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Avoid Tok Alaska

Posted by Vox , Dec 10 2010 · 214 views
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to all who may consider coming to Tok, Alaska DON'T IT'S NOT WORTH THE TIME AND EFFORT. it's basically a cold horrible place during winter and in summer is infested with tourist although they are the main money producers. and don't get seriously injured down here because it's a 4 hour drive to the closest hospital and clinics don't count as a hospital.
and to top it all off tonight's temperature is supposed to be from -10*f to -40*f. i repeat again avoid Tok, Alaska AT ALL COST.



Posted by Vox , Dec 10 2010 · 173 views
and 1 more...
recently about 20 miles from where i live we had about 70 caribou cross the road. It took the caribou 15 minutes to cross the road.


Current Temp Of Tok, Alaska

Posted by Vox , Dec 06 2010 · 167 views
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well as of today tok, Alaska has a temp of 6.6*f and a windchill of 7*f and light snow. we are supposed to maintain this temp for the rest of the week. which is a relief since mos of last week we were at on average -20*f, but our lowest was -40*f.
most Alaskans are predicting a bad winter.


Matru Island

Posted by Vox , Dec 06 2010 · 162 views
and 1 more...

this is the island of matru located in the great sea of spherus magna. island and surrounding island were created by voxumo.


Nili Toa Of Twilight

Posted by Vox , Dec 06 2010 · 197 views
and 1 more...

Toa of twilight
Nili was created by the great beings as an experiment to see if they could create toa that could balance the powers of light and shadow. Even though the creation was a success although seeing the side effects of their combination ( claws, wings, claw looking armor, clawed feet and overly armored form) they decided not to create any more of the species they created due to it not really being a toa but more of a toa/glatorian hybrid. Not wanting to dispose of their creation they gave it to voxumo to train. Voxumo also gave nili her name. Until about 80,000 years ago nili was stationed at haunu then voxumo sent her to the matoran universe to help toa voxumo in his journey. After voxumo combined the matoran and agori societies nili and toa voxumo became agents for the lightened shadows.
Nili’s anatomy is similar to that of a toa but she has the organ system of a glatorian allowing her to not only draw the energy from a food source but also injest the food. Nili also has clawed feet and claw that are attached to her wrists. Her body also has 4 wings each a good 10 feet long. Her wing length supports her height of 7 feet allowing her to properly fly.
Nili wields a black sword capable of slicing through protosteel pillars. Her kanohi is the mask of intangibility. She also effectively wields the elements of light and shadow.


Vali The Mutated Klakk

Posted by Vox , Dec 06 2010 · 203 views
and 1 more...

Vali the Mutated klakk
Vali was created by voxumo some 85,000 years ago as a test for himself. Even though vali was a success voxumo never attempted to create another rahi. Due to modifications done by voxumo vali developed the ability to speak and understand matoran along with intelligence of a matoran. After voxumo created vali he allowed vali to be free and that he could come back any time. During that time frame vali made his home in the trees of Myst Island. But during one day when he was heading out to hunt he flew to close to the pool of energized protodermis and was pulled in by a hand made of the substance. After vali awoke from a blackout caused by the substance he found himself mutated.
Knowing that voxumo would know what to do he flew to voxumo’s base. Although with his previous wings it would have taken him 3 days to get to the fortress but with his new form it only took 1 day to reach voxumo. After meeting with voxumo he explained what happened. Voxumo told him that this was meant to happen and that nothing could change him back to his original form. So vali trained himself to be able to use the abilities he had developed. So after 10,000 years vali was a master with his new form. Voxumo made him the only rahi to be accepted as a member of the lightened shadows.
Vali mutations gave him a body about 5 feet high and 7 feet long. Vali’s feet are clawed. His strength would compare to that of a kane-ra. Although his body instead of having an exoskeleton his body is covered by 4 inch thick scales. His wings grew to an amazing length of 8 feet each wing. Vali’s head also changed to where his lower jaw teeth protrude from his mouth. Along with the teeth he also developed 2 super sensitive hears.
Vali still posses his sonic shriek along with a new power that allows him to shoot beams of ice that freeze on contact. His ears are able to pick up the sound of a dead leave hitting the ground from 2 miles away. He can also block from his hearing any sounds that are not important.


Skakdi Voxumo

Posted by Vox , Dec 06 2010 · 265 views
and 1 more...

Skakdi Voxumo
Skakdi voxumo is a result of spiriah’s experiments. After the initial transformation of the skakdi race spiriah too a select few and further experimented on them. Out of all the select skakdi only voxumo survived. Due to the experiments voxumo’s spine eventually enveloped his legs creating a type of tail like appendage. His head also grew in proportion his teeth protrude from his mouth and his eyes became bulbous. His coloration also changed from white to a mixture of colors. His arms also gained more muscle and his strength increased.
After his release from spiriah he went back to his original territory only to find that another skakdi had claimed his territory and created a small pack of skakdi to patrol his territory. Voxumo then challenged the black skakdi for control of the territory. After a 10 minute fight to the death voxumo won by taking his 10 foot tail and wrapped it around the skakdi’s throat and choked the skakdi them threw him into a pit of doom vipers. After showing his dominance the other skakdi that was under the leadership of the black skakdi then swore there loyalty to voxumo. Voxumo eventually gained the loyalty of 200 hundred skakdi after defeating several other war lords by the time the teridax took control of the matoran universe voxumo had already gained control of 40% of zakaz. Seeing a need to get out of the matoran universe voxumo and his legion of 200 skakdi raided the island of nynrah hoping to find a means of escape. What they found instead was a stone about 3 feet in diameter that was directly connected to the elintari reality. After having investigated the stone more he found out that if dropped into a pool of molten protodermis it created a portal that could transport him and his legion to the zakas of the elintari reality. From there his legion took control of there territory again. Voxumo is said to slither like a snake due to his tail and can also stand a total of 17 feet tall by coiling his tail and letting it support him. Although he doesn’t use that method much. Many of time’s he will use his tail as a form of sneak attack by hiding and then striking with his tail.
Skakdi voxumo gained new powers 1 vision based, 1 physical and 1 with his tail.
The vision power allows him to put a being in stasis although the being would remain in stasis for only 10 minutes then the stasis effect will wear off. He can put more than one being into stasis at a time although it takes 1 minute of concentration to have the stasis effect take place. His physical power his that of thok’s for he can give artificial life to inanimate objects. Although the difference between’s thok’s version and voxumo’s version is the intensity where thok can do small things voxumo can bring small hills to life. And his tail also has the capabilities of firing energy blots from the tip of his tail. Although voxumo lost access to his elemental abilities he can block mental attacks and direct them onto anther being in site.
Skakdi voxumo wields a staff with a coloration that resembles blood stains. The staff also has the capabilities of heating up an object to the point of burning through it.


Naloka And Valoka

Posted by Vox , Dec 06 2010 · 180 views
and 1 more...

Naloka and Valoka twin makuta
When mata-nui created the makuta a single makuta named vanuloka separated into 2 separate makuta. These makuta have the same personality and their minds are linked. After the B.O.H was formed they were assigned the role of assassins and they both took the forms of rahi like beings as that gave them the element of surprise and easy concealment.
Naloka looks like a bipedal rahi with razor sharp whip tail and a horn sprouting from the back of the head. Valoka is the female of the two and her form is also bipedal and has hands with short blades coming from the wrists both their masks are connected to their faces similar to the toa hordika’s but they have access to their mask powers.
Naloka wears a mask of stealth and valoka has a mask of strength.


Toa Solek Toa Of Light

Posted by Vox , Dec 06 2010 · 192 views
and 1 more...

Toa Solek
Toa solek was transformed into a toa by a toa of gravity who had completed his destiny and wanted a calming life of a turaga. Since his transformation he has allied himself with takanuva and the 2 have continued their friendship as matoran and take missions together. The two are inseparable even jaller has joined the bunch after takanuva introduced him to solek. The two have taken the role as guardians of av-matru.
Solek wears a mask of stealth and wields a spear that doubles as an axe.
When he does takes missions alone the lightened shadows usually give him missions that involve spying and reconnaissance. He is surprisingly ghost like even without the mask of stealth.


Solano And The Vac

Posted by Vox , Dec 06 2010 · 196 views
and 1 more...

Solano is a le-matoran but acts like an onu-matoran. He believes in being prepared for anything. Due to this philosophy he has upgraded his body to have more armor. He often carries his prized tool a staff that doubles as drill. He works for the lightened shadows. He has also developed a good alliance with the agori tarduk due to they both like tinkering and inventing new objects. Solano has been known to act with out thinking and due to previous actions helryx has talked with voxumo about solano’s impulsiveness and asked his permission to ally him with mazeka to have mazeka teach Solano better self control. Voxumo agreed to this teaming although mazeka has been told not to reveal the order existence to Solano. Voxumo agreed to this for he saw this as a good chance to have the two organizations to intermix without revealing the order to any members of the lightened shadows except the leaders of the lightened shadows and the council also agreed to this.
Solano created a personal vehicle dubbed the volitak assault craft or the vac. It consists of a larder single shot cordak blaster. The blaster has self producing ammo but takes 1 minute to reload the ammo has the capabilities of destroying a building 300 feet wide by 300 long. Along with the cordak it has a rapid fire midak skyblaster. The vehicle hovers and can reach speeds of 150 mph. it also has reinforced armor that allows it to effectively ram objects at high speeds. Solano only created one and will not allow more models to be produced due to its destructive capabilities.

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