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Syvra's new blade (Designs)

Posted by Vinheim Maran (Vox) , in BZPRPG Stuff Nov 08 2013 · 957 views

Prior to the Dataclysm syvra had began the process of getting a custom blade created. Sadly not much process had been made on this front though now i am working with Tabby: Toa of Cats who plays the Toa Akiru in hopes of getting her team to possibly create the blade. While nothing is set in stone yet i would like to share my designs for the blade
Posted Image
While this may not be the most solid of designs it is the best one i could come up with. And before anyone asks the metal of the blade would be protosteel while the rest will be whatever the Toa Akiru feel appropiate
Also here is a more detailed little bit explaining in depth the injection process. Though the best way to describe the process is like a snakes fang. The actual venom of the snake is not stored in the actual fang but a sac in the head that when the time comes the venom is transferred from said sac to the fang and out of it. 
Posted Image
And here is the full sized version of the picture
Also as a update here are the mechanics of how to get the poison in
The Poison is held in a refillable canister that can be inserted into the handle. Essentially the half of the handle is unscrewable. You slide the refillable canister in then screw the bottom half back on and well yeah that is the jist of it. The real mechanics of the blade lies in the bottom half of the handle.
And feel free to give your opinion on this.. I am all ears
EDIT: I realized that if i switched the point of the blade to the top it would actually work better for if using the blade offensively it can slice at the target without getting caught on the end.

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The Dark Chronicler
Nov 09 2013 09:16 AM

It looks like a pretty interesting design to me. If you wanted to make the sword a bit more vicious, you could have pores on the sharp edge of the blade that open when the button is pressed, dripping small amounts of poison all along the blade.

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Vinheim Maran (Vox)
Nov 09 2013 09:25 AM

It looks like a pretty interesting design to me. If you wanted to make the sword a bit more vicious, you could have pores on the sharp edge of the blade that open when the button is pressed, dripping small amounts of poison all along the blade.


 Eh.. While i have to admit it would look vicious it would also cause less of an air tight seal allowing more than one exit for the poison. See if you have too many holes it lessens the pressure and allows for more inaccurate dispersion of poison. But i do like the idea.. maybe syvra needs more then one blade?

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As a bionicle weapon I see no problem with the idea.  All below is only from a real-world perspective. 


Being someone who's taken a keen interest in metal working, especially blade smithing, I would have to say using real world concepts it's a horribly shoddy idea.  You're proposing to hollow out the core of something that will be taking a serious beating in combat, and essentially robbing the weapon of its durability.  It looks like you're basing this concept mainly off a katana.  Katana are made (traditionally) from two different weight steels, and their fusion is what creates the curve of the blade.  Hollowing something like that out would remove the entire structural and chemical balance at an atomic scale, reducing the weapon as a sword into a useless piece in a real fight.  A small knife, however, might be able to take damage if it was a straight blade.  An option would be to have the poison leak onto the blade from pores on the tsuba/crossguard, keeping the rigidity as well poison concept.

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Vinheim Maran (Vox)
Nov 09 2013 06:11 PM
Hmm... while i understand what you what you are saying and must agree i would like to say i would never do this sort of thing to a Blade in real-life. As you said it would weaken the blade. To be honest if i were to attempt this in real life i would likely go the route of Saya's blade from Blood+ since that method of delivery relies on a groove.. Though another thing to point out is that in regards to the design above the hollow center of the blade is not some large gaping hole. Instead it is more of a needle sized hole running through it. The reason for said size is that when the poison is pushed through it it creates a form of pressure since you have a large amount of liquid moving through a smaller area at Greater speeds thus allowing the poison to come out in more of a steady single Stream instead of just coming out in all different directions.
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Nov 09 2013 11:42 PM

Maybe add some serration on the front of the blade for more ripping and to better lock blades with and a larger cross guards for dueling. I would ruin the Japanese aesthetic of the blade though.

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Vinheim Maran (Vox)
Nov 10 2013 12:26 AM

Hmm.. well i don't really want the blade to be serrated.. i am needing it for quick precise attacks.. any grooves you add cut down on that and create more friction resulting in slower speed.. but yeah the larger crossguard may be a good idea

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