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Squid in a Cordak Blaster


Free Blogs!

Posted by Turakii #1 Lavasurfer , Jul 20 2010 · 192 views

Since it's BZP's anniversary and everyone gets a free week of Premiership, that means we each get to have a blog of our very own for a whole week! =D This is so exciting! You'll be hearing from me lots, guys, 'cause I can't let it go to waste! And then there are these shiny, shiny images under the avatars! They're so pretty! And polls! I need to make a poll right away! I need to make ten! But most importantly...


onfire.gif onfire.gif onfire.gif

_icon_joy_.gif _icon_joy_.gif _icon_joy_.gif _icon_joy_.gif







What? lookaround.gif Can't Premiers get excited too?



Pokemon Beating The Snot Out Of Each Other

Posted by Turakii #1 Lavasurfer , Jul 18 2010 · 214 views

So what do those trainers do during the battle, anyways? Just stare blankly as their beloved pets they've put so much care into raising beat each other to a pulp? Or do they actually enjoy watching?

I had to take a picture of this because it didn't fit on my scanner bed, so the quality isn't as good as I'd like... D=



Capitalization And Punctuation

Posted by Turakii #1 Lavasurfer , Jul 13 2010 · 234 views

Are they, like, uncool or something now? o_O Because their absence is becoming more and more prevalent among members... especially when it comes to periods.



It's Story Time, Kids!

Posted by Turakii #1 Lavasurfer , Jul 09 2010 · 252 views

Once upon a time, some lunatic wanted to find a way to both torture kids with the promise of a gratifying end result, and to get tons of money from the kids' parents (or insurance companies) simultaneously.

Having ruled out kidnapping and holding for ransom (due to the police apparently frowning upon it), he brainstormed and pondered for days until, finally, it occurred to him, "Hey... lots of kids have crooked teeth!"

And very soon afterward, he became the first orthodontist.



Before You Close A Dupe Topic

Posted by Turakii #1 Lavasurfer , Jun 18 2010 · 214 views

Make sure you look at a calendar first to double-check that there isn't a month between April and June. That other topic just might not be as alive as you thought.

*Sigh of relief.*

Thank goodness for mothers who read over your shoulder...



Reference Keepers

Posted by Turakii #1 Lavasurfer , Jun 01 2010 · 232 views

Reference Keepers are a very interesting species. Living mainly off chicken, hamburgers, cereal, and other such things, they have been discovered to have tastes in food incredibly similar to humans. They are known to live in groups, usually in the Bionicle Reference Center, though a few stray outside toward Storyline and Theories... ah, there's one now! It appears to be a member of the Hordika family! Let's creep closer and see if we can observe its habits...

Notice how relaxed it is in its natural habitat. And... *lowers voice to whisper.* Look, I see we found it actually typing up a Bionicle Serial. Reference Keepers have occasionally been known to be hostile when disturbed from this pastime...

Wait, look at that! Quick, zoom in on this shot! What is it doing!?

It appears to be traveling through several states on the second of June to visit a Forum Assistant! This is totally new behavior! Could it be the beginning of a new breed!?

Now it seems to be calmly staying near the Forum Assistant, almost acting human as it shows her movies and video games... no! Wait! Now, only three days later, it is putting the Forum Assistant in its car and returning to its original location! This is a breakthrough in Reference Keeper studies! The world must know! I must add this to my book immediately! *Whips out notepad and pencil and beings scribbling furiously.*


So anyways, I might be somewhat missing in action until the fourteenth, when the wild Reference Keeper returns me to my natural habitat. =P



That Darn Flaming Fox

Posted by Turakii #1 Lavasurfer , May 19 2010 · 333 views

I don't know if it just hates me or what, but for some reason, Firefox refuses to show me most images from Brickshelf. Not even one of those little red Xs or icons to show something's supposed to be there. Just... empty space.

I suspect there's some deep grudge behind this... like, maybe Brickshelf insulted Firefox's grandmother's knitting patterns or something...

It's getting really annoying when it comes to signature reports, 'cause people say, "His banner is too big!" and I click and say, "What banner? blink.gif "

I have to switch browsers just to see the image! D= GRAAARGH!

And Firefox just laughs to itself...

*Glares at it.*



Beauty And The Beast

Posted by Turakii #1 Lavasurfer , May 09 2010 · 469 views

So today I'm rewatching Beauty and the Beast, because I haven't seen it since I was, like, five. And I has comments and questions. 8D
  • What if the Beast had fallen in love with Mrs. Potts?
  • Was Mrs. Potts a widow?
  • If not, then where was her husband? Was he so unimportant a character that they never showed him?
  • Was her husband away from the castle when this happened?
  • Did he come home at all during that time? How did he feel to discover his beloved wife was a teapot?
  • What exactly did that enchantress do to make household objects so pliable as to be able to wave their "arms" and talk?
  • Why does Belle take so long to notice the huge crowd of people following her and singing at the tops of their lungs?
  • Do the villagers practice regularly to sing in such perfect harmony whenever Belle walks by?
  • Gaston points out there are no pictures in her book, but the page she showed the sheep had a lovely illustration of "prince charming." Did the sheep eat that and the rest of the pictures off-camera?
  • How DARE Gaston think himself more important than a book. >=O
  • Not all creepy, foggy roads are shortcuts.
  • No, someone's not there. You're just randomly hearing voices saying, "Maybe if we wait awhile, he'll go away."
  • How did the candelabra manage to push people and tap things without setting them on fire?
  • All those parts that fell out of Cogsworth when he fell down the stairs might possibly be important...
  • How is it physically possible for someone's lips to stretch all the way through a tuba?
  • When I was little, I thought "provincial" was a synonym for "boring."
  • Whenever the most annoying guy in the village proposes to me, I always run up to the top of a hill and sing amidst the dandelions too.
  • How exactly does Mrs. Potts do the dishes when she has no arms?
  • Wouldn't it be a little difficult to sound your B's and P's with protruding fangs?
  • So here's this poor guy, just hanging out after a long, hard day, when he gets his belt stolen by this short guy and before he can say a word, Gaston snaps it with a flexing of his neck muscles.
  • Man, I wish I had my own personal companion to sing me an ego-boost song whenever I'm lacking in self-esteem. ;.;
  • How does the candelabra keep relighting himself with his breath?
  • Also, how do the various household appliances reach those tall door handles?
  • My, the Beast sure knows how to win a girl's heart. mellow.gif Nothing like some nice snarling, growling, and yelling, "EAT DINNER WITH ME!" to show those females how much you care.
  • Belle totally dodges the question when she retorts to his, "Well, you shouldn't have been in the west wing!" with, "Well, you should learn to control your temper!"
  • Did the inhabitants of the castle turn into these objects or merge with them? Because the castle probably had a stove before the spell was cast... so what happened to it?
  • After they're turned back, does the (former) Beast need to purchase a whole new set of kitchenware and furniture?
  • But he was waaay cuter as a beast. =(
  • And how are little flying cupids supposed to be better than awesome gargoyle statues? Those magic sparkles have a poor decorating sense...
  • They need to make a sequel about the adjusting period where all the people in the castle try to get used to not being made out of china/wood/metal.



Constructive Reviews

Posted by Turakii #1 Lavasurfer , May 05 2010 · 125 views

All of these are really bad examples of them:

"Woah, awesome comic! It made my day!"

"This. Is. EPIC!"

"Good work. Dude, I could never do that. Neat job. 10000/10"

"Eh, needs work. Nice try, though."

"Love it! You're a good drawer!"

I know from experience how hard it can be to find something to say about a piece of artwork, an MOC, a comic, or a story. However, simply telling the member that you liked it (or disliked it) doesn't tell them how they might improve or what to continue doing in the future. (And informing them that they are the insert of a dresser isn't particularly complimentary.)

A good general rule is this: if you could take your post and paste it into another topic in the same forum (or even a different forum), and it would still make sense, then it's probably spam. Your post should be very specific to the topic.

If you don't have the time or the basic knowledge about the creative work to write a long review (see: Turakii's MOC reviews (also see: Turakii's MOCing knowledge, or lack thereof)), at least try to mention something that proves you actually looked at the creative work. E.G.:

"This. Is. EPIC! Kopaka's eyepiece looks awesome! You're really good at drawing the fluffiness of the tutu!"

"Eh, needs work. It's really sketchy and it looks like he has seven arms sprouting out of his nose. Also, Takua looks too much like a mutant elephant."


Okay, rant over. XD It just gets a little frustrating when I realize that if all the spam posts in a topic were deleted, there would be maybe four posts left.



The Past

Posted by Turakii #1 Lavasurfer , Apr 29 2010 · 220 views

What if the past doesn't really exist?

What if the only proof anything actually happened is in the memories and how its occurrence affected people?

If everyone forgot about something in history, would it cease to be?


This has been profound musings with Turakii. Tune in next week to hear Turakii ask, "What if the sky is really a giant space monster and the blue is the inside of its mouth?"


Majhost decided all my cool images weren't importa

Also, apparently the titles have character limits.

This square is dedicated to Avohkah Tamer as an everlasting thanks for an everlasting Premier Membership. Thank youuuu! You are super great!

That Turkii Person

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