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Emerald Bricks


What In The World?...

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Oct 06 2009 · 141 views

I have now been sent reply notifications to three topics which I have never laid eyes on, much less subscribed to. Here's the latest one: Something about sharpies

Why am I randomly being subscribed to topics? blink.gif


*is Busy*

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Sep 04 2009 · 229 views
Very, very, busy.

Two things: School, and my non-profit "Dollar for a Drink" are taking up all of my time. I built a bit with LEGO last weekend (I think.....) and it's coming fine. I don't think I'll have anything built ANY time soon though. School is going great; I'm really enjoying Greek especially.

Meh, I haven't blogged in so long, I don't know what to say. I haven't really been keeping up with BZP much this past week. Sure, I've seen the BrickFair coverage, as well as the fact that BBCC #55 is up. I'm at a very low point in terms of BZP/Bionicle interest. So don't expect much of me. I'm fading... fading... fading...

But don't worry, I'm sure I'll pop back in sometime! happy.gif



How's This?...

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Aug 28 2009 · 257 views
For Bink's contest?

The philosophical square root of Black Six's right toe is less than the absolute value of Tufi minus ToM in addition to the hierarchical overruling awesomeness that is purple cacti. Add the resulting factors of the prior equation to the cube root of Niki and a brown frog is born in a barn on the peak of mt. Everest. Subtract the sum of 64 and Wii to find the unknownable common factor of the White Seven and solve the problem of moldy cheese to achieve world domination. The third book page of the Hungarian guide to French cooking is the cause of all green trees in Alaska. Also, forget not to never have any neither sauce in neverland; hurts all pink kittehs it does. LEGO squared is Binkmeister. You. pack. tongue-loads. of. ubberness. Hurt not red cars, for upset the balance of the force, it will not until the 56th or Greenember in the year -873.

Thoughts on nonsense?



Parts Order Pictures!

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Aug 24 2009 · 239 views
Yes: I have pictures now! biggrin.gif

Ok, stats:

Total Orders: 3
Total Lots: 80
Total Parts Count: 407
Total Cost (including shipping): $60.80

Now, pics! (Brickshelf)

The White parts:

The Dark Red parts:

Sorry for the poor lighting in this last one... :S

Oh, and don't forget that I have this guy to pull parts from too!

Now, I'd love to know what you think! How did I do in what I chose, and the quantities thereof? How about the price (for those of you experienced in these matters)?

Now to work on my first mecha/fusion attempt! Yay! happy.gif



It Has Arrived!

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Aug 24 2009 · 216 views
Yes, my final... parts order arrived today! biggrin.gif Now to take pics...

Hopefully I'll have photos uploaded in just a little bit. smile.gif



Well... Howdy!

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Aug 20 2009 · 224 views
Great sunspots! The forums have returned! ohmy.gif I was beginning to think the beast that is the forums had died... But I guess the all powerful staffies came along and revived it! Thanks guys! wink.gif

Now, in my time away I have had a birthday. My 17th in fact. As a result, I got a bunch of money, and as a result of that I placed my largest parts order (or combination of orders) yet: $50+, 400+ pieces. I've received one of them, but the other two are still in the process of shipping. I made sure to buy plenty of system (at least half of it I think) DV, I'm wanting to seriously delve into fusion building. I'm pumped! Speaking of pumping, I got an airsoft gun and the accompanying paraphernalia too!

*Edit*: I forgot to mention that I also got Super Mario Galaxy for my b-day too! It's a pretty sweet game (the super awesomeness factor really comes from the creativity of the levels themselves). Sadly though, I felt that it played too quickly; My sister and I had beaten the final Bowser just after one week! Of course, it helped that she was doing co-op, so that might have had something to do with it... Regardless, We have 106/120 stars at the moment, and I highly recommend the game (providing you are a Mario fan of course!)

I can't say how active I will be (not very much I am sure) but I'll still hang around; it's good to have the forums/blogs back online! smile.gif I'll be sure to post up when I build something... not sure how long that will be though.

Anywhoo, just thought I'd say howdy!



New Spinny!

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Jul 17 2009 · 215 views

Wow... it seems like just the other day that I joined up... Still, I'm a whole lot "younger" compared to alot of you guys! wink.gif

Hmmm... I hope to do some MoCing soon. smile.gif



Lego Store Purchase...

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Jul 12 2009 · 186 views
Set #4993: Cool Convertible
Pieces: 648

Yep, that's right; it's not technic! Heh, I haven't purchased a system set in years. The reason for my purchase of this set was due to an upcoming project that I'm wanting to work on which involves the colors of purple and white. Obviously, this set was for the latter color requirement. It was really interesting; I found myself walking around the ubber-cool LEGO store looking for sets based on content and pieces as opposed to theme for the first time. I considered getting a Star Wars set or perhaps Racers or even one of the new Power Miners sets. I decided against these due to either price or (especially for the Power Miners) the colors weren't what I was looking for. My eye settled on the Convertible mainly for its larger quantity of white curvey pieces and small connection parts; it should prove helpful in MoCing.

The LEGO store was pretty sweet overall, and the LEGO sculptures were nifty too. I found the sale section Neaku, but they pretty much only had the Star Wars "Twilight" ship available; which, granted, was on sale for $50 (normally $100). I wasn't the least bit interested in it though. Oh, and they had the main Indiana Jones set on sale too (I'm not sure how much though). The store was all you guys hyped it up to be! happy.gif

My plan is to build the set as soon as I get home but then I put it up on display until I get enough money to put in a good-sized you-know-which-site order (which will probably have to wait until my birthday, which in turn is at the very beginning of August). I'm rather glad that it's gonna have to wait until August though; I'm busy at the moment with other things. Personally, I'm pumped about just building the thing as I haven't actually built a large LEGO set in quite some time. smile.gif

Oh, and Blue Fire, my family had deep dish pizza this evening for supper, and it was superb! biggrin.gif In addition, the weather was beautiful! It was perfect for walking around the city indeed.

Just thought I'd mention what I got (did I choose well?), and I may be able to post more about the trip sometime this week...



Off To Chicago...

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Jul 09 2009 · 356 views
My family and I are heading out early tomorrow morning for Chicago, where we will be attending a conference over the weekend (just Saturday actually). The conference is on the book "Do Hard Things"; written by Alex and Brett Harris who will also be the main speakers. The book is challenging teens to overcome the low expectations in our culture today and to rise up and make a difference in the world. The whole thing is also Christian driven, just to let you know. If you want to find out more about the book and their organization "The Rebelution" just Googlize it. wink.gif

We will spend Friday traveling, Saturday is the conference, Sunday we will just hang out in Chicago, and Monday we will travel home. In addition, it is not my plan to spend any time on the Computer (or at least online) so don't expect any activity from me (not that I've been on that much anyways).



Time For An Update...

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Jul 03 2009 · 210 views
Well, hello everyone! It's been two weeks now since I last blogged, and I can't let my blog pass into the second page of my favorites list now can I? rolleyes.gif

So anyways, my last blog post was written just before I left to go on my youth group's mission trip and I thought I would blog about how that went. If you want to skip down to the section where I talk about what's been going on since then (I talk about the Wii and Brawl there), or down to where I talk about Bionicle/BZPower, then feel free to do so. I've marked them. smile.gif

The Mission Trip:

The trip began at 9:00 on Monday morning where we met at our church. Unlike many mission trips where you leave and go somewhere far overseas, we were on a mission to the downtown of our city. We would be working with RIFA, which stands for Regional Inter-Faith Association, and they are the main outreach organization in Jackson I believe. Proceeding to the headquarters, we met with Shawn who is one of the coordinators for repairs outreach. Our job would be to re-paint the outside of an elderly lady's house, which was about 100 years old and was in good need of repair. So basically, the whole week was comprised of scrapping of old pain, applying a coat of primer, letting that dry, and then applying one coat of paint. I know that sounds simple and easy, but it wasn't; the whole process took us the whole week, and there were 15-20 of us on the trip. Oh, and not to mention that the heat index hovered around 100+ degrees (the worst day was Tuesday, when the heat index hit 115 degrees)

Interestingly, I was on a ladder most of the time due to my being one of the oldest in the group. This is funny due to the fact that my family has for a long while been allergic to ladders. You look confused. Yes, well that's because it's an inside joke! Hahahahaha...ha.....ha... oh whatever. My dad fell off of a ladder several years ago (I was present) and was in the hospital for a good while. Ever since then my mom has been overly protective of my dad and ladders. He's only been on one once since then (it was actually last weekend). Thus, it has become a pretty big joke in our family that we are all allergic to extension ladders. Oh, and btw, I'm not actually scared of them in the slightest; I made sure that it was set up properly (Which was something we failed to do when my dad fell. He was at too large of an angle with the ground on a slightly sloped gritty driveway which = bad setup) No, I didn't fall! wink.gif

Oh, and one of our leaders was involved in a minor car wreck the first day on our way from RIFA to the elderly lady's house. Due to that small delay we didn't start working until 1ish or something. Yay for adventures! happy.gif

And thus we worked from 9:00 AM to about 4:00 everyday (Mon. to Thurs.) What did we do in the evening do you ask? Well, we all took showers (that was an adventure in-and-of-itself; we were all sharing two showers in the house of a lady from church, and one day the girls took so long that the guys had to take a shower in the mop closet of all places!), we had a devotional time, and then... we played games! My favorite thing that we did was we had a dodge-ball tournament all week long, and although my team didn't win it was still alot of fun! The best part (and the worst part) were the girls vs. guys matches. You see, there were 10-12 girls, and only four guys. The worst part is this: when you catch the ball not only the person who threw it is out, but your whole team gets back into play. Thus, we would whittle the girl's team down to one or two individual and then they would inevitably catch it, bringing all of the girls in who had been sitting on the sideline for a while. This happened innumerable times the first night, and the guys got extremely drained of energy (the girls had time to recharge) Sadly to say (and to our shame) the girls beat us three times in a row. Sad day. And then they beat us again the next night! Well, we were determined to arise victorious, so we ended up going all-out the last night and we creamed them five times in a row! Hehe. I don't know if it was due to our finally adopting a strategy or because our adrenaline was going crazy (or both) but we licked 'em good. Oh yes, we did! evilgrin.gif (no offense ladies)
We also played other games such as Sardines in a Can, Mafia, and Underground Church, which were all great fun! Still, the dodge-ball was the best. smile.gif

By the end of the week (as could be expected) we were absolutely worn out. It didn't help that we went to bed at 11:30 and we got up at 7:30. Ah well. I loved it anyways, and I think that it was a great learning/growing time for all of us. smile.gif The week went wonderfully, and I highly enjoyed being able to be a servant to others. Interestingly, we made faster progress than Shawn was expecting, and we were able to do the lady's porch as well!

Since then:

Now back to "normal" life, I have been catching up on rest (which I believe I attained today), playing the Wii with my sis, doing yardwork from when I was gone (the yard was a jungle) and I'm in the process of moving from rest mode to productivity-in-the-summer mode. Today I made up a schedule for myself; next week I am going to start on several projects. I have some catch-up school work to do, I am going to start preparation for the next season in Dollar for a Drink (my non-profit organization which is raising money for wells in Sudan) and I am going to start working in earnest on a trilogy of mine which has been floating around in my head for years now. In addition to these things, there are numerous other small things to do which needed to be accounted for as well. Thus, I made a schedule for myself today which is going to fairly flexible but will at least give me some structure to my week, something which has been lacking since our return from D.C. I am a creature of habit and I just can't go throughout a day without some sort of plan effectively.

At any rate, Brawl has been sweet. My sister and I unlocked all of the characters Tuesday I think, which was just two weeks after we got it (and I was gone for four days in the middle of that). The reason for getting them so quickly is all thanks to the Subspace Emissary; which, in my opinion, is an excellent adventure mode. My current top three favorite characters are: Lucario, Lucas, and Sonic. If I'm going for the kill, I'll pick Lucario due to his excellent air attacks (down A to be exact) and the fact that his attack strength attains a super boost when he reaches 167%. I'm just now starting to like Lucas alot; I still need to master his barrage of long range attacks, but both his up and down A smashes are devastating. Although he's not my best, I enjoy playing as Sonic just for the fun of it; He's so fast and light. The only problem is that all of his moves are so similar; he takes a bit of time to get used to. Meta Knight is pretty neat too, I love his recovery and speed attacks.

Today I unlocked Spear Pillar, Hanenbow, and Mario Bros. My three favorite levels would have to be: Frigate Orpheon (of course that may just be due to the music), Spear Pillar, and Final Destination. The Pirate Ship is pretty neat too.

What's my overall take on the game? It's superb as far as "upgrades" go. Sure, it's the same game as the first Smash Bros. at heart, but the producers did an excellent job of expanding it and taking Melee to a whole new level. I love the game, and the addition of new characters, the smash ball, and many new features make for a truly addictive and fantastic game!

Is there anyone else out there who's a Brawl fan? If so, we may have to exchange codes and play! (Providing I semi-know you of course)

Now, on to the last (yes, I mean it) topic I wanted to blog about, and it'll be brief.


First of all, I debating whether I should renew my Brickmaster subscription. Let me ask this right up front though: can you get Bionicle comics with the regular magazine? If so, then I probably won't subscribe... I just don't think it's worth it anymore.

Secondly, I realize that I missed most of the voting, but I'm pleased with how BBCC #54 turned out! smile.gif I'm not surprised at all at how the Semis went (and I just had to get stuck with Roa!) Ah well. I can't wait to see the prizes, and I can't wait (ok, perhaps I can) until the next contest. It's probably just as well that it's not until August. I wonder what the theme will be though.... Also, apologize if I came across as copying Arpy; I truly wasn't. That's just what popped out of my head! I will grant Dandezille for the inspiration of the treads though. wink.gif

And finally, I am planning on placing a larger-ish order from the you-know-which site soon. I really need to expand my collection of small (half-width) liftarms and other small bits. Building in micro-scale (and on a larger scale with my incomplete robot) has really showed me that I need more of those, and not just in black either. I hope to get to work on my latest idea for a white/purple mech/robot thing.

So anyways, that's what's been going on in my life. If you read the whole thing, then I congratulate you! happy.gif

My how the fingers can run...




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