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Prime Time


Check This Out

Posted by Primus , Feb 04 2011 · 97 views

I actually posted a topic!


Someday Soon

Posted by Primus , Feb 03 2011 · 90 views

I will take decent pictures of this guy in his full, final glory.

Probably tonight if my batteries continue to cooperate.


Hey Brickeens

Posted by Primus , Feb 03 2011 · 77 views
Quit being so hard on yourself, bro.



Posted by Primus , Jan 27 2011 · 104 views

So if any of y'all have been following my blog recently, you'd know that I've been building some things (shocker there) and talking about a collaboration. I think.

Anyways, I have been working on a collaboration, and its still way in progress.

Of course, I'm referring to the


There are two sides, COG vs. Rebel. One is a strong military force, the other an underpowered uprising. Evil vs. Good. All that jazz.

Basically what I'm saying is, YOU should definitely check it out, and if you're planning on going to Brickfair, you should make a COG or a rebel (or both!). And if you want to send in a MOC, why not send in a COG (or a rebel) (OR BOTH!)?

The more the merrier, and besides, where's the fun in a collaboration if we keep it to ourselves?


For Shine

Posted by Primus , Jan 27 2011 · 71 views

Because Jinzo would have made them into a GIF



Posted by Primus , Jan 25 2011 · 69 views

Seriously, y'all should be way pumped for this collaboration.


Time Traveling

Posted by Primus , Jan 24 2011 · 110 views
My Goals for MOCing:

-Make a Toa-Ju-esque MOC
-Make something that uses those Pridak Feet in a cool way
-Use more Mahri tubes (I love those)
-Build a good Fusion MOC
-Build some more non-Toa
-Make more rahi
-Use some of my cooler colored masks (in particular my green Kaukau or red Pakari)
-Get Better

(this is more of a check-list of things I want to do before I stop MOCing)


Well, I was actually looking for a different entry from my earlier years of having a blog, but this one made me smile a bit. Mainly because I didn't stop building, but also because of how my priorities shifted as I started to become a better builder.

Also its just really funny to me to see that my goals shifted from those up there to these right here:

-Get Better
-Never Stop Building
-Build things no one else has ever built


Warning: This Entry Contains (awesome) Pictures

Posted by Primus , Jan 21 2011 · 104 views

All pictures link to bigger pictures.

Gallery when moderated.

Hope y'all like it as much as I do.


Nine Oh Six

Posted by Primus , Jan 21 2011 · 75 views

Click for full size!



Posted by Primus , Jan 16 2011 · 70 views

Or maybe it's a rebel...?


Storm's A Brewin'

Posted by Primus , Jan 09 2011 · 87 views

Click the picture to go to the topic and comment. You know you want to.


Throwing Pieces Together

Posted by Primus , Jan 09 2011 · 75 views

Zip was right. You can build a really simple Toamod out of Hero Factory pieces and it won't look like garbage! Well, it can still turn out to be garbage, but at least basic stuff that's done well won't look bad.


Dear Brickworld

Posted by Primus , Jan 09 2011 · 48 views
Why do you have to be during my final exams?

Cuz I would totally go if you weren't.


Fire Lord

Posted by Primus , Jan 01 2011 · 85 views

smile.gif Well I'm pretty happy, I can't wait to build with these pieces.


End Of The Year Collage

Posted by Primus , Dec 31 2010 · 92 views

(^links to huge image)

So, I've made a few MOCs this year, but I think I've made my best MOCs this year, with out a doubt.

Hope y'all like my MOCs from 2010 as I do!



Posted by Primus , Dec 30 2010 · 91 views

I really need to get my light box and lamps.


Last M O C Of 2010

Posted by Primus , Dec 30 2010 · 79 views

Won't be properly posted until 2011. Enjoy the bad picture, I guess. The hand is placeholder.

And depending on if I get a 2.0 for my birthday or not, I might update other parts of it as well.


Favorite Creations Of The Year

Posted by Primus , Dec 29 2010 · 65 views
(in no particular order)

As for my favorite creations that I've built myself from 2010:

If you have any favorites of my builds, feel free to point them out.



Posted by Primus , Dec 26 2010 · 60 views
So, the background music for an NFL ad is "Wildcat."

I just thought that that was ironic.


Money Planning! Oh Fun

Posted by Primus , Dec 22 2010 · 78 views
On one hand, it's nice paying for things and knowing that I'll have enough money to pay for things.

On the other hand, it sucks knowing that out of the approximate $7K I'll make over the next work term, I'll only have maybe $50 dollars for discretionary purposes. If I'm lucky.

But hey, that's my comeuppance for not being smart about how I spent my money last school term. It may suck, but it's a good lesson to learn.

Next school term, I'm not going to have a whole lot to spend, that's for sure, but at least I'll save up a lot of money from the work term after it.

Goodness, I love working.

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