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All That I'm Hearing From You...


The Return (Redux (Working Title))

Posted by Haku340 , Oct 20 2018 · 194 views

Before I continue my years-long pattern of "Hi I'm back" posts followed by radio silence, I thought I'd drop in to the forums once again to see what's been happening. It's been a decade since I made my account, and longer since I started reading the forums (though I couldn't tell you when). Reading back over my old posts has the expected embarrassment of encountering your younger self at any point, but it's cool to see that some people I recognise are still around. I really enjoyed taking a look at the Dark709 Hereafter series in particular; those old flash movies were really inspiring back when they came out, and I hope Dark and the whole comics crowd have gone on to even better things since.

I stumbled back here after I found that someone had made a small page about me over on a wikia site dedicated to the old BZP comics community. I don't know how I compared to someone like Dark709 back in the day (though my younger self certainly felt I was right up there with the big dogs), but it was nice to see that someone remembered me enough to record a couple of random facts and images.

I should really go back and see if I still have all of those old comics buried somewhere on my computer. Now that Majhost is gone, a couple of twitter avatars are the best things I can find outside of Brickshelf.

These days my main presence on the internet is a YouTube series reading some silly old Japanese Visual Novels with a friend of mine, so if that's your speed I'd love if you could check it out.

So hey, if you happen to run past this post and you want to chat about anything old forums, new forums or how much we've all grown up while this place has been around, drop a comment. I promise I'll try not to disappear for at least that long.


The Return

Posted by Haku340 , Sep 19 2014 · 280 views
So in the light of the recent announcement of the return of BIONICLE, I decided to hop back on over to this place. ###### it has been a long time. Last time I was here was when the forum was still in its original visual appearance, before all of the old threads were deleted. For those of you that don't know me, I was a fairly active member of the Comics and Completely off Topic sections of the forum, and a pretty devoted fan of BIONICLE, though with a limited budget.
The last time I actually made a post here was before I had finished my first year of secondary school (or middle school for you Americans). Of course, being a student of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (which is horrible, 0/10, would not reccommend), I will never be able to spend as much time here as I used to, but I'd be super glad to get back on board with some of the community shenanigans that go on around here.
For those of you that know me for my Comics, other than what is on my Majhost, all the files are gone but I still have all my notes and story ideas if any of you are interested. I might get back into making them some day, because I really did enjoy making them, but for now this is just a place to kill time and enjoy one of my old favourite things to do.
It's good to be back. Now let's go recover all those lost files, shall we?


Gooooooooooooooodaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyzzzzz Pretzels! I'm Back

Posted by Haku340 , Nov 24 2010 · 204 views

So Pretzels, I haven't been online for a little while (well, I have, but no further than the main page and some of it's articles).
I left BZP at the start of the school year, and, now that I have only 7 days to go, WHAT ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO DO???
Come back to BZP of course!
So, I am back, and my goodness this place has changed, the sig limit is HUGE now, and so many names have changed, but I am still here.
I'm looking forward to getting back into the community!

So long Pretzels!


Name Change Info

Posted by Haku340 , Dec 25 2009 · 197 views
I'm keeping this name for 2 days extra as my family's Christmas celebrations end primarily tomorrow.


Christmas Stuff

Posted by Haku340 , Dec 25 2009 · 251 views
Here's a list of stuff I got for Christmas (Pics soon):

Mongoose Rockadile:
(My parents got it a while ago from a bid at the Melbourne cup week races).

Squier Standard Stratocaster HSS:
I was going down to Nowra a few weeks ago with TDKS for the drinks to commemorate the end of a Cricket series which was run by the Melanoma Foundation, but a few weeks before one of TDKS's patients in his Nowra clinic suggested we go to his son's music shop at Albion Park, so we did, then we went in, Had a look around, found the Guitar that I ended up getting, I had a look at it and picked it up, then we went back out to the car, but on the way, the owner (TDKS's Patients son) came and had a talk to us, he was very nice and told us that they let people pick up and have a go with the instruments in the shop, and that there was another level, so we went back in, went upstairs, looked at all the Percussion stuff up there, then went back down and asked the Salesman of the month, Andy, if we could try the guitar, I spent about half an hour playing it in a soundproof room, and loved it, and my dad asked me if I would like to get it, because as it was previously a demo model (and had a few dings in it) we got it half price, and the amp was $100 off and everything else was free. And for extra info I named it Lafayette, after Lafayette Circle, the place where I lived for the first 2 years of my life.

Line 6 Spider 3 15:
A 15 watt amp from the 3rd line of Line 6 Spiders, I got it $100 off because the shop was just receiving the New Spider 4 Line.

Planet waves lead:
Part of the free stuff I got with my Guitar & Amp

Planet waves Strap:
A $40 Strap for free!

A Rockbag by Warwick:
A Free Gig Bag!
Came with Cleaning cloth from the shop

6 Jim Dunlop "Big Stubby" 3.0mm Picks
My friend uses these, I tried one of his and loved it.
Free as well!

And what I actually got on the day:

Sennheiser HD 202 Headphones

Crocodile Tears by Anthony Horowitz and some Vampire Novel (forgot the name)

A Smash Lunchbox & Bottle

A Shirt with a diagram of where all the pieces of a skateboard go

A Beach Towel

For Copyright Reasons, any of the Copyrighted names in this post I do not own or have any rights to, except the fact that I own the Product.



Posted by Haku340 , Dec 16 2009 · 155 views
Has ended! I'm now no longer a Primary School student!



Oh So True The Lols.

Posted by Haku340 , Dec 10 2009 · 304 views
Epic Lol

From "If Your BZP Name Was Real"


Christmas & Cd

Posted by Haku340 , Dec 08 2009 · 149 views

Because my Mum's B-day is on the 6th we aren't even allowed to name Christmas, but the 6th has past so it's my family's start of the Christmas season.
Also I finally have a copy of White Noise, my dad refused to buy it off iTunes and said he'd get the CD but CD came with newspaper which had White Noise on it! Bless you Sydney Morning Herald.


School Projects

Posted by Haku340 , Nov 22 2009 · 98 views
I have 2 to do, so I won't be able to work on my comics.


Follow Through Comic 1

Posted by Haku340 , Nov 19 2009 · 91 views
I've finished the first Follow Through Comic, starting the second one soon.


Tdks Uses Parallels Fix! It's Super Effective!

Posted by Haku340 , Nov 13 2009 · 98 views
TDKS has (supposedly) fixed parallels so I should be able to start FT.


It's Almost Here!

Posted by Haku340 , Nov 03 2009 · 211 views

Because Thomas is Starting his engines!
2 Days until Thomas is back!


Absence Notes

Posted by Haku340 , Nov 03 2009 · 247 views

As you may have noticed I've been away from BZP recently. I also haven't used my absence time to get comics and that stuff done.
Well here's why:
During the last downtime, my friend Joined Runescape, and because a while back (3 years to be more exact) I'd made an account when a friend recommended it to me. SO I went back on and my friend told me all these things I didn't know before, so I became slightly addicted to it, and ignored BZP. I'm still playing, but not as much, so anything I should be doing/have done will be ready ASAP.
Also Parallels has glitched up so some things will be postponed.


Blog Contest

Posted by Haku340 , Aug 21 2009 · 178 views
I'm going to keep this theme for a while more.

About This Blog

Stop, younger me, you're embarassing me.

This blog was renamed on the 5th Of June 2009 from DOOM HAS BEFALLEN US ALL, IT IS THE APOCALYPSE to All That I'm Hearing From You, White Noise

He also learnt most of his skills in Photoshop in less than 15 minutes, because he asked about them.

Haku340 is a member of another forum, because he ended his "noob" stage on BZP before he joined, he was one of the VERY few members that aren't noobs on that forum website.

Haku340 has absolutely no idea about the rules on comics that you link on BZP

Haku340 Entered the first ever Blog Contest

Haku340 Likes The Living End.


10 years ago I went by Haku340 but then I was told numbers in names aren't cool any more so I sculpted two new identities, Cardica and Jokrono.

Cardica you will find sucking at many games, but primarily Guild Wars 2. Jokrono you will find making strange videos, music and essays for the internet.

These days I do media production, particularly radio and sound design. I also coach fencing (the one with bendy swords) and play a variety of Tabletop RPGs.

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