a great mission. Before she could ask him any questions he threw a medium sized transparent purple rock into her boat and sped away. It took her 3 days to find an island. Once she set foot on the northern continent she felt an unnatural pull towards a village that was almost empty except for 4 buildings and a suva. Then traveled over to the suva even as eyes watched from every hut. She then placed the stone into a niche in the suva the exact size of the stone. As soon as she put the stone into the slot a bolt of energy surged through the stone and into her body knocking her unconscious. She woke up in one of the huts with several matoran of plant life looking at her she sat up on the bed and she realized she had transformed into a toa. As soon as she got up one of the matoran of plant life brought her over what he called the pronged axe. And he said it was hers. She eventually left the village although to her dismay she realized she was just as clumsy as she had been as a matoran. Although after falling and tripping so many times she got angry and unintentionally activated her mask. She has since been traveling across the matoran universe seeking villages that need help. She also was one of the toa who fought in the toa dark hunters war.
As a toa of lightning she can control electricity.
Phuna wields a weapon dubbed the pronged axe which allows her to use the prong to always keep a small amount of electrical charge in it acting similar to a taser. And the axe can cut through a 2 foot thick tree in one swipe. She wears a mask of accuracy.


Granato Toa Of Plantlife

Posted by Voxumo , Dec 06 2010 · 59 views
and 1 more...

Granato toa of plant life
Granato originates from the northern continent where for 60,000 years he trained and protected a village with his teacher and friend felota, a toa of magnetism. For their time together they fought off rahi, helped prevent a fire from consuming the ba-matoran village. About 30,500 years ago felota told granato that he would be gone for 1 year and that granato must stay at the village at all cost. 1 year turned into 5 years eventually after 10 years a group of frostelus came to the village requesting a meeting with granato. At the meeting granato was given an object wrapped in a large leave from the frostelus and told not to open it till he got back to the village. Respecting the frostelus request he waited and when he opened the package he was horrified to find felotas mask with a note reading “consider this a warning. You toa should remember your place in this world. We will not attack your village but do not forget your place.”
Realizing felota was dead granato blamed himself for felotas death. He told himself he did not deserve the rank of toa and left the village unprotected and proclaimed him an outcast. During his travels he met up with laviki while he was on stelt. Since his self exile he has been on stelt working as a guard. His fighting style relies on close combat and dealing heavy blows. He has been known to use plants to attack a foe from a distance.
Granato wields two jagged swords. He also wears a kanohi pakari and is heavily armored


Zakano Turaga Of Iron

Posted by Voxumo , Dec 06 2010 · 62 views
and 1 more...

Zakano turaga of iron and vanoka his frost walker
As a toa he was never known by anyone to exist he was transformed into a toa by falling into a pool of poisoned water then being saved by a toa of water that sacrificed her life to remove the poison and give him a life as a toa. As a toa he defended an island from a natural disaster during this disaster he was helped by a toa named laviki. He always felt a connection to rahi. He was also a very active and adventures matoran and toa. When he was transformed into a turaga he didn’t go with the being calm and a wise village leader and relying on others to defend him. So he maintained his active lifestyle. If you look past the decreases power and size he would be just the same as a turaga as he was a toa. He always has a frost walker with him.
As a toa he carried a large scythe and wore a mask of fate. As a turaga he wields a smaller scythe and wears a badly dented and scarred noble mask of fate so he can still be agile with this mask even as a turaga.
As a toa his elemental power was iron now his elemental abilities has decreased but can form a metal wall in front of him.
He will sit in a hollow of vanoka’s (his frost walker) back and ride vanoka for long distances. He has mastered the language of the frost walkers.

frost walkers
frost walkers are rahi that often will become attached to turaga and will allow the turaga to use them as a mode of tranportation. unkown to most turaga and the frost walkers is that after the turaga and the frost walker have developed a strong trust that the turaga can tap into the frostwalkers hidden ability that amplifies the turaga's elemental powers to that of almost the toa level.
the frost walker are capable of short distance flight but mostly walk. they have two bone-like weapons on their hands one that resembles a hook and another one that resembles a thin yet sharp sword. the rahi also have a needle like appendage on their head that acts as a weapon and a mouth. these rahi can survive in many different environments but prefer snowy regions.

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