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Hero Chols [Moc]

Posted by Chols , in MOCs May 21 2012 · 463 views
MOCs, Hero Factory, LDD
Posted Image

LDD looks so much nicer on with the high graphics settings on. :3

And yes I shopped the head. I'm a cheater.


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Posted by Chols , in Bionicle, MOCs May 05 2012 · 455 views
Posted Image

In some amazing alternate universe, this was the Slizers gimmick in place of disk-throwing.

Inspired by a comment by Disty on Flickr:

Actually the first Slizer prototypes did throw office furniture, apparently. Then Lego realised they weren't popular with the focus groups, and the rest is history. ^_^

I have no idea if that's legit, but either way it is awesome to think about.


Greetings, Mortal Shoppers

Posted by Chols , in Lego, MOCs Apr 27 2012 · 409 views
and 1 more...
Posted Image




In Which Rules Are Screwed

Posted by Chols , in Bionicle, MOCs Apr 17 2012 · 569 views
Bionicle, Hero Factory, WIP
Posted Image

I swear I use too many illegal connections in my mocs...

Though I can't find a better way to do this, and it looks great in the front, so WHO CARES.

Also my my this piece is DUSTY.

So who else likes to bend the rules with moccing? :3



Posted by Chols , in MOCs Apr 13 2012 · 451 views
Bionicle, Hero Factory, WIP
Posted Image

Fear me Imma dragon

Just working on something. :3


Mini Moc Dump

Posted by Chols , in Lego, Bionicle, MOCs Apr 10 2012 · 512 views
Hero Factory, Bionicle
I have not had much time to build anything significant recently, but I've thrown together two quick mocs recently that I figured I'd share.

First, a model I made back in February titled "Alive". It's a heromod, basically, so I was reluctant to give it its own BBC topic at the time. I also wanted to develop the model as a character, and maybe even release a short story for him, but didn't get very far with that.

Posted Image

Alive is a broken 1.0 Hero presumed inactive by Hero Factory. He managed to evade death however, and learned to survive by taking advantage of the natural environment he was stranded in.

The second moc is just a tool accompanying my Chols model. The primary idea was to give the model more support when it's standing upright, and it added support makes posing a little easier now.

Posted Image

I like to think of Chols as a sort of inventor or tinkerer, creating things from discarded objects. This is an electrical spear, made from scrap metal with live wires attached to electrocute targets. It's probably not very safe, though.

That's all, nothing special. :B I got some new model ideas I'm currently tossing around, but don't have anything built worth sharing just yet.


New Mocs!

Posted by Chols , in MOCs Oct 18 2011 · 176 views
Yes I still make mocs
Posted Image

Check the thread, yo

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