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The Return (Redux (Working Title))

Posted by Haku340 , Oct 20 2018 · 174 views

Before I continue my years-long pattern of "Hi I'm back" posts followed by radio silence, I thought I'd drop in to the forums once again to see what's been happening. It's been a decade since I made my account, and longer since I started reading the forums (though I couldn't tell you when). Reading back over my old posts has the expected embarrassment of encountering your younger self at any point, but it's cool to see that some people I recognise are still around. I really enjoyed taking a look at the Dark709 Hereafter series in particular; those old flash movies were really inspiring back when they came out, and I hope Dark and the whole comics crowd have gone on to even better things since.

I stumbled back here after I found that someone had made a small page about me over on a wikia site dedicated to the old BZP comics community. I don't know how I compared to someone like Dark709 back in the day (though my younger self certainly felt I was right up there with the big dogs), but it was nice to see that someone remembered me enough to record a couple of random facts and images.

I should really go back and see if I still have all of those old comics buried somewhere on my computer. Now that Majhost is gone, a couple of twitter avatars are the best things I can find outside of Brickshelf.

These days my main presence on the internet is a YouTube series reading some silly old Japanese Visual Novels with a friend of mine, so if that's your speed I'd love if you could check it out.

So hey, if you happen to run past this post and you want to chat about anything old forums, new forums or how much we've all grown up while this place has been around, drop a comment. I promise I'll try not to disappear for at least that long.

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The Hip Historian Iaredios
Oct 20 2018 04:12 PM

You make your avatar yourself? Its weird but in a good way.

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You make your avatar yourself? Its weird but in a good way.

I made the original design myself but this one is a remake of it by a talented friend of mine. Glad it had the intended reaction!

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